The Debate – Syrian president has no motive to use chemical weapons


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran 

Dear Readers, This Debate show interview was a casualty of the website hacking and did not get up earlier… JD

Assad has not survived by being stupid. Why should he start now?

[ Editor’s Note: It was good fortune to catch a guest slot on such an important news story like this. And, as fate would have it, the other guest’s studio had technical difficulties, so I ended up with the whole show, a first; and it was wonderful to have that much time to dig into another US situation, where goosed Intel was used to justify a quick strike.

Some testy phone calls were had between VT and some long time old friends, who are now ranking brass in the Pentagon. They claimed we were just wrong, that they have solid proof that Assad did it; and we claimed that their proof was a bad joke, that once again they were just going along because it was a top-down decision, and they did not want to get in front of that steamroller.

There is no greater treason for a President and his Military and Intel command than to take the country to war on fake intelligence. The US has a long record of doing that, long proven, so that is carved in stone. But the Command thinks that it should have no effect on their credibility, in this situation.

When we got into the question of what would Assad’s motive be to do something like this at this point in the war, when he is winning, they had no answer. Not even the US media and Congress have asked this reasonable question – a dead giveaway that they want to keep that off the discussion list. Those involved in this who have taken the oath, have broken it, following those who have done it before them, as no one paid a price for it. It is a sad day for AmericaJD ]

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– First published and aired …  April 14, 2017

This is the claimed scene of the gas bomb strike, but the damage is clearly not from an aerial-dropped munition

The United States has recently launched a cruise missile attack against a Syrian army base in Homs Province in response to an alleged gas attack that killed over 80 people in the town of Khan Shaykhun, Homs Province. Washington has pointed the finger of blame at the Damascus government for the Idlib tragedy, without proving any proof to support its claims.

Syria has denied any role in the purported chemical attack, with President Bashar al-Assad calling for an impartial investigation into the deaths in Khan Shaykhun. To discuss the issue, Press TV has interviewed Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta.

Dean rejected Western and militant claims that Damascus had been behind the purported gas attack, saying there is no need for Syria to place itself under international scrutiny at a time its armed forces hold the upper hand on the battlefield against foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists.

“There’s absolutely no feasible motive why [President] Assad would use weapons like this at this time when he’s got conventional weapons” and the Russians are providing “strategic” and “accurate” air cover to Syrian army operations, said the analyst, stressing, “It would be the worst possible thing for him to do.”

Dean further said “this whole thing (the Idlib attack) was really concocted to try to stop the momentum of the current counterattack in Hama,” adding that Syrians are winning the war and President Assad “isn’t going to cave in by the demands” of the armed opposition.

(To watch the video in a shorter time, go to the wheel and set the speed to 1.25) :

He also highlighted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s earlier warning that some terrorist groups are plotting to carry out false-flag chemical attacks and put the blame on the Syrian government.

Dean pointed to the role of Turkey in providing terrorists with toxic arms, saying, “The Turks have been helping them and they’ve been able to ship them (arms) all the way to the [terrorists] in Mosul to use with no problem whatsoever. They could not do that without the help of their Western and [Persian] Gulf state supporters.”

The commentator criticized US officials for leveling unfounded allegations against the Syrian government, while they are fully aware of the facts and figures on the ground, noting, “They cannot of course put anything on the table to show it.”

The United States has been aware of the fact that two out of three chemical facilities in Syria have been under control of terrorists but the American authorities have been pretending that they knew nothing about this issue, he argued.

In an exclusive interview with AFP in Damascus on Wednesday, Assad asserted that the suspected chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun was a “fabrication” to justify the subsequent US military strike on Syria’s  Shayrat air base in Homs Province.

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The Syrian leader assured that his government had handed over all its chemical weapons stockpiles in 2013 and thus could not have been behind the Khan Shaykhun incident.



  1. Why would a very popular, legally elected president of any country gas his own people in the middle of a war against vicious terrorists who are already murdering his populace?

  2. Today the obviously mentally impaired editors of the NY Post had an article claiming Israel claiming Syria had tons of chemical weapons but no proof is provided as usual. This is nothing but propaganda lies. The NY Post must be shut down by the FCC for lying and deceiving the duped public. Worthless propaganda like this is clearly not in the “public interest”. I sent Jim the link but he is likely already aware of it anyway. I wonder how many tons of chemical and nuclear weapons Israel has and where they got them? If WWIII begins it is likely that little country with all the influence on our’s is likely to be decimated in the cross fire or more.

    • Excellent comments by Jim Dean. By the way where is the moral authority of Israel to criticize Syria when they, Israel, possess illegal undocumented nuclear weapons, they are not a signatory of the non proliferation treaty and refuse any international inspections of their illegal nuclear production and storage facilities? Israel is an outlaw rogue nation yet they seek to criticize Syria. We allow dual citizenships with them and the U.S. a blatant conflict of interest which must be stopped. Israel has repeatedly violated numerous UN and moral principles of human rights with its neighbors, even stealing their lands and blaming them for it. It is an obscenity that the mentally impaired members of our government cooperate with this rogue outlaw nation which is obviously responsible for most of the terror there and in the rest of the world; shameful disgrace. America is rotten from the inside out while no one will stand up and admit the truth to the gullible duped public. It is only a matter of time for once great America to go down the tubes.

    • There is this old joke … Well, it’s not a joke, but more like a sarcasm, and it’s probably not very old either, most likely merely post WW II. But what worries me is that we don’t seem to be hearing it so much any more.

      The setting might be with a soldier, or an officer of lower rank, looking a little beat up, and evidently, feeling very sorry for himself, who says “I was only following orders”.

      Evidently he hopes to go free by shoving the guilt onto his superiors. But in real life it is often quite opposite, in that the upper echelons go free, and the whole blame has to be carried by the lower ranks.

    • But I thought it was part of basic training that each and every soldier had to learn what the Geneva rules are.

  3. In Talmudic thought there is a “holy day” where the Talmusist promise not to be bound by any oaths or Undertakings for another year and are forgiven for transgression from the past year. There is no point in talking about Oaths with these people and neither about Good and Evil, only pleasure and pain.

    These statements are well founded in Philosphy and in study of material about Emanation.

  4. After 100 years of Tavistock Institute brainwash, much of the English speaking World and other areas of Western Influence suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. This means that people can watch two aeroplanes appear to hit two buildings, for example, but believe that three buildings can fall into their own footprint at freefall speed.

    The Engineers of such events outline scenarios that scream aloud against all of my Operations Research Degree Training. They then assume that they can transfer a pattern of thinking from their own background to other places and cultures. Feeble narratives are fed to the World to justify horrific actions that have resulted in the taking of millions of lives.

    Much of the rest of the World looks on aghast, undecided and powerless, asking how their Leaders can have allowed this situation to have developed. It is all very well hoping that China or Russia can”do something”, but smaller countries like Singapore are saying that the post Westphalian Balance of Power Model has run its course in this Nuclear Age. International Law and indeed even the Constitution of the USA have been destroyed and Criminals are on the loose.

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