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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Today’s episode of FFWN must have offended some powerful, corrupt individuals and entities. Today, exactly four hours and twenty-four minutes after the live broadcast ended, I received an email from my fundraising platform, GoFundMe:

More than $1000 in donations was “refunded to donors.” Even worse, my biggest fundraising data base has been liquidated. I have been using GoFundMe during the past two years to raise funds for a variety of projects, including my books, translations, and conferences. Now the whole database of donors is gone. My account no longer exists.

The email from GoFundMe gives no reason for their decision to severely damage my ability to earn a living as an author, independent journalist, and radio/TV host. There were no warnings. No due process. No attempts to communicate, nor any channels of communication. Just the email you see above.

The USA pretends to be a free country. But try speaking truth to power here and see what happens.

In 2006, I lost over $2 million in projected lifetime earnings when neocon politicians witch-hunted me out of the University of Wisconsin for investigating 9/11. It had nothing to do with my teaching, which passed the University’s investigation with flying colors. No, I was witch-hunted for expressing my views of 9/11 on a radio show – views which I share with 80% of my fellow Muslims and about one-third of the American people.

Now no American university can hire me; they would take a huge financial hit and be subjected to the Zionist Inquisition. So now I support my family of four on $21 k per year income (paying about $8k of that in taxes) working as an independent scholar. But apparently my tormentors won’t even tolerate that.

I would like to keep making radio shows; authoring, editing, and translating books; participating in conferences; and co-hosting False Flag Weekly News.

So please help:

Contact [email protected] . Tell them you wanted to donate to False Flag Weekly News at https://www.gofundme.com/false-flag-weekly-news-42817 but can’t because Dr. Kevin Barrett’s account has been terminated for political reasons, and political censorship has no place in a free society.

Meanwhile, please support my work through the paypal button at TruthJihad.com, and also through patreon.com/DrKevinBarrett .





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  1. In April 2016, Accel [Owners Of GoFundMe] raised a separate $500 million fund for investments in Europe and ISRAEL
    — so the fund can invest in anything from marketplaces to fintech startups and enterprise software solutions as long as the startup is based in Europe or ISRAEL
    Duh, follow the money.

  2. You may wish to ask folks to tell Go Fund Me that they will not contribute to efforts raising funds via Go Fund Me if you are not reinstated. You might also wish to consider using Click & Donate. The Brother Nathanael Foundation uses Click & Donate.

    • Good idea. I have just emailed:

      Dear GoFundMe staff,

      I wanted to donate to False Flag Weekly News at https://www.gofundme.com/false-flag-weekly-news-42817 but can’t because Dr. Kevin Barrett’s account has been terminated for political reasons, and political censorship has no place in a free society.

      This kind of totalitarian behaviour is what we might have expected from the Soviet regime. It has no place in a free society so I will no longer support any of your appeals from this moment on – I will be using “Click & Donate”, and I will certainly tell my family and friends to do likewise.

      What a terrible organization you have proved to be. I hope you feel ashamed, but doubt that word means anything to you.


      From: ************
      Bridport, U.K.

  3. LOL… (not at you, at my bad email link),
    I guess GoFundMe will not be swayed by The Kinks… (even if you ARE a Well Respected Man).
    The good news is I did correct the bad link before sending the email — but I can’t find a place to edit my comment, so other readers are advised to substitute this link instead:
    Sorry for the mix-up!

  4. James Coyle’s idea sounds very good.
    Kevin, I can’t believe you were so careless as to maintain no backup database. Regardless…

    Since I can’t find an email address to cc: you with, here is a copy of the email I am sending to GoFundMe. Other readers are welcome to use/adapt the text as they see fit. (Please do!)
    Please keep us informed if they contact you, and good luck!
    – Don A.

    Dear GoFundMe staff,

    I have just read about your suspension of Dr. Kevin Barrett’s account, in an article posted at this link:


    If it is true that you have terminated his account with no warning or contact, and mostly importantly, no identification of his violation — then you are acting in a very unbusinesslike and unethical manner, which reeks of behind-the-scenes pressure and bribery. Please be civil, and act professionally in this matter, by communicating openly with Dr. Barrett.

    If I do not hear of some progress in fair and diplomatic handling of this incident, I will need to describe your malevolent practices to all my facebook friends, and suggest that they refrain from patronizing your web site. Perhaps Kickstarter and Indiegogo will appreciate their business.

    I welcome your explanation and comments,

    Don Alexander

  5. Seems GoFundMe was just a collector site for the cabal like so many other under false flags. If they were independend they would give a damn about what others tell them to do.

  6. Such are indeed the landmarks of all the dictatorial regimes out there. My project idea is Solidarnosc 2.0, the long needed and overdue western one, for NATO dismemberment, which would pressure the Inquisition beyond any measure.

  7. Kevin,
    I asked them to tell me why they were forcing me to use other funding sites.
    Hit ’em where they live.

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