Censors attack False Flag Weekly News, Gilad Atzmon


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

This week’s False Flag Weekly News broke two huge stories…about efforts to shut down False Flag Weekly News!

First story: My lawyer Bruce Leichty just sent a demand letter to GoFundMe’s CEO Robert Solomon, and “VP of Customer Happiness” Greg Smith. The letter serves notice that GoFundMe must reinstate my account (including my donor database), return the more than $1000 they stole, compensate me for damages to my independent media operation, and apologize to me and my donors. GoFundMe appears to have committed breach of contract, conversion of property, civil rights violations, and “an unlawful larcenous act (within the definition of ‘grand theft’ under California penal code)” among other crimes and torts.

GoFundMe “nuked” my fundraising platform two weeks ago, apparently in response to the tremendous success of False Flag Weekly News and its new fund-raiser. They vaguely cited unexplained “terms of service violations.”

Second story: Professor Tony Hall has finally obtained what appears to be a copy of the complaint lodged against him last fall – by his own University of Lethbridge Administration, apparently led by Mike Mahon under the guidance of B’nai Brith – to the Alberta Human Rights Commission (AHRC). In essence, the complaint argues that it is a crime in Canada to study and discuss false flag terrorism, especially in relation to Israel. The “evidence” against Tony Hall is basically a very long list of out-of-context items from False Flag Weekly News.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission unsurprisingly ruled in favor of Tony Hall. So now the unnamed complainants may be trying to purge the AHRC, insert their own people, and “appeal.” Talk about chutzpah!

Bottom line: “They” are obviously trying to kill False Flag Weekly News by destroying Tony Hall’s career and livelihood as a tenured full professor, and my career and livelihood as an alternative journalist and independent scholar.

Meanwhile, the efforts to silence Gilad Atzmon continue. Bill Weinberg and co.’s failed witch-hunt against Gilad’s New York appearance tomorrow night is a case in point.

Closer to (my) home, another attempt to silence Gilad has been stymied. The University of Wisconsin has canceled my room reservation for what was originally going to be a private “Debate Gilad Atzmon” event. Apparently the Madison, WI equivalents of Bill Weinberg heard about the event, complained to the University, and convinced them to cancel the reservation.

So now, instead of being a  private event, “Debate Gilad Atzmon” will be 100% public – no RSVPs necessary! Just show up at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2, in the Rathskeller of the U.W.-Madison Memorial Union.  Parking is available in the State St. Campus Garage.  More information HERE.

And if you can’t make it to Madison, Wisconsin, you can still listen to Gilad’s live jam with the “psychedelic chill improv ensemble” Abandon Control. It’s happening Monday, May 1, 7:30 to 11 pm at an undisclosed location, live-streaming via AbandonControl.com and the band’s Facebook page.

Truth, beauty, and the questioning of hidebound orthodoxies cannot be silenced! The more they try to shut us down, the harder we will work to get the message out.

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  1. Perhaps you should also be present on a Russian channel so people can go there if they close yours on JewTube

  2. Exposing false-flags (which are the main tool for elite to manipulate what they consider to be human-cattle, i.e. , general population) is really unnerving for those who live and breathe fake Orwellian reality. Hence the reaction, naturally coming most strong from those (through their numerous puppets, of course) whose dirty actions have been hit most hard. Hold on Dr. Barrett !

  3. Glad to hear you haven’t let recent events crimp your style. This is the letter I sent to GFM a couple days ago:
    To the boot-sliming slug who froze Dr. Barett’s account:

    The statement below explains absolutely nothing — and YOU know that. Your disingenuous non-answer speaks volumes about your ethics. How would you feel if an organization stole money from you, and denied access to your friends, saying only that “We don’t like what you have done.” ?

    There is no name I could call you that would adequately criticize your cowardly actions and immoral character. This incident is reminiscent of McCarthyism and the “Red scare” — and is equally un-American.

    I will describe your business practices to my facebook friends, and all the public groups I speak to — encouraging them to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon for fundraising.

    You don’t deserve to be in business,
    – Don Alexander

    P.S. This decision may have been driven by a government agency or an Israeli lobbying group. If that is the case, please share my utmost contempt with them as well — they deserve it, in spades.

  4. Keep it real. Props to you, Giliad, and your entire team. It is crazy that so much effort is dumped, like boiling lead, on the truth. In a way the pressure to silence only serves to further the curious.
    For a minute I was naive, and thought.professor Hall came out of his plight whole. The enemy never sleeps.

    • Prof. Hall is on track to win his case. But it’s moving at a glacial pace. So though he did get his pay reinstated, it may take some time, possibly a couple of years, before Mahon resigns and Tony’s back in the classroom (the most probable outcome at this point, based on what I’m seeing from the way the faculty associations are mobilizing).

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