Russian AWACS is operational in Syria

Russian AWACS in Syria
Russian AWACS in Syria


“Fire Away!”

[ Editor’s Note: VT had predicted that the hyped missile attack on Syria, totally a bravado exercise for Trump, gave the Russians a wide opening for upgrading Syria’s air defenses, a poor trade off for Trump for the damage done, as an old partially used airbase was the main target.

We saw this happen early after the Ukraine coup, backed by the US, when American contractors were running around all over Ukraine, assisting the degraded Ukie army in driving the Russian Donbass people into the Black Sea. NATO began moving more assets into the Baltics.

Western media gave little media coverage to Putin’s announcement that three new divisions were being created solely to confront this threat from the West on its western border. This was followed by a speeding up of getting new weapons into all Russia’s military units, lots of snap drills and larger scale combined operations.

Those units are operational now, and no one in Western media seems interested in asking what strategic benefit did the US get. It has a new ally that has a devastated economy and is now a black hole for those who can afford to manipulate it for their own gain. The Ukrainian people did not ask for this… Jim W. Dean ]

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Bombing this target was not worth Syria having an S-400 air defense system covering the whole country

… from  Southfront

The Russian military has deployed the airborne early warning and control (AEW) aircraft to Syria. According to local sources, the AEW aircraft arrived the Hmeimim airbase in the town of Jableh few days after the US missile strike on the Al-Sha’irat airbase.

The aircraft was identified as an upgraded version of the A-50U equipped with the Vega Shmel-M radar, capable of detect the launch of a missile or a fighter jet in the range of 650km. The detection range for ground targets is 300km.

The A-50U can conduct command and control air operations, guide friendly fighters and track multiple enemy fighters at the same time. The aircraft can remain in the air for more than 9 hours, and has the ability to detect ground targets and ships.

Last week, Sergey Rudskoy, Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department, announced that Russia had deployed a multi-level control system in Syria that control the entire Syrian airspace from the Hmeimim airbase.

The deployment of the A-50U in Syria is believed to be aimed at improving the ability to detect hostile aircraft and missiles expanding the air defense capabilities of Russian forces.

According to reports, the previous deployment of such a plane in Syria took place in 2015.


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  1. A questionable missile attack after a questionable gas attack, with the follow up of questionable deployment of more missile and anti-missile technology. This seems too moronic to be unquestioned. The flashiness of the MOAB adds a degree of weapon sales as the motive and it seems to work for both Russia and US weapons contractors. Trump is a salesman and yard sale manager , and his normal game is flash bang then sell earplugs. Selling AK rounds is boring compared to selling intercontinental hyper speed missiles and magic satellites, and of course the complimentary anti-tech is the snake oil worth billions and zillions. Did we just pay 1 billion because an ill advised tweet set off Jong Un, or did Trump just sell 50 billion in anti-missile tech ?

  2. Trump’s first 100 daze is one for the books as his administration blunders and bluffs its way from one mismanaged disaster after another; one that has trump suffering from a record low approval rating of 41%…..oh well, there’s no accounting for the far right lunatic fringe of Florida rednecks and red state voters, many of whom are whacked out on opiods and other various pain killers.
    A good look into his cabinet indicates the hill billies have taken over.
    Over at the Onion, there is a great photo montage of Trump’s first 100 daze. It’s a hoot.

  3. if the plane flies at an altitude of 7000 m, its horizon circle will have a radius of 300 km.

  4. Please Jim, you are making US major global actions sound moronic. Surely there is someone intelligent in control! Or is it really as bad as you are making it sound?

    • Cosmo, Hopefully , you’re being facetious or are you really serious? U.S. foreign policy is as moronic as it is
      dangerous and suicidal. The fact that israel controls America’s foreign policy in regards to the middle east is a strong indicator of the insane leading the corrupt. There are intelligent people in Washington, people who know better. Unfortunately they have either been drowned out, corrupted or removed.
      There is no common sense in Washington any more neither is there any sanity.
      You can’t expect anything positive from a cess pool.

  5. So, will the Russian AWAC now further monitor Israeli/American air strikes and movements in Syria?
    How about NROL-76? The newest “Israeli” spy and “defence” satellite taken into orbit by Elon Musk. So secret that only a few “double citizens” in USA know about the new technology.
    Will the USA ever be run by Americans before the lights go out?
    Sad, really sad, right Trump?

  6. Who says that Trump, Ivanka, Jared & Bibi didn’t achieve good results with their ineffective 59-Tomahawk strike on an old Syrian airbase (or at least close to it)? JWD just told us about one result. ;-).

    • I read that Jim says “a poor trade off”. But at least this stunt seems to have stopped the intensely reported attempts to have him removed from his position. I have also noted repeated use of tags such as “incompetent” and “not very bright” about US leadership. But such, if factual, is dangerous.
      An example from daily life might be someone who drives his car in such a way that nobody can guess his next move.

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