ESCALATION IN SYRIA: Erdogan I – The Phantom Menace of NATO


Deputy Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State, Mark Toner, during a regular briefing on April 25 said that the U.S. expresses serious concern over Turkey’s aggression in Syria and Iraq.

It should be mentioned that in the morning, April 25 the Turkish Air Force struck the positions of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Karachok mountain region in north-eastern Syria. They also attacked the positions of the Kurdish militia near the town of Sinjar. Turkish warplanes killed more than 20 fighters of Kurdish Peshmerga. Eight more soldiers were wounded. The targets hit by the Turkish Air Force in Syria also include local television and a YPG broadcasting media station. On April 27, the Turkish army continued its massacre of Kurds on the ground in the province of Aleppo.

Such active military actions on the part of the Turkish leadership against the only armed formation in the northeast of Syria that is capable to resist ISIS have been heavily criticized by the international community including Turkey’s main NATO partners.

Turkey which is well-known for its inconsistent policy carried out air strikes in northern Syria and Iraq once again without proper coordination with the U.S. and NATO. Moreover they acted without any approval of the U.S.-led coalition.
Under these circumstances concerns of the United States and other NATO member countries are understandable. The U.S. leadership has been playing the Kurdish card for a long time. The U.S. wish to use Kurdish units in their own interests is not surprising. Americans provide these groups with weapons, ammo and even air support, to say nothing of special task forces involvement.

At the moment YPG continues to advance the strategically important city of Al-Tabqa 35 miles to the south-west of Raqqa. It is considered the fourth phase of the Wrath of Euphrates operation carried out under the U.S.-led coalition command. However, Ankara’s latest stab in the back may force the Kurdish headquarters to stop their offensive towards ISIS because of the need to repulse Turkish and Syrian Free Army’s attacks in the north of the Aleppo province.

Kurds reacted immediately. According to France Press News Agency they called on the international coalition to stop Turkey’s air strikes against them. It seems that the U.S.-led coalition will be forced to respond as it is Kurd’s key partner in their fight against ISIS.
Turkey has repeatedly irritated NATO with such actions. Instead of becoming a pillar of international security in fighting terrorism the country, judging by its actions, is trying to prevent the Kurds from liberating Raqqa. Erdogan obliterates and bombs Kurds who are the only combat unit capable to resist terrorism. Military sources also reports of dozens victims on the eve of Turkish attack on Firfik settlement. American military instructors who are often engaged in the training process of military units in Syria and Iraq might have died as well because of such irresponsible actions.

The Turkish president strongly contributes to ISIS strengthening, he contradicts the NATO basic principles of fight against terrorism and do not coordinate his actions with the leadership of NATO. Turkey’s attacks on Kurds in Iraq and Syria are inherently criminal as they violate the international law.

It seems that Turkey’s attempts occupy some Syrian territories and to change the alignment of forces in the Middle East do not please the USA and other key stakeholders in the region. Apparently there is no point to keep Turkey in NATO whereas the leadership of the country is absolutely unpredictable. In a situation when the war against terrorism in Iraq and Syria is far from being over such aggressive actions definitely do not contribute to the consolidation of anti-terrorist efforts but intensify the already tense situation.



  1. Erdogan is fast approaching the end of his political career if he continues to act irresponsibly and irrationally. Sooner or later Turkey is going to commit a disastrous blunder in Syria, either U.S. troops will be killed or the Kurdish troops will be attacked along with U.S.and NATO military command which will not sit well with Washington and NATO. Erdogan is out of control, NATO is ready to cast him aside and sooner or later in a fit of rage he will do something really stupid out of some need for revenge against NATO or the U.S. He is not thinking rationally. Apparently he has delusions of his own.

  2. There is no such thing as NATO partners, aside from the US-UK axis (of evil). The rest are merely a CIA commercial-strategic playground. NATO used to mean something in the 60s and the 70s, now it is humanpowdering the population of most of Europe while giving significance and credo to the most anti-european elements of all time (UK and Turkey). There was only one person officially calling for Turkey to be accepted into EU as well, it was Tony Blair. Sweden looks like the only country with a sober standpoint on the meaning and legacy of NATO.

  3. Allthough he is a drunk, I support Juncker’s proposal calling for an EU army which would desecrate NATO (keepin the US-UK notorious rogue elements out of the turbo-militaristic equation and also contain lone Erdogan-like gunmen). NATO should be dismembered one by one, Turkey is good enough to start with, just as any other member.

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