Time to Start Defending Christianity (Part IV)

City of London statue

by  Preston James and Mike Harris


American Christian churches and most American Christians have been deceived and conned by the secret, un-biblical teachings of top Babylonian Talmudics who have deeply infiltrated the highest echelons of the American Christian church.

And these BT Top Chieftains have been using the American Christian Church to support their evil Globalist NWO “agenda of evil” unbeknownst to most Christians.

How were the BTs able to pull this infiltration of American Christian Churches off?

They did it by inculcating American Christians with false beliefs and teachings that they created which cause American Christians to support their secret Satanic agenda without being aware of it.

BTs and their Cutouts are two faced, soulless and unimaginably evil on the inside, with a positive, harmless, caring but remarkably phony face on the outside which they present to the public. Yes they are two-faced and if they weren’t they would be chased down in the streets and hung from the street poles by the masses, and would face full exposure and annihilation, their greatest fear.

As many have come to now realize, recent peer reviewed genetic studies have shown that approximately 97.5% of Judaics living Israel have absolutely NO (as in Zero) ancient Hebrew blood, are actually converts daring back to Khazaria.

Therefore 97.5% of Israelis who claim to be of Hebrew descent actually are therefore not real Semites at all and have NO ancestral right to Palestine at all.

And approximately 80% of Palestinians actually DO have ancient Hebrew Blood and therefore DO have an ancestral right to their lands in Palestine.

And the fact that Palestinians never abandoned their ancestral lands and continued to occupy them gives them even more direct rights to maintain their land from any seizure by Israel, especially that stolen and used for new Israeli settlements.

Origins of a Khazarian mafia

So, it turns out that the Israeli Likudist leadership are not Semites at all and are actually themselves the world’s biggest anti-Semites for their genocide and land theft against Palestinians, 80% of whom are real Semites, that is, carry ancient Hebrew blood!

Israeli leaders have recently secretly argued that they have an ancestral right to Khazaria, but others can claim they lost it by their extreme crime and deviance as a people causing surrounding nations of Russia and Persia to destroy their nation. But sadly, these Khazarians occupying Israel today really are the fake Hebrews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and have no ancestral right to Palestine.

In the Bible, the term “Israel” refers to God’s people, and his current body of believers, not any country, and certainly not ancient or modern Palestine.

The term “Israel” in the Torah and even the New Testament refers to an actual Hebrew bloodline, the bloodline descendants of Abraham and not the Khazarian converts to Judaism which in current form is usually a perversion of Torah.

These Babylonian Talmudics are known by insiders as extreme Zionists, that is, folks that promote the new illegitimate nation of Israel as rightfully owned by all Judaics; and that it is necessary for Judaics to move back there in order to attain the Torah’s (Old Testament) prophecy (which by the way they never believed in anyway but only pretend to).

The top BTs have a secret Zionist agenda which is a Globalist NWO agenda of evil that motivated them to establish the new nation Israel as a secret Rothschild Khazarian empire presented as the returned homeland of the original ancient Biblical Hebrews, when this is an absolute false-hood.

Entrenched Satanism guides many governments

The reason the top BTs want the new Khazarian Israel is so they can seat their NWO ruler who they believe will be Satan incarnate in a new NWO temple in Jerusalem.

These top BTs believe that Satan will then be able to defeat God Almighty in a great battle at this point and then depose God Almighty and take his rightful place as ruler of the Universe instead of being a deposed lesser god that rebelled.

And it is these top BT Chieftains that create and mandate all top US Government policy and continue to use the USA as their occupied slave state.

And we know for certain these Zionists are paying a lot of money to secretly sway the teachings of the seminaries and push the Scofield Bible interpretations, which support these fake Zionist teachings that these Khazarians in Israel are Hebrews and real Semites, when just the opposite is true. Their goal is to dis-empower Christianity as a stepping stone to its eventual complete removal.

The Scofield Bible interpretation neutralizes Christianity of its faith and power and is not supported by the Bible.

Deep study of the older forms of the Old and New Testaments show that the Scofield interpretations are based on error, especially those that promote the Christian Zionism and the instant easy getaway used to remove any pressing need for true Christian social and political activism and from facing real problems. This false doctrine is commonly referred to as the Rapture Theory (aka Darby-ism).

This Darby’ism (rapture theory doctrine) breeds that ideology that Christians should remain un-active socially and politically, and defer from publicly standing against blatant crime and US Government corruption because they will be snatched upward by Jesus Christ as soon as things get too bad.

Misinformed Christians refer to 1st Corinthians 13 as New Testament instructions
to support the US Government in all aspects and take a passive stance.
This interpretation is not Biblical and is a perversion.

Yes, God Almighty created and gave us government to keep the peace and order, to protect us and to serve Him, but when the government mandates unacceptable evil against God’s Ten Commandments then we must protest, or at least refuse to comply.

Evidence for this is present in the way Jesus of Nazareth became enraged at how the Pharisees transformed Judaism into a representation of Babylonian Talmudism which served them only and made them rich and powerful. These same Pharisees who were secretly the “Synagogue of Satan” transformed the Temple into their personal very profitable business by using it for prostitution, and by using tainted scales and crooked money-changing.

Well informed Christians believe that nothing can be done to completely eradicate Christianity because God’s Word is eternal. But they also realize that Christ taught that all Christians should be willing to testify to others what their faith has done for them. And they realize that the Bible teaches that the fields are ready to harvest and many will come into a saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, if Christians share their faith and represent Jesus as they should by living honorably and with integrity.

What real Christianity isn’t.

Remember the phrase: “What would Jesus do?” Sadly, what many represent as Christianity is a watered down, fraudulent, powerless form of social Gospel. There is no way Jesus of Nazareth could ever approve BT/COL/RKM Banksters and the policies they set which have taken us into so many illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for such huge profits.

“The Civilizing process” – Were the crusading armies tools of the moneychangers as they turned Jesus Christ’s opposition to them on its head? (Manuscript Illustration depicting the Taking of Damietta during the Fifth Crusade, 15th century)

But certainly Satan himself approves because these top BT Chieftains who set USG policies that create these endless foreign wars provide the mass suffering and shedding of blood as his mandated sacrifices which he needs to provide his energy to operate.

Satan himself is a fallen lesser god and he and his cadre of “fallen ones” are operating as negative energy parasites upon humans and all of god’s creation down here on Planet Earth. Like Satan and the other “fallen ones” that he rules over, the BTs are themselves negative energy parasites and receive power from Satan for the shedding of human blood and for creating un-imaginable human suffering.

Many Christians are actually helping the BTs in their Globalist NWO quest for negative energy in order to keep accruing power, wealth and status from Satan. At least be aware of who the BTs actually are, the power they have and how they obtain it, and the unimaginable evil that they inflict on all humans and anything God Almighty created.

So become informed and aware and stop believing in the phony teachings of Christian Zionism. Become part of the solution do not remain part of the problem. If you are not in a position to be socially active to help stop the BT, then at least pray that God Almighty will check them at every turn in the road, and wake the Christians up to the BT’s Globalist NWO plan to first manipulate and use Christianity, then to neutralize it, and to finally eradicate it and murder all Christians.


501C3 Status

Many churches believe they cannot express any political views at all, especially from the pulpit or they will lose their 501C3 Tax Exempt status and have to start paying property taxes and every other state and federal tax.

Several years ago a significant number of Southern Baptist Churches got together and wrote the IRS a letter stating that they would not refrain from getting politically active if they wanted to and would take the IRS to court if they attempted to revoke their 501C3 status.

The IRS never even replied and is afraid of starting an open, well-publicized conflict about this because they fear the eventual repercussions of the public becoming sensitized and digging too deep into their shady background.

The IRS is a collection agency for the private Federal Reserve System and has been given quasi but fraudulent federal powers to collect for the FRS, due to illegal, unconstitutional legislation passed by because of compromised, bribed and owned members of the US Congress, the Judiciary and the Administrations of the past.

The BT’s main source of black-magick “money from nothing” money-power is from the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.

Bottom line is this the private FRS and its collection agency the IRS is owned by the top BT Chieftains and empowers their evil, satanic system which hijacked America in 1913 and placed us all under the occupation of the Synagogue of Satan, aka the Babylonian Talmudics run out of the City of London (COL) with its titular secret head being the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits.

It is the BT’s ability to issue or print all the FRS debt-notes that are mandated by illegal unconstitutional laws that require them to be accepted as “legal tender” for all public and private debts and this has given them the “money-power” to run their illegal, unconstitutional pernicious usury system of accruing interest. This continuously growing money-power allows the BTs to buy, bribe, and human compromise almost every single sitting Member of the US Congress and every single President since they murdered JFK as well as almost every leader of the world.

Any nation without a Rothschild private central bank becomes a target for destruction.

Any nation which has either booted out the Rothschild BT/RKM/COL private central banking system or doesn’t have it always becomes a designated target for civil war, color revolutions, destabilization ops, false-flag terror followed by invasion by the UN, NATO, or the USG with a private coalition if the UN or NATO refuses.

One characteristic about the BT family “bloodlines” that is notable is that they carry inter-generational revenge and never quit trying to obtain it. That is why they are continually trying to destroy Russian, Iran (formerly Persia) and now want to asset strip America and then finish it off, too.

Now if you think America is immune from their asset stripping methodologies, just stop and think about what has been done to the middle class the last ten years. Most middle class people are a few paychecks from financial ruin with dwindling savings and virtually no interest on anything they have saved.

The only investments that now pay are annuities and from the stock market that has been artificially kited up by the US governments “plunge Protection Team” that manipulates stock prices upward.

Old folks on fixed incomes are basically screwed. Many have had to go back to work in low paying, low status part-time retail jobs. Take the common situation where the elderly husband dies and leaves a home and little else (his social security stops). The surviving wife must sell the home and invest the money to try and survive. But investing in FDIC insured accounts yields almost nothing, not even enough to cover the cost of inflation.

Numerous pension funds are now under stress, an a recent central States Pension fund sent out letter announcing that pensions would have to be reduced. Municipal pensions in many cities are in desperate straits too. Detroit went bankrupt several years ago and pensions were reduced to less than half in many cases, far less actually.

Chicago is now in serious trouble and their pension funds are under severe stress. It is expected that many pension funds will bust out in future years and Social Security itself is not sustainable. It was supposed to be kept under lock and key, but it was actually spent and used up and now the payments must come from taxpayer receipts and money borrowed from the FRS.

This asset stripping of the American middle class has been sped up by allowing millions of illegal immigrants and refugees to come in and receive numerous benefits. Immigrants given special refugee status receive full health benefits, housing, EBT cards for food purchases, and their children full college tuition and books and many get full social security, all paid for by American citizen taxpayers.

Who is responsible for all these policies which allow such asset stripping of hard working Americans? It is the BT’s and their Globalist NWO Agenda from which all their policies are determined. And what motivates these BT’s to pursue such a Globalist NWO Agenda? It is their worship of Satan and participation in occult and their desire to get rid of Christianity and Christians so they can create a one-world NWO Satanic government with Satan incarnate who is seated as their king and ruler.

These BTs who set USG policies know that unless they get rid of major groups of Christians, they cannot complete their Globalist NWO Agenda of evil. That is why they are working hard to engineer the destruction of Russia which has a growing Christian population, a growing set of Christian Churches, and also support from the Russian government.

Pre-planned, well-engineered “nation building”. 

As these nations like Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan have come under attack by the BT through their CIA/Mossad and Saudi proxy armies and eventually the US Military itself, the reason given is always to depose a brutal dictator, who usually has been placed in power by the BTs themselves.

Are these useful puppets?

Of course, the brutality falsely blamed on these leaders being targeted by the BT is always linked to the CIA, Mossad and Saudis and their associated mercenary armies. And these mercenary proxy armies are trained and managed by evil men (highly paid BT Cutouts) who specialize in mind-kontrol.

And the mind-kontrol they use involves the use of special camps to raise abandoned Mideast orphans, the administration of specialized drugs, bad culture, and use of assorted occult means to strip the very souls out of the recruits and the ability to transform them into killers, rapists and torturers driven by pure satanic, unimaginable evil and bloodlust.

And all the while these FRS debt-notes are used by the American masses they accrue interest due and payable to the FRS itself. And if you think this is just a small interest payment guess again. Our public payments on the national debt to the FRS constitute approximately 39-40% of our total federal income taxes collected and this is exported out of America to Europe to the eight families that own the stock in the FRS itself.

There is no real US National Debt, it is a fraud and there is no statute of limitations on major financial fraud.

Yes, there is no real “US National Debt”. It is all a fraud based on the phony FRS Debt-notes mandated to be accepted as real money when they are nothing less than a scheme to defraud US taxpayers out of more and more of the fruits of their labor.

The FRS should be immediately shut down by a new spirit of truth and righteousness in Congress and the Presidency, all their fraudulent debts should be immediately cancelled. All the FRS assets should be clawed back from all stock holders and beneficiaries all the way back to its first operational day, and the takings should be divided up among all US Citizens.

All FRS buildings, computers and non-tainted clerical, and management and local member banks should be absorbed by the US Department of the Treasury who should become responsible for the issuing of all US money which should be real, that is backed by gold, silver, and real commodities.


Genocide of Christians

During the Bolshevik invasion of Russia in 1917, the Bolshevik leaders immediately targeted the Christian churches and Christian Priests and Christian believers for destruction. 

Funeral of priests killed by Bolsheviks (L) — February Revolution (R). The Khazarian Mafia did the genocide once or twice before, and they will try to do it again.

When the Bolsheviks (aka Zionist Babylonian Talmudics, Red Communists) invaded Russia in 1917 they were created and financially supported by the City of London Rothschild private central Bankers and their franchisees, the large Wall street banks in America.

These Bolsheviks were supplied with all the secret money and political support they needed from these Babylonian Talmudics, aka the Synagogue of Satan which some call the “Illuminati”, or the “Order of the Snake”, the “order of the Black Sun”, the “Olympiads”, the “Brotherhood”, the “Titans” or the “Initiates”. The God they worship and claim to be anointed by and receive power from the Darkside is Lucifer (Satan), and some of their membership have claimed they worship the “Black Sun” and the Snake God or the Great Serpent.

When the Bolsheviks invaded Russia in 1917 and began their mass-murder spree which ended up murdering over 100 million innocent civilians, one of the first things they did was to destroy the Russian Christian Churches, murder Christians and Priests and declare Christianity a subversive and illegal belief system.

One can actually trace the geophysical invasion of the Bolsheviks into Russia which followed their destruction of the Christian Church, building deeper and deeper into mother Russia. 

When Russia was invaded by the Nazis in WW2, Stalin suddenly stopped persecuting the Russian Christian Church which had gone underground and hoped to use it to gain public support for his war with the Nazis. As soon as the war was won against the Nazis, the Bolshevik communists started oppressing Christians once again.

Yes, Babylonian Talmudics will use Christians when it serves their purposes.

BTs who are actually Zionists, set up Israel as their “homeland” and require Israeli leaders to cater to Christians brought to Israel on special tours, which brings in a lot of money and helps gain American support for Israel, all the while they secretly despise them and view them as Goyim (dumb cattle).

All the while the Babylonian Talmudics are moving ahead deploying their perverted acculturation system of Hollywood, their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to destroy the American sex roles, the American family and basic true Christian values. This is duplicity and two-faced beyond normal imagination.

Do not be seduced by this fake Christian Zionism into believing that it is okay for Israelis who are 97.5% Khazarian to steal ancestral lands from Palestinians and murder them at will.

The Babylonian Talmudics were sheep in wolves clothing and conned, manipulated and asset stripped their own people. Jesus saw through their fake religious external veneer and called them out.

The Zionists who have infiltrated Christianity at the bequest of the Babylonian Talmudics are playing the same part today. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and serving up a watered down, perverted Christianity they need to create a Globalist worldwide Satanic NWO system based in Jerusalem and seat their final anti-Christ as their god Satan incarnate.

If most American Christians ever learn the real fact-based truth about the fake Judaics of Israel and their illegal seizure of ancestral Palestinian lands, the oppression, tyranny and mass-murder of Palestinians, and transformation of Gaza into the world’s largest open air prison camp, they would quickly join the BDS movement. BDS stands for Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel for its crimes against humanity by its persecution of the Palestinians.

But there is much more to reveal about the abuse of Babylonian Talmudics against American Christians and Christians in general as well as humanity in general.

As many VT readers know incredibly detailed articles have been published on VT which reveal how the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens, the Mossad and traitors in the JCS, the administration, the USAF, NORAD, and the FAA were responsible for the attack on America on 9-11-01.

We also know that the Babylonian Talmudics have been responsible for every single major world war since 1900 including Korea, Vietnam and all the recent Mideast wars. It is important to realize that every one of these wars have been illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars of aggression to make huge profits for the Babylonian Talmudic Bankers, their associated corporations, the large defense contractors and the 66 families that own major blocks of stock in these.



In this four-part series “Time to start defending Christianity”, we have done our best to present the basics which clearly and un-equivocally show that Christians and Christianity have been under attack ever since the time of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion. And that this attack is being orchestrated at the top of a worldwide Satanic hierarchy run by the Babylonian Talmudics aka the “Synagogue of Satan”.

We have presented basic evidence that this secret evil inter-generational group, the Babylonian Talmudics (aka the Synagogue of Satan), have created and covertly dispensed and promoted the false and destructive doctrine of Christian Zionism which is designed to use, then weaken and degrade Christianity, and then to eventually neutralize it and destroy it.

It is high time for all Christians and those that believe in freedom of religion in general, as well as the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights to face these ugly truths we have disclosed in this four-part series and start standing up and defending Christianity and Christians before it is completely neutralized and its remains are morphed into a Globalist NWO godless system.

It is important to realize that, thanks to the creation of the worldwide Internet, for the first time in history the BTs are being unmasked and millions of American Christians are becoming aware of their creation of Christian Zionism as a false doctrine to neutralize and dis-empower Christianity in America. It is appropriate to call the Internet the New Gutenberg Press because like the original Gutenberg Press, for the first time the Bible was type-set and mass-produced.

The BTs originally adopted the idea of the Internet and supported it because they saw it as a means to institute the greatest spying system ever, all as part of their Globalist NWO agenda to be able to enslave all mankind and surveil them 24/7, continually.

But the Internet has also served as a catalyst for a new wide-based emerging populism that poses a direct threat to the BTs and their worldwide Satanic system because all their secret evil is now being exposed and disseminated to the masses, slowly but surely. The BTs now realize that this is their greatest threat that has ever occurred and unless they take drastic action they will lose power and even be eliminated.

So the top BT Cutouts have been having secret meetings on how best to respond to this emerging threat to their power, the strong worldwide populism that the Internet is producing. They have decided to deploy a new plan to demonetization of the Internet alternative media posters and advertising revenues, which many posters view as a covert web censorship plan. So apparently the situation has arisen where youtube has redefined payment requirements upward, greatly reducing payments to smaller posters and websites, all supposedly rationalized by unacceptable content.

At first you can expect web censorship to be intermittent and sporadic with cell phone calls cut midstream, Skype disrupted midstream, various emails disrupted intermittently, all free of recognizable patterns. Such high tech NSA and Fusion Center high tech tampering will be deployed on a random basis so that the public will not realize this is a new BT-mandated policy that is being fulfilled by the Fusion centers across America and the NSA.

And this policy is even being mandated within certain large web hosting corporations who have been deputized under so-called national security as “agents of national security”.

Other more Draconian forms of Internet censorship and control are likely coming unless Christians in America wake up and start discussing all these BT evils publicly and start praying for God Almighty’s intercession to stop these events and revive Christianity. Unless mitigated the BTs will likely deploy a major system of complete censorship that will not only remove all monetization for alternative media but also censor it completely under Draconian definitions.

As bizarre as it seems, the actual truth is that the main motivation that drives the Babylonian Talmudics, the Synagogue of Satan, to keep chipping away at American Freedoms is basically their obsession to destroy Christianity to get revenge on Christ and all His followers. Any nation that harbors Christianity and Christians is going to be targeted for destruction so that all Christian churches will be destroyed and all Christians mass-murdered (just like the BT created Bolsheviks which were unleashed on Russia in 1917), followed by the progressive and total elimination of Christianity from Planet Earth.

They also plan to eradicate Islam too, and eventually Judaism, after infiltrating, hijacking and using all three Abrahamic religions for their own purposes along the way. Their end game is to have a Globalist NWO system with the BT Top Chieftains running it and mandating a single religious system, that of pure Satanic worship.

Most Judaics have absolutely no clue that they as a group are mostly all Khazarian of NO ancient Hebrew blood; and have been given the best job opportunities and many benefits for serving the BTs’ needs.

There has usually eventually been a steep price to pay for this for Judaics who serve as BT Cutouts, such as in the work camps in Europe during WW2, and being eventually booted out of most nations they reside in for immorality and dishonest, self-serving business practices. The work camps themselves were German corporations, with much of the stock owned by COL BTs themselves – hard core Zionists best described as the Synagogue of Satan.


Mike Harris is the Veteran’s Today Financial Editor and radio show host of Short End of the Stick (Tu & Thur, 7-9 CST). Mr Harris has enjoyed 30+ yrs in the manufacturing, financial, and technology sectors. He’s been core to numerous domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, skyrocketing profit margins through a highly co-operative/collaborative team approach. His sharp intellect and a fluid intuition was a significant boon during his 2005/6 run for the Governor of Arizona where he emphasized the need to initiate immediate, practical, working solutions to the issues at hand.

From 1995 to 2000 Mr Harris served as a technical advisor to the Committee on Science and Technology of the US Congress, as well as sitting as Chairman of various boards over the years. With an MBA in finance, from a foundation of Applied Physics and Economics, he has proven an exceptional ability to function well-above and beyond “the box”.

Dubbed “iron Mike” through his many years as a martial artist, Mr. Harris has clearly demonstrated the resiliency to take blows and to come back fighting. This extraordinary skill-set he now brings to his ultimate Vision for a free, abundant, and prosperous society.




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  1. Dr James, excellent series; I’ve read all 4. I totally agree that FRS is the enemy. Since you say Christians must resist evil, how about this? There are bills in both houses, to Audit the Fed, as there are 4 areas of their books we have never been allowed to see. Current bill in the House, HR24, has 264 cosponsors. Here is a list of cosponsors. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/24/cosponsors. Current bill in the Senate has 26 cosponsors. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2232/cosponsors. Please check to see if your reps are on those lists! If not, call them during this recess and get them on board! The House bill seems to have some bipartisan support; keep going! A vote could be done at the same time as they vote a continuing resolution on the budget, which must be done by April 28. here is more info on Audit the Fed. http://www.campaignforliberty.org/audit-fed/

    • Sorry if above comment breaks the 1 link policy. I usually don’t post any links at all, so I forgot. So if need be, all info on the bills and more, can be accessed on the last link above, so that would be the one to keep..

    • Of course, Congress could choose to NOT do a continuing resolution, and just pull the plug on the FRS, which is what you seem to suggest? If you have covered this on the radio or in past columns, I am unaware of it. For me, radio is a luxury reserved for car trips.

  2. Dr. James,
    I failed to mention how much I appreciate your articles, and I want to give credit where credit is due. I try to let some of this out to the Trumpets here in Mississippi, it is easy to overwhelm people. You and Mike have done extraordinary work and if the world somehow squeaks by y’all will deserve some kudos.

    As to the 10 Commandments: I’m pretty sure the Universal Father of mankind and the deity in Ezekiel who commanded human sacrifice (Ez. 20:25) are not one and the same. The Pharisee class worshipped evil then and they do so now. I won’t argue the point, because it will never happen. But as long as the 10 Commandments are placed above the Golden Rule, the BT’s are in control.

  3. All Major Middle Eastern Religions Were Replaced
    Turkic groups fought Zoroastrianism before the time of Moses and they used few elements of Zoroastrianism and blended it with their cult called “Tengrism” to create a Turkic version for the teachings of Zoroaster. Then later on they used the same technique with the teachings of Moses, Yeshua, and Mohamed. By this policy they invented the new “universal” imperial religions: Turkic Persian Zoroastrianism; Turkic Jewish Judaism; Turkic Roman Christianity; and Turkic Sunni, Sufi, and Shia Islam.

  4. Afghanistan is a Painful Example of Turkic Crimes
    The six Turkic groups despise Europeans because they feel that they are naive and peaceful, and meek.
    The axis of evil and terrorism backers are all deep states in the world which succumb and controlled by any one of the six Turkic groups. Those are the enemies of Europe, USA, Arabs, Africans, Hitler, Nazis, and Russia. And before them were the enemies of Alexander the Great.
    The six Turkic groups are:
    1- Turkic Muslim in Anatolia and Balkan, (fake Caucasians since Byzantine–Seljuq wars in 1048 Ad),
    2- Turkic Shia Persians (fake Iranians since the Achaemenids in 550 BC),
    3- Turkic Khazar Zionist Jews (fake Israelite since Eastern Tourkia in 650 AD),
    4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (fake Arabs, following the death of Islam in 655 AD),
    5- Turkic “Hindu” Indians and Gypsy (fake Aryans since the Persian conquest in 530 BC), and
    6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians since the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire” in 962 AD).

  5. Great article finalizing the great fundamental work ! We’d be living in incomparably better world (instead of live experience of the “Silence of the Lambs”), if millions of normal people (at least those whose IQ allow to doubt what they see on TV screens) would take time and effort to realize that they are dealing with “two faced, soulless and unimaginably evil on the inside, with a positive, harmless, caring but remarkably phony face on the outside which they present to the public.” The number of confirmations for this statement goes on hundreds for events known worldwide, starting from 19-th century (and not ending with yesterday’s “discovery” in Hudson River, carrying clear occult stamp “1 6 / 9 1”), and thousands of known locally. All signed by the same type of two faced animals.

  6. Thank you Preston James and Mike Harris for your diligent
    four part series. It is greatly appreciated!!

  7. There are 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide who don’t buy into
    the Zionist Israel loving propaganda. They believe that the
    Jewish San Hedron murdered Jesus Christ, that Pontius
    Pilate tried his hardest to free Jesus but was convinced to let
    the thief Barrabas go instead because the infiltrated crowd
    was screaming for the blood and crucifixion of Jesus.

    Pontius Pilate was so against killing Jesus that he literally
    washed his hands in front of everyone, saying he wanted no
    part of it but had to go along with the evil San Hedron leaders
    of the Synagogue of Satan.

    It is the likes of Hagee and other so called “pastors” who
    bastardize the Christian beliefs and are literally paid off to
    go along with the agenda.

    The Catholics have been duped by Vatican II, which was an
    infiltration to change the core beliefs and do much of the
    same thing as Preston James mentions… “deploying their
    perverted acculturation system of Hollywood, their
    Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to destroy the
    American sex roles, the American family and basic true
    Christian values.”

    It’s all about “Blurred lines” like the song says and why they pushed that song on everyone.

    Bottom line, at least there are billions of Christians who aren’t Zionist controlled. They believe the Jews killed Jesus Christ and that the Holocaust doctored numbers or not, was karmic payback!!!!

    • Well, well, well… didn’t really expect the link to make it through after all the trouble VT has had. Glad to see things are getting back to (more) normal.

      Something few people know about the FRS, although mention of it can be found on the FRS website, is that ALL the money “paid back” to the FRS – the principal that was created out of thin air and the interest charged on money that never existed – is all non-taxable at Federal, State, or local levels. FRS pays (or is supposed to pay) property tax only on buildings owned by the FRS, all other FRS income (which is the very definition of “unearned” income) is completely tax free.

  8. The article states – “Yes, God Almighty created and gave us government to keep the peace and order, to protect us and to serve Him, but when the government mandates unacceptable evil against God’s Ten Commandments then we must protest, or at least refuse to comply.”

    Ok, the 10 Commandment thing. Christians should not be so hot to get the 10 Commandments up in courtrooms and schools. Why? Because Jesus said they were fulfilled in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you. The Golden Rule needs to be in public places. By sticking with the 10 commandments, one is following the BT’s agenda. After all, THEY OWN the 10 Commandments (it is in their scripture, not the NT) and they will by God (or their god) interpret them to their own advantage. It’s hard to put a negative spin on the Golden Rule.

    AS for the corruption of the churches; I was with the Bible Students for about 15 years, which was started by CT Russell and was VERY pro Israel. I now realize that he was probably a plant by the BT’s, in order to continue undermining institutional Christianity. Most love Israel way more than the U.S., and even though they are very nice people (like most in churches) they are unknowingly serving the BT’s.

    Anyway, nix the 10 Commandments and replace them with the Golden Rule, IMHO.
    God help us.

    • You are right about the golden rule. Only those benefit from the 10 commandments who hate competition, cleverness and want to outlaw you by killing rivals.

    • You make a point mississippi kid, however you are splitting hairs here. Yes, the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” would be sufficient for most, but the Ten Commandments lays it out more specifically and in detail needed. Jesus left two new commandments, love God with all your heart and mind and love your neighbor as yourself and said that love covers a lot of sins.

  9. Frankly these disgusting so called “Christian” Churches, who have silently sat by and tacitly approved same sex marriage, porn and impending bigamy and polygamy not to mention total surrender of our government to the outlaw nation of Israel, not to mention the totally criminal Catholic Church which owns some of the most valuable real estate in most cities, should be taxed heavily. Where in the Constitution does it authorize them tax breaks? it doesn’t. Churches are nothing by big business conning people out of money and brains for making rational decisions. How is it “Christian” to close one’s eyes to death and suffering all over this planet by the U.S. Government every day?

    • The U.S. Government is an international unindicted war criminal aided and abetted by the so called “Christians” of America. The word “Christian” has become a tacit obscenity in our obscene world today along with most so called “religion”. Just be thankful engineers who design cars, planes and buildings and bridges are not required to major in religion instead of the laws of physics and mathematics lest we would all be quite dead from cars and planes crashing and bridges collapsing under stress and buildings falling down. The outlaws in the Catholic Church used money donated for church purposes to pay lawyers to get them out of child molestation charges, how about that? The Catholic Church is basically a criminal enterprise operated from their secret enclave in Italy. Shameful disgrace.

    • Galileo Galilei was and is the world’s greatest physicist. He is responsible for the scientific method which demands rigorous demands of proof before scientific claims are accepted as “true”. He also concluded, based on evidence and facts, that the Sun was the center of our planetary system. The Catholic Church nearly burned him at the stake for his totally correct scientific conclusions based on evidence and facts, not religions superstition. It took the criminal Catholic Church nearly 350 years to admit they were wrong and Galileo Galilei was right after all! Obviously the Catholic Church is a mentally impaired slow learner.

    • @wjabbe,
      keep hammering . even if only one humanoid sees the light.

      belief is so strong. and so deadly. the source of polarization with its ultimate end in wars, I’m right/ your wrong. and its handmaiden is early childhood indoctrination, functional hypnosis. such held me in its grasp until an existential crisis at 62 and I finally broke free.

      the utter nonsense of the myth of the garden of eden and the fall of man. and sold as ultimate truth. the eternal creator made the most amazing and incredible intelligent beings that humanoids will likely never surpass in their creativity. anyway, we have at our disposal priceless resources packaged within to use to our benefit. so let’s not fall into hollyworld’s make believe trap that sells us on the benefits of misusing those — shall I use the adjective sacred — gifts. their gross lies show who masters them.

      (I get an upset stomach recalling how I fell for the lies so pictorially packaged in the film “easy rider.” the beauty and lure of the open southwestern roads. mix in some chrome custom h-d choppers. add with dennis hopper’s chain smoking. with petty crimes and low living. and end it all with a single 12-gauge shot gun blast that blows a chopper into 100 pieces. c’mon, high school physics should trigger abundant scorn at such idiotic production. Hollywood. so good staging timed explosives. and idiot sheeple so ready to buy their phantasy crap. lots of practice for 9-11? )

      to break me is so strong

  10. Asset stripping of the USA. According to Seagrave in the book “The Soong Dynasty”, the three Southern Baptist educated sisters married respectively; Sun Yat Sen who was the original revolutionary and freemason after 1924, she late became a VP of the Communist Party, Chiang Kai Shek who was War Lord and supported by USA with Nationalist China during WWII, and C. C. Fung, descendent of Confuscious who married “The Dragon Lady” and became a New York Merchant Banker. According to Seagrave the USA sent $6 Billion US Dollars in aid to China during WWII, an immense amount during that time. Compares to USD21.6 Billion that the USA spent on the Vietnam War in 1966, similarly mind boggling at the time, but miniscule relative to the Trillions and Quadrillions that they talk about today. (Do you know how inflation and interest compound exponentially over time? Do your Math). Of the USD6 Billion, Seagrave maintained that USD2 Billion actually got to China ‘over the hump’. USD2 Billion went on kickbacks to Detroit etc. and USD2 Billion went to C.C.Fung in NY. At one stage after Taiwan got favourable terms of trade, similar to what Clinton granted to Mainland China when that was the real scandal and not Monica, they had USD80 Billion in Foreign Reserves and I think it may have been Gold and not USD Reserves. Again an immense amount in those days, maybe the 1980’s or so. A lot of this is invested in China and this lends me to think this is another Hegelian dialectic set up at the present time when Trump, as Golem, is setting up the Chinese President by bombing Syria, trying to split Russia away from China in a new deal with Europe, or a balace thereoff and remember that The British East India Company has always had huge ongoing influence through Hong Kong Hongs and the International Bankers.

    Seagrave also wrote another book abvout Marcos and the looted Chinese Gold, but that is another story.

  11. From the Catholic point of view, I think that the policy of not talking about Politics from the Pulpit was not so much the infiltration of the Antichrist into the Vatican, rather the Assassination of several of the Habsburgs, who represented the Holy Roman Empire. Some suggest that Mozart, himself a Mason was murdered for giving away the Masonic secrets in his opera “The Magic Flute”. There are several sites outlining the Masonic influence in the murder of clerics in Mexico, in addition to what happened during the French Revolution, and more recently Bishop Oscar Ramiro at the hands of The School of The Americas, or their agents, more recently cynically renamed The Kennedy School. In a similar way the International Brigade in Spain and their associates, many of whome were Yiddish speakers from Russia where tens of millions of Christians were murdered including the Tsar and his wife and children, murdered thousands of Catholic Priests.

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