Russian-German trade sees robust growth despite sanctions


… from Russia Today, Moscow

Who is really being taken for a ride here?

[ Editor’s Note: My, my… this came as a big surprise, a multi-billion euro jump in trade, in just the first two months of the year, a bit of a hint that some of the sanctions have a play-acting feature to them.

The Germans have been holding to their standard line that Crimea was seized by Russia, hence the sanctions cannot be removed, while behind the scenes, trade deals have found routes around the sanctions roadblocks.

This breathes life into the old adage of “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Long forgotten by most now is that prior to the sanctions the EU had a 120-billion Euro trade surplus with Russia. It was sustainable because that was about the total of Russia’s energy sales, so it was not a big balance of payments problem for them.

It was a wonderful deal of the EU, really for both; so Russia had an obvious strategic long-term interest in maintaining good economic relations. The idea that somehow Putin had some secret master plan to retake the old Soviet States and threaten Western Europe is preposterous on its face.

It has amazed me how the warmongering spinmeisters have pitched Russia as a “given threat”, meaning one that is self-evident that it needs no confirmation. That of course is an old hustler’s con, but a huge segment of the public has just lapped it up, including more than a few Congressional Democrats.

This is the sad state we find ourselves in – an advanced state of “managed perceptions” where our political and bankster class has us over a barrel. The realities that debunk their Russian threat hype as a scam are not a big problem for them, as they are able, as long as they have the money and the right tools, to create whatever perception of reality they need to win a 50% vote.

This is one of the biggest national security risks that we face, and one for which there is no organized resistance from the general public or our mass of civic institutions, which are as compromised mentally as the citizens themselves. It is a pitiful state of affairsJim W. Dean ]

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Are we seeing an illicit trade love affair here, in spite of the sanctions?

–  First published  …  May 07,  2017  –

Trade between Russia and Germany saw a multi-billion euro surge in January and February, German newspaper Die Zeit reports. With the Russian economy recovering from the recession, German businesses are bullish on trade.

The newspaper quotes both Russian and German statistics offices, and both are seeing robust growth in trade between the countries.

The Moscow-based German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber announced a 43 percent rise to €6.7 billion in the first two months of the year. The German Federal Statistical Office posted a 37.3 percent growth to €9.5 billion in the same period.

According to a survey conducted by the chamber, 63 percent of German companies actively working in Russia expect sales to rise this year.

Trade between Russia and Germany took a hit after the European Union and the United States imposed sanctions against Russia in March 2014 over Crimea reunification and the war in eastern Ukraine. German companies feared that due to the sanctions, they could permanently lose market share to competition, particularly China.

Since 2012, German exports to Russia have almost halved from €38 billion to around €21.5 billion last year.

German politicians, including the former Minister of Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, have also called for a gradual end to the sanctions.

In April, German energy giant Wintershall called for the cancellation of anti-Russian sanctions. According to the CEO Mario Mehren, the punitive measures injured both the Russian economy and trade between Russia and Europe, but no steps have been made toward solving the political crisis.


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  1. Different nations in the EU have lost way too much export revenue to continue with the unjustifiable sanctions against Russia that were put in place by the US and EU.

    Putin’s facial expression in response to that communist whore coming at him, is F’n hilarious. She’s lucky there are bodies between them, otherwise, she may have received a Judo choke-slam from old Vlad. Now that’s something I would have paid to see! 👊🏻 What do these naked $luts believe they are accomplishing by showing their total lack of dignity and self respect? Some of the $h!t they’ve done in Russia is disgusting. Like showing up naked at churches and pissing on the steps, screaming things like “[email protected] your morals”. Those beasts deserve to get locked up, and yet I’ve seen western media programming that sympathizes with these sick b!tches. If something similar happened in my country, and they were not locked up for it, I would be flooding all levels of government representatives with letters detailing my extreme disgust.

    • How does Vlad hold his composure around backstabbers that never have anything good to say about him and are constantly slandering his name every chance they get? His patience is undoubtedly much better than mine. If I was him, I’d be tempted to be like, “Hey coward, remember all those terrible things you accuse me of when I’m not around to defend myself? Why don’t you and I have a structured debate, right here and now, in front of all the TV cameras and we’ll see who the liar is.” But, that’s probably why he’s been a successful national leader for the past 17 years, as I struggle to understand what’s going on from the sidelines.

  2. Putin has a boyish grin on his face as he talks to that apparently naked Russian girl in the front picture facing her with word in Russian on her naked back. Note when he sits in the fancy new car with Merkel he looks the other way from that ugly hag.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the reason to keep Russia from teaming up with Germany { Europe } is because of the eventual loss of a partial Jewish Banking Cartel Monopoly? How could Germany been so stupid as to invade Russia for WWII unless there was a considerable outside Influence – or drugs, money and power insanity, etc. I believe the intelligent people that make up Europe are well aware of the huge advantages in having a good relationship with the other parts of the world, but their leaders have sold out for money, power or maybe from a blackmail situation. Hell, the intelligent people in America understand this too – but Houston – we have a Problem – a serious one. The West has too much baggage – Russia and China does not.

  4. It was interesting that the 1 billion price tag on the Ukraine missile system is the same number the IMF refused to pay due to widespread corruption in the Ukraine Govt. Now we see, Russia has won this round and money flows. I see that as soft mortar that needs more time to set, then the interesting part will come when a uncomfortable realization spreads across the world after the clown bus returns from it’s concert tour and they can complete the whispers behind his back. Humility is on the menu for October.

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