Trump’s War on VT Continues as US Warned by Russia Over N. Korea

Editor’s note:  VeteransToday volunteers fought off the US Army’s Cyber Intelligence Command at Fort Huachuca again today, the 13th straight day of attacks.  We were warned on April 5 that Trump had ordered the VT shutdown which has included everything from DNS to Stuxnet.  
This is your taxpayer dollars at work, which all began when we exposed his Syrian gas attack fraud.  It seems the biggest threat to America today is the failure to publish fake news.  Now that Trump has gone both “neo-liberal” and “neo-conservative” both, last man standing, as is so often the case, is VT.  Signed: Lonely but Doing Well
… from Russia Today, Moscow
Mike Pence’s statement on the US running out of “strategic patience” towards Pyongyang does not contribute to resolving the crisis, Sergey Lavrov said, voicing hopes there will be no repeat of the US strike on Syria in North Korea.

“I hope that there won’t be any unilateral actions like we recently saw in Syria and that the US will follow the policies Trump repeatedly declared during his election campaign,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, regarding the statement made by US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday during his visit to South Korea.

The world has witnessed the “strength and resolve of [President Trump] in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan,” according to Pence, who threatened North Korea “not to test” this resolve or “or the strength of the armed forces of the United States.”

The Russian foreign minister warned not to take any military actions and stressed that the “risky nuclear and missile endeavors of Pyongyang” violating UNSC resolutions could not be used as an excuse for violating international law and the UN Charter “in the same fashion” as in Syria.

The period of US policy before the current escalation could be hardly described as an “era of strategic patience,” Lavrov added.

“I cannot call the Obama administration’s period an ‘era of strategic patience,’ as the US has been quite harshly limiting North Korea’s capabilities to develop economy sectors related to nuclear or energy areas,” Lavrov said, referring to past US initiatives, many of them backed by the UN Security Council.

Harsh statements do not contribute to peace and stability in the region, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said, while commenting on South Korean President Hwang Kyo-ahn’s promise to “implement intensive punitive measures” on Pyongyang in case of any “provocations.”

“Our position is well known and consistent. We call on all sides to avoid any actions which might be perceived as a provocation. And we stand for the continuation of coordinated international efforts in existing formats to resolve the North Korean problem,” Peskov said.

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Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are reaching boiling point again, after Pyongyang conducted a missile test amid joint US-South Korea drills in March. On April 10, the USS Carl Vinson was part of a strike group that reportedly headed to the peninsula as a show of force and to demonstrate readiness for “various scenarios.”

North Korea has urged the US to stop its “military hysteria” and “come to its senses” – or face a merciless response if “provocations continue.” On Saturday, Pyongyang allegedly conducted yet another missile test, although it was reportedly unsuccessful.



  1. FIRST AMENDMENT under ATTACK in Communist IOWA. You Tube: IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE, and IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE 2. SCOTT CO. Courthouse / Fraudhouse, May 17 for PTC then 18th for “Motion” “Hearings”….These “Frauds” under color of law violate our Constitution, ignore Stare Decisis, deprive Citizens of rights, Deny US due process of law, and DEFRAUD Citizens and Tax payers of Honest Gov’t Services, with the complete complicity of ALL oversight authorities…- Dr. Ken Tennant,

  2. Time to finish up this old business with North Korea. Mike Pence’s father was a Korean War vet and so was my father. WTF did Lavrov mean by the UNSC resolutions? Has Russia successfully stopped North Korea from developing nukes? How does Putin explain his gains from North Korean slave labor? Trump just signed a health care bill for veterans which now offers a choice for private sector care.

  3. I’m just a silly nobody from Down Under who happens to be able to read and think and, sometimes, write a little. A series of USA Administrations have raised spurious premises for invading countries all over the Planet and toppling over 50 other governments since 1945. The rhetoric gets ramped up further each time to sway the American People, who are a little jaded from the Body Bags and all.

    The rest of the World looks on aghast and with incredulity, coupled with a groundswell of increasing resentment from even the Mass of People who somehow know that there is something not quite right, wrong even.

  4. rbth dot com (Russia beyond the headlines) is another all right source on news from Russia, very informative and focused. RT is mainstream with little or none counter-intelligence stuff and you can find a lot of informative and opinionated stuff, the op-edge section is always lucid and self critical.

  5. Greetings HH… I think pointing the missile at the West coast and claiming a misfire is a very Chinese face saving piece of advice to NK. Despite the saber rattling, they pointed the rifle and pulled the trigger to show they are not afraid, and the rifle misfired to keep things from escalating.

    • Good thinking Khalid, now if only Beijing would match US nuclear umbrella over Japan and ROK and offer it to NK.

      Equally important, Lavrov’s statement shows Moscow has not understood that Trump since 8 weeks back is no longer running Pentagon but have given them ‘full authorization’.

      = War need not be declared for Pentagram to conduct (acts or full) war without presidential authorization.

  6. Time our governments heeded Einstein’s words of wisdom, and started collecting sticks and stones to fight WWIV with.

  7. Another failed test for North Korea; what they really could use now is a nice shallow earthquake that they can attribute to a successful underground nuclear test, Always useful on a limited budget.

  8. “The Russian foreign minister warned not to take any military actions and stressed that the “risky nuclear and missile endeavors of Pyongyang” violating UNSC resolutions…”

    The question that no one is asking: What gives the UNSC the right to pass resolutions about the military policies of a sovereign country?

    Another question that no one is asking: Why doesn’t the USG go saber-rattling when Israel blithely ignores UNSC resolutions?

  9. Strong support for VT. Seems like US is completely losin the game, they are the most exposed aggressor in the world, the only position they have carefully been avoiding for a century.

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