Trump Humilated: Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 Cruise Missiles, Russia to Upgrade System Soon


Editor’s note:  It is OK for an American to feel good, elated even, if something evil “done in our name” fails.  

By Gordon Duff with Dr. Bassam Barakat, Damascus with Press TV Tehran

Breaking:  Since putting this story up, Syrian officials agreed to talk to us about this.  The reason this story was withheld is explained below, but as “the gloves are off,” we are going public.  America’s failure to upgrade its cruise missiles, to harden them against modern ECM and to assume that Syria was defenseless is only part of the story.  We might remind readers of the USS Donald Cook as well.  America is lucky it didn’t have to tow its two destroyers home, after all, it has happened before.

Tomahawk cruise missile fell, guidance system disabled, 40 miles from target (file photo)
Example of type

The last time the US went against Russian ECM, 27 crew members of the USS Donald Cook asked to be “relieved.” Mutiny is a better term.  Then there is this epic fail, the RQ 170 Lockheed drone that ECM brought down over Iran:

Below is a photo submitted by the Russian Center for Feril Studies FCFS, of the system used to down US cruise missiles:

Confirmed as true through personal sources in the Syrian security services.  Electronic countermeasures were used along with missile interceptions.  The missiles were fired over Lebanon in order to avoid Russia’s S400 system or the possibility that a ground based cruise system would take out America’s boats.

Five missiles fell in the surrounding villages, killing 5 civilians and injuring 20.  Other missiles fell into the Mediterranean where they could be viewed from the decks of the ships that launched them.  

A wet landing for the orange tinkle lover

Since President Trump ordered retaliation against VT and its staff, partly for our story destroying the White Helmets to a huge international audience and partly to warn us over a blackmail tape issue, there have been changes.  VT is “last man standing.”  We are sitting on a number of stories, but there is a difference between a story and something legitimate.  What is below is legitimate and now confirmed by our own sources inside Syria.

Veterans Today contacted the Syrian Ministry of Information regarding the bizarre news that 34 Tomahawk cruise missiles had simply vanished.  VT had even surmised that some may well have been used against other targets, even going as far as to suggest a possible conspiracy to hit Palmyra to aid the ISIS attack there.

A possible confirmation is simply the number fired, 59.  This is what would be required to overwhelm the Russian air defense system based on the number of launchers, both S300 and S400 and other “cruise-capable” systems out there.  Russia would keep their best “in the tubes” for any possible air attack, just in case the cruise missile launch was a lead to empty air defense tubes for a B 52 or similar “big show” raid.

In May 2013, Syria sunk an Israeli submarine.  In 2015, Iraq captured an Israeli general, some claim he was a colonel, and they sent a copy of his ID card to us when I suggested they were making it up.

The real war, what goes on, is very different that what is reported.  Syria, Iraq, Iran and even Russia “under-report” events that would embarrass the US or Israel to the  point of humiliation.  Both sides have had massive failures, kept secret by the other, and many of the stories VT publishes that others don’t are of this order.

VT was, at one time, a “free zone” for publishing deniable intelligence, kind of a safety valve as it were.  Trump ended that when he went after us, and in doing so, used military assets directly against a media platform for failing to carry “fake news,” the new “law of the land according to Trump.”

Before we get into the explanation for the video, I would have a word or two.  Photographs showing the dead from the gas attack are being offered for cash, showing the dead getting back up and walking away.  We can’t verify this but I will mention this is going on.

Past that we are told that Japan is holding a copy of a Trump blackmail tape, and that this relates to the confrontation with North Korea.  If the tape is real, and we have been given the name of the GOP official who has the other copy, someone not well known to the public, then the idea of “Deep State” and blackmail is to be considered.

Russia’s “Trump attack” graphic

If this is a conspiracy theory, and it may well be, then Trump was planning this all along, which is my belief.  The tape involves the murder of a minor.  It may well not exist except that when it was offered to us, at a price we can’t pay, VT was taken down by presidential order.  

Press TV/Tehran: Since the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Friday against a Homs aerodrome, a question never ceases to return in all analyzes: 23 of the 59 US cruise missiles have reached their target. And the rest of the gear? What happened to 34 other Tomahawks fired from two US warships deployed in the Mediterranean? The reply is the video that Al-Alam is sending this Saturday: the Syrian DCA intercepted and destroyed the 34 Tomahawk missiles before they reached the Shayrat air base. 

The information highlights the decree of the Syrian Presidency for the interception and destruction in flight of American missiles at the minute when the attack began. Other analysts note the role of the Russian radars that would immediately take office after the firing of the first missile. Are these S-300 Syrians or Russian S-400 deployed in Syria? Why did you hide this “scathing riposte” and talk about it only two days after the attack?

The video published by Syrian military sources proves one thing: if Syria and its Russian ally avoided publishing it in the hours following the US strikes, it was to avoid an escalation. But in view of the intense campaign of threats against Syria and Russia, there may no longer be any reason to disclose “the weaknesses of the US missiles” and “the power of the Syrian DCA”.

The United States announced this Sunday by the voice of White House  spokesman Sean Spicer not to have warned Russia beforehand of the attack they were going to launch against the Syrian territory. Asked by Fox News, the spokesman said that “we had no contact with the Russian political leaders,” which means that the US did indeed want to “take the Russians short”. But the surprise seems not to have “worked too well”!

Analysts also claim that Russia, whose warships have just returned to the Mediterranean, has shown restraint to avoid a “ballistic war” that could have led to a “nuclear conflict”.

Video source: Al-Alam

Appendix I


Submitted as technical commentary, machine translated

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. in addition, those ewarfare trucks have no ability to jam a tomahawk, they are broadband and airborne ew jammers – they would have no impact on a tomahawk as all versions have redundancy and used lodged mapping. such jammers would be irrelevant and have no impact on disrupting the target set

  2. the missile shown is not a tomahawk

    its actually a russian missile. the US does not use waffle fins on its cruise missiles. the image is actually taken from a turkish news site from feb 16 of 2016 and was about a russian missile downed in syria

  3. Hey what are you guts trying to pull here? A google image search brings up that photo of a supposed Tomahawk missile fired the other day to a Daily Mail story from one year ago!

  4. HERE’S A GOOD ONE Did the missing Tomahawks get gifted to Israel? Ha ha ha, now that makes sense!,

    Russia officially stated that they did not intervene in the bombing. They disputed the caim that 59 were launched. The launch video does not show 59. they probably gave 40 to Israel and fired 19 at Syria. They were not jammed. They are not susceptible to jamming. They are not smart missiles, they are old fashioned dumb missiles.”

    Good Thinking!…

  5. Right now, Russia is analyzing how the 23 (39%) got through, and what to do next time so even less do. Russians are highly resourceful and excellent learners.

  6. The message is, now we need two or three missiles for every one we want to hit the target. The manufacturers will be quite pleased. When Donald does war, the populace groans on one side, and the champaign corks pop on the other.

  7. The picture you post of the downed missile has grid fins (also known as lattice fins). The Tomahawk does not have grid fins, nor does the US Harpoon (your 9/11 Pentagon picture shows the launch of a Harpoon). A number of Russian missiles have grid fins, but that’s not a Harpoon or a Tomahawk downed in the olive grove.

    • Это ракета от комплекса То́чка (индекс ГРАУ — 9K79, по кодификации НАТО SS-21 Scarab A , по договору РСМД — ОТР-21) — советский тактический ракетный комплекс дивизионного звена (с конца 1980-х годов переведён в армейское звено разработки Коломенского КБ машиностроения

  8. Nobody else has asked, so I will, even though this might seem minor. What about the other 2 missing missiles? Can’t the press count? Do the math, simple subtraction. From article above: “Press TV/Tehran: Since the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Friday against a Homs aerodrome, a question never ceases to return in all analyzes: 23 of the 59 US cruise missiles have reached their target. And the rest of the gear? What happened to 34 other Tomahawks fired from two US warships deployed in the Mediterranean?”

  9. LS…

    Trump ! The one and only Gas Monkey !
    Those guys in Texas have to change their names !

  10. On the side theatre, I wonder if Trump the Stump & Co. are aware of N.Korea’s arsenal of bio-genetic weapons? According to the Gordon, they are the world leaders in this type of biological weapons. My hunch is that they’ve perfected a particular strain aimed at a “tribal group” of sickle cell anaemia carriers. Hence 666 Kushner and his cohorts, are all squirming in their plush NY pads.

  11. Could someone please explain the missile intercept video to a layman a little. What is happening there? The perspective seems to change, why is that? How come the contrails are so bright? What are the repeated flashings after the interception? Any idea where this was filmed? Thanks.

  12. There are at least 20,000 US troops in Iraq and Syria (special forces, Navy Seals and regular army and marines) right now. Couple this with all the heavy equipment being shipped through the port of Beirut and the Gulf of Aqaba, then through Jordan into Syria, we see clearly Trump is getting set to invade Syria–big time. The cruise missile assault yesterday was but a prelude to the coming invasion, which is likely already underway. Trump is moving fast trying to keep Russia off balance and ill prepared. Russia can’t or won’t try to match US moves in the region. Putin will have to decide on nuclear war or get out of Syria. Trump is gambling Russia, after putting up a little fuss, will leave Syria and then Assad to his fate. The Pentagon feels it can quickly take Syria with only 150,000 troops, but, of course, we can expect more aerial assaults in the days ahead. There is also heavy activity in the Golan Heights by Israel. We can bet they will play a role.

  13. A key piece to the U.S.-Syria Tomahawk 23/59 puzzle is “AEGIS Fail in Black Sea, Ruskies Burn Down USS Donald ‘Duck'” (2014) at (“Is this why Keshe Was Poisoned?”).

    Duff implies in the 23/59 article that the Russian ECM tech used was initially developed by Mehran T Keshe — NOT developed FOR Russia, but further developed BY Russia (for situations such as this).

    Notice that the Keshe tech (if that’s what it is) was use solely for defensive purposes, which is a condition of Keshe’s disclosures of what might be described as Electro-Magneto-Gravitics (EMG). EMG tech is mostly beyond what the U.S. has probably developed. Notice the salivating U.S. ECM general (above).

    Mehran T Keshe spoke at the National Press Club in Washington DC at an event that I helped to arrange. Keshe, others & I offered the Keshe tech to the U.S. with the “solely defensive” condition. Answer: No.

    • Dr Susta, I believe your story of having offered Keshe Tech (EMG) to USA and others for “solely defensive” purposes. But I have a question. How on earth was Keshe supposed to enforce the “solely defensive” condition? Any country could have lied up front. But even if honest at first, they could change their minds later, and just say, “Conditions have changed since we gave you that promise.” And exactly WHO gets to decide whether an action is purely defensive? What authority decides? I’m not doubting you, but I would like to know how this plan was supposed to work.

    • JS hit the nail on the head.

      Obviously Keshe was a naive ignorant natural scientist, albeit with a good heart, that didn’t know the enemy of humanity.

      Liberal democracy means equal say but one cannot have the worlds best plumber doing an electricians chores.

  14. With 180k troops in Syria, the White House staff should be required to go through 8 weeks of basic training, starting with Trump, Bannon and Kushner. And take McCain’s passport away.

  15. I’m elated! Yes and what’s the point of holding back anymore? Syria needs to make Raqqa a highest priority now. McMaster wants 150,000 troops on the ground in Syria-asap. So this has got to be done. The globalist cannot have Syria!!

  16. Great news! I’m elated! Yes and what’s the point of holding back anymore? Syria needs to make Raqqa a highest priority now. McMaster wants 150,000 troops on the ground in Syria-asap. So this has got to be done. The globalist cannot have Syria!!

    • @johnz
      hordes of a few million don’t even need arms. just overrun everything. yea, we lay down our lives. so what? some things are worth that.

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