Pravda: Putin ‘loses control, the fall is near’


Russian President Vladimir Putin has been losing control over his inner circle, Russian and foreign publications say. Although not all of them are ready to talk about it in the affirmative, some still doubt. Let’s add some food for thought here.

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For example, publication has recently published an article with a headline “The Tumbling Towers. Is Putin losing control over his inner circle? ” The article concludes that Putin has built a system that does not hold water.

Putin is said to be losing control over a variety of things on a regular basis. Below is the top ten list of the things that the Russian president “has not been able to control” in different years of his stay in power as president and prime minister.

“Putin can no longer control situation in the Kremlin” (The Financial Times, May 2005);

“Putin can not stay in power until 2008” (Carnegie Endowment, August 2005)

“Is Putin losing control?” (January 2009, Forbes);

“Putin loses control of state apparatus due to corruption” (, January 2013);

“Sobyanin’s victory – on the verge of legitimacy: Putin loses total control,” political scientist (, September 2013);

“Putin has lost control over elites” (October 2013, Slon.Ru);

“Nemtsov’s murder: Putin loses control over Kadyrov” (March 2015, Apostrophe);

“Putin’s warlords slip out of control” (The New York Times, June 2015);

 “Putin is sick and losing control – experts” (January 2016, “Dozhd”);

“Terror acts in a troubled region: Putin loses control” (April 2016, Focus).

As can be seen, there is a variety of reasons for Putin to “lose control” over, and the list above is not the full one, of course. Skepticism in the validity of this thesis may climb too high and lead to another one – the “palace coup,” an inevitable one, of course. Usually, such publications appear after the arrest of a high-ranking official or the head of a large company.

“With no intention of being deposed in a palace coup, Putin has gone on the offensive, striking the Russian political elite off-balance through mass dismissals and early elections. This threatens to disrupt established patronage networks and political stability across Russia,” Newsweek wrote in the summer of 2015 against the backdrop of a criminal case against top managers of Rosnano Corporation.

There are experts inside and outside Russia, who specialize in forecasting the inevitability of the collapse of the regime. For example, Mikhail Kasyanov, the leader of Parnas Party, predicted in December 2008 that in March-April of 2009, Russian citizens will be shocked to realize where the government has taken the country.” In January 2009, however, Kasyanov postponed the peak of the people’s protest till March-April 2010.

There is another “prophet” – Garry Kasparov. In 2012, he predicted a massive social explosion in Russia to occur during the next two to three. All those and other similar predictions are quite convenient for those who make them, because they do not envisage any responsibility for those individuals. One may assume that we will soon hear more statements about the fall of the regime and palace coups. The floor is yours, so to speak.

Oleg Artyukov


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  1. Soooo even if Putin leaves, retires or burns out – the USG could lose substantially. If a pro western guy { Mevedev} takes over , there goes the Pentagon’s ” trillion dollar baby” for enemy #1 endorsements. If a hardliner takes control and really teams up with China Iran and No. Korea – the shit will hit the fan and America’s bluff will be called while the M E, Far east Asia and EU become a super free fire zone. But no one wants to bring in the polar shift into context. Spacibo

  2. What’s your point? What’s your motive for this post? The same shot is being said of Trump except the articles are date in 2017.

  3. Progpaganda a lá Goebbels “Keep it simple, keep it big and reapeat it often”. I don´t think it is a blackmagic spell so it will never become the truth. Remember what Witches and Wizzards spell on Trump to out him ? Did it work ? He is still in office.

    • Only to find out the vacancy of president of the USA was for an acting role. Present the decisions that are made as your policy and serve as a public figurehead.

  4. Not so paradoxically, printing & broadcasting mostly foreign reports that “Putin can no longer control situation in the Kremlin” (The Financial Times, May 2005) and “Putin can not stay in power until 2008” (Carnegie Endowment, August 2005) et seq. actually support the leadership longevity of Putin.

    The Russian people overwhelmingly support the Russian leader, and NO domestic rival has anywhere near enough popularity or power to depose Putin. To quote Alfred E. Neuman, “What, me worry?”

    Should we totally support Putin? Hell, no. But Putin appears to be at least slightly better than Trump. ;-).

  5. Cheapest propaganda, Putin has the greatest support from his nation of all world presidents. The other has the stable power of the military and all state apparatus for the stability of Russia.

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