Breaking: Keshe Cancer Announcement Broadcast


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Jeff Rense will tell you, I drive him crazy in that I am a mainstream medicine guy, vaccines etc. but not crazy either, not so much anyway.  As a veteran, my own medical care has been between non-existent and abysmal.  I have managed health programs as a diplomat and worked in and around health care technologies but am not a licensed professional, not even close.  I am not a “go to guy” for healthcare information, I am making that clear up front.

I am a skeptic.  I have been following and working with Keshe for several years now.  There have been more failures than successes and, quite frankly, there is a very high level of deception and secrecy about successes, they are far more dangerous than failures.

I have seen his technology work, Colonel Hanke powers his home with Keshe tech yet others can’t make it work.  Today we are dealing with cancer, far from a joke, it touches all of us.  I can’t begin to explain what it has done to my life, we all have these stories.

I personally make no promises, I collect no money, I am here to simply say that I hope this works, I hope there is a treatment out there.  I have reviewed some materials, files, photos, done some interviews but then again, I am not a scientist.

Keshe is my friend.  I don’t entirely understand him and, at times it seems as almost as though he were hooked into another reality, as though he were chosen somehow.  Also, at times, I wish they had chosen someone less exasperating as he is.

Keshe is part Einstein and part Donald Trump.

I believe there will be a treatment based on his work.  I helped set Keshe up with medical research personnel, we spent hundreds of hours screening and doing what we could to make this as valid as possible but this is where my part ends, I check credentials and backgrounds, I look for enemies, for frauds and thieves, I keep things as clean as I can but I don’t practice medicine.

Listen and make your own decisions.

All of this will be as new to me as to you and I will be listening.



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  1. Disclaimer in part: ” Our GANS Test Materials are manufactured solely for industrial, not medical, purposes.
    We make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the merchantability, fitness, or suitability of our material for use in medical applications.
    We make no warranties or representations that our material is manufactured in accordance with quality standards that may be necessary for materials intended for use in medical applications.
    We have not sought or received any rulings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or other similar organizations as to the safety or effectiveness of our product for medical purposes.
    We do not have expertise in the field of medical devices or other medical products, additionally, we do not assert that information given without limit is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading.
    Persons proposing to evaluate or use our product for a medical purpose must rely on their own medical and legal judgment, and such persons shall be solely responsible for the suitability of our product for any medically-related applications

    No advice
    Keshe, from time to time makes generalized statements via media of general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

    Limitation of warranties
    The medical information provided by Keshe is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Keshe makes no representations or warranties…”

    • “. Keshe makes no representations or warranties in relation to the processing information related to the materials and their uses.

      Professional assistance
      You must not rely on Keshe as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
      If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
      If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.
      You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information from Keshe sources.

      Nothing in this medical disclaimer will limit any of our liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law, or exclude any of our liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.
      Under no other circumstances shall Keshe be liable for any costs, losses, expenses or damages (whether direct or indirect, consequential, health related, special, economic or financial including any loss of profits) whatsoever that may be incurred through the use of any information or use of any GANS Test Materials.
      Keshe related information may be inaccurate. Keshe is under no responsibility to update or correct any information given, whether through error, miscommunication, misunderstanding or any other reason.”

  2. Cancer is an energy problem, not a genetics problem as falsely speculated by the cancer generals of the failed war on cancer. Cancer is not hundreds of different diseases, one for every organ of the body, as falsely claimed by the cancer generals, but one disease, oxygen deficiency to living cells over a relatively long period of time or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. All cancer cells metabolize by anerobic glycolysis or the fermentation of sugar. Cancer is nothing but the reversion back to the situation before the appearance of oxygen on the planet where all primitive cells survived without mother oxygen. The genius in Germany Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D., discovered this information from experiments and facts by about 1955-1965. He died in 1970. He is considered the greatest biochemist of the 20th century. Prevention is the best “cure” by getting adequate oxygen to every one of your 100+ trillion cells in your body every day. Warburg’s Father Emil held the Chair of Physics at Berlin until he died in 1931 the same year his son Otto was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

    • A recent excellent book which describes the extensive work of Warburg on cancer metabolism is: “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Brian Peskin, E.E. and Amid Habib, M.D., Pinnacle Press, Houston, 2010. This book also disputes all known false statements by others challenging Warburg’s conclusions on cancer based on experiments and facts, not genetic speculations. Detailed references and summaries of Warburg’s claims and discoveries are provided. The authors also provide an innovative way to prevent cancer using safe and effective essential fatty acids to transfer oxygen into cells. Cell wall linings are largely made of essential fatty acids so this is a very safe and reasonable procedure to recommend. Brian Peskin, E.E. is the principal author with an electrical engineering degree from MIT. Warburg began this research in the 1920’s using rats where the change from normal cell metabolism to cancer metabolism happened quickly in about a few cell divisions. He invented a new machine called the Warburg Manometer which measured the internal cellular pressure of cells. He used only live tissue under a real blood supply, not the fake cell lines used by the cancer generals. He was nominated for the first cancer Nobel prize for this work but unfortunately it was awarded to Fibiger whose work was wrong. It took another roughly 40 years to prove these results for human cancer due to the ethical and other problems. The late Dean Burk, Ph.D. won prizes for proving these results.

    • The cancer generals hated Warburg’s guts and are determined to deny him his rightful place in history as the discoverer of the prime cause of cancer in man based on experiments and facts, not genetic speculations. Warburg was nominated for three Nobel Prizes in Medicine, the first cancer prize in 1926 which was unfortunately given to Fibiger whose work was shown to be wrong; the actual prize for his work on cell respiration awarded in 1931 and a third Nobel Prize for yet different work in 1944 but denied by Hitler’s decree. Three of his pupils were awarded shared Nobel Prizes: Otto Meyerhof, Hans Krebs and Hugo Theorell. The cancer generals are guilty of scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity and should all be fired and jailed for life. I have been studying the failed war on cancer for about the past 17 years after my wife was nearly killed, not from inflammatory breast cancer, but “treatment”. I also wrote a book: “An Unsuccessful Effort to Deny Use of State of Georgia Facilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., May, 2000 available in the University of Georgia and Athens Public Libraries. About 100 copies were distributed world wide. No effort was made to get an orthodoxy publisher to publish this book since that would have been impossible due to their protection of the biggest sympathy racket in the country the Billion Dollar American Cancer Society.

    • The late Dean Burk, Ph.D. was also a genius level biochemist who was a foreign member of Warburg’s famous laboratory in Germany called “The Palace of Cell Physiology”. Burk had the distinction of earning a Ph.D. degree from UC Berkeley at the young age of 23 in Plant Nutrition and Chemistry. Here is a great statement about him at his death. Only part of it will print here but you can read the rest about his fabulous life.. He ended his fabulous career by making seminal contributions to the fluoride issue in water: IN MEMORIAM — DEAN BURK (1904-1988), FLUORIDE, 22:3, 1989 July
      by H.L. McKinney, University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas

      Both science and the humanities have lost a major intellect with the recent death of Dean Burk, October 6, 1988, at the age of 84, Burk was born March 21, 1904, in Oakland, California, the son of Frederic Burk, who was President of what is now San Francisco State University. He entered the University of California Farm School at Davis at the age of 15 and studied agriculture. A year later, he transferred to the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his B.S. in Entomology in 1923. Four years later at the age of 23, he earned a Ph.D., in Plant Nutrition and Chemistry (1).
      He continued his advanced studies as a fellow, National Research Council/International Education Board (1927-1929), successively at University College, University of London (with A.V. Hill, a Nobel laureate).

  3. I have never been able to complete viewing any of Keshe’s presentations.
    Am I just weak minded?

    • JRC: No. Keshe is both ‘difficult’ and difficult to watch. Also sometimes very rewarding. Based on a some scientific expertise and some experience with cutting-edge inventors, many are like this — but none quite as ‘difficult’ as Keshe… ;-).

  4. Gordon, I have followed every teaching for the past two and a half years. There is a mixture of successes/failures. New plasma generators are to be marketed soon along with plasma water of CO2, ZnO and CuO. That bears close scrutiny. The “old” Magrav energy units had mixed results as you indicated. The “new” Plasma Generator may prove to be the cat’s meow. I have for some time been drinking CO2/ZNO plasma waters keeping my BP quite normal. I am fully set up with a kitchen lab to develop these new releases although the Plasma Generator has no blue print (at this time). Since I do not have a M.D. and hence not licenced to practice medicine I do have a Ph.D. in one of the medical sciences, namely Physiology. I tried to get my doctor at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester to join with me for the Medical Teachings and, as you might guess due to control of the A.M.A., declined. I am more than willing to follow Keshe’s technology with anticipation of total success.
    I thank you for your personal support for Mr. Keshe. Rolf E. Lagerquist, Ph.D.

    • Foiler/REL: You were almost as likely to get a Mayo M.D. to watch & evaluate Keshe med tech as an early 1900s ‘traditional’ M.D. was likely to get a Rockefeller-committed U.S. M.D. to watch & evaluate Royal Raymond Rife (who also claimed significant results with cancer).

      In the early 1900s, the Rockefeller & Rotten-Child families hijacked fast-improving medical science and medical schools around the world. The name of the game was ‘Big Pharma is the only way’ and ‘Our way or the highway.’

      Similar to what R&R did in banking & energy, eliminating unpatentable medical cures slowly but surely turned medicine into an oligopoly controlled by those who own Big Pharma and ‘managed care’ corps.

      Especially in U.S., medicine is our religion. Hospitals are our churches. And doctors are our priests, ministers, rabbis & imams. However, even or especially the AMA is subservient to Big Pharma.

      Even in single-payer countries (almost all but U.S.), doctors & healthcare professionals eschew all else except for “poison ’em, cut ’em & burn ’em” — especially for cancer. Sorry, Rolf. ;-).


    Any little you do Gordon towards lifting the veil off the bogus and dark Pharma world of ‘mainly smoke and mirrors’ (MSM again only this time Main Stream Medicine) to give a clear and natural vision of natural cancer cures is much appreciated. 97% of Chemo doesn’t work and cancer is the only field of medicine where doctors (oncologists) receive back-handers from Big Pharma to push their ‘killer’ prescriptions. I’ve stood furious in a ward (Ohio as it happened) – I might as well have been in a bar drunk on whiskey surrounded by my worst enemies, where my sister lay – no doctors, no nurses on hand, a real family moment(!) where her daughter (16 years old) sat frightened holding a gizmo of morphine under instructions that if her mother were to show any signs of life to just press the plunger. Meanwhile, the wonderful oncologists were busy waiting for others, ‘on-call’ to keep the assembly line moving. Malefactors – stress on the M and F.

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