“Joshua Goldberg:” a Cover for an Elaborate Psychological Operation?

The many faces of Joshua Goldberg. Wait a minute - it's always the same picture!

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by Kevin Barrett, co-host of False Flag Weekly News and Veterans Today Editor

Who or what is “Joshua Goldberg”?

According to the incurious mainstream media, Goldberg is a mentally unstable young Jewish man who was arrested for spreading (false flag) “Islamic terror” on the internet. But the more one looks at his story, the curiouser it gets.

Goldberg helped Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence and other Islamophobes manufacture and trumpet the alleged “jihadi threat.” He helped B’nai Brith and other Israeli front groups create the false impression of a massive and vicious anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi threat. And he helped those Zionist forces get Professor Anthony Hall, a 9/11 truth supporter and critic of Israel, suspended from the University of Lethbridge – by manufacturing a horrific “kill all Jews” image that was planted on Professor Hall’s Facebook page to trigger an obviously pre-planned “get Tony Hall” operation.

And who or what is “Michael Ron David Kaydar”? The mainstream media tell us Kaydar – like Goldberg another “troubled young Jew” – was behind a wave of vicious terrorist threats to Jewish institutions that triggered an outbreak of “rising anti-Semitism hysteria” earlier this year, and got hundreds of books banned and burned by Amazon.

Kaydar apparently made a lot of money posing as a vicious, violent anti-Semite. When arrested, he is said to have had more than half a million dollars in his Bitcoin account. So who was paying him to threaten Jewish Community Centers? The ADL, B’nai Brith, and similar groups who would make vast sums of money in donations from terrorized Jews?

Richard Silverstein, a leading Jewish critic of Israel, writes:

A reader here published a comment saying that he lived in Ashdod and knew the Kaydar family.  He adds that the suspect is a nephew of Mordechai Kedar, a leading trainer of Shabak agents.  Kedar teaches Arabic at Bar Ilan University and is one of the most vicious, Arabophobic academics in Israel.  I’ve written several posts about him.  The combination of Uncle Mordkhe the Arab hater with Nephew Michael the greedy nerd terrorist seems odd, to say the least.

Goldberg’s and Kaydar’s activities hugely benefited the state of Israel, especially its hard-line faction. Vast sums of money were raised by outfits like B’nai Brith and ADL based on the phony “anti-Semitism epidemic.” Books were burned, professors were suspended. Perhaps most importantly, perceptions were forever altered.

Is it just a coincidence that these two “crazy young Jews” happened to do crazy things that brought millions of dollars into the coffers of B’nai Brith, the ADL, and associated groups – and massively benefited the Zionist political project they represent? Or is somebody “crazy like a fox” lurking behind Goldberg, Kaydar,  the many other similar people who’ve been caught — not to mention the dozens if not hundreds of others who haven’t?

These are some of the questions we explore in the above special report from False Flag Weekly News.

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The many faces of Joshua Goldberg. Wait a minute – it’s always the same picture!


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  3. Jewish communities are heavily propagandized. Despite their collective intellect as a whole they aren’t inclined to recognize and break the conditioning. Being intelligent is not the same as being street wise. Intellectuals can be taken in a scam just as easily as dunces. The Holocaust 6,000,000 myth is so exaggerated it desecrates the memory of it’s actual victims. It seems the Zionists are both con artist and mark. Those who shaped the Zionist movement are not concerned with the fate of Jews or Israelis. Any political or religious ideology are mere tools. False ideologies designed or influenced to serve an alterior motive. I wonder if Dr. Barrett is familiar with William Cooper’s interpretation of the exoteric vs esoteric faces of organized religion, which he dubbed the “Mystery Schools”? The deceivers at the top of this heirarchy utilize ritualism, but are in fact athiests, who deem themselves too intelligent for religion. They value intellect over morality proving they are in fact emotionally retarded. It’s a philosophy of class warfare, which in turn controls them. The system itself is the Devil. Mystery Babylon. The Holocaust and 911 myths are an insult to the intelligence of the average Jew. It’s not that Jewish criminals have cornered the market in deception, but after 4,000 years they have it down to a science. Indeed if it wasn’t them it’d be some other group.

    • I agree that the Jewish elite has gotten very good at tribal brainwashing. All other tribes do it too, one way or another. But the army of mobilized, tribally brainwashed Zionist Jews, even though it’s a minority of the Jewish population, has gotten way out of control. Petras explains the details in The Power of Israel in the United States. As for the esoteric satanic element, that’s another tentacle of the octopus.

  4. Can Barrett, Kushel, or Hall explain how Joshua Goldberg could have been involved in Hall’s suspension given that he’s been in custody since 2015 with no access to a computer?

    • Sure. “Goldberg” was tasked with creating or disseminating weaponized images for deployment against “enemies of the tribe.” His taskmasters planted Goldberg’s weaponized image on Professor Hall’s FB page. So Goldberg isn’t just “involved” he is THE SOURCE of the hate speech image that got Professor Hall suspended.

    • Two problems, one micro and the other macro. Your micro problem is your selection of Joshua Goldberg, a man-child with supposedly “Deep State” taskmasters who couldn’t avoid being arrested and incarcerated by the FBI (at a time long before the post was put on Hall’s page by Glen Davidson – a well known anti-Semite in Alberta with no discernible connection to Goldberg). What are the chances the “Deep State” allowing the FBI to incarcerate their “asset” just as they’re about to take down a part time University professor in Lethbridge Alberta? Sorry, but lacking any physical evidence to support your allegations I conclude they are without merit. (Caveat: you may have been attempting humor, as you’re known to do, and I just missed it. If so then… good one. Monty Python sketch material good.)

    • Your macro problem is the fact that the image really didn’t have anything to do with Hall’s dismissal. Which – as you have been told repeatedly – was the result of many concerned Canadians – myself included – to bring to the attention of his employers how he was using his credentials as a professor at a taxpayer funded university to lend credibility to his online rants both at AHTribune and FFWN, rants many people felt displayed enough anti-Semitism, poor scholarship, and offensive idiocy to discredit not only himself but his academic institution which he – as previously stated – insisted on associating with. There was no ‘one thing’ that caused the University to suspend him, rather a lot

    • Senecat, and I have just finished debunking the possibility that there is a ‘psy-op’ going on regarding Hall. How do I know for sure a ‘psy-op’ wasn’t involved in Hall’s departure from UofL? Because I was part of the process of getting Hall removed. I can assure you – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the facebook post in question had nothing to do with Hall’s suspension. Thank you for throwing in the towel. Good call.

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