Philadelphia experiment


by Jack Heart with Orage

Without the benefit of the modern internet, or at least a Wikipedia-styled encyclopedia with hyperlinks, Preston Nichols could not have written The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. It’s doubtful that any of the best science fiction writers today could, let alone a neophyte author in the beginning of the nineties. He made a few unintentional mistakes, insignificant ones like calling wavelets wavicles, but any real errors are deliberate. There are rules.

Nichols begins with an old standby of conspiracy hucksters; placing the genesis of Stealth Technology in the so-called “Philadelphia experiment” which supposedly took place in 1943. According to lore, promulgated by Hollywood and the rest of the CIA’s disinformation outlets, during an experiment based on the work of Albert Einstein, a ship was made to disappear from the Philadelphia Naval yard and appear at the Norfolk Naval base hundreds of miles away, then disappear there and reappear back at the Philadelphia Naval yard. There is not one shred of legitimate evidence for that story, not even the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence…

But from there Nichols suddenly turns real and adroitly adjusts his course right through the heart of the labyrinth. Canceling Einstein’s Philadelphia experiment, Nichols puts von Neumann at the helm of Project Rainbow exactly where he would have to have been. In Norse mythology, the Bifröst is a Burning Rainbow Bridge that reaches between the realms of the gods called Asgard and earth called Midgard. After suspending Project Rainbow to work on the Manhattan Project, von Neumann resumed the experiments after the war, under direction of the Brookhaven Lab, as the Phoenix Project. The Phoenix is a great raptor that rises from the ashes…

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  1. I am the “most dangerous man in America” Mile High, no writer endures what I endure at the hands of the geeks and freaks that work for these cowering little girls who cringe like vampires in the light when they read Jack Heart. They should have heeded what I said about the one inch paring knife. Now when I am done with them they will have no secrets left at all. Synarchism cannot exist without its secrets and one by one I will tell every last one of them. The bigger the podium the faster and more merciful this will be but I kind of like the fact that they “fight” back through Google and their army of misbegotten subhuman cyber diseases, it gives me more time to watch them writhe in agony as I develop my narrative. Just think of all the fun we all would have missed out on talking about this stuff had they just given me the book deal in the first place, like I wanted…

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