NEO – Washington’s Criminal Activities are only Getting Messier

We have all been here before
We have all been here before

by Martin Berger   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is an all too familiar story, where veterans go back to combat zones as civilian contractors and make tons more money than when in uniform.

In the case of Iraq now, they can be working at bases, where going into town to party and find some girls to have a good time are huge security risks. It can make for a very boring tour.

So there is a huge demand to bring the party goodies onto the base, and the girls, too. There is a well-oiled and experienced batch of personnel ready to set up the pipelines for the R&R for all those cooped up on the base, where outside eyes are expected to see nothing.

But once again we have a situation where two internal investigators did their jobs by breaking the story, which is the only reason we are hearing about this. They got fired of course. But it is good to have one of these stories blow up now and then, so we can review the dark side of the contracting business.

Recreation facilities are quite limited, hence the pressure to import them

Some of the more interesting things are the ripple effects of exposure than can come out of these stories, like the one below, where contractors have a long history of being easy to shake down by the local bad guys, being handsomely paid off, to make sure there are no attacks on a base or a district.

Tons of cash were turned over to the Taliban in Afghanistan; a large amount of it just for the $2000 toll charge per truck for a convoy of supplies coming north from Pakistan to not be attacked.

We don’t expect these conflict zones to be run like a boy scout troop, but neither do we expect to see contractors being huge US cash-funders of the enemy, as the “smart and cheap” way of avoiding attacks and casualties.

There is no easy solution for this; but that is still no reason to sweep it all under the rug, which is the desired resolution by most, including the US command structure Jim W. Dean ]

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Balad air base has extensive contractor facilities
–  First published  …  May 09,  2017  –

The unpunished slaughter of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan carried out by the US over the course of the last decade is now being gradually replaced by new types of crimes committed by Washington’s henchmen in the course of its ongoing instances of armed aggression against sovereign states.

As it’s been reported by Bloomberg with a special reference to AP, a well-known American contractor firm Sallyport Global has recently been engaged in a number of illegal operations in Baghdad’s vicinity. According to the report, its employees would get engaged in alcohol smuggling and slave trade.

It’s curious that Sallyport Global’s staff would overload cargo planes with illegal alcohol so hard that they could barely fly, while stealing generators and armored off-road vehicles from the Balad air base that they were dispatched to protect. Bloomberg would note that some of company’s employees were also involved in selling local residents to sex slavery.

Meanwhile, it is a well-known fact that Sallyport Global received 686 million dollars from the US government to fulfill a number of missions in the best interests of the American people. Or at least it was supposed to.

Locals can be mixed in with US personnel, who then get to see what’s going on

One could also recall a major scandal that broke out back in 2009, when a military contractor firm Academi (that was called Blackwater back in the day) was accused of murdering civilians and smuggling weapons.

Five years later the jury in the state of Washington found four employees of the Blackwater private company guilty of killing 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in just one instance of violence.

After this attack Iraqi authorities demanded that Blackwater paid 8 million dollars in compensation to each of the 17 families whose relatives were murdered in the raid that its employers conducted. Additionally, local authorities demanded that a total of 250 both former and acting employees of Blackwater would leave Iraq within a week after the tragic event.

As soon as the US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan began, along with an number of other military interventions across the globe, the number of private companies involved in providing so-called “security services” to the Pentagon started booming.

In the absence of any independent audit, the actual number of military contractors deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries can only be guessed, since the official evaluation provided by the Pentagon is pretty misleading. The tangled web of contractors and subcontractors and the lack of any comprehensive control led to the situation when even the top US officials had no real information on the actual of number of US contractors deployed in a particular country.

Thus, when the Congress demanded the Interim Coalition Administration (ICA) of Iraq to provide it with the exact number of military contractors deployed in the country back in 2004, it took the latter quite a lot of time to draft a list of 60 firms employing a total of 20,000 people.

However, six year later the number of people employed by the Pentagon, the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development to carry out security related missions in Iraq and Afghanistan exceeded 260,000 people with only every fourth contractor being an American citizen. At times, the number of contractors deployed far surpassed the total number of troops US Armed Forces had in these two countries.

Private military firms carry out a wide range of missions in the areas controlled by the US military personnel, such as the participation in actual combat engagements, reconnaissance missions, special operations, carrying out security tasks and logistical support. They have also been training local army and police units that are loyal to the forces that Washington supports.

Private contractor firms are playing an important role in ensuring that the situation in a certain country, occupied by the United States, remains under control. The best example of a wide range of activities that military contractors are engaged in is the fact that the people employed by the Anteon International have been maintaining communications systems that Pentagon is using for its operations.

In Afghanistan, for example, such military contractor firms as MPRI, Sandline, Control Risk Group, Chilport, along with Israeli Golan Group and Beni Tal were deployed long before the actual invasion began. Back then the CIA was determined to send the maximum possible number of infiltration groups that were formed out of employees of private intelligence companies.

Those groups were tasked with the mission of killing Osama bin Laden and other leaders of the Taliban movement. Additionally, they were demanded to get engaged in the bribing of local warlords, collecting operational data, conducting reconnaissance and carrying out acts of sabotage.

To this date Washington relies heavily on the services that private intelligence companies would provide. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that Middle Eastern warlords are getting extremely violent when they find a snitch in their ranks, which results in his death and, quite possible, the same fate for all of his relatives, regardless of the degree of kinship, age and sex.

This is the main reason behind the reluctance that most locals have towards cooperating with the occupying forces. So in a situation when the CIA cannot establish a comprehensive intelligence network, contractors are the only people that can lend it a helping hand.

The large-scale involvement of private contractor firms led to the practice of bribing local commanders, when money are being paid for the relative security that the employees of such a firm can enjoy in a certain territory. Thus, an impressive margin of all of the money that such firms are getting end up in the pockets of the Taliban movement leaders, who are acting in the capacity of some sort of subcontractors.

According to official data, the Taliban movement has received over 360 million dollars from the US budget for the services it has been providing to US private contractor firms. This number constitutes the second largest sources of income for the mujaheddin movement, with the proceeds from drug trade still occupying the top of the list.

When the number of US troops in certain conflict zones of abroad decreases, it is usually accompanied by an increase in the number of employees of private contractor firms willing to risk their heads for a paycheck.

There’s no official data on the losses that military contractor firms suffer. Thus, the White House is capable to significantly lower the actual number of American citizens dying in the conflicts that it started. The US public has been known for its casualty shyness, therefore, Washington is happy to bend the numbers in a bid escape the possible public outrage, since there’s no protests when there’s no information about the number of Americans who sacrificed their lives for somebody’s else profit.

In addition, the White House is actively seeking ways to shift the blame and responsibility for the rapidly growing number of cases of mass civilian massacres that regularly occur in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and other countries, pushing military contractor firms under the bus in a bid to escape criticism.

At the same time, Western think tanks must have forgotten that even under contractual obligations, any responsibility for the crimes conducted by Washington’s henchmen resides on the shoulders of its elected officials, since military contractors are directly fulfilling the orders given to them by the Pentagon, the State Department and the US Agency for International Development.

The recent US Armed Forces track record in various states is showing that they are incapable of carrying out any serious tasks without relaying on the private military contractor firms, which shows the unprecedented level of dependence that American soldiers have had on those entities.

However, when a majority of tasks that a government must fulfill is being outsourced, it can only result in the destruction of the very foundations of America’s national security.

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.” 

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  1. The United States has been turned into, the “Plantation”, owned and controlled, by the Bolshevik-Zionist International Kosher Nostra, that Crime Syndicate, has Prostituted the US Politicians, both parties, ‘Money Talks’, they are nothing, but the servants of, the Neocon Globalists, and the, ‘Blood and Treasure’ of the People of the United States are shed, sacrificed, on the, Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism, for some decades now! When are we going to
    stand up and say, “DON”T TREAD ON ME!!”

  2. According to information, I am getting from Intel, from now on no other president will be permitted to send our military to war, just because the president might decide to pick a fight with another weak nation just to benefit his own poll ratting, in any case Trump will not stay in the white house much longer, He has been playing the part very well as president even the preparation for his own resignation or impeachment, which ever way He may chose to go.

    the way I understand what Trump will be getting for all the past peccadillos, Amnesty and a air plane loaded with IQD Iraq Dinar Notes, which have already been cashed but not permitted to bring Home, all that reward money has been kept in an bank inside Iraq.

    On the other hand the psycho Jew of NatanYAHOO will be resigning very soon probably before the end of this month, and Trump will be doing the same thing also That was the reason why Trump’s son in law , made a trip to Iraq with General Joseph Francis Dunford Jr. to cash out the Iraq bank notes, as payment for the risky work done as acting president of our home land.

    I am hoping that this Zionist nightmare will come to an end no longer than by the end of this month and then we all can enjoy living under a truly FREE AMERICA AND UNDER A TRUE CONSTITUTION, WITH NO MORE IRS TO HARRAS AND STEAL FROM OUR FAMILIES WHAT GOD HIMSELF GIVE US ALL AS BLESSINGS.

  3. If you hire a killer to kill your spouse it is murder, if you hire mercenaries to do your bloody murder it is called “secret war”.

  4. Money…it’s turning us into a war machine for the benefit of Greater Israel and the Zionist NWO and leaving us with nearly no productive infrastructure, dependent upon the money changers to keep growing the mammon monster at compounding rates.

  5. Another benefit of using contractors is deniability. Give with thé left hand steal with thé right…something like that.

    FSA is just another type of contractor for example. Its à Good model to fool the masses.

    • What you say about FSA is spot on. With the added benefit that if you get someone else to pay them too (KSA, Qatar etc.) you have an added level of deniability.

  6. I think this article just explained how Pentagon manages to blow a multi-trillion dollar hole in its finances. And as the hole in the finances remains unexplained we are compelled to come to the conclusion that these private contractors are being paid in cash! (They just weigh the money bags for speed these days.) How about that!

  7. That Marine base in Beirut that got blown up in the 80s, also had local prostitutes inside. What we don’t know is whether any of them were operatives of some kind.

    • Reviewing the seduction of Mordecai Vanunu will reveal one organization that trains its seductresses to engage in coitus only as a last resort. And, then engage only as a mechanical activity, attaching no emotion. Is it thus logical to call them, “situational, semi-whores”?
      American-born Cindy Hanin(Ben-Tov) should have been charged as a foreign spy upon returning to Orlando in the early 1990s. Is she an associate of the Jeb Bush realty association of Florida, or an asset of the Khazarian Mafia´s Disney World ?
      The Orlando (and U.S.) situation is well explained by this link: (goto the comments, and drop down to the comment by “Muh6Million” and the picture he provides.)

  8. Good article. Point of major concern is: “a majority of tasks that a government must fulfill is being outsourced, it can only result in the destruction of the very foundations of America’s national security.”

    The Germans were doing some payoffs too, when they were in Afghanistan. They would let desperate villagers scramble for the gas . The Germans did not sufffer any attacks while serving in Afghanistan. I suppose it helped for them to remember hushed tales of post-WWII Occupation.

  9. The French Foreign Legion Brings in the prostitutes and beer; not in that order without a hiccup. So just what is the big deal. Of course massacres are frown upon.

  10. this is everyday reality for most (if not all) military facilities foreign AND DOMESTIC. You both know that all sorts of nasty stuff happens in CONUS as well. this is something I have personal experience with.

    By the way, someone is making it damn hard to negotiate around your site, let alone add comments. No sooner do I log in that the site starts jumping around like a frog on a hot skillet.

    • Your comment suggests you are an insider or former insider, who has revealed insider-type info on a regular basis, and whose computer has been selected by a visitor operating in the background of your computer. I had a visitor from November until 27 April. You might have a WIN expert check out your computer security. Regards, doc b.

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