U.S. & Daesh (ISIS) are CIA mercenary thugs, must leave Afghanistan

Butcher of Kabul Not Accepted

May 3 2017

To the Honorable Secretary General Antonio Guterres
United Nations
New York, New York 10017

RE: The U.S. and Daesh (ISIS) are CIA mercenary thugs, must leave Afghanistan

Dear Secretary- General Guterres:

The CIA and Pakistani Intelligence Service, ISI ‘s Puppet, Criminal Warlord, “the Butcher of Kabul,” Gulbuddeen Hekmatyr, and Daesh (ISIS), who are CIA mercenaries, are Not the Solution for Afghanistan.

According to Afghan villagers, on May 1, 2017, there was fighting in Nangarhar Province between the Afghan Freedom Fighters and Daesh (ISIS), who are CIA mercenaries. The Freedom Fighters almost defeated Daesh, but the U.S. brought in new mercenaries and bombarded the Freedom Fighters. To me, it seems that the U.S. really does not want to defeat Daesh. What is really going on?

Just recently, Gulbuddin Hekmatyr (“the Butcher of Kabul” during the 1990s), who has been kept by the U.S. at Bagram, air base was brought to Laghman Province. A few days later, Lt. Gen. Naveed Mukhtar of the Pakistan ISI chief went to Kabul to pave the way for Gulbiddeen Hekmatyr to come to Kabul. This ISI Lt. General is talking with the Afghan Administration because Pakistan wants to put pressure on the Afghan Freedom Fighters by encouraging Hekmatyr to fight the Afghan Freedom Fighters.

Pakistan wants Hekmatyr as the new Afghan puppet.This old “dancing boy”, criminal war lord, Hekmatyr, is not accepted by the Afghan people. At the same time, at the airport near Jalalbad, Afghan villagers are reporting that the CIA is training Hezb Islami, the Gulbideen Hekmatry militia, and supplying them with weapons to fight the Pashtun/Afghan Freedom Fighters. The CIA has its headquarters for Eastern Asia at this airport. The CIA is implementing its divide and conquer tactics-Pashtun Hekmattyr fighters against Pashtun Freedom Fighters. I wonder if the newly trained fighters from Jalalbad are the CIA mercenaries. Are these new CIA mercenaries actually the fighters from Jalalbad?

These tactics by the U.S. to cause division amongst the Pashtun and instigate continued fighting is a method to justify to the American people or a way to create a rationale for the United States’ continued and long term presence in Afghanistan, which is the Heart of Central Asia.

Besides having the world’s largest, vast untapped Rare Earth Materials (REEs) deposits, which the U.S. wants to control and stockpile, Afghanistan, as the Heart of Central Asia, is the location where the United States wants its new outer defense perimeter after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. The United States plans to have permanent bases in Afghanistan. To do so, it has to have a rationale. Its rationale is it is fighting terrorism in Afghanistan. The U.S. has to create division, and instability to cause violence and label it as “terrorism”. It does so by training CIA mercenaries and dividing the Pashtun.

Russia, India, Iran and China want the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan because the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is impeding the implementation of the Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor agreement.

Afghanistan, the Heart of Central Asia, links China to the West. Russia and India want to connect to this economic trade route. The building of the new “silk road”, through Afghanistan is being impeded by the U.S. occupation of and war in Afghanistan. China cannot connect its rail roads and roads through Afghanistan to the west. The ring roads are not being built and connected to the roads and tracks of neighboring countries, particularly those roads and tracks in Western China. The U.S. war impedes connectivity and the trade. Central Asia is the region of new economic growth.

History does repeat itself. In the 19th century, the British superpower lost its wars in Afghanistan. Soon after it lost its status as a global superpower. In the 20th century, the Afghans defeated the Soviets, who were forced to withdraw in 1989. The Afghan Mujahedin had anti-aircraft weapons in the last part of that decade. The Soviet Union lost the war and was drained economically by the decade long war. Soon after the it fell apart, the Warsaw Pact was demolished and it did not exist.

Now, in the 21st century, the United States has invaded occupied Afghanistan and waged war for almost 16 years. It has spent trillions on this war/occupation, but yet it has not won anything. In fact, the U.S has more debt and is less secure. Only the war profiteers have won and lined their pockets.

The United States has borrowed trillions from China and others. China is winning. Right now, the U.S. must be very careful not to slip down the slope like the former superpowers because China and Russia want to see the United States fail and topple economically. China wants to be the only superpower. Russia wants to be with China and be a superpower again. Afghanistan is a money pit and a war that cannot be won.

I believe the solution is that the U.S. must change its policy from a war policy to a peace policy. The war profiteers are pushing for a continuation of the war. To achieve true peace, the U.S. must stop funding this war and must carefully hold direct negotiations with the Afghan Freedom Fighters and hold sincere talks to bring true peace. Otherwise, I fear that the U.S. will crumble just like the other superpowers have, and there will not be peace in Afghanistan. Both countries will lose. If the United States continues on the same course in Afghanistan, China will be the only superpower and Russia will regain its status.

Afghans do not want a corrupt government with war lords and communist war criminals like Rashid Dostum and Hanif Atmar like they have now. Afghans do not want “the Butcher of Kabul,’ Hekmatyr. They want a government that represents all Afghans. Afghans do not want puppet leaders selected by the U.S. or other foreign countries, or through a corrupt fraudulent election. The Afghan majority is not represented by this government.

The Afghan/Pashtun, the majority, are being killed and treated as enemies by the U.S. The Pashtun people do not understand why the U.S. is treating them in this manner. The Pashtun people throughout Afghanistan are very angry. They realize that the U.S. is dividing them as seen in the CIA’s recent tactics involving Hekmatyr. They fear that this division will cause more bloodshed and innocent lives lost.

Afghans are greatly concerned and angry about the killing of civilians and about their tribal and religious Islamic leaders, and outspoken students/political activists, who are being targeted and killed by the U.S/NATO and the Afghan army.

Afghans are concerned that their vast mineral wealth, rare earth elements and other earth materials are being stolen by the war lords, war profiteers and the foreigners. They believe that the majority of the Afghan people will become poorer while a few Afghan war profiteers and foreigners will become extremely wealthy.

Afghans are concerned about the contamination of their environment by uranium –tipped weaponry and lack of infrastructure to handle the waste properly. Afghans are concerned about the high rates of birth defects, still births and cancer since this war/occupation.

Afghan /Pashtun are angry about the United States’ dropping of the 21,000 pound, Mother of all Bombs (MOAB), the largest bomb ever onto Achin District in Nangarhar Province where Pashtun villagers were killed .

Based on what has occurred during almost sixteen years, it appears that in order to achieve its goals the U.S. government has to eliminate the native population, the Pashtun, who is fighting for its independence. The U.S. government is trying to eliminate the Pashtun tribe, which is the largest native tribe in the world. Anyone, who has knowledge about what is happening on the ground, knows that the Pashtun tribal leaders, Pashtun intellectuals and religious leaders are being killed and eliminated by the U.S. and its puppets with their weapon of choice being drones.

Afghan Villagers Being Raped and Killed

The Pashtun villagers are being raped, killed and forced out of their homes after their villages are bulldozed or bombed, especially in the Helmand region because the Pashtun’s land contains the largest untapped REEs worth trillions. The U.S. and its puppets are destroying their villages, killing those who defend themselves, raping the women and children and forcing them to leave. These tactics sound really familiar to me.

I believe history does repeat itself. This U.S. imperialistic campaign of genocide against the native Pashtun tribe and the theft of the Pashtun’s home land and REEs is exactly what the United States has done to the Native American tribes in the U.S. in the past centuries. The U.S. tactics of killing the leaders of the Native American tribes, who resisted occupation, is being implemented today in the Pashutn villages.

The U.S. tactics of forced relocation, theft of the native tribes’ land rich in valuable resources, and divide and conquer tactics, are being implemented against the native Pashtun tribe, who pose the only threat to the United States’ achievement of its goals in Afghanistan and the region.

It reminds me of the forced relocation of the Cherokee Native American tribe, who resisted the U.S. invader/occupier in the 19th century. In 1824-25, the U.S. killed the Cherokee leaders, seized the valuable Cherokee land, and forced the Cherokees to relocate to undesirable, strange land called the “Indian territory.” This war crime is referred to as the “Trail of Tears”. Does this sound familiar? Now, a few greedy Afghan puppets are signing agreements with the U.S., Pashtun land rich in REEs is being seized with villages destroyed, Pashtun tribal leaders are being killed, and Pashtuns are being forcefully relocated to “tribal” territory. And last but not least, the MOAB is dropped on them.

History has shown that Afghanistan is the grave yard of the superpowers because the Native Afghans, who are the majority, cherish their freedom and never surrender when foreign troops are on their soil. I hate violence and war. I only want true peace in Afghanistan and an end to war, but I honestly do not see that happening as long as the U.S. continues with its present policy of divide and conquer and exclusion of the Afghan majority. I do not see the war ending as long as the U.S. Congress funnels trillions of dollars to war profiteers and funds this ugly war. I do not see the war ending as long as greedy war profiteers line their pockets and the U.S. government does not investigate the “missing” trillions of dollars and prosecute the criminal war profiteers.

The United States’ “selected” leader from the outside, Ghani, is not be accepted by the Afghan majority, who will not talk peace with the puppet or his selected cabinet. He is a war profiteer. He is part of the corrupt system. Unfortunately with the new puppet government of ethnic minorities, war lords, communist war criminals and drug traffickers it will just be more of the same- corruption, drug trafficking, the stealing of the Afghans REEs, violence and war.

I strongly believe true peace can be achieved that will be beneficial to Afghans and Americans. Although peace will not be financially beneficial to the war profiteers. Change the war strategy to a “sincere” negotiations strategy for peace. To do so, Pakistan cannot be involved in these negotiations. The United States knows that the Afghan Freedom Fighters will not come to the table if Pakistan is involved. Therefore, I strongly believe that peace negotiations must be held without Pakistan’s involvement.

In addition, I just heard that on May 2, 2017 the U.S. mercenaries dropped a chemical agent onto the villagers in the Badakhshan province ishkashim district in Afghanistan. This action is a war crime. The U.S. and Daesh (ISIS) are CIA mercenary thugs, must leave Afghanistan.

The criminal warlord, “the Butcher of Kabul”, Hekmatyr, is not the solution.

Abdul Kadir Mohmand
Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighter for North America in the 1980s

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Kadir A. Mohmand

Abdul Kadir Mohmand was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He currently resides at Kalamazoo, Michigan. He graduated from Kabul High School. On an UNESCO scholarship, Mr. Mohmand studied at Sofia University, Bulgaria from 1976 until 1978 when his studies were interrupted by the Communist seizure of power in Afghanistan. The new Afghan Communist government ordered the Bulgarian government to return him to Afghanistan because he was anti-communist. Mr. Mohmand requested political asylum. With the help of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy, he arrived to Italy and then the United States in 1979.

Mr. Mohmand returned to his studies and earned his B.S. in 1983 from Western Michigan University. He found employment in various positions in the engineering business. For many years, he worked for BFI and was country operations manager for BFI Italia. Currently, Mr. Mohmand owns a shopping center and develops commercial properties.

During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand was the Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand returned to Afghanistan to fight as a freedom fighter against the Soviets and Afghan communists. Through an arrangement with Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mr. Mohmand would bring back wounded Afghan children and Mujahideen for medical treatment at Borgess and recuperation in his home in Kalamazoo. He formed and was president of a nonprofit, Aid for Afghanistan.

In the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand also worked with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan in Washington D.C to bring wounded Afghans to the United States for medical treatment.

For the past four decades Mr. Mohmand has dedicated his life to working to achieve true peace and stability in Afghanistan.

A few years ago, Mr. Mohmand organized educated Afghans intellectuals across the world who drafted a comprehensive plan for peace. Presently, he has united many different Afghan peace organizations under one umbrella. The goal of this network is to unite Afghans to bring true peace in and the independence of Afghanistan. This network wants to be the bridge between the Afghan freedom fighters and the silent Afghan majority, and the Western World in any peace negotiations.

Mr. Mohmand wants true peace and stability in Afghanistan. As a veteran of war, Mr. Mohmand hates war.

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  1. His suggestions of US negotiations are wrong. The only way forward is for the US to just plain and simple GTFO. Period. Any ‘negotiations’ involving the US or UN is subject to subterfuge and not to be trusted. They are both well known for making agreements that are destructive and only serve to enhance their control. If it were possible, the Afghans should quietly unite and begin driving out the foreigners…unfortunately, every country has it’s ‘patriots’ that will gladly sell out their own people for a nickle.

  2. Why do you need a leader ? Let the eldest of every tribe lead the people and decide the outcome of your country and if needed they can choose one to be their speaker. Government is mindcontrol.

  3. The only way out is the Afghans should get together and tell every one else to get out and they should decide every thing themselves.
    This is known to every Afghan but some how they are playing into hands of some one or the other just to make some money.
    May Allah help them.

  4. This is a good letter but like most such letters it will be ignored. The U.S. is now a criminal enterprise under external control mainly by Israel. We citizens are virtually powerless to do anything about it all other than wait to see where the chips fall and when WWIII begins. It is not a trivial task to organize some 300 million people especially when they are brainwashed idiots.

    • An excellent article and may Allah bless Afghanistan and brother Abd alKadir. The Cabal depends on the opium trade to finance their paper money kiting scheme. They use the US army’s volunteer boots for the meat grinders around the world. The drugs are at the base of this triangular trade. They will never leave Afghanistan and they know the history of the freedom fighters. This is the reason for erradication by all means.
      There are two logical conclusions. 1. The Pastuns fight and are aided by a foreign country as in during the Soviet occupation, however who?
      2. WW3: becomes hot and China will have no option but to invade Afghanistan eliminating US bases and ending overnight the the drug trade; on its way to invade Israel. By threatening Israel the US is forced to split its forces. In addition, by entering into the ME, China opens a major front with direct bases on the Med. With Russia attacking Nato from the north and China from the south NATO will require a great deal of US resources to keep from collapsing like an empty cardboard box.
      The end is near for empire and above all for Israel, the tribe that genocides other tribes.

  5. This is a well presented letter, full of important information. Sadly, I don’t believe it will be given the consideration it deserves. Simply because Antonio Guterres himself, is a puppet. One reason I say this, is because no thinking person with any sense of integrity, would suggest Israel’s Tzipi Livni for a senior role at the UN. But, Guterres did. To me, there is only one way that such a nonsensical suggestion can make sense. That is, he is doing what his sponsors expect him to do. I hope I’m wrong about all this, and Guterres meditates on your letter and does the right thing.

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