“Send Trump To School,” as Moron Flubs Korea-China History


Social media has been buzzing since Donald Trump said Korea “used to be a part of China” after a visit with China’s leader. The twitterati have offered to help the US president with his world history, while South Korea wants to know who said what to whom.

Trump made the controversial remark in an interview with the Wall Street Journal back on April 12.

However, social media users have only recently begun to pay attention to that particular remark.When the president was describing his much-anticipated meeting with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, which had taken place earlier in April, he noted that the two had “very good chemistry.”


Apparently, at some point, their conversation had touched on the history of China.“He [Xi] then went into the history of China and Korea. Not North Korea, Korea. And you know, you’re talking about thousands of years… and many wars. And Korea actually used to be a part of China. And after listening for 10 minutes, I realized that not – it’s not so easy,” said Trump.

Social media was completely stunned by the comment.


Some couldn’t hold back their emotions and added scores of emojis to their comments.



One person even ironically offered to help Trump to study world history in depth.



Some people wondered on what grounds Trump had made such a statement.



Or if Korea had belonged to China on the day God created Earth?



People speculated on whether there were books on the topic that said Korea had, indeed, been part of China.


Other wondered if Trump could even find Korea on the map.



Sarcasm and irony prompted people on Twitter to invent other fantasy versions of world history.Like one in which, Scotland had always been a part of the UK:


or Iraq a province of Syria.




In the meantime, some did take the remark seriously, saying that they, personally, and America, as a whole, were embarrassed by this new controversial statement coming from the US president.






On Wednesday, the Washington Post published its own historical analysis of China-Korea relations since the first century.

Trump’s remarks didn’t go unnoticed in the South Korean media. On Thursday, the country’s Foreign Ministry said it is checking whether China’s president really did tell Trump that Korea was once a part of China.

“We are working to confirm the reports through diverse diplomatic channels including the United States and China,” South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho June-hyuck said, as cited by Yonhap news agency. “As soon as detailed facts are confirmed, [the government] will make the necessary response,” he said.

On Wednesday, a South Korean Foreign Ministry source said that Trump’s remark was historically untrue.

“Whether that is true or not, Korea hasn’t been a part of China for thousands of years, and it is an historical fact that the international community acknowledges and no one can deny it,” a Foreign Ministry official told Yonhap on the condition of anonymity.

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  1. Once again the buffoon in the Whore House embarrasses America. Does this prove that his IQ is actually lower than the people who voted for him? Is Trump the final end product of an education system in America that has degraded into a laughing stock around the world? It appears to be so. George W. Bush, considered a psycopath, pathological liar and alcoholism was bad enough. Obama, whose administration was one disaster after another at least had some intellectual prowess.
    The Trump administration is made up of ignorant backwoods hillibillies, zionist creeps and Dr. Strangeglove generals promising more war and worse. An Atty.General who makes Mussolini look like a bleeding heart liberal.
    This is what you voted for. This is what you got.Now you’re going to have to live with it.
    Will any of you learn from this?

    • ‘Will any of you learn from this?”

      Every four years, the US electorate, channeling Charlie Brown, cons itself yet again into believing that Lucy Van Pelt won’t pull the football away yet again.

      Rhetorical question answered, JohnZ.

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