US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD


The US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District is managing the construction of a $134 million Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Complex in Deveselu, Romania

The Russian Defense Ministry said that US radars cover almost all territory of Russia.

“The stationary radar systems of the US missile and nuclear warning system cover all possible trajectories of Russian ballistic missiles in the direction of the United States,” Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy chief of the General Staff’s Main Operational Department, said.

According to him, the zone of control of the US stations covers almost entire Russia.

The United States’ long-range radars in Alaska, Romania and Poland increase its ability to intercept Russian missiles, he said.

“The US missile defense system’s information and reconnaissance assets are already providing not only detection of the launch of Russian ballistic missiles, their tracking on the flight trajectory, but also the delivery of target designations to combat systems to intercept the ballistic missiles’ warheads.”

Poznikhir said at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that the US radars’ information capabilities are expected to grow with the “buildup of a low-orbit ballistic missile detection and tracking system.”

“The deployment of mobile sea-based radar near Alaska, stations in Romania and Poland, as well as missile defense information systems significantly improve the speed and accuracy of target designation of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles, and hence the possibility of their interception,” he stressed.

The global missile defense system being created by the United States is posing a strategic threat to both Russia and China, he emphasized.

“The US missile defense system already has a potential to intercept Chinese and Russian ballistic missiles and poses a threat to strategic nuclear forces of Russia and China, and these capabilities will only grow.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the US missile defense capabilities threaten almost all low orbit space stations.

According to Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, US missile defense systems also threaten space exploration activities by other countries, including Russia and China.

“Almost all low orbit stations located in the area of missile defense systems’ damage volume are under the threat of destruction. Given the global nature of the antimissile missile ships, space activities of any state, including Russia and China, are under threat,” he said.

The free use of the outer space by any country is endangered by the growing global missile defense system of the United States, the Russian military official added.The firepower of the United States’ missile defense system threatens Russia’s deterrence posture, he said.

“Such a number of missile defense assets poses a serious threat to the Russian deterrence potential, especially taking into account the ongoing work on the modernization of missile defense systems,” Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir said.

Poznikhir estimated at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that the number of US missile defense interceptors is expected to exceed 1,000 by 2022, potentially exceeding the number of warheads deployed on Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles in the future.

Russia constantly informs the US of its concerns over the deployment an anti-ballistic missile systems, but does not receive an answer, Poznikhir said.”Russian representatives have repeatedly drew the attention of the American side at various levels to the danger posed by the global missile defense system for the strategic balance of forces in the world. Arguments are not perceived, obvious facts are ignored.”

The US missile defense system is disproportionate to the threats from North Korea and Iran, he added. “Thousands of interceptors against several limited-capability missiles of Iran and North Korea is too much.”

“Under the pretext of countering the North Korean and Iranian missile threats, the US is deploying a strategic system designed to destroy Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles, which violates the balance of deterrence forces.”

He said that Russia is forces to take adequate measures in response to the US missile defense systems’ deployment.

Russia is forced to take adequate response measures aimed at preventing violations of the existing balance of forces in the field of strategic weapons and minimizing the possible damage to the security of the state as a result of the further buildup of US missile defenses. But the world will not be safer from this.”

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  1. The response of the US is obviously : ‘So, what are you going to do about it ?’ isn’t it ?

  2. Funny, despite all this the four star generals couldn’t even defend their own building on 9/11/01 or shoot down any of those fake airliners either, perhaps because they already knew they were fake since they planned the attack in the first place. All of them belong in a jail cell for life, not retired on lavish pensions. Is any country on the planet more corrupt than the U.S.A today and is any population more media brainwashed than ours? American idiots deserve their impending plight and will no longer be treated to no pain when liar Trump starts the nuclear WWIII. These fools don’t even have stocked fall out shelters. If the government were interested in public safety wouldn’t they recommend fall out shelters throughout the nation? Building these would help the economy too!

    • Perhaps they don’t recommend fall out shelters because they know the country will be totally obliterated life won’ t worth living anyway but of course they don’t want to admit this in public. Why don’t the editors of VT recommend fall out shelters? Do they have them? Most of this fancy expensive defense stuff is likely destroyed and rendered ineffective by ants, roaches, and other insects getting into the boards and other control systems anyway. How do they know they will work since none of it has been tested in a war situation? Answer: They do not know. Have you ever had your AC system destroyed by ants? It happens every day.

    • Every fancy piece of defense radar control system has very sensitive electronic printed circuit control “boards” in it today. These are very sensitive and subject to easy destruction by insects and power surges, unusual temperature changes, moisture and many other environmental and other conditions. They will be lucky if half of them are still working when they need them. Again, virtually everything has a control board in it today. All electric motors have them. Everything in your kitchen has one. Your car is full of them. When the board fails, it can’t be fixed but must be thrown out into the dump to poison the earth and replaced by another poison one. The easiest way to take the country down is not with nuclear bombs but with a power failure which will cause massive power surges which will destroy boards. Imagine going to the gas station and the pumps won’t work because no power so the gas in the tanks can’t be pumped into your car. How about a hand pump like they used on old wells? Also no refrigeration to protect food in stores and no lights either. All anarchy and H will break loose without a shot being fired.

    • Wisdom: “A chain is only as strong as its WEAKEST link.” This applies to everything. Bridges must be designed for the MAXIMUM load which might be on them. Same for buildings. Same for cars and defense systems and virtually everything in our lives. But nothing is designed for infinite forces applied to them; everything is limited because of costs and materials involved. Imagine if the steering control system on an older vehicle deteriorated from age and erosion,, such as rusting, so older cars began to have head on collisions on the highway and had to be taken off the roads after say ten years. Bridges and buildings are subject to long term failure due to rusting and erosion and water damage. Water is the “universal” solvent.

    • I recall I got very scared one day many years ago during the Cold War years, when I read in Time Magazine, that American soldiers maintaining the DEW-line up in Northern Canada, were having lots of drug problems. For me this was a total no no, and impossible to believe. For in my understanding and experience, military discipline would infallibly weed out hippie types and bohemians during the first few months of recruit training. And since proper maintenance of the DEW-line obviously was of vital importance for US security, I found it impossible to understand how US authorities were able to allow such decline. It was in total contrast to the picture mediated by the usual Hollywood war movies, that had created a solid conviction in me, that “the American soldier was the world’s best”.
      Some years later, one of my teachers, a famous Swiss professor, talking to some of my fellow students about political systems, remarked that a system is never better than the people in it. And I thought those were wise words.
      Today I think this might be one of the reasons why so many wars are lost.

    • wjabbe you are being overly pessimistic about the life and resilience of PCBs. Not sure why you are scaremongering on the subject.

  3. Okay fellows, you are scaring the hell out of me. I know what you write is not B.S. But it is almost as if you are saying that our best hope is one of revenge. I do accept that however I feel my head is stuck in the sandpile.
    Christ!! Which way do you see as out?

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