“Arabs” at UN Finally Admit they are Israeli Allies


JTA – A number of Arab states heeded the plea by Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, to focus more in a Middle East debate on the threat posed by Iran than on the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Haley, this month the president by rotation of the U.N. Security Council, convened a council session on the Middle East.

“How one chooses to spend one’s time is an indication of one’s priorities,” she said in her opening remarks.

“The same is true for the United Nations Security Council,” she said. “The Israel-Palestinian issue is an important one, deserving of attention. But that is one issue that surely has no lack of attention around here. The incredibly destructive nature of Iranian and Hezbollah activities throughout the Middle East demands much more of our attention. It should become this Council’s priority in the region.”

All U.N. member states — not just the 15 on the council — were invited to deliver short addresses on the Middle East.

The plea appeared to resonate with a number of states joining the debate, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, as well as European states and some in Africa, including Ethiopia.

These states did not ignore the Israeli-Arab issue, and were often critical of Israel, but the greater part of their addresses looked to the threat posed by Iran and its allies in the region, with a special focus on Syria, where a sarin gas attack killed 89 civilians earlier this month. Western states have blamed the Assad regime, allied with Iran, for the attack.

The UAE envoy, for instance, said that Iran’s involvement in other regional conflicts posed “an existential threat to the Middle East.”

Other nations, including leftist governments in South America like Venezuela, as well as South Africa, focused more on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The South African envoy said the Security Council “should not stray away from the core issue” when discussing the region.

Haley has repeatedly said the United States will no longer tolerate anti-Israel bias at the body, a key difference between the Trump administration and its predecessor, the Obama administration, which sought to tamp down anti-Israel bias through quiet diplomacy.

Haley was behind successful efforts earlier this year to get the U.N. Secretary General, António Guterres, to withdraw a report by a U.N. affiliate that was heavily biased against Israel, comparing it to apartheid-ridden South Africa.

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  1. The ethnic group that disguised itself as “Judaism”, subsequently, “Israel”, is consistent in creating Fairy Tales, denial and transferring guilt. Their “fairy tales”, e.g., gas chambers (non existent) in NAZI, slave-labor stalags remains the basis of the “Holohoax”. Secrecy via denial continues. The nuke program initiated with the reactor from DeGaul to BenGurion in 1957, was denied until Mordecai Vanunu´s release of truth in 1986. After 19 years in the nuke facility at Dimona, Vanunu revealed the nuclear program, 200 atomic bombs and a hydrogen bomb in the works. The leadership of “Israel” continues to refuse IAEA inspections. Transferring blame is another forte of “Israel”. Serving the “Israeli state”, ISIS mercenaries are fraudulently called “Islamic state”. In an 2005 interview Vanunu was asked, “It must be very annoying for you to hear Israel, a violator of regulations, say that it is ready to bomb Iran- – !” Vanunu:”Yes, that drives me crazy. We have no reason to criticize Iran. Before we do anything against any country we have to take care of the Israeli case.” Details at http://www.voltairenet.org/article129838.html

  2. Don’t you love the way they continually push lies as though they are accepted truths? This is their way of continually propagandizing the ‘news’…It’s a very productive and effective tactic for controlling the less informed/easily lead sheeple. This is rampant technique used by the Zio controllers, easily seen daily on US/Euro propaganda outlets we call television.

  3. Nimrata “Nikki” is a political prostitute.
    It galls me that UN, supposed important people in the world, keep banging on about a chemical attack (bogus I know) as if the weapon is somehow more important than the people. Apparently it is ok to level a city block with normal “good” bombs and kill more civilians in the process, as long as it is not done with CWs. Since when was the weapon more important than people? The moral insanity is breath-taking.

  4. These so called Arabs and Muslims are traitors to their own cause. The annexation of Palestinian territories in East Jerusalem and the West Bank has been going on, but these same Arabs who pride on their being Arabs, forming the Arab League and the GCC, are nothing but servants of Israel. What threat has Iran posed them? Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iran has been steadfastly against the usurpation of Palestinian lands and has been against Israel which it does not recognise, and rightly so. What right had Lord Balfour to “gift” Palestine to the Zionists? None of these so called Arabs dare question Netanyahu to stop the siege of Gaza, to evacuate the settlements in the West Bank, to stop the settlements in East Jerusalem, and they claim to be Arabs and Muslims? They have ganged up against the only ones who have stood up against Israel: Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah! Iran is not even an arab country, and Iranians are also not Semites! Shame on these so called rulers who are actually puppets of Israel.

  5. Who in America is allowed to claim dual citizenship. I heard it is only the joooos. Fancy that Morey.

  6. Each day that passes Israel makes sure that the world knows who owns America. As Halley bends over forward to please Zion, and promote Zionist goals first, it’s pathetic. Trump is a lucky man. He is in a position to do great work unfortunately he is looking more and more like a paid actor, it doesn’t look good for legacy. Oh shit I forgot who publishes the history books around here. Where do I fit in?

  7. JTA = Jewish Telegraphic Agency, (News)

    It could also be the Jacksonville Transit Authority – but that seems less likely.

  8. Iran and Syria are likely the most civilized states in the M.E.
    Or, at least Syria was, until it was slated for destruction by the same forces who destroyed Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, etc. For decades, Israel and its donkey, Uncle Sam, have publicly expressed their desire to topple these states. The anti-Iran rhetoric is Israeli propaganda. Israel has given Iran all the reason in the world to attack them, yet Iran hasn’t. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, Iran is not a muderous thug of a country, like Israel is. And, the Iranian government knows that if they rightfully defend theirselves against Israeli aggression, the USG will come in and murder millions of Iranians. Niki Haley is a fire breathing she-devil and her nasty lips tell only lies. She’s AIPAC’s poster slut. A traitor to America and the world, like Trumpty Drumphty himself. Someone needs to remind these [email protected]$ticks what the punishment for treason is……..

  9. The uk zionists that run Israel also run the united states a British incorporated territory using duel usa/israel passports what the heck is that all about … talk aboit the Fox in the Hen house ?

  10. Israel is an international outlaw, a pariah state which steals lands from neighbors and treats them like garbage. They should be booted out of the UN. They are a disgrace to humanity and the world. How much did they pay Haley to look out for their interests? End all aid to them and all dual citizenships there which are a blatant conflict of interest. No one can serve two masters.

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