To save America, purge the Neocons and warmongers from the White House



…by Jonas E. Alexis and Gilbert Doctorow


Gilbert Doctorow graduated from Harvard University (magna cum laude) in 1967 and has a Ph.D. in history (with honors) from Columbia University in 1975. After completing his studies, Doctorow pursued a business career focused on the USSR and Eastern Europe. For 25 years he worked for US and European multinationals in marketing and general management with regional responsibility.

From 1998-2002, Doctorow served as the Chairman of the Russian Booker Literary Prize in Moscow. He is a co-founder and European Coordinator of the American Committee for East West Accord Ltd. based in Brussels. He is the author of the new book Does Russia Have a Future?

Jonas E. Alexis: Trump has been desperately trying to justify perpetual wars in the Middle East, and so far he hasn’t come up with a rational defense as to why he is continuing to bludgeon American men and women to death in the Middle East. The only solution he has fleshed out so far is this: “Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!”[1]

We have no choice, Mr. Trump? Is that what you told your voters last year? Did you tell them that you were going to strike Syria? Did you tell them that you were going to strike Afghanistan? Did you tell them that you were going to provoke North Korea? Do you really think that your voters would have signed their names on the dotted lines if you told them that you were going to be Israel’s next whore?

Obviously Trump has viewed his supporters as losers, jackasses, and idiots who were too dumb to realize that Trump was slowly leading them into the Neocons’ diabolical hands. The Neocons get their orders essentially from the Israeli regime, which has think tanks and magazines virtually all over America, including the American Enterprise Institute, Commentary, Weekly Standard, National Review, etc.[2]

Trump is losing moral, political, and intellectual grounds among intellectuals and analysts, and one of them is none other than Gilbert Doctorow.

You have recently argued that Donald Trump has progressively become “an integral part” of the New World Order ideology. “And with his bigger than life ego, petulance and stubbornness, Commander-in-Chief Trump is potentially a greater threat to world peace than the weak-willed Barack Obama whom he replaced. Trump has ignored Russian calls for an investigation into the alleged chemical gas attack in Idlib province before issuing conclusions on culpability, as happened within hours of the event.” Expand on that for us here.

Trump as part of the problem

Gilbert Doctorow: Very often consistency of thinking is regarded as a positive value. However, in my view, following the facts is a greater virtue.  When the facts before me change, yes, I change my political stand, without any sense of embarrassment.

The record is clear: I was a supporter of Donald Trump from early in the primaries, straight through the election, although, at one point or another, I was taken aback by some of his policy statements on domestic issues and by some of his appointments to his entourage.

But I kept my eye on the one ball that counted for me: Trump’s insistence that the United States must stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, must desist from regime change and must seek good relations with all countries, whenever possible so as to concentrate on rebuilding its infrastructure at home. That was as close a definition of détente as I needed to vote with my feet and with my pen.

I publicly defended Trump’s integrity and moral compass based on what I had heard about him for two decades from a former business partner and close friend who became his Public Relations Manager. By defending Trump, I found myself odd man out among nearly all of my peers, meaning well educated and self-consciously decent people. Whether on the Right or on the Left, they all condemned Trump as crude, psychologically unbalanced, sexist….you name it.

It came as no surprise to me that the Republican Club of my alma mater, Harvard University, disowned Trump, the candidate. This was a first of its kind for these worthy gentlemen.

When Trump, the President from his first days in office came under violent attack from the still Democratic Party and the McCain hardliners of the Republican Party, when he was vilified daily in mainstream media for being an illegitimate president put in office only thanks to Russian hacking and meddling, when he was effectively accused of treason for collusion with the Kremlin against American interests and one or another of his aides was being hounded for having shaken the hands of Russians along the way to the presidency, I stood up for him and praised his identification of neo-McCarthyism in the behavior of his enemies.

I condemned our intelligence agencies, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI for leaking disinformation about Trump and for working hand in glove with the mainstream media to bring down Trump, precisely over the objections of the Deep State to his plans for redirecting American foreign policy away from permanent war and towards global stability.

However, when Donald Trump finally caved in to all this pressure and abandoned his advisors and his policies to curry favor with the Neocons, the Liberal hawks, CNN and MSNBC, when he launched his cruise missile attack on Syria last week, the facts before me changed 180 degrees and I am obliged to do a volte-face, as well.

One of my niche specialties developed over the past year has been both to follow very closely and also to participate in Russian domestic television, in particular their political talk shows. One of the most colorful personalities in that medium is the leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party in the State Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Zhirinovsky was from the summer of 2016 and up to a week ago a very vocal defender of Donald Trump before the Russian elites and general public. But he also follows the facts, and after a brief time-out to reformulate his position, he appeared on Russian state television a few days ago announcing that he stands ready to drink a flute of champagne and celebrate the coming impeachment of Trump. I share the sentiment.

Destroyers of nations.

 Jonas E. Alexis: In your recent book Does Russia Have a Future?, you’ve stated that “America’s conduct of foreign relations remain enthralled to Neocon ideology. Only when this false religion is dispatched can the U.S. begin to address lost opportunities with Russia…and with many other powers as well.” How should the Neocons be dispatched?

Gilbert Doctorow: Dispatching the Neocons, and not only Republican Neocons but also the Democratic Party Liberal Interventionists who share virtually all the same policies, means a lot more than the removal of Victoria Nuland and several dozen like-minded Cold Warriors at the State Department and the Pentagon, as happened in the days following Trump’s inauguration.

That was a good start, but it did not strike at where the Deep State is at its most threatening to political control of policy by our elected officials, namely the intelligence agencies, which have been politicized to an unacceptable degree going back to purges conducted by then Vice President Dick Cheney after 9/11 and in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

The arrogance and irresponsibility of these agencies follows directly from their abuse of electronic surveillance and ability to blackmail everyone in the country, right up to the President of the United States. They need and deserve a massive cut in staff before they can be rebuilt from scratch in a professional manner.

Then there are the many regime change, i.e. certifiably Neocon programs which are U.S. government financed under the guise of being NGOs. Here we have Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy and similar outfits which must be closed down without any further ado because their stock in trade is precisely what Donald Trump promised to end: meddling abroad. Indeed, their work is worse than that: they have been receiving taxpayer money to influence the U.S. public in ways that have undermined all initiatives at diplomacy and constructive engagement with Russia, with China. For more than a decade they have released to our servile press cooked-up, fraudulent documents nominally signed by respective freedom fighters and intended to promote conflict. In my book Does Russia Have a Future? I detail extensively several such cases.

However, let us go back to Psychology 101: a cat behaves like a cat because it has a cat’s body.  The United States behaves as the world gendarme and acts out Neocon dreams because it has military bases in more than 70 countries around the world that draw us into all local or regional disputes and allow our military to claim that we have strategic interests since our bases and personnel may be under threat by one or another faction in these local disputes.

This needless and extremely expensive presence all across the globe must be cut back radically if we are to free ourselves from the Neocon and Liberal Interventionist mafia that controls our government in Washington. The side benefit will be to free up a large part of our present $600 billion military budget for reallocation to home needs.

[1] “‘We have no choice’: Trump justifies US strikes, military buildup & posturing,” Russia Today, April 17, 2017.

[2] For a recent article on how the Neocons are still asking for a surgical strike in Syria and other places, see Michel Paradis, “Bombing for Show,” Commentary, April 17, 2017; “‘Demonic destiny’: Long history of US threats to N. Korea,” Russia Today, April 17, 2017.

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Jonas E. Alexis

Jonas E. Alexis graduated from Avon Park High School, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has a master's degree in education from Grand Canyon University.

Some of his main interests include the history of Christianity, U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book ,Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism: A History of Conflict Between Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism from the first Century to the Twenty-first Century.

He is currently teaching mathematics in South Korea. He plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. He is also a cyclist. He is currently writing a book tentatively titled Zionism and the West.

Alexis welcomes comments, letters, and queries in order to advance, explain, and expound rational and logical discussion on issues such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, the history of Christianity, and the history of ideas.

In the interest of maintaining a civil forum, Alexis asks that all queries be appropriately respectful and maintain a level of civility. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron,” and the best way to sharpen one’s mind is through constructive criticism, good and bad.

However, Alexis has no patience with name-calling and ad hominem attack. He has deliberately ignored many queries and irrational individuals in the past for this specific reason—and he will continue to abide by this policy.

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  1. Many writers comment about our “national interests”, but
    I have never read what these “national interests” are?????
    Perhaps one day an enlightened writer will inform the
    ignorant pub;ic what “national interest” is ???

    • My somewhat cynical answer would be: “National Interests” are anything the self professed “elite” or members of the MISCC (Military, Industrial, Security, Congressional Complex) say are “National interests.” I could give you many examples, but I’m not sure they would help to make the concept any clearer.

      Wikipedia gives this definition: “a country’s goals and ambitions whether economic, military, or cultural.” Hmmm, sounds like a sugar coated version of my definition.

      A search yields lots of results, but I doubt you’ll find more succinct or useful definitions.

  2. I don’t see how Trump who is not well educated in world affairs apparently and feels insecure is my read… can get out of the mouse trap unless…

    OK this is still hoping because around him have been placed CFR and Zionists often the same thing and Goldman Sachs bankers… now to “Reform” “our” tax sys. … .

    That said, if… North Korea is defanged without war and China “helps” that is, gives the order in effect… and China moderates its import export regime favorable to a long term more stable relationship with the USA and
    if then Russia is basically allowed to exists… and NATO pulled back from its boarders for say… investment opportunities in Russia… and this would assume that Syria is then solved and… by the way then, there is Zero reason to keep “Migrants” in Europe, send them back, then the world looks different.

    • Problem is the rot started for this phase with the OK City to 911, 7/7, Bali et al. bombings that any idiot knows by now were false flags, this we got the machine gunning of French, trucks that just happen to be videoed running down people in mass and the Belgium airport bombing all… I suspect were the same entity.

      SO, 911 is still the key… open accusations that 911 was the Neocons… that is Israeli/NWO elitists but ramped up again… is the only avenue.

      Zion was able to point the Libertarian think tank demos at “Jobs” and “low taxes,” disposing of its neo-revolutionary demands that high treason must extract, especially treason involving now 100s of thousands killed for the Zionist/NWO vision of a world state.

      If one steps back and sees that all Liberty based large think tanks are “neocon” run and that Liberty without any moral center in the past provided by, Christianity before it was fractured… is too often adolescent license and obviously an escape value for angry individuals who are often isolated and for academics sickened by the hourly lie for the Imperium that they must front for but who don’t have the courage yet to say the complete and total truth because… truth is punished.

      After 911 we got a brief period of FED insanity it seemed but if the FED is read as the face of the City of London and a Talmudic in its endgame, this all becomes clear… the 2008 crash was planned to fracture all of the Lower Middle Classes in the USA.

    • HIGHLY unlikely… the man is surrounded.
      The Enemy is the Banking Entity and its Security State.

      The Tea Party was a planned venting of anger.
      So… comes TRUMP!
      And he says, perhaps sincerely what is obvious, immigration is about the final fracture of the American Revolution for all time and is a genetic attack on all of the West, but of course the principle of illegal immigrations as newly tagged “migrants” excepts “Jews,” from what is called for everyone else, multicultural love of humanity… the Talmudic laws endless on suppressing assimilation are never even whispered about is the point… so that the “Jewish” mass converted Khazars from DA DA! regions around the Crimea/Ukraine and north of Turkey… gee that rings a bell… who have nearly Zero relationship genetically with the ancient Hebrews, that is those that actually even existed.

      Sand’s book, “The Invention of the Jewish People” is wonderful and he has now come out “resigning” from the Jewish and Talmudic project.

      Jonas getting Sand in an long interview would be a great coup for you.

  3. I think that Trump ran into a brick wall of opposition from the establishment once he got in office. And that he was given ultimatums that his closet skeletons would be used against him if he didn’t cooperate with their fascist agenda. Which he didn’t want to do, but the choice was either be removed from office or throw the fascists a bone. So he threw them a bone to buy time and to try to strengthen his position to move ahead with the platform that he won the primaries with landslides and the election with.

    He has support from the electorate that form his base, which isn’t a lot of use now that he’s in office. And support from domestic elements in the body politic opposed to the endless war, etc.. And support from foreign elements in control of non NATO, Israel and GCC governments that are countering the war mongers.

    So I think that he’s trying to get leverage on those that have leverage on him to neutralize the constraints that he’s currently dealing with.

  4. The Great Seal of the United States of America . . . shows us what?
    An eagle holding in it’s left talon . . . arrows. Weapons of war.
    In it’s right talon . . . an olive branch. Diplomacy.
    The eagle’s head is turned to the right . . . for a reason.
    But, my country the republic for which I stand, one nation, under God . . . has been infiltrated. The eagle no longer seeks diplomacy . . . only war.
    What? It doesn’t?!?
    The death culture, the fear, the war-mongering, the bitch-slap of Sept. 11, 2001, the deception . . . evil . . . has metastasized. We allowed it. We allowed it by gobbling up all the pablum that they feed us. GMO’s aren’t just found in our Fruit Loops. Silly rabbit . . . TRICKS are for kids.
    I’m not impressed with Harvard. They remind me on the BBC — talking out of both sides.
    Yale with its 322 bullshit, and Harvard with the “intelligent” blah, blah.
    A cat does NOT behave like a cat because it has a cat “body.” OMIGOSH . . . To quote: “However, let us go back to Psychology 101: a cat behaves like a cat because it has a cat’s body. ”

    First, a body would be Anatomy 101 . . . and this has nothing to do with behaviors.
    A cat is a cat because of Neurology 101. The BRAIN — the organ of that system — controls the cat.

    We have let Israhell, Zionists do is enter our collective, conscious BRAIN, and metastasize.

  5. Trump’s missile attack on Syria generated a mostly negative reaction at Breitbart where, as noted by Anne Coulter in a piece voicing her opposition, the comments and likes ran about 90% against the attack. It seems fairly clear that many Trump voters expected / hoped Trump would “drain the swamp” of neocon / neolib warmongers. As usual, those who believed the campaign promises proved to be somewhat naive.

    In a previous comment, I mentioned reviewing the records of Congressional hearings on the PATCO strike and its aftermath. Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan made various promises to PATCO’s leaders in a letter / memo signed (or robo-signed) by Reagan. The memo was posted at every (pro-union) FAA facility, and many PATCO members did vote for Reagan based on his “promises”. The memo and its promises were brought up at the Congressional hearings by union leader Robert Poli, and in response one of the Congress-critters (I don’t recall who) made it very clear that anyone who believed a politician’s campaign promises was “naive at best” and “probably not too bright”. The rest of his comment was considerably less flattering, and the memo was never mentioned again.

    Heck, yes, the warmongers need to be cleared from Washington, and anywhere else they are found, but with many of those who swore to protect our country and Constitution doing a better job of shielding the guilty, just how does that get done? That’s a rhetorical question, for reasons that should be obvious.

  6. The cult of Ivy has no interest in preventing bloodshed, in fact the opposite is self evident. Their PHD’s mean less and less, due to the “brand and type” of education that is administered like a vaccination against wisdom. Get rid of the CIA, and reduce the military budget by 80% and make “All” monies accountable. No more “secret” funds. That is the sweat of our labor, and there should be no secrets.
    The US is only 350 million people and should size it’s military accordingly. The FBI should be the only federal police force and it should be rebuilt from the bottom up by citizen boards of trustees, not politicians. The input of a PHD at this point is null and void due to consistently complicit actions within their “esteemed” ranks. They hold no esteem for me, only complicity.

  7. He didn’t mention AIPAC and the numerous zionist/Mossad operatives skulking about but I’m sure that’s what he meant. A purge is definitely needed but how is this to be achieved? How are we to go about this monumental task? Can we count on the U.S. military? Can we count on the police departments? I think not! Both are nothing more than enforcers for the deep state.
    That leaves it up to us. There are millions of well armed Americans who are just as sick of the situation we are in as you Jonas and Dr. Doctorow. The powers that be will not give up easily. There will be blood shed. There will be destruction.
    If America is to survive in any form, those who have created the most harm must be eliminated, exterminated, whatever the word for it is, at any rate this is imperative.
    ” Of all enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes…..known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few….No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” James Madison.

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