South Korea to the US: No more wars for you


…by Jonas E. Alexis


South Koreans are slowly but surely realizing that making a deal with a nation that is drunk with perpetual wars is like making a deal with the devil himself. In other words, people are seeing that perpetual wars breed perpetual hatred, perpetual hatred breeds moral and economic collapse, and moral and economic collapse breeds confusion, chaos, and complete catastrophe.

Trump is asking South Korea to pay for an anti-missile system (THAAD) that will cost at least $1 billion dollars, and South Koreans are basically saying that they cannot afford it. Hundreds of protesters in the town of Seongju carried signs which said: “No THAAD, No War” and “Hey, USA, are you friends or occupying troops?” Those protesters clashed with the police and began to throw water bottles at military trailers. In essence, those people are saying, “We didn’t sign up for this.”

“South Korea has slammed US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that Seoul should pay for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) missile system that is now being deployed in the country. Trump had earlier questioned why the US was paying for the system that he valued at $1bn (£775m).”[1]

Kim Ki-jung, foreign policy adviser to presidential candidate Moon Jae-in Moon and professor at Yonsei University, said: “Even if we purchase THAAD, its main operation would be in the hands of the United States. So purchasing it would be an impossible option. That was our topic when we were considering the options.”[2]

Even China has criticized THAAD, saying that “the anti-missile system undermines [South Korea’s] own national security.”[3]

South Koreans are realizing that the only people who actually benefit from military programs and defense systems such as THAAD are defense contractors and the rich and powerful, not the average person. If there is no war and if Kim Jung-un is not really a threat, then anti-missile systems are practically worthless. And those who have built those systems are, well, going to lose money.

In other words, perpetual wars, perpetual hatred and perpetual deaths are actually good for some people. In the same vein, ISIS is good because military contractors are profiting from that. It has been reported that the Pentagon is selling “$300 million of military hardware to the Kurdish army.”

In short, it is foolish for the Trump administration to provoke a country like North Korea. Nothing good has ever come out of perpetual wars. Trump seems to have learned virtually nothing from the wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Libya. As my friend and colleague Mark Dankof has recently said during an interview with Press TV, Trump “is a dangerous man … and I see the possibility of a global catastrophe.”

What we now desperately need at this juncture is good old practical reason in the political landscape. Russia has made several attempts to cooperate with the United States, but the Neocons in Washington have resolutely refused to talk. Why?

Obviously because the Neocons and the Israeli regime have already rejected Logos in all its manifestations. The moral and political order is antithetical to the Neoconservative ideology, and that is one reason why virtually no serious person can understand why Washington is refusing to have reasonable and practical dialogue with other nations they disagree with.

Washington wants war and bloodshed because the Israeli regime is dictating what needs to be done. Trump is allowing that to happen. He is conniving with an essentially diabolical system, and this is really dangerous.

[1] Nandini Krishnamoorthy, “South Korea hits back at Trump for demanding $1bn for Thaad missile deployment,” International Business Times, April 28, 2017.

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[3] Tom O’Connor, “Trump Demands U.S. Ally South Korea Pay For Missile Defense Against Kim Jong Un,” Newsweek, April 29, 2017.

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  1. The US public perception of the Korean peoples opinions of world and local events is totally skewed. The Korean people have been continually unhappy with successive admins attitude and claims towards NK. One good example is the so-called sub attack on the Cheonan. The vast majority do not believe the official propaganda that NK was responsible…any one who has read the scientific evidence on the incident would have to seriously question how they arrive at their conclusions, as they have no basis in facts. More anomalies than I can expound without writing an essay…yet their gov continues with the lie…much as the US continues the 9/11 and JFK,RFK story lines. Facts and evidence mean nothing, the false front to promote control is all important.

  2. The military expansion of the U.S. would have ended long ago if the whores in Congress would end borrowing and printing money to pay for them. If instead they increased taxes on everyone to pay for them of course there would be a massive demand to stop them. Borrowing and printing money will sooner or later take our country down. Citizens must demand it be ended. Wars cannot be conducted without money to pay for them. America is using fake money to accomplish wars.

  3. T. thankfully some things don’t translate well. It is becoming more obvious that the US Navy and shipping will not out-compete the Silk Road. The KM will be going in a different direction; hopefully without a major war killing tens of millions, as is their want.

  4. If US always keep threatening countries, regions or entire continents with military and nuclear deployment capabilities “within hours” then why don’t these countries, regions or continents threaten back with capabilities of deporting all US citizens and baning the US newcomers “within hours”? Such diplomatic leverages are more stronger than any weapons out there in existence.

  5. What many countries should do if they want to achieve something is stop accepting US passports for every crime (war, economic or demographic) US does in their country and in their neighborhood. If let’s say 20 or 50 countries would do that, then what would US do, attack fifty countries all at once?? There are probably at least a hundred countries out there, perhaps even a hundred and eighty where US criminality has its tentacles in. So what are they waiting for, another artificial world war? And then the things will resettle like the UN was created? The things as new world order will never resettle with wars or waiting for wars. There needs to be something concrete in diplomacy, some other way and platform to discuss international law. Asian countries by all means have all the leverage to achieve it.

  6. And it doesn´t even work like wanted so it is useless like a pickle at the ass while sitting in a wheelchair.

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