Russia prepared to deploy ground forces to Syria – Unconfirmed


… from Press TV,  Tehran

Assad is fighting off a major offensive in the Damascus area, coming from Jordan

[ Editor’s Note: I had expected some new Russian troops to be coming into Syria, with the already published plans to boost up Syria’s missile defenses, as there would be no time to train Syrian personnel on the newer equipment, including the jamming and centralized command aspects. It also gives the Russian troops current combat training, which is hugely valuable.

But this new mention of ground forces going in to support the SAA where the fighting is the toughest would seem to be a direct response to Turkey, the US and Gulf States, and Israel’s escalation to kill the peace-talk momentum, via the original plan to keep attacking Syria from multiple points at once so it cannot concentrate its forces to continue taking ground from the jihadis.

We had already had the news last week that four top-of-the-line Russian fighter bombers had been added to the air campaign of their base there.

The Russians and the Iranians seemed determined to not lose what they have gained in helping to assist expanding Assad’s control over more of the country, including the oil and gas fields so critical for the cash-flow needed during this critical time.

But they also have shown they do not want a head on collision with their tripartite partner Turkey, who has made a bad joke out of honoring Syria’s territorial integrity. It is a very delicate and dangerous situation that could spin out of control at any time Jim W. Dean ]

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More Russian top-of-the-line fighter-bombers go to Syria

– First published  …  April 24, 2017

Syrian military sources say Moscow has informed Damascus of its preparedness to dispatch ground troops to the Arab country to help Syrian government forces with battles against the foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed on Monday that the Russian special forces were ready to be deployed in the areas where Syrian troops were engaged in serious battles against the terrorist groups.

They further noted that the technical aspects of the plan had already been drawn up, and that it would be implemented once the Damascus government puts in an official request and Russian President Vladimir Putin issues the order.

Earlier this month, Russian newspaper Izvestia reported that the country’s ground forces were about to restore security to Christian-populated regions during the Syrian army’s forthcoming counter-terrorism operations in the northern countryside of Hama Province.

The daily added that the Russian units would help popular defense groups bring back calm and stability to the city of Mahardah, located about 23 kilometers northwest of Hama. The Takfiri militants are besieged by the Syrian army forces from all directions there.

Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the defense committee in the Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament, told Sputnik news agency on April 22 that Moscow would not hesitate to supply the Damascus government with the air defense missile systems it needed once a bilateral agreement was struck.

“The necessary quantity [of air defense systems] can be supplied on a priority basis. It will not place an onerous burden on our defense industry,” he said.

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The remarks came a day after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Damascus and Moscow were engaged in negotiations to put into operation more air defense systems inside Syria.

“Damascus has always been interested in the latest generation of military hardware, but that depends on the accessibility of the systems, Russia’s policies as the supplier and prices,” Assad said.

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Russia, along with Iran, has been assisting the Syrian government in its fight against terrorist groups wreaking havoc in the Arab country since 2011.


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  1. The Jewish assault on Syria was foreseeable. Putin messed up big time by not arming Syria a long time ago; at least with some formidable air defense systems.

    I believe that Donald J Trump is going to put an end to America for his Jewish owners. I wonder, will he start WW3 by attacking North Korea, or by invading Syria, or perhaps he will target Iran? Hopefully the Russians and Chinese will intervene before the bloodthirsty madman murders a million people on the Korean Peninsula.

  2. Russia has spent a small fortune aiding Syria. This is the only decision they could make lest they lose all their hard fought gains so far. I think Putin is playing hard ball now and will not allow further games by any of these other international criminals. All of them must be run out of Syria soon and kept out. If the U.S. wants WWIII over this so be it. It is likely they will be destroyed big time. Americans are not prepared for a world nuclear war where many U.S. cities will be demolished instantly. One major U.S. city incinerated and Americans will be begging to halt the fighting. It is long overdue the arrogant international outlaws of the U.S. who have been the unofficial policemen of the world, be taught a rude lesson to wake them up. Our corrupt government is a slow learner and only learns the hard way. They won’t pay attention to some of us lowly citizens who seek to wake them up and provide good advice. They are bankrupt morally and fiscally. The end could also come from the financial sector at any instant without warning. Frankly the U.S. is near collapse now. I think much of the bloviating by Trump is to divert attention from the very serious conditions in the U.S. right now.

  3. Syria is a fight to the death. If the US, et al succeed in balkanizing Syria, it over not just for Assad, but for Russia, Iran and Hezbollah too. If balkanization succeeds, Russia and Iran will eventually be forced out of Syria entirely only to establish defensive positions on their own borders. Hezbollah will come under ceaseless attack by Israel. The US is or is planning to send illegally thousands of troops to Syria to establish their “free zones” and ending Syrian sovereignty. So yeah, Russia either fights of goes home. Hope they send lots of troops. Maybe Trump, who has put Israel first, will see the price is too high and go home instead.

  4. The addidtional support Russia is offering, as said here, is necessary to counter the “Coalition of Evil’s” recent escalations.
    Taken with the report out of China that it will intervene if the “Coalition of Evil” invades N. Korea is an indication that both Russia, and China have had it with Western policy of my way or the highway.
    Good news, and good decisions. It is obvious both Russia, and China will be the next targets if the West is not stopped now..

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