How 16 Russian Special Forces Took Out 300 Terrorists

A group of officers from the Russian Defense Ministry’s Special Operations Forces was decorated with medals for showing unprecedented courage in the fight against terrorists in Syria; the decree to this effect was earlier issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

May 10 saw four officers from the Russian Defense Ministry’s Special Operations Forces awarded medals for showing extraordinary courage combatting terrorists in Syria, according to Russia’s Rossiya-24 television channel.The relevant decree was earlier issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Rossiya-24 reported.

A group of officers from the Russian Defense Ministry's Special Operations Forces was awarded with medals for showing extraordinary courage combating terrorists in Syria

During an award ceremony, a commander of the group who was awarded a Gold Star and named a Hero of the Russian Federation said that they were part of a 16-strong Russian military unit which managed to successfully repulse attacks conducted by 300 jihadists.

“We avoided casualties due to good shelter and location. Besides, we had a good advantage in terms of armament and equipment, including thermal imaging sights. All this added to our success,” the commander said.

He also heaped praised on the courageous actions of each and every serviceman of the unit who was committed to fulfilling the tasks assigned to him.

The video shows the Russian Special Operation Forces’ actions in Syria.

Independent Russian security expert Igor Nikolaychuk told Sputnik that the terrorists were defeated also thanks to tactics employed in the preparation and use of Russian Special Forces’ groups.

“First and foremost, I would single out the strategies which have been in place since the Afghan war, when the problem of anti-terrorist activity was being resolved with the help of small-size, mobile and well-trained groups,” Nikolaychuk said, referring to the legendary Alfa anti-terrorist group.

“This is a very interesting story and much, as they say, remains behind the scenes. In any case, I think that glorious traditions will continue and we see that the work style of the Russian Special Forces was never scrapped,” he noted.

“Training is constantly being improved, and the current Special Operations Forces are touted as highly professional and elite troops,” Nikolaychyuk concluded.

Throughout the civil war in Syria, government troops have fought numerous opposition groups and terrorist organizations such as Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia; the conflict has lasted about six years.In March 2017, Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate, said that Russia’s Aerospace Forces and Special Operations Forces played a key role in decimating Daesh terrorists in the battle for the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.


  1. It would seem that this group of Russian SF were a large FAC team in Aleppo at the end of last year who got left behind when the Syrian Army around them panicked and fled after a VBIED attack. On that day they held off 3 terrorist attack waves and then another the following morning. Fortunately the group was well stocked with ATGM, other weapons and ammo and they had been able to mine the approaches overnight under cover of darkness, proving another use of night vision gear. No doubt they called in their CAS planes in to help. They were rescued that next day apparently without casualty. The 300 quoted is a reasonable guess with no casualty figures, as normal.
    The result would probably have been totally different had the terrorists had access to any kind of accurate munitions delivery systems, barrel/tube/air. In close combat even big IEDs or ‘hell cannon’ just don’t cut the mustard. This is the reason why I would lay money on the US not supplying the Kurds with anything over 80mm in case it was used against the Turks down the line.

    • I bet it would have been like watching a Clint Eastwood movie.” Do you feel lucky punk? Go ahead…..make my day”.

  2. America like Israel is a criminal state run by criminals, psychopaths and warmonger. America has no moral advantage over anybody, in truth America has no moral proclivity at all. It is not the shining beacon of freedom and democracy, it is just the opposite. It is a lawless, nation run by thugs and degenerate half wits who pose as congress critters.
    Russia is paving the way for a true new world order of moral and political values that support freedom, morality and oppose the criminal terrorist of the west. Russia will continue rising while America continues to fall and drags the west down with it. There is no future for the west. It has committed social, political and moral suicide not to mention its financial and economic disasters.
    the American people need to step up to the plate and demand an end to the warmongering against Russia, China and North Korea…….or else.

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