Trump Orders VT Eliminated


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Sources at the highest levels of America’s intelligence community warned Veterans Today that President Trump acting with select members of his team including General McMaster, ordered Veterans Today taken down.

Veterans Today has been subjected to  national security level malicious software hacks for nearly 12 hours.

We have much more to tell.  We are now officially enemies of the gangsters that have taken control of America’s military and security apparatus.  Wish us luck, we are all you have left.g



  1. Tillerson is visiting Moskou now.

    I distinctly recall a news item from 2013, stating that some time after the attacks gas samples were sent to a lab in Britain, where it was demonstrated that the sample had a chemical signature that differed from the typical signature of the Syrian gas variety. The conclusion was that the poison gas had been imported from a country outside Syria.

    That report must still be in existence somewhere, and I wonder why nobody is mentioning it in connection with the present crisis.

    Is there anybody here who can recall it – what the name of the lab was, and how to find the report?

  2. I am experiencing the same as I did on the weekend accessing VT’s web site.
    I hope VT is not under attack again. God bless America and VT.

  3. Sources at the highest level of us intelligence have been spying on and undermining Trump fot months so how believable is this article? More likely the Neocons in the Trump administration created the false flag and now want to stop it being exposed. Somehow, maybe through blackmai,l they pursuaded Trump to attack Syria. My understanding is Kushner is the satanist behind this and he is now a marked man. Authors on this site have been pushing the Russia stole the election line for months so I am very skeptical about what I read on this site.

  4. Gordon, Jim et al…….. being an IT Engineer for the last 25 years, actions like this annoy me, it’s tantamount to breaking and entry into private property hence I gave up hacking and DOS attacks (for fun) many years ago once I made the comparison and ‘grew up’……just had to let you guys know I’m very pissed off with what’s happening to you, not that there’s much I can do, just show my support for all that you do…….what is it with these KM assholes and their minions, acting like spoilt children with delusions of grandeur thinking they are the master race or God’s chosen ones…..well, we know what happened last time the master’s played their hand……not a single man amongst them…..disappointing that they rise to power over good men……all these secret societies etc, FFS grow up lads…….it’s like the school playground but with massive consequences……worshipping satan or whatever form it takes ….whatta bunch of tools

  5. Hi Dean and Duff. i’ve just sent a reply to Brig. Raja today’s article but has been filtered and deleted. It’s Huachuca or VT’s decision? Please, not a German flag, it’s all caused by Israel.

  6. Obviously Gordon, Jim and the rest of the good people at VT have really hit a nerve this time for their factual reporting of the events of the past two weeks in Syria. Something the zionists do not like.
    That the U.S. military, which is supposedly charged with protecting Americans and their rights would be involved in this is not surprising. Washington is waging war on the American people and the use of the military to abuse the rights of Americans and undermine the First Amendment is very telling.
    The U.S. military is not on our side. Like the police, they are enforcers for the deep state.
    There is no integrity, honesty, morality or decency anywhere in Washington and that includes the police and the military.
    The time is fast approaching when We the People will be forced once again to take up arms against tyranny.

  7. Yesterday from 5am PT until 8 pm PT VT was off limits, an ERROR 500 code, whatever that is. well Gordon, and the GPD crew your stock has hit a new high surpassing the DOW.
    Just remain honest. my apologies are given for doubting your stern warnings about Trump.

  8. Carnaptious, I had the same problem today. There is something going on, I could not get another site as it to was attacked. The site in question was Project Camelot, it seems as though they to are covering ground that upsets the powers that be.

  9. I also cannot help thinking that while all this tension between Russia Syria and the USA is the most prominent new item. Should we not be looking somewhere else ? Is this a distraction? Time will tell.

  10. Just a “heads up” to something that may have been overlooked during recovery operations yesterday. Whenever I try to sign in I get a popup: “This connection is not secure, do you wish to proceed?” (or something very like that). I saw the same message three minutes ago, so the connection is, presumably, not yet secured.

    I run Firefox on Ubuntu, so can’t speak for MS / Apple / other OS – browser experience.

    Glad to see VT back online. I may not always agree with what is said here, but I already swore an oath to defend your right to say it.

    • @ Kaho

      It’s a new feature in the latest version of Firefox: “Firefox will display a grey lock icon with a red strike-through in the address bar, when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you enter your password it could be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers.”

      I think you’re right about https v. http, but I’ve been out of the IT business for too many years to know what the latest standards are. I’ll take Mozilla’s word for it that the current connection is not secure.

    • Don’t use Firefox, i love them for research but every time they got me it was off of firefox

    • Carnaptious & Kaho: Firefox & others are trying to motivate sites to adopt “HTTPS” standards. So Kaho, you are quite correct (in part).

  11. DB: It’s not quite that simple, but it’s close. Other players also involved, but…

    For example, see “Trump Missile Attack on Syria Is a Sign of Khazarian Mafia Desperation” by Benjamin Fulford on April 7, 2017 at (Excerpt: “…the Khazarians forced Donald Trump go along with this stunt by blackmailing him with a video of him raping a 12 year old girl, CIA and NSA sources say. By forcing Trump to carry out this act, however, the Khazarians have only revealed their desperation and doomed the Trump presidency.”)

  12. And so it begins. But know this, you are known as the true patriots and there is support for you in every arm of the US government and in the population – and all around the world I should think. I know you’ll give them hell. Stay safe, and good luck!

  13. Sad but not surprising, Gordon. I hope you and the whole VT crew are safe.

    Shit is getting scarier in America every day.

    • WA: Not scarier, better! If Trump & Co. were not trying to take down VT, others & I might think that VT wasn’t telling enough truth. ;-).

      As per a VT/Ian editorial cartoon, the Dr.-Strangelovian Orange Queen is riding a Tomahawk to his own demise… Soon Gas-Hopper, Soon!

  14. I suspected this would happen after Syria, here in the UK I found on my BT new site that I could not comment on the Syrian bombing by the US, in fact I could not find any UK news site that would allow a comment. Our media keeps ramming down our throats that Assad used gas while showing distressing film of victims , I would like to ask every British newspaper and news site what evidence they have that Assad did it. They are really out to get the British public behind them but I would like to think most are wise and know what they are trying to do. Its so in your face that politicians are all jumping on the wagon of condemning Syria and Russia. What wields such power that it stops most in our government from think for themselves, something snaps its fingers and everyone jumps to attention. But I also sense this power is in a panic, it seems its pulling out all stops to get a nuclear third world war going. I just hope President Putin keeps a cool head. I say to the warmongers……”If there is a nuclear conflict, just remember there will be no winners”.

    • hi mate, UK based too, same thing as in 2013, what a battle I had informing my sheeple people of the false flags, the Russians did it etc etc……Operation Beluga in play since Putin came to power….sure, there’s plenty here that know it’s fake, but as with the ‘Remainers” there’s many a fool out there screaming for Assad’s head just like a 2nd referendum…..those same people calling for Ken Livingston’s head after he slated the Zionists…..UK is Jew owned….after all….we gave them permission to create Satan’s State in the desert

  15. The US Army is attacking Americans in cyber space. Well isn’t that special. They have us all pegged, they infected my pad with the Avira pop up. They scramble my posts where the screen keeps refreshing. They don’t like my posts. That is too bad. We are all on a shit list somewhere. What is next? Nigh time visits like some banana republic?
    Let me freak-em out a little bit and say that the greatest Jihad is a word of truth in the face of a tyrant. That is what VT is doing. it is performing a real and noble struggle delivering the TRUTH on behalf of America and the World. God bless you Mr. Duff, Mr Dean, Mr, Barrett, Dr. James and last but not least, Ian. As you have always reminded us, the flack is heaviest over the target. You are effective. God bless America, the sleepy heads and yes those honorable men in the US military.
    As for Mr,. Trump he is nothing more than tired-rant ordering an attack on Americans. He has gone to the dark side.

  16. To Gordon and Jim and all the rest at VT: If you were not making an impact, they would not bother with taking you down. Wear this as a badge of honor . Will Trumpty Dumpty have Congress pass a law against you and ban you like Jeff Bezos is banning books which dispute the Holohoax and any criticism of Israel? Is Trumpty Dumpty going to send his US Military Gestapo to remove all articles critical of him all over this country and world? How about abolishing the first Amendment? Executive Order on this? They are on the ropes. The end is imminent. Keep up the great work as long as you can. Even folks on Breitbart are not happy with Trumpty Dumpty who hopefully will fall off the wall soon. Impeach him ASAP before he and his obedient military dupes blow up the planet. Revive that great ad from the Goldwater days with the little girl pulling pedals off the flower… BOOM but put Trump in the ad now. This is a very powerful image. Put this on the VT header permanently.

  17. Someone here should take into consideration that regarding to the curveball Iraq misinformation which lead to the death of one million people…an information produced by the cia…..had not much consequences at the agency.
    But this time Trump knew that the information is “fake” but he “followed” the advice …but this time some heads are rolling for misleading the president.

    The attack on the Syrian airbase did not much damage ….probably it was even “coordinated” with the Russians. They left some outranked airplanes there….the base was one day after operational again.

    Even when Erdogan and Bibi are in jubilation …this time Trump made a trap for them from which they will not escape easily…because they heavily participated in the plot to blame Assad for the chemical attacks. Trump will punish all who gave him the wrong advise….and I hope VT will realize that Trump is a pretty clever chess player few steps ahead.

  18. This is terrible. I’ve noticed problems with the site lately and wondered if you were being attacked. Gordon, I was wrong for ever doubting you about any of this. I know that you know it, I just wanted you to know that I know it too. This site has kicked ass since long before I ever came across it, and I should have known better than to doubt you. I can’t even begin to imagine the effort that goes into maintaining a site like VT, but for what it’s worth, I am truly grateful for the work the team here has done. It has given people have a chance to see what’s actually happening in the world. Studying global events wouldn’t be the same for me without this sight. Good luck VT.

  19. Good to see you back again. Stay strong, Team VT. If those thugs would really understand what they have created with the internet they would give up censorship.

  20. VT represents the sort of “real” journalism that our republic has claimed to have—but never really had–during its entire history.

    The only outfit IN THE WORLD which can claim with a straight face that its “journalistic integrity” is NOT FOR SALE.

    You can all rest assured that, although the work that you do is a thankless job, the entire world owes you all a debt of gratitude because this battle that you are engaged in is not only to save and redeem the soul of this country but also to spare the world of the horrors that are unfolding right before our very own eyes and which are bound to soon engulf the rest of humanity.

    The names Gordon Duff, Jim Dean and of many other VT members will be synonymous to the words “true patriots” and will be taught to children for thousands of years, way after these monsters have become nothing but a footnote in history.

  21. US army is the most overrrated group of people in this world. They are incapable of intelligence and security, which is especially applicable to the highest ranks. They are rockstar-known worldwide for being unable to prevent 9/11 from within and are especially renowned for heinous war crimes against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places in the world. They are allies to nobody and the people of the world booing their every next step has become their own private NAZI reality. They are like drunken Spartan sistitiae, paedophiliacs and necrophiliacs about their drones and joysticks, blind and deaf to see and hear the most obvious in their backyard. They are hijacked themselves for over 50 years now.

  22. It’s funny when I couldn’t get on VT yesterday that is the first thing I thought of that the US has hacked VT. I see now that Trump isn’t going to drain the cesspool but has jumped in instead and now will make it bigger and deeper that no one can ever drain it. Well we all don’t have to worry about it much longer, the Neocons want war and they will get it but its not the way they see it. The end of the world, I don’t know but end of the US and Russia yes.

  23. Well I guess now that Trump is a ” Made Man” with the Khazarian Mafia he will be untouchable from the MSMMafia. His campaign ideology is erased and I’m sure all the satanic x presidents called him up and congratulated him on his quest into the elite rituals. VT is on the hit list and Mr. Duff and his Team will have to be more shrewd than the Empire. OO Dah Chee Mr. Duff and associates – you already beat them – along time ago and they know it.

  24. In January, I posted some pictures and commentary on Facebook (in a photo album) that showed that ISIS was a direct creation of the CIA. The photos I used were the same ridiculous photos that the mainstream media tried to use to convince us that ISIS was some sort of spontaneous terrorist group creation. My Facebook was shut down within 24 hours after posting the photos and commentary. There was no explanation just standard script about how I was supporting terrorism. I still can’t access that Facebook account.

  25. I found it very interesting timing, that 2 tornadoes struck DC and blew down the cherry trees. “4.5-mile track beginning near Army-Navy Country Club and ending at St. Aloysius Church” The last good one like that was the sewage truck spill in Arlington the day before Memorial Day 2013 , the same time as a tornado outbreak. Both on days of serious attacks on foreign countries. The Dimholt road.

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