More Fake News to Whitewash the White Helmets?


[Editor’s note: This may well be a totally fabricated story intended to garner sympathy for the ‘brave work’ of the noble White Helmets. Of course, VT readers are well aware that this is a load of nonsense and the White Helmets are scum who work hand in hand with the assorted mercenary headchoppers polluting Syria. The source of this tale of woe is yet again, the SOHR, which is nothing more than a fat, sweaty little turd of a man sat in a house in Coventry, England pumping out Fake News on behalf of the intel services and always aimed at damaging the Assad government.  So they may well have made the whole thing up and no White Helmets were harmed in the production of this fantasy tale. Ian]

Airstrike in Syria’s Hama kills eight White Helmets rescuers

Airstrikes struck a center of Syria’s rescuers known as the White Helmets in a rebel-held area in the country’s center, killing eight volunteers, opposition activists said Saturday.

The airstrike was one of the deadliest against the rescuers who operate in opposition-held areas and who have garnered world attention for operating in extreme conditions, pulling survivors out of recently struck areas. The volunteers have often been targeted by government airstrikes, in what are known as ‘double tap’ attacks, as they work to rescue others.

The local White Helmets in the central Hama province said an air raid on one of their centers in Kfar Zeita killed eight members of the team. The group said five bodies were lifted from the rubble and the rescuers continued to look for the others.

The Britain-based opposition monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the number of those killed is likely to rise as the search mission continues.

Civil defence members searching for survivors under the rubble, Syria April 28, 2017. (Reuters)

It was not clear who carried out the airstrikes, as Syrian government and Russia aircraft have targeted opposition-held areas. The central Hama province have been scene to intense violence in recent weeks, as the government attempts to push back a rebel offensive.

Separately Saturday, Syria’s military said its troops and allied fighters repelled an attack by the ISIS group on a strategic area held by the government in southern Aleppo province.

The attack took place in Khanaser, southeast Aleppo – a strategic region that links Aleppo with central and western Syria. The area has changed hands many times during the conflict. But last year, government troops and allied fighters wrested control of Khanaser from ISIS.

The military media arm said ISIS attacked Um Mayyal village near a mountain range in Khanaser and other areas.
The Observatory said ISIS fighters launched the attack on military posts in the area, triggering intense clashes and leaving many casualties.

ISIS-affiliated Aamaq news agency claimed ISIS fighters killed 30 government soldiers in the attack.

Near the capital, hundreds of Syrians from the rebel-held suburbs of eastern Ghouta near Damascus protested against infighting between the insurgent groups that began Friday and left dozens killed in the area.

The infighting came amid an intensified government offensive in the area near Damascus, which the rebels have controlled for years but has been increasingly squeezed by government advances.

“God rid us of all leaders,” the protesters chanted, criticizing the head of the insurgent groups for diverting their weapons from the front line with the government.

The infighting is pitting the powerful Army of Islam group against al-Rahman Corps and al-Qaida-linked group the Levant Liberation Committee, or Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Each side blames the other for triggering the fighting in the power struggle over control of eastern Ghouta. Some activists have called on Army of Islam to rid eastern Ghouta of the powerful al-Qaida-linked group.

The Observatory said shots were fired at the protesters in one area, leaving five injured.

In 24 hours of fighting, the Observatory said at least 38 insurgents from the warring sides were killed. Damascus-based Shaam News Network put the number at 60, in addition to six civilians killed because of the clashes.

For the past three years, the government has been unable to regain control of the eastern suburbs of Damascus. But in recent weeks, an intensified offensive points to a new determination to retake the area.

On Saturday, activists reported a heavy air campaign against the area’s Qaboun neighborhood.


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  1. Because you may be able to identify them that they are simply registered criminals and murderers in a data base ?

  2. Both SOHR and the white hell nuts have good working relationships with the Saudi/Israeli/Turk/CIA/MI6-backed mercenary terrorists (e.g., IS/Daesh & al-Qaeda/al-Nusra). Otherwise, SOHR and the white hell nuts could not do & report what they do.

    Another possibility is that IS/Daesh and/or al-Qaeda/al-Nusra murdered the hapless white hell nuts — just for the P.R. value — then gave the story to that fat, sweaty, SOHR boy in Coventry. Then, presstitutes at al-Arabiya reported it. Not as far-fetched as some might think…

  3. Your tax dollars paid for that unit, i thought it was illégal to support terrorism??

    Sorry my english aint thé best friends and thé french autocorrect is overwhelming lol.
    On the positive note, most of thèse “rescuers” Will die from silicosis, à painful and agonizing death cause by breathing concrete dust.
    Sweet justice!!

  4. Also thé Lights are américain style. Nice spatious cab for the jihadi operator,you can even see His traîner in thé cab showing him how it works.

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  7. Serves them right. These scumbags are not “volunteers”, or a “rescue group”. None of the lives they supposedly saved have been verified by any other legitimate human rights organization. They have been caught and have admitted to staging rescue videos. They operate only in terrorist occupied territories, which is why they get bombed. Some reports from Syria claim the White Helmets actually killed the legitimate Syrian civil defence and stole their equipment. There are too many photographs showing them celebrating with al Qaeda and al nusra, flashing the V for victory, while carting away dead Syrian Arab Army soldiers. Their satanic propaganda exploits, and in many cases, causes the suffering of children, to induce an emotional response from the public and justify the push to remove Assad. I hate all of this and I’m ashamed of my nations degeneracy.

    • No, the V-sign is for the bar keeper about 2 beer and 3 Whisky for Winston Church ill (joke) In realitiy its the sign for “split” every group.

  8. In the middle of last month a Russian ‘bunker buster’ hit an underground ‘hospital’ that other commentators said was a White Hat HQ. Could be a connection here.

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