Trump’s Easter message: “Jews rule! Happy Passover!”

The weirdest holiday video ever made by any sitting president?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Is the President being held hostage? Was this video a cry for help? Or did his captors issue it to send a message: “We have completed our coup. We are in total control. Do not even think of f*ing with us!”

Watch the above video again. What is wrong with this picture?

Look, I LOVE religious minorities, okay? I’m Muslim myself. I love my Jewish friends. I used to practice Buddhist meditation. And I still revere the wisdom of the Tao and the Upanishads and the many wonderful Native American spiritual traditions.

But let’s face it: The United States of America is a Christian-majority country. Today is Easter. The President’s holiday message should be: “Happy Easter!”

Instead, the President of the (Christian-majority) United States has issued an Easter message that looks more like a hostage video. A professor at a major university who saw it emailed me:

Oh my God. Talk about the demeanor of a mind-controlled zombie…..

Instead of saying “happy Easter” and talking about Jesus, and maybe throwing in some eggs and rabbits as a sop to Christian-pagan syncretism, Trump begins by rambling on and on about how wonderful Jews are. He couldn’t make it any clearer that his main holiday message is “Happy Passover!” When he finally gets around to mentioning Easter, it’s almost an afterthought.

The video has abysmally poor production values, considering that it’s coming from the White House. It’s too dark.  And Trump looks extremely low-energy –like a kidnapping victim in a hostage video with someone offscreen pointing a gun at his head or a knife at his foreskin.

The weirdest holiday video ever made by any sitting president?

Trump’s “Passover video” reminds me of the nationally televised speech by George W. Bush in early December, 2001. Bush gave that speech, in which he monotonously intoned the shibboleths of the Israeli-fabricated “War on Terror,”  in front of an Israeli flag, not an American one.

What makes Trump’s “f*ck Easter, Happy Passover” message even weirder is the whole history between Jews and Christians. (As a Muslim, I am able to get some distance and objectivity on this very sensitive issue.)

Until around 1800, when the Rothschilds took over the financial centers of Western Europe and imposed their ideological hegemony on the West, Christians took it for granted that “the Jews killed Jesus,” as the Gospels tell us in so many words. Jews, for their part, evinced extreme loathing for Christianity in general and Jesus in particular. The Christian was “Esau,” the naive, hairy, primitive fool who needed to be swindled out of his birthright by Jacob “the heel” AKA “Israel.” And Jesus, according to the Talmud, is being boiled eternally in excrement.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the Jews and Christians are getting over their horrible history of mutual hatred. But it strikes me as odd that the way they’re getting over it is through a stealth Jewish-Zionist takeover of the West, accompanied by what can only be called the annihilation of traditional Christianity. Trump’s Easter message, coming in the wake of the ouster of Steve Bannon (Catholic) and elevation of Jared Kushner (Kosher Nostra) is a sign of the times.

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  1. From Mirrian Webster
    Definition of CONSCIENCE
    1. 1a : the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good She had a guiltyconscience.b : a faculty, power, or principle enjoining good acts guided byconscience Quote: “Trump had originally promised that the Bonwit Teller building’s Art Deco exterior limestone bas-relief sculptures of semi-nude goddesses, as well as the massive ornate 15-by-25 foot grille above the store’s entrance, would be removed and be donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[3][15][16]The museum appraised the sculptures at over $200,000.[17] However, the sculptures ended up being destroyed because, according to Trump, there were general hazard concerns, expense, and a possible 10-day construction delay due to the difficulty of removing them.[3][15] The Met’s curator, Penelope Hunter-Stiebel, caught a cab to the building site and attempted to pay the workmen for the sculptures, but was rebuffed.[18] The building’s decorative grille, supposedly transported to a New Jersey warehouse, was never recovered.[15] Instead the sculptures and grilles became scrap metal, and several days later, Trump stated that he had ordered the destruction himself.[16] Later in 1980, he boasted that the decor of his Grand Hyatt New York included “real art, not like the junk I destroyed at Bonwit Teller”.[19] Con’t.

    • Cpn’t. from above:
      Later in 1980, he boasted that the decor of his Grand Hyatt New York included “real art, not like the junk I destroyed at Bonwit Teller”.[19] The New York Times condemned Trump’s actions as “esthetic vandalism”,[20] and a spokesman for Mayor Ed Koch said Trump had failed his “moral responsibility to consider the interests of the people of the city”.[16] Scutt was outraged by the destruction, having initially hoped to incorporate the goddess sculptures into the new building’s lobby design; Trump had rejected the plan, preferring something “more contemporary”.[15] Robert Miller, the gallery owner who had appraised the pieces, lamented that such things would “never be made again”, and Peter M. Warner, a researcher who worked across the street, called the destruction “regrettable”.[21]” Trump does not possess a conscience. he is a liar, cheater, con artist, bully….expletives deleted. His God is a five letter obscene word MONEY. He has no scruples or honor period. He is a draft dogger now running the whole military of the U.S. New York produced him.

    • Here is another quote documenting Trump does not possess a conscience or honor or integrity:’ The late Wayne Barrett documented Trump’s corrupt activities for years:
      “Similarly, in his deposition in the federal discrimination case, Trump refused to acknowledge responsibility for accepting or rejecting individual tenants. Those statements were a material part of his testimony since they went to the heart of the case — Trump’s ability to control the discriminatory practices of his companies.
      Shortly after he’d given his deposition, he was interviewed by a field investigator for the secretary of state. The interview had nothing to do with the federal case; the investigator was trying to determine if Trump met the experience requirement for a real-estate broker’s license. The report states: “Mr. Trump further stated that he supervises and controls the renting of all apartments owned by the Trump organization…During my interview with applicant he showed me hundreds of files…Each contained numerous leases both for commercial and residential tenants…and rental records, all of which contained applicant’s signature and handwriting.” Trump’s lawyer, Mathew Tosti, also claimed in a letter to the secretary of state that Trump had “negotiated numerous leases for apartments.”
      Yet he’d testified in federal court:
      Con’t. below:

    • Con’t. from above:
      Yet he’d testified in federal court:
      Government: “Do you ever have anything to do with rental decisions in individual cases?
      Trump: “No, I really don’t.”
      Donald Trump is a user of other users. The politician and his moneychanger feed on each other. The moneychanger trades private dollars for access to public ones. Trump, Sunshine, Lindenbaum, and their counterparts Carey and Beame are classic expressions of this relationship. The transactions that result are contained in the father’s story of Trump Village and in next week’s account of Trump’s Manhattan conquests.” Impeach Trump ASAP before he blows up the planet and kills every living thing.

    • Trump dealt with Jews all his life in New York. How do we know he did not actually become one of them because he defacto did? How do we know he didn’t become a Jew but has failed to admit to the duped American public? He feels guilty because he has had to kiss their asses all his life to make dinero (this means MONEY in Spanish) in the cesspool New York where MONEY is everyone’s GOD. Money runs the show in New York. You can be a crook and a despicable person in New York but if you have MONEY people will overlook your shortcomings. I bet Trump is a member of the Jewish Religion but lies about it because he does not want to admit it. This would explain the bizarre behavior in this bizarre video of him. Even if he is not formally a member of the Jewish Religion he is a defacto member as proved by his unnatural worship of them and unfair treatment of this tiny country compared to all the roughly 200 other countries of the world which deserve but don’t get equal time from this unfair and inconsistent dishonorable piece of human garbage who discriminated against blacks in rental housing along with his father in patent violation of the Federal Fair Housing Law of the United States where he gave his middle finger to the LAW. Trump is a bully and a spoiled brat.

  2. This is also break time for congress with a chance to go home to their respective districts and hold town hall meetings.
    This time has not worked out well for every Rethugnican in the congress. Every one has had to face angry mobs, jeers, cat calls and protests. The heat has been turned up on the Rethugs and they’re feeling it. This is what they deserve.
    I find it very satisfying to see these a**holes getting their a***kicked at these meetings. Very funny.
    In 2018, both houses are going back to the Democrats and you are going to witness Rethugs across the country getting booted out, especially those who continue to support the crazy man in the Whore House.

  3. should have watched the video first……jeez, pure jewish propaganda of how great they are after all the persecution they suffered and how thankful we should be for Isra’hell…….oh well….666 hail Mary’s it be goyim

  4. He’s a Presbyterian that has rejected Jesus teachings and has adopted the hate of Judea…that’s KARMA on his face….he never smiles and for dam good reason…his soul is burning in hell for being taught Jesus teachings and then doing the Judas thing to the people that elected him.

  5. Melinia….save yourself from this Jewish wannabe liar and madman before he really takes you down with him.

    He’s probably going to start WW3 for his Jewish pimps. Do you, Melania, want to help him do that and be remembered throughout history as the bride of Trump, that makes Hitler seem sane.

    The slaughter and debt enslavement of the goyim is on it’s way by our Jewish wannabe president.

    The Torah tells us that Jacob, son of Isaac, duped his brother Esau out of his birth-right for a cheap tribal bribe – a bowl of lentil soup, and then had his scheming mother, Rebecca, help him deceive his ageing father to give his blessing to Jacob instead of Esau the elder brother. But forget the Torah now because the Talmud rules and explains why Israel rules by deception from the days Israel (Jacob) of old assumed the mantle and boast for the generations to follow.

    We live in days where Zionist Jews are off the leash of all moral and legal constraint to unveil long-repressed and ever morphing credos built to a crescendo by the Rabbinic rantings of the Talmud down the generations. So, today, Israel rallies to the whelp NeoCon conquistador cry of ‘havoc’ across the Middle East. The “Zionist Dogs of War” use the United States as pay-master and pissing post to manipulate and orchestrate mayhem for The Greater Israel Project. And Christians suffer too while all around them Moslem citizens are deliberately and unconscionably targeted en masse … for fun and Raytheon … and The Greater Israel Project.

    So, our Christian Easter and the Talmudic Nor’Easter out of Washington are anethema. But, hey, it could be so much worse … and rest assured … it will be.

  7. Talking about atrocities of ISIS in Egypt he didn’t mention who’d created ISIS and continues to support it practically openly. That would’ve made a nice connection to the beginning of his speech…
    I’ve never seen such expression (more precisely – the absence of any) on his face. Scary.

  8. Israel and the US are both religiously installed states dependent on the genocide and persecution of the Native peoples. They feed off war and the pilfering of the labors of the common man. I see little difference between Christians and Jews. They both practice exceptionalism in it’s most horrible form and rely on dogmatic ideology to justify the slaughter and genocide of peaceful peoples for the purpose of self enrichment. The Old Testament is neither a Hebrew or Christian book. It is stolen like the rest of everything else they claim is theirs. Neither of the two know anything about spirituality or how to provide council on any matters of spirit. Trump is the perfect icon to bring it all to a inglorious end. He will be looked upon in history as the final product and proof of their idiocy. He is their fruit. Not impressive.

    • “They feed off war and the pilfering of the labors of the common man.”

      “The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail. All these curses will come on you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the Lord your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you.”
      ~ Deuteronomy 28:43-45

      This is in direct contradiction to what you just posited.

      ” I see little difference between Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews.”

      Fixed that for you…

  9. Kevin, looks drugged to me. I didn’t watch the video at this time as I’m prepping breakfast and don’t want to ruin it.
    So what did they use?
    I may watch the video later this week, to follow it with some commentary bu Paul Craig Roberts.

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