Lebanon: Jordan Warns of Israeli Strike as Internal Political Destabilization Continues

Major-General Abbas Ebrahim

A few days ago, Jordan warned Lebanon of a potential Israeli strike.

The Jordanian newspaper Assabeel “reported the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper saying that Jordan warned Lebanon about the expected Israeli strike on the margins of the Arab League Summit which took place at the end of March,” according to the Middle Eastern Monitor.

“The newspaper noted that the Jordanian warning was not the only one, but global superpowers and UN Security Council members also expressed similar fears to Lebanon.”
Major-General Abbas Ebrahim

Friday, “General Security chief Major-General Abbas Ebrahim has warned that war was ‘just a matter of time’ in the absence of inclusion and understanding in the country,” according to Gulf News.

“Ebrahim, a Shiite officer with close ties to Hezbollah, called for increased cohesion among all political forces in the country and blasted elites for what he called ‘irresponsible rhetoric’.”

Internal political disagreements could be key to destabilization that may be occurring in Lebanon, both internally and externally.

General Ebrahim said at the ceremony held by the Islamic Sunni Association in his honor, as was reported by the Arizona Star, “What we are lacking is the awareness that the nation is the basis of the state. The ongoing political rhetoric … is worrying. … One of the virtues of this country … is the diversity … but its dangers lie in tension and strain that are the forefront of political life.”

“[Following the Civil War] everyone surrendered to the truth that sectarian inclusion … does not hurt the system but is a form of political immunity,” he said.

Internally Lebanon is currently deadlocked with factions within the government wanting future elections to be based on religious sectarianism.

A key figure within this is Lebanese Foreign Minister Jibran Bassil who has been working towards changing electoral law.

“Bassil has championed a sectarian-based two-stage ‘qualification vote’ which he believed would ‘restore Christian’s rights’ that were undermined by the Taif Accords,” according to the Gulf News.

This law is currently being debated in parliament.

However, the Lebanese “constitution has always allowed citizens to vote based on political affiliations and not based on their religion.”

Lebanon has not held elections since 2009. The potential for new election law combined with the potential for strikes from Israel, as well as factions internally seeking segregationist policies could be part of a strategy to divide and conquer Lebanon, as well as limit the power of Hezbollah’s actions in Syria to remove Wahhabist terrorists operating in the region.

Earlier in the April, Lebanese Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri said in an interview with France24 TV station, “I think that Israel is the one that wants to launch a war against Lebanon, and not Hezbollah.”

“Israel does not want the Arabs to rest. Look at the daily Israeli violations of our airspace, land and territorial waters,” Hariri added.

“Hariri’s comments came after Israel unveiled the ‘David’s Sling’ missile system at Hatzor air force base in central occupied Palestinian territories,” according to Press TV.

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  1. Ever since the last invasion of Lebanon, when Hezbollah handed Israel their ass, Israel has been doing their best to instigate upheaval there. Their near defeat by Hezbollah, which they denied, scared the crap out of them. They had no idea it was coming or that they would see so many casualties. Is it a coincidence that Israel has not launched any offensives since? I think not. Hopefully Hezbollah will have taken possession of some high tech weaponry. The target list they released recently, targeting Israels nuclear and biological research centers got their attention. One good hit of one of these and Israel will be in deep do do.

    • It’s all nonsenses coming out of the zionist entity these past seven decades. After the 2006 offensive and the refusal of the israeli army, frozen in fear, to continue fighting after watching about 20+ comrades killed in one morning, with direct orders from all government ministers and even the PM being refused on the war front. It’s a historical record of grown up men crying openly in fear, calling out for their mamas to come and take them home, and according to the zionist health ministry, 10,000 of the israeli army personnel had to be given counseling and medication after the 2006 war, suffering from nightmares and depression.

      These zionist army is only good at using hi-tech armoury against women and children, again it being a historically proven fact… When the chips are down, each is ready to double cross his own comrade to save their life, knowing very well that after death-
      Judgement Day Beckons.

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