NWO Thugs and Satanists: The Greatest Threat on Earth Is…Russia!


…by  Jonas E. Alexis


You simply cannot make this stuff up at all. NWO agents like Lindsey Graham and James Comey are still propounding the politically incoherent statement that Russia is the “greatest threat of any nation on Earth”! Why?

Well, Graham and Comey would like to tell us again that Russia hacked the United States and therefore “represents a threat to our democratic process.”[1] America, according to this view, would do nothing of the sort. We’re the good guys. And good guys respect the law and follow international laws. Russia is undemocratic. Russia is evil. As Graham put it last year,

“I don’t understand how any candidate to be leader of the free world could praise Putin, who’s a thug and an autocratic dictator.”[2]

So, Graham actually believes that we should hit Russia really hard for allegedly violating the sovereignty of the United States. 2017, says Graham, “is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress. If you’re worried that we’re not going to look long and hard at what Russia did in our election because Trump won and Republicans are in charge, you don’t need to worry about that. We are. Because if we don’t, it could be the Chinese or Iranians next, it could be the Republicans next time.”[3]

The problem with that stupid idea is that Graham cannot universalize it. Immanuel Kant could have helped Graham here, but Graham is obviously not interested in applying practical reason in the political landscape; Graham is interested in following the dictates of the Israeli regime, which are essentially diabolical and anti-reason.

Graham will never address the fact that the United States has attacked more than a dozen countries after World War II alone. Graham does not want to talk about the fact that it was the United States and Israel that actually created stuxnet, the virus that hacked Iranian computers.[4]

The real problem is that Russia has really screwed people like Graham up when it comes to the situation in Syria. Graham wants regime change in Syria,[5] but Russia is looking for peaceful resolutions.[6] This is Graham at his best:

“Here’s what I think Assad’s telling Trump by flying from this base: ‘F you.’ And I think he’s making a serious mistake.”[7]

Referencing World War II, the psychopath declared: “ISIS should be Germany, and Assad should be Japan.”[8] In response to Graham’s diabolical ideology in the Middle East, Pat Buchanan wrote back in 2013,

“The true friends of America are those seeking to keep us out of wars, not those maneuvering us in.”[9]

Perhaps it is time for Graham to stop being an Israeli marionette. Perhaps it is time for him to submit his will to the moral order, not to the policies of the Israeli regime.


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  1. Graham is a boyhood experimental lover of George W.Bush. His arguments that ISIS should be Germany probably refer to that ISIS should attack Russia as long and as territorially distant as possible, because such was US-German alliance for most of NAZI period. If we seriously observe our short history, whenever an opportunity presented itself to the Western elites, they have aligned with any available anti-Russian element. Taliban, NAZIs, Azov, ISIL, you name it. That is really a definition of true psychopaths.

  2. The problem is that the U.S. is heading towards financial collapse because of her astronomical debt. Our currency is based on paper while that of China and Russia are backed with gold. It dosen’t take a genius to see that Russia and China are rapidly overtaking the U.S. economically and politically on the world stage. There are some stupid political leaders in the U.S. that think this inevetible outcome can be prevented by using U.S. superior military might. The problem with that idea is twofold. The military solution to a problem usually creates greater problems. A conventional war between nuclear super powers can quickly escalate into a nuclear exchange that could leave the planet uninhabitable for thousands of years.

    • Correct – the reserve currency status of the failed American Petro / Dollar is evident with the bond yields reflected in the Puerto Rican bankruptcy that just went down. A grim reminder of the folly of empire and the pathetic Rothschild central banking equation which is having its ass thoroughly kicked up and down.
      How else can you explain MacMasters reckless bravado?

  3. Lindsay Graham is a Neocon fudge packer. Putin did not interfere in US elections. There is no evidence to suggest such nonsense. If there is, show it to me. Nobody in their right mind believes the empty words of hollow US politicians. Besides, there is no democratic process in the US for Russia to interfere with. Israel has already destroyed the democratic process in America, by purchasing politicians on all sides with bribes and concessions, to insure their candidate wins no matter what. Politicians sell their integrity and even their soul to agents of Israel for a chance to be their whipping boy. Once a politician accepts Israeli blood money, they represent Israel, not America. He who pays the piper picks the tune. This is why America is sending their sons and daughters to fight and die in Israel’s wars throughout the Middle East. Israel’s disastrous influence on the US government, economy, media and basically everything else, is blatantly obvious. Not only that, but they’ve arrogantly boasted of such control in a number of occasions. They are an insatiable parasite, sucking the lifeblood from the US. Lindsey Graham, do the world a favour and go play in traffic.

  4. Considering who Mr. Graham is really serving to, what year it is, and the specificity of what he said, it’d be surprising if translation of the key part of his statement to one ancient ( but still very popular) language didn’t result in the code corresponding the birthplace of that language – “Babylon”=71/7. And it does: “2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress” =572/53=11-11/(70-17). Same phrase in reverse alphabet =771/53=(701+70) /(70-17), and the sum of both =1343/106=(1+70)/(100+6)+6+6. So the statement is saturated with almost “all shades of gray”. Alas, it hardly compensates the absence of sense. As they say, “No talent to draw, at least use bright colors” …

  5. I wanna ask one question: WHO are you, mr.Graham? WHAT are you to judge, to propose and to proclaim and to set as a rule? I’m the one to tell you why you bite your elbows in desperate anger to blame Russia and you know this well:
    -we are the only country that is able to send USA to a stone age and several years ago you lost the hegemony, political and military;
    -we overcame all the color revolutions you tried to promote and occur. Closed 100s of pro-american NGOs and recently terminated your old CIA organisation – The Watch Tower Organisation. We have Orthodox mentality and soul and we do not need and never accept your filthy “western values” that you have tried to plant in our minds – no gay parades and pervert propaganda, juvenile justice and etc;

    • -we are to open the Truth and your job is to set the world on Lie;
      -we didn’t sell our faith, dignity, land and values for your Coca-Cola;
      -we managed to live through hard times but never become your NWO vassals and we have a strong leader, that is too die hard for you to crack him. And as coward, you have no spirit to make a fair play – you wow like a coyote without teeth ;
      -sanctions… Russian people laugh at them – come and see;
      The only matters is that swamp-things like you may cross the line and there would be pushed the buttons from both sides.
      P.S. It’s easier to strangle you with a pillow in the bedroom than let you be the person in US power. USA must live, but without such losers and warmongers.
      McCain, this also concerns you, the old rotten stump 🙂
      Best wishes from Russian Federation and my special warm sincere greetings for all good USA Veterans, who struggled in the WW2 against fascism!
      9th of May is the most important Day in Russia (ex-USSR peoples) coming soon.

  6. No, the greatest threat on eart for those thugs is truth and reason which they will never understand because they hate the truth.

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