Russia declassifies secret report on horrifying Nazi crimes in wartime Ukraine


Russia declassifies secret report on horrifying Nazi crimes in wartime Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a unique archive of documents detailing the atrocities and horrifying cruelty perpetrated by the Nazis during their occupation of the city of Kherson, Ukraine during World War II.

The documents, published on the Ministry’s website this week, feature a report by Lieutenant-General Mikhail Rudkov, the head of the political department of the Third Ukrainian Front, dated April 3, 1944. The report lays out in detail the Nazi occupation forces’ cruelty, including their torture and execution of tens of thousands of civilians, the looting, plundering and destruction of city property, and their attempts to impose a new political and ideological order in the occupied territory.

The document is accompanied by a forensic medical examination report, conducted after the exhumation of the bodies from mass graves seven kilometers outside the city.

The preface to Rudkov’s report reads: “In the two years and seven months of its control of the city of Kherson, the Germans committed monstrous crimes: murdering tens of thousands of Soviet citizens, including women, children, the elderly and prisoners of war. Thousands of youth were taken away into slavery in Germany. The Nazis conducted a systematic campaign of violence against Soviet citizens, beating, brutalizing and victimizing them in all possible ways, stealing state property and the belongings of the civilian population, destroying factories, public facilities, schools and cultural facilities.”

Citing eyewitness reports, other testimony and estimates by local officials, the secret document details the cruelty inflicted by the Nazis against Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, Gypsies, and other groups, such as the mentally disabled. The Gestapo secret police alone are estimated to have killed up to 17,000 people, stepping up their campaign as the Soviet army came close to liberating the city.

The report also covers the special cruelty reserved for Soviet prisoners of war, who numbered in the hundreds of thousands following the surprise invasion in 1941. Rudkov details how in Kherson region, POWs were left to starve to death in camps, and subjected to torture and summary execution. The report reads: “From cold, hunger, abuse and infection (including dysentery and typhus), up to a hundred POWs would die per day.”

The report details how over 15,000 people from the city and the surrounding area, mostly children and teenagers, were forcibly rounded up and taken from their homes and sent to work camps in Germany in cattle wagons.

The first page of Rudkov’s report, from the Central Archive of the Defense Ministry’s Department Studying the Crimes of the Nazi German Invaders During the Great Patriotic War.

Rudkov also focuses on the Nazi plunder of Kherson’s industrial and agricultural potential (much of it built up just a decade earlier during the difficult and taxing industrialization campaign). The officer documents how in the city’s center, the Nazis took control of hundreds of houses and apartment buildings, government offices, stores, schools, and cultural centers. “The city’s outskirts were particularly hard hit: here the Germans burned or destroyed over 600 houses,” the report noted.

The formerly classified report also covers the Nazis’ targeting of schools, and institutions of higher learning. It calculates that in the course of the occupation, over three quarters of secondary schools were closed. 75,000 books from the library of the pedagogic institute were burned, with another 225,000 books from other libraries and institutes also destroyed. Prior to their expulsion, the Nazis looted Kherson’s Historical-Archeological Museum, known before the war to have contained the most impressive collection of artifacts in southern Ukraine.

Rudkov writes that occupation forces banned Russian-language schools, notwithstanding the strong presence of Russian in the city. In the remaining Ukrainian-language schools, only maths, handicrafts, Ukrainian and German language studies were permitted. History, geography, sciences and other subjects were simply banned.

“The Hitlerites worked to liquidate Ukrainian national culture,” the report stresses, with city movie theaters showing only German films and Goebbels’ propaganda. The region’s churches were also looted, their icons, silver and gold crosses, other artifacts transferred to Germany.

The documents also make clear that as the war bore on and their successes were rolled back, the Nazis began a campaign to try to cover up their crimes in the occupied territories. This is shown by a directive by Wehrmacht High Command obtained and translated into Russian from June 15, 1944, showing a ‘categorical ban’ on photographing executions, along with an order to carry out the killings without witnesses.

Commenting on the significance of these documents, the Ministry of Defense explained that they have “acquired a special relevance today, in light of attempts by various political forces both in our country and abroad to rewrite the history of World War II and to impose a new version on the world – to reshape history for political purposes.”

The Ministry recalled that the Great Patriotic War (the Russian term for the Soviet-Nazi German war of 1941-1945) “brought the peoples of the Soviet Union not only huge losses on the front, but took the lives of millions of civilians. Without regard for any norms of international law or civilized relations, the fascist armies, declaring the total extermination of ‘sub-humans’ (the Nazi term for the Slavic peoples) methodically organized a campaign of brutal terror in the territories they occupied.”

Kherson, a region in southern Ukraine situated just north of Crimea, was occupied by Nazi forces in the summer of 1941, and suffered nearly three years of occupation before being liberated by Soviet troops in March 1944.

An estimated 6 million Ukrainians fought in the ranks of the Red Army during the Second World War. They fought alongside Russians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Jews and the dozens of other nationalities of the Soviet Union to liberate the country, and Europe, from the Nazi menace.

Unfortunately, over the last several years, in their effort to distance themselves from Russia, Ukrainian authorities have engaged in a systematic campaign to try to cast the 100,000 or so fighters from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), a militia force that collaborated with the Nazis, as heroes. Most Russians, and many Ukrainians, consider this to be a shameful attempt to rewrite history, particularly because the vast majority of Ukrainians fought against the Nazis, and the UPA, during the war.

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Ian Greenhalgh

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. JohnZ, thank you for your right on comments. It is obvious here how well propaganda can control the minds of people Those who know very little about history or logic or the rules of evidence do not even know what is happening to them.

  2. I have a difficult time separating facts from fiction, in regards to WWII and the Germans. One side paints Hitler and the Germans as horrible, racist supremacists, and other information I uncover is the total opposite. My wife and I have had many discussions over this and we have a difficult time sorting this out. Anyone with good recommendations?

    • Try reading some of David Irving’s books, many of which are available online as PDFs free. His book on Dresden is very good.

  3. The article is as dishonest as it can get. It smells false flag. The moral standards of German soldiers and officers are not to be dirtied by preposterous partisan lies! VT should be ashamed about allowing such a garbage propaganda to be published.

  4. I won’t trust Putin until he publicly admits that the Holocaust is a hoax and that operation Barbarossa was a desperate preemptive strike.

    • Also until he also tells us his family name in Czarist times and how his grand-father acquired the trusted position of a driver to a Communist Party member. Plus which KGB officials mentored him.

  5. “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism (Marxism).

  6. The first law passed after the Communists seized power in Russia made anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. (Izvestia, July 27, 1918). That law was never revoked after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

    • Correct. Those days 90% of Jews were communist and 90% of Communists were Jews, Not just in Russia. Communism is just one out of dozens of vehicles the Jews are using to get closer to Jewish world domination.

  7. Sounds like your out of touch with reality on this subject Ian. Besides the books mentioned you could also look at The Myth of German Villainy by Bradberry. The Germans were the victims in WW2 not the other way round.

  8. The vast majority of so-called “Nazi atrocities” on the Eastern front were actually Soviet false flag operations for the purpose of destroying the enthusiastic support the German troops were receiving from the locals who regarded them as their liberators from decades of Bolshevik terror. If you want to find out the truth on WWII read “The bad war” by M S King and “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich or at least watch the Hellstorm documentary, online von YouTube.

    • Ask our grannies, who sent their sons to the war, ask those veterans, who fought the “Uber alles”, see the cities and villages – burned, civil people killed, ask those who was in German camps (there are some still alive, if you didn’t expect). ASK! Bolsheviks? – You do not know anyone else? Germans came to USSR as liberators? You wanna say that all USSR peoples just waited for “liberation” from Germans and their EU allies? Shame! Write in your mind and NEVER even DARE to steal and mystify or pervert smth about 1941-1945 in the USSR.

    • I never said the German invaded the Soviet Union to liberate the Russians and Ukrainians. They did so, inspite if the dire odds of a two-front war. They did so for one reason alone and that is in anticipation of an imminent Soviet attack. At a time when Germany was producing cruise ships and VW beetles for farmers and workers, Stalin was stationing attack division after attack division along the western border in preparation for world conquest. His intentions were clear from his constant threats and unprovoked aggressions like in Finland’s winter war. He was producing ten times more canons, planes and tanks per month than Germany could because it was too busy improving the living conditions for its people.. Each month the odds got worse for Germany. So go back to your grandmas and tell them they got duped.

  9. Something stinks here. These documents were classified for 72 years? And they are published now? What for?
    Ian says: “The Russian Ministry of Defence has released a unique archive of documents detailing the atrocities …“ What is so unique about these documents? Are people going mad in Russia as well? Can someone take their bottles away and fire them?
    I have read stuff these documents supposedly contain, happening non stop in Syria over the last 3 years, and there, our boys, have committed atrocities as well.

    Are we supposed to be shocked now about what happened in the Ukraine 72 years ago? Further more, are we OK for now with what´s going on in Syria but begin to be shocked again in 72 years from now ?
    Does anyone here know what´s going on?

    • You may classify whatever you want, but when the participants of those time live – you may listen to them. The truth is that nowadays we accept only personal harm. Who cares now about killings of people in Africa, Syria online? Ask yourself! So, you may say thousands of words about Stalin, communists, hard life of Soviets under Jewish reign – nothing changes! It’s also the kind of breaded propaganda. If you lived after Stalin, Napoleon, Alexander the Macedonian – how can you judge them if you didn’t live at that times… As western people have no clue about atrocities during WW2 in USSR, the same we don’t feel close pity about your Pearl Harbor. We just feel sorry. And nothing else. Everyone has own pain. We are all human, but closer pain is closer. WW2 in USSR was struggle for life. And the words about form of government are filthy. The Nuremberg tribunal was about Germany. Clear.

    • Exactly. Something stinks like gefillte Fisch. This is what Germar Rudolf had to say about this article. Soviet-time “expert reports” are notoriously mendacious, and the fact that this one wasn’t even used by Stalin but disappeared in some drawer clearly indicates its quality. The atrocities described are probably Soviet atrocities from the time prior to the German occupation which were then blamed on the Germans, as they did with Katyn and Male Trostinet.

  10. We have not only such archives with evidences, but don’t forget, that we have the participants – the vets, the prisoners from concentrated camps, and they all share their stories. No propaganda. It is CLEAR that my people were considered as sub-humans and Nazis killed and tortured ’em as cattle. We will never forget it. We will NEVER forget the great DEED of our grandparents who survived, became strong and lived through these terrible days and they had beat and exterminated Nazi coalition with Wehrmacht till the end. Liberated USSR, Europe. Another time. Paid the greatest price for this Coup of Life. West always wanted to re-paint the true colors of this Terrible war, but we will never listen to them. This war is in our DNA, our blood and in our souls.
    Whole France surrendered to Germany in 43 days. Monaco – 1 day, Luxembourg – 1 day, Netherlands – 6 days, Belgium – 8 days, Yugoslavia – 12 days, Greece – 24 days, Poland – 36 days.
    The little company of soldiers from Pavlov House (Stalingrad, now Volgograd) resisted 58 days. A couple of Stalingrad streets resisted and fought the Nazi coalition. This is our struggle for Life, for physical existence. And we never let anyone from western re-writers to steal our Victory!

    • That is why, according to the memories of the participants, during the signing of the act of surrendering Germany on May 8, 1945, the head of the German delegation, Field Marshal Keitel, when he saw persons in French uniform among the people present at the ceremony, could not help wondering: “How ?! And these too won us, or what ?! ”
      It is interesting that the Field Marshal would have told Europeans today calling for the Victory Day to be celebrated without Russian participation. Probably, he would remind us that the Wehrmacht conquered their countries faster than a couple of houses in Stalingrad.

    • Great Post Andrew especially with Victory Day a couple days away. I enjoy Victory week in RU and understand more than most westerners I guess. Since I have retired and started to research the real history of the elitist bankers/manipulators and the truth about the real decisions involved with wars – its surprising. It seems like, and especially after the turn of the century and the Bolshevik revolution, there was a real urgency – to not let Russia team up with a new power like Germany. Stalin saw that Hitler wasn’t super fond of the Jews but needed their money in order to go forward with a great Germany. Stalin knew who funded the Bolsheviks, Trotsky and Lenin and those Bankers also knew he did. Stalin and Hilter had a informal pact in the 30’s. There was no way the Bankers and their countries -Britain, Canada, USA, France etc. could allow these two countries to form a ” super power” and threaten the Jewish Banking Cartels of Europe. So they made plans to split them up and make them – enemies- and it worked. Just like today – there is no way the West wants Russia to become allied with another great country. They are doing the same thing all over again except now China and Russia and Iran seems to have foiled their plans and the cat is out of the bag – the West and the Jew Banking Cartels have been exposed. This is my opinion from some research – oo dah chee y spasibo

    • Thank you, Mr.Compton! Thank you for understanding where are real facts and where are labels and mottoes.
      In my turn, i’d like to greet all western veterans with this Great Victory. I’ll drink a glass of cognac in Tunisia hotel resort on the 9th of May and hang a Victory Flag at the balcony of my hotel. I’m Russian and i care about all anti-Nazi coalition soldiers, who died in this war.

    • “There was no way the Bankers and their countries -Britain, Canada, USA, France etc. could allow these two countries to form a ‘super power’…”

      Then what was the Lend-Lease Act about? If Stalin were truly aligned against the banksters, why did the US and UK ship billions of dollars worth of military aid to the USSR? And why did the Soviet Union prop up the Holocaust narrative? This only helped the banksters. In fact, the only “Nazi death camps” are those liberated by the Soviets. Trusting a Soviet report would be like trusting a White Helmets report…

    • rebelofoz – God is the Judge to your words and poor mind. No wonder such people like you once a century get together and go to Russia for war, after that run away demoralized, hiding the tails, and sit in the corner telling everyone that Russians are to be blamed for your “heroism”. Wish you all the best, but never stay at my way.

    • That is total baloney. The only reasons the USSR won the war was the Lend-lease program extended by the banksters to the Communist Jews, the cannon-fodder sent fronm the Gulags (who preferred to die than go back under Jewish guards and Jewish kapos) and Central Asian (Muslim) Turkic armies that cut a swathe to Berlin.

      Does your name “Bakunov” make your family from Baku? Are you a Jew from Azerbaijan? That would explain why you would continue to eulogize the murderous USSR.

  11. Sure, we can trust what ever the communists say. Willing to bet, that just as the holohoax has been exposed this fairy tale will also be exposed as a hoax.
    Don’t forget the thousands of Polish officers murdered by the Soviets.
    Come on Ian, these reports were written by Marxist, communist officers of Stalin’s army, committed to spreading communism across Europe. Their lies were worse than anything Goebbels or Goering ever said.

    • In that the Bolshevics killed over 66 Million people, mostly Christian, I have trouble believing anything they say. What do the Germans have to say?

    • Germans have nothing to say. Nowadays Germans and Russians have nice attitude to each other. Former enemies during WW2. And what the US and EU political prostitutes say now about Russia?! They where USSR’s allies during WW2! Pharisees and clowns. Stalin, Grozny…..How they like these historical labels. Look at yourself first. Let us give the voice to colonial countries – what West did there for centuries and what it commits now in Middle East for example.
      Nothing personal. Just opinion.

    • Looking at todays world JohnZ many already know of the lies and carnage the American Governmant is or has been spreading. Does it help to blame earlier view points of a different regime who was carrying out exactly what the USA has done until today – suppression and mass murder.
      Through division all humanity suffers. Maybe it is time to remember the nightmare we are all dreaming right now and put this above the agenda of WHO WAS BRAINWASHED INTO WHAT AND NEEDS TO BE EXTINCT OR CONQUERED? Capitalist and communist truth differs. The suffering of Millions on both sides does not!
      Capitalism & Communism are/were run by the same friendly Zionist Mob so whome are you fighting in your mind JohnZ? Patriots were used and wasted on both sides fighting actual allies while the real enemy is controlling war staying untouched by it.
      Divided ALL of us will vanish.

    • “Germans have nothing to say” because they are still under Occupation. They do not have a Constitution but have the Basic Rule of the Allied Occupation to adhere to. They have an Armistice, not a Peace Treaty, like trhe other countries of the Axis have. Hence they can be attacked anytime by any of the former Allies under pretext of violation of the Armistice. They are particularly vulnerable since there are serious limitations on the size of their armed forces. They have experienced the near-Carthage annihilation for not adhering to limits on their military after WWI.

      The Allies also made it a rule that German courts will not entertain any charges of wrongful conduct by the victorious Allies after during WWII and afterwards. All German communication media (postal service, telecommunications service providers, newspapers, publishing companies, radio, TV) is owned by the companies of the victorious allies. Laws have been enacted to prevent support of spouses and children of Wehrmacht personnel that were stationed in Norway and Denmark. They are, in fact, a nation of slaves, that are enduring the unendurable. And the propaganda against them ensures the injustice meted out to them.

    • Nothing people here either. Notice how Russia continues to perpetrate the “social imperialism” that Chairman Mao talked about numerous times. They still occupy & subjugate people such as the Mari, Tatar and other Finno-Ugric, Tungus & Turkic peoples.

  12. A people without a history is not a people. Today removing southern monuments tomorrow the rest.

    • Indeed. the SJW Marxists want the statue of Thomas Jefferson removed from a university campus. Those people have pus for brains.

  13. Sherman and Grant did the same thing to the Confederate States of America in our Civil war about 80 years earlier. They were criminal outlaw plunderers. They had zero legal authority to use this level of armed force to prevent the South from leaving the Union which they voted to do and voting is a peaceful act. This was not about slavery. It was about the basic right of a free people to decide their own government. Dishonest Abe had zero Constitutional authority to use armed force then to prevent them from leaving the Union. Nothing ever changes in the outlaw nation called America. Psychopath Sherman, Drunk Grant and lying lawyer outlaw Dishonest Abe are all unindicted war criminals. New York was built by slave labor.

    • The South has never really recovered from it either and probably never will. If the Union had lost that war both Grant and Sherman would have been tried for war crimes. Sherman had little class and obviously a deep hatred of the south anyway. Lee on the other hand was a true gentleman, a head above both Grant and Sherman.
      Public schools in the north immediately began the propaganda campaign that the war was about ending slavery and to this day they continue to do so ignoring the fact that northern industrialists, bankers and politicians wanted the south to remain agrarian, levied undue taxes and generally kept the people without means of self support. With very little industry to support their cause they very soon found themselves with their backs to the wall.
      The radical left in America is now attempting to finish off the south by demanding their monuments be taken down. But don’t despair they also want Thomas Jefferson’s removed from campus.

    • ”This was not about slavery.”

      “Have designs already been formed to sever the Union? This great and glorious Republic would soon be broken into a multitude of petty States, without commerce, without credit… loaded with taxes to pay armies… trampled upon by the nations of Europe.”
      ~ President Andrew Jackson, 1837; 26 years before the American Civil War

      So no, this was about slavery, just not chattel slavery. The Civil War, much like Jackson’s Bank War against the 2nd Bank of the US, was against debt slavery. Lincoln reunited the US before “the nations of Europe,” primarily England, could conquer the divided states.

      That’s why Tsarist Russia, long time enemies of the Khazarian Mafia (did you forget about the KM?), sent naval ships to dissuade England from sending its own ships to support the Confederacy. Note that Tsar Alexander II, like Lincoln, was assassinated, and the banksters pushed the Bolshevik Revolution to try and kill off Christian Russia once and for all.

    • Southern radicals put into action the pseudo-legalistic trumpery of secession after they lost control of the Executive Branch in 1860 to a party that forbade only the expansion of slavery into the new western territories. Nothing in that year’s Republican platform threatened slavery where it was established. And this came after the slaveholder elite attempted to sabotage the election by keeping Lincoln’s name off the ballot in the nine states they controlled and by shattering the Democratic Party into two factions, guaranteeing its loss at the polls and the inauguration of the conflict they had so long sought. But opposition to secession was widespread at the south. It was systematically suppressed by wholesale voter fraud and the brutal, systematic intimidation of loyal men.

      By provoking the radicals into starting the shooting war, Lincoln denied them the opportunity to build a strong military for the clash with the United States for possession of the western territories that would have inevitably followed. In any event, an aggressively expansionist foreign power at its southern border and in control of the Mississippi River would have been an intolerable threat to the economic development and national security of the United States, and would never have been tolerated by any American national administration worthy of the name, regardless of its opinions about slavery.

  14. My wife’s aunt Kachia was taken when she was 15 yrs old and didn’t make it back home until after 1945. Today the American backed Neo Nazi’s in Ukraine are destroying WW II statues, cemeteries, and historical sites honoring the WWII armies of Russia and Ukraine . I think Russia should fund the Neo Nazi’s trip to America so they can Totally Destroy Arlington and the rest of the National Cemeteries of WWII. Or maybe Americans will wake up and see that the same ideology was applied to the Confederate statues, cemeteries and Flag of the Southern Armies. Whatever the US is funding in other parts of the world as in ISIS , Neo Nazi’s etc , the same tactics will be used on those at home — if not stopped.

    • Garry, it’s not the neo-nazis tearing down statues in America but Marxist SJWs and BLM whiners. Now we have ANTIFA goons committing violence and destruction. The radical left in America is nearly out of control.

    • “Americans” and “wake-up?” Two terms which don’t even belong in the same sentence. Sleeping on the job is a full-time job in the land of the … well, whatever.

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