Easing of info war with West not in sight, battle for minds to intensify – Russian intel chief


… from  Russia Today,  Moscow

The majority is unable to protect its rights in the face of aggressive minorities, they are constantly forced to apologize and justify themselves for the fact of their very existence.” Sergey Naryshkin, Russia’s foreign intelligence chief

Mcnamara revealed some hard truths in some of his last interviews

[ Editor’s Note: I chose this story when reading it for the line about the current Russia vs the West information war being at a pitch higher than during the Cold War. Robert McNamara, during one his last interviews, spoke of the Cold War as really a being “hot war” – his attempt to have it viewed for what it really was.

Back in those days, there was justification for the level of information war. In fact, special laws were passed pointing out that any non-military actions that hurt the USSR were just fine with Washington.

It was under this umbrella that Reagan sent Lee Wanta out with his personally authorized goal to crash the Soviet ruble, which they did by shorting it.

But missed in the current level of information war hostilities is there being no real justification for such actions now. In the old days, both East and West had tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, along with chemical warfare; and both sides intended to used them if a war started. The Soviets’ tactic was to pour endless armor attack into Germany, taking whatever losses, to burn through the US and German defenses before major reinforcements could arrive from the States.

Lee Wanta operated under a law that allowed anything that hurt the Soviet economy to be done legally

After the breakup of the USSR, the economic pillaging of Russia via a cruel but fake helping hand offered by US experts  almost succeeded in establishing an oligarch puppet government, where most of the bigwigs also had Israeli passports. Russia’s military went into a steep decline, as did its economy.

The nativist coup led by Putin is the only thing that saved the country from being colonized by the Deep State hoodlums.  It was a long struggle for Russians to finally get their country’s economy at a reasonable level. But at that point, the previous US and Westerner looters, who felt cheated, decided to have another go at Russia.

They went to work cranking up a new Russian bogeyman scam, despite its having no demonstrable offensive threat capability, nor interest in such. The Russians just wanted to build up their country, but the greed meisters in the West viewed that as “getting out of line”, and here were are with a totally manufactured threat with vast support among Western institutions.

It’s like we have learned nothing from the track record of our own war mongering bastards, which is in plain sight for all to see. Not really even laying a glove in them in oppositions will go down as one of our biggest citizen failures, I am sad to say Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  April 27,  2017  –

Strengthening information security is as important as increasing military capabilities, Sergey Naryshkin, Russia’s foreign intelligence chief, said, adding that tensions in the ideological war with the West sometimes exceed Cold War levels.

Sergei Naryshkin

“Conflicts in the ideological information field are, especially, strained. The current phase of ideological confrontation is approaching the fever pitch of the Cold War in its severity and sometimes even exceeds it,” Naryshkin said at the VI Moscow Conference on International Security on Thursday.

“The difference is that ideology is now promoted not by the Eastern bloc, but by the Western elites, at least, a part of them that doesn’t want to give up on the neoliberal, globalist approach,” he added.

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the ideas of “globalization, multiculturalism” pushed forward by the Western elites reach the “point when the very notion of majority in social processes becomes marginal. The majority is unable to protect its rights in the face of aggressive minorities, they are constantly forced to apologize and justify themselves for the fact of their very existence.”

In his address, Naryshkin warned that “the prospect of easing the information confrontation isn’t in sight.”

“The battle for the minds will become more intense and cover new areas. It’ll be accompanied by dissemination of ‘fake news,’ introduction of innovative technologies to impact the masses, the fusion with virtual reality,” he said.

“In this post-truth world, the task of strengthening information sovereignty is as relevant as, say, increasing the defensive potential or developing national economy,” the SVR chief added.

He also pointed out that hopes that “common sense will prevail on the international scene,” which were voiced by politicians and military officials at the start of the year, have “so far been misplaced.”

“Our partners in the West have been unable to overcome the inertia. They continue attempts to talk to Russia from the position of strength and without regard for the international law,” he explained.

 “I will reiterate that in relations with Russia such tactics are futile. Any attempts by the West to exert pressure on our country are absolutely unacceptable. We will cooperate only on an equal basis, taking into account the whole range of mutual interests. This is the only approach, which is capable of ensuring that the regional balance of power is maintained,” Naryshkin said.

The Western push to impose its will under different pretexts can only lead “to more chaos on the international scene,” which is the reason for almost all international crises, he concluded.


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  1. I am sure Mr. Naryshkin is well aware of the real facts of history, and as especially impacts Russia. I am sure he knows Them, responsible for the inciting an execution of a scheme that resulted in over 65 million white christian deaths. And I am sure he’s well aware of the truth of the ‘glasnost’ operation 74 years later when They employed to divest Russia of its assets, creating the ‘oligarch’ fronts, who stole Russia’s wealth at the auction block.
    Mr. Naryshkins too tactful, but nevertheless accurate statements reflect with surety his full cognizance of the depth of the penetration They have succeeded in carrying out in Amerika – the ‘post truth’ dystopic successor to the previous conceptual America – which lies aborted.
    By Them.

  2. It’s interesting to read a different take on Wanta, from being the hero of ending the cold war to plundering the working man. Oh well, the price of beer and vodka just keeps going up. To my brothers in Russia, may our children enjoy peace and prosperity.

  3. The sanction on Russia were imposed after MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, under the pretext it was done by by pro-Russian rebels. And this event, a pure false-flag in the letter and spirit of so many others, one simple description of which in its occult translation would make 3-d graders to exclaim “Not these maniacs again!”
    is serving as a basis for, actually, an act of economic war which hits entire population. How many more Reichstags need to burned before humanity develops solid immunity to cheap lies, no matter how big they are ?

  4. Crucial stuff. Are “We the People” so blind that we can’t recognize tyranny?
    We bomb and murder nations populated by those darker than us. We attack weak nation which are “naive” in believing their resources belong to the people within their borders. We will crucify nations which argue the dollar is usury.
    Americans with low incomes accept 30% interest on credit cards. Once the balance is over $5,000 the card will never be paid to zero. Student loans? The list goes on…debt slavery is the new middle class. We kill daily on a lie.
    Military spending is at stupid levels. Corruption is right in our face. America has been punked.

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