Bill Gates warns terrorists could weaponize smallpox


… from  Russia Today, Moscow

DNA test sequence for research and science

[ Editor’s Note:  This is an interesting story in that with no specific threat Gates is taking the stage to get this warning out. But there is a major boomerang possibility in doing so. First, extremists who had not given this much serious consideration due to its uncontrollably in terms of victim selection, might get this on their “to do” list because Gates has publicized that it is doable.

And second, the first place the jihadis would go to for assistance is to some of their more radical state sponsors. This “support connection” is already in progress with the arms that state sponsors have been flowing into the Syrian war to keep it going. And they have been using gas from the two facilities under opposition control when Assad turned his ten facilities over in 2013.

And then there is psyop-false flag industry, and I use that term not to exaggerate because it is that big, that will now have Bill Gates prediction to set up a variety of major Intel orgs, or Deep State rouge operatives who have long felt that the world could use a good one billion “cleansing”, to realize they could get two bangs for the buck by setting up some patsy group to take the fall for such an attack.

The bogus Syrian gas attack is the latest example of how easily something was blamed on Assad with literally no proof put on the table, yet a major missile attacked was launched.

So this worries me a great deal. We here at VT  are highly sensitized to anything that looks like preparing people for a future event to acclimatize them to the thought of it happening. We have seen it done over and over.

Color me suspicious, but I do agree with Gates that the world in general has to be pro-active for such events. What I disagree with completely is no mention of that preparation including spilling the history of these diseases already having been prepared to use by state actors, with nary a word of condemnation, even from someone as insulated as Gates Jim W.  Dean ]

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–  First published  …  April 20,  2017  

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has raised the alarm over a growing threat from bioterrorism, warning that that it could cause tens of millions of deaths. Speaking at a security conference in Munich, the richest man in the world warned that the impact of deadly viruses such as smallpox, should they spread, could be worse than that of a nuclear attack.

Gates, who delivered his chilling warning ahead of a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London (RUSI), said the world should not underestimate the potential threat of lethal respiratory viruses, as they are becoming easier to re-create and spread.

“We ignore the link between health security and international security at our peril,” he said. “The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus… or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu,” he added. 

Gates, a philanthropist who has spent the last 20 years funding a global health campaign, said that epidemiologists claim there is a “reasonable probability” of an epidemic outbreak occurring in the next 10 to 15 years.

Security specialists have raised concerns over the growing possibility of bioterrorist attacks, as advances in molecular biology have made biological weapons more accessible, particularly in the past five years.

Although British and US intelligence services have warned that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has been trying to make biological weapons in its strongholds in Syria and Iraq, they have downplayed the threat, as they don’t think the terrorist group has people with the skills necessary to create them and doubt such arms could be produced in a war-zone.

Nonetheless, Gates said the threat of a pandemic must be taken seriously.

“It’s hard to get your mind around a catastrophe of that scale, but it happened not that long ago. “In 1918, a particularly virulent and deadly strain of flu killed between 50 million and 100 million people. “You might be wondering how real these doomsday scenarios really are.

“The fact that a deadly global pandemic has not occurred in recent history shouldn’t be mistaken for evidence that a deadly pandemic will not occur in the future.

“And even if the next pandemic isn’t on the scale of the 1918 flu, we would be wise to consider the social and economic turmoil that might ensue if something like ebola made its way into urban centers,” he said.

Gates then recommended that the world put as much effort into preparing for an outbreak of viruses as it does into preventing nuclear attacks or climate change.

“Getting ready for a global pandemic is every bit as important as nuclear deterrence and avoiding a climate catastrophe. “Innovation, cooperation and careful planning can dramatically mitigate the risks presented by each of these threats,” he said.

Gates then outlined possible preparations that governments could make.

“This includes germ games and other preparedness exercises, so we can better understand how diseases will spread, how people will respond in a panic, and how to deal with things like overloaded highways and communications systems,” he said.

His warning follows the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s release of an Ipsos Mori poll that shows 71 percent of Britons aged 16 to 75 are less concerned about war than the spread of deadly diseases.


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  1. A prosecutor would categorize Bill Gates’ statement as “confirmed intent”, and only in that sense can Gates’ lack of moral (emotive) input to follow up his fact statement be understood.

    Bill Gates is a Kabbalist and what ever they know they must tell; for the existential reason of information is to inform and hence someone who wants to be/is spiritually true to the Cosmic Reason/Universal Truth must practice his knowledge.

    The Illuminati will try to smallpox the ME so to fulfill prophecy, that they wrote in the Book of Revelation.

  2. You all should look into (and write about) the new bio-weapons labs being built in Kazakhstan and Georgia et al. funded by US money. No doubt this is what Gates is referring to.

    “Russia Questions Peaceful Nature of US Biological Research”

    With Turkey controlling the Euphrates, an outbreak of cholera (smallpox, bubonic plague, etc.) in the ME would not be a surprise to anyone. Just blame Assad.

  3. If you debug the first versions of DOS you will see the word ‘MABUHAI’ embedded in the program. The initial programmers were Philipinos.

  4. Gates just outed himself as a terrorist. He has been behind vaccines that have killed or permanently damaged tens of thousands in Africa and Asia.

  5. @johnZ “Rights?” When ‘rights’ are trampled upon at will, there effectively is no rights. The only guarantor of rights are the people and we know where they are when it’s time invoke that guarantee: sitting on their comfortable behinds doing nothing. That – more than anything else – is how we will be done in.

  6. Does Bill Gates not contribute to producing poison “vaccines”?
    There is a commercial on TV that mentions how he is sponsoring a project involving the sequencing of mosquito DNA. They claim their goal is to fight disease. But I have a feeling it’s more about weaponizing mosquitos, so they can be used to transmit deadly viruses and diseases. Then, they can also turn around and make a fortune selling more poison “vaccines” to combat the health issues that they themselves created.

    There are many who suggest that Warren Buffet is similar to JP Morgan, in that he only owns between 10-20% of his tremendous fortune. Also, like JP Morgan, there are suspicions that Buffet has close connections with the Rothschild’s. The reason I bring this up, is because Buffet has vowed to donate most of his vast fortune to “charity”. The “charity” he named was the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation…

    • Good point especially considering that Mr Science debunked the possibility of mosquitoes transmitting AIDS but a drug addict’s syringe 💉 does. I don’t see the difference after all a mosquito IS a living syringe.

  7. This man points with one finger at supposed terrorist while 3 fingers point to the real bio-terrorist himself. We all know who this thug is, a killer.

  8. It is intelligent policy to have alternative ways of dealing with viral diseases beyond vaccinations. The late Fred Klenner, M.D. was a top biology student from Pennsylvania who earned an MD degree from Duke University. He became fascinated with the promise of Vitamin C injected intravenously in order to obtain a large enough concentration in the blood; taken by mouth it leaves the body in about two hours. He cured all childhood viral diseases up to and including polio before 1949. There is no reason others can be cured also simply, safely and inexpensively as well. The corrupt criminal FDA has totally stonewalled his great efforts. Here is link to an article:
    This was in 1991. Today the criminal stonewall is 68 years and counting. He also documented many other safe, simple and cheap uses of high dose Vitamin C of the order of grams to tens of grams per day. All the FDA approves is a trivial 60 milligrams to prevent scurvy.


      Quote from above article:

      “Case History: Snake bite Child of 4 years was struck on the lower leg by a large highland moccasin at 7:00 P.M., while at play in the yard of her country home. Seen in the emergency room of the local hospital at 7:30 P.M., the child was vomiting, was crying because of severe pain in her leg, which she held with both hands above the “fang marks”. Fever was 99.0°F. Four grams of ascorbate was given intravenously at 7:35 P.M. with a 20 c.c. syringe. The following 25 minutes were taken to follow a skin test on anti-venom. At this time and before the anti-venom was administered the child had stopped vomiting, she had stopped crying and was sitting on the emergency room table, laughing and drinking a glass of orange juice. She commented: “Come on, Daddy, I’m all right now, let’s go home.” She was allowed to return home with the understanding that her father would give me a report, by phone, each hour during the night. This he did. His report, each time, was that the child was sleeping as usual and that except for moderate swelling to the “calf of the leg”, appeared normal. Seen in the office at 10:00 A.M. the following morning she still demonstrated the small amount of swelling of her leg and had 1/2 degree fever. She was given a second dose of 4 grams of ascorbate intravenously. Seen at 5 P.M. she had no fever but the swelling remained constant. Con’t.

    • Con’t.: Seen at 5 P.M. she had no fever but the swelling remained constant. There was no pain. The following day, 38 hours after being bitten, she was completely normal. Since this was our first case of snake bite treated with vitamin C, we elected to give an additional 4 grams of ascorbate on this visit. No other antibiotics were given and none was required. Since she had had a booster injection of tetanus toxoid in recent months, none was given at this time. Compare this to an earlier case of snake bite in a 16 year old girl, struck by a moccasin of about the same size, as gauged from the fang marks, on the hand while pulling tobacco plants, and who was hospitalized for three weeks. She was given 3 doses of anti-venom. The arm was compressed continuously with magnesium sulfate solution. Swelling was four times that of the opposite arm and striae developed over the entire surface. This patient received no vitamin C other than that found in a regular hospital diet. Morphine was required to control pain. (We no longer use anti-venom.)”

  9. The Bibical Menaces

    composed in earlier time to destroy the Egyptians by the virtual ancestors of Bibi and executed now by the Jihadis which are of course not Moslems but Bibis Jihadis.

    There is no doubt… not one Israelite ever existed …the menaces mentioned in the Exodus are only a literary hypothetical revenge to demonstrate the power of this newly created fake god. There is not one fiber of evidence found ever in the historical record of the Egyptians about this events.

    To a certain degree even Islam and Christianity picked up this most dangerous racist ideology…..unleashing incredible misery to all other tribes and nations.

    Biologic and chemical weapon industry are totally in the hand of this dangerous tribe and the acts of self-fulfilling prophesies will continue until the pants of this cabal are totally down.

  10. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention Jim Dean!

    and f course, the brilliant commenters know what’s up….. and I agree
    with you all!

    Bill Gates (Mr. vaccinations) himself who is the number one proponent
    of population control, will probably be the one who ends up funding the
    “project” with his billions that he has to play with. It will germinate
    somewhere in a lab like the new Plum
    Island which is now the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF)
    in Manhattan, Kansas right in the middle of the U.S. and known to many
    to be an “accident waiting to happen”!
    It’is a perfect launching location for the next deadly batch of disease
    to “slip out” via ticks or some other insect, which will then infect cattle, deer or
    rodents, (whatever they decide), then make its way to humans.

    The NBAF is all about spread of disease from animals to humans. They
    would love to decimate the main food source which is concentrated in the Midwest
    and then infect humans.

    They have to tell us what they are planning! If it’s not smallpox it will be something
    else that spreads easily.

    Thanks for the heads up Bill Gates!

  11. Gates, his Daddy was a eugenicist, he goes around the world with his vaccines. Paralysis endemic in India thanks to him and the renual of DDt. What a total sh-t. Really a total sh-t.

  12. Hasn’t the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation been accused of steralization programs, by some in Africa, via vaccinations? If true his Smallpox prediction thing would fit in nicely, and leave him in the clear. Just saying. He’s a chip off old David R’s block.

  13. Especially it is dangerous for certain very populated countries to be found in Kissinger’s scrapbooks under “- strategic” notes. This is Puritanism revisited, coast to coast.

  14. This seem to me more of an oblique threat than simply raising an alarm.
    Forget ebola, bird-flu or any of the novo esoteric maladies most of which do not even have traditional names, smallpox is the grand daddy of them all.
    This nightmare of a disease has been eradicated sine the late 70’s but that is no reason enough to have discontinued the mandatory inoculation against it.
    Not only that but the serum is no longer produced despite being so cheap and easily manufactured.
    God forbid but were this bane ever to surface again it could decimate the entire world population in matters of weeks, save for those working and living with cattle.
    The last known vials with live specimen if the ‘variola’ virus are under constant guard in the US and Russia. The US refused to destroy this virus on the limp reason that we do not have the ethical right to destroy an entire specie of life. But this virus is a non living thing and deadly at that !

    • The last remnant of this ‘variola’ virus should have been destroyed but for the supreme hypocrisy of the US vetoing this decision on the grounds that we mere humans posses no ethical rights to destroy a life form, however deadly.
      It doesn’t actually matter because there were many deranged governments and parastatal organization that were producing the virus in more quantities than they were producing yeast for their bread making. And we all know all governments cheat all the time as a matter of course.

    • So everyone knew from the start that there would be such rogue governments that may hide some batches of the virus for a rainy day, ample reason not to have discontinued the inoculation projects but also the fact that live virus were often kept in freezers in labs and hospitals all over the world. And scabs with live virus. They keep popping up in the news all the ti.e if you had been paying attention.

    • I pray that my path doesn’t cross with whoever ordered Inoculation be stopped or whoever ordered the production of the serum be stopped.
      So in this instance Bill is mocking the entire world and instead of stressing on the real need of restocking this cheap serum he speaks if conducting games such as those played on computer consoles.
      I had commented about smallpox in these VT pages before and I have also referred to the non-fiction horror book called ‘Demon in the Freezer’. Every grown up should read this book.
      As if the natural aspect of this awful disease were bad news enough our demented scientist managed to make it jump across species as well right shortly before it were eradicated.
      Imagine what these crazed men of science could have achieved since the 70’s had they been tampering with this virus.

    • could have achieved in terms if degrees of terror had they been playing with the virus supposedly eradicated in their infernal labs.
      I guess this referral to smallpox should ring alarm bells and we should all start asking what will we do were smallpox to resurface given the antidote is no longer available.

  15. we are being assaulted by air and land with bio warfare already
    what gates means is that in the coming flu shots that will be administered at cvs,your doctors office etc.. free flu shots also in this vaccine will be some of the deadliest microbes you can imagine
    when these folks get this flu shot (they will be breathing out of their mouths and mucuous membranes, sneezing etc,the breathing and saliva will be worse) on the general population some deadly germs. and no one will be able to pin point the origin.they will just say everyone is getting thew flu again.BUT HOW? …its being passed around with their vector vaccines.

  16. Since WWIII cannot be started due to neutralized war weapons (Magravs-Khibiny) the another tack is bio terrorism where Gates is the perfect man for this despicable agenda. His vaccinations (India) was/is not expeditious in killing people fast enough so a new tactic of demonetization is the vogue causing untold suffering. Gates like other insane Satanists must be stopped. Where is our positive military?

  17. The Munich Security Conference this year was Feb 17-19. RT was a bit slow reporting on this, to put it mildly. The conference featured losers like Sen. John McCain (current chair of US Senate’s Armed Services committee) introducing a panel.

  18. In a perfect world, Gates’ preparedness advice to governments would be good. From above: “This includes germ games and other preparedness exercises, so we can better understand how diseases will spread, how people will respond in a panic, and how to deal with things like overloaded highways and communications systems,”… The problem is that we have seen, time and again, that drills go live, or they are taped for later use in a false flag. I was slow to catch on but, since 2008, I no longer take part in emergency drills with government.

  19. This is rich! Our government wants us to believe that we’re up against a bunch of Arab hayseeds who have no sophistication and yet, we learned this week that they have college educated chemists and trained technicians that can fabricate complicated chemical weapons–the Jihadi’s weapon of choice it would seem. Now, we’re being told by ole’ Bill that they have college educated biologists with access to western technology used in “weaponizing” things. My, my, my! Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive! You know, Jim, Gordie, this shit is going to come back and bite them in the ass. You know it will; it always does. It’s become tiresome and the common folk are getting ready to punch someone’s lights out.

  20. He is selling his vaccination death by the way of fearmongering while giving by his vaccination the deadly disease. Comedy at its best.

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