Senate Subpoenas Flynn – Is Trump Administration Compromised?


Not more than 24 hours after FBI Director James Comey was fired, the Senate has issued its first subpoena on the investigation of Russian election interference for former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who refused in April to voluntarily turn over documents relating to Russia-related emails, phone calls, and meetings.

In reality, the investigation regarding Flynn could be one of possible conspiracy and the cover-up that existed afterwards.

As the Russians potentially knew Mike Flynn had lied to the Vice President Mike Pence in regards to his contact with Russian officials and Flynn also did not initially disclose his work for Inovo BV, a Turkish company closely aligned with the Turkish Government that paid his now defunct company Flynn Intel Group $530,000, Flynn may have been compromised.  In Monday’s Senate hearing, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates made that point clear as well as disclosed how she informed the Trump administration.

Sally Yates

Senator Lindsey Graham in Monday’s Senate inquiry into Russian interference was more interested in the politics of who knew about Flynn and who gathered the information, rather than the possibility that Flynn through his work both with Russia and Turkey may have caused him to compromised. Is the Trump administration itself compromised? – Ann

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Ann Diener

Journalist, former publisher of The Military Beat magazine - serving active duty and retired military personnel in the Northwest US through 2001, Thinker, foreign policy analyst and renewable & advanced technology developer aiming to provide water, food, housing & energy for all.

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  1. People who should be fired: James Clapper, Mike Pompeo, McMaster, Mad Dog Mattis, Kushner, Pence and Trump and his hitman Sessions.
    Plus nearly the entire congress, the FBI, CYA, DEA, BLM, ATF, IRS, DOE, Federal Reserve, FDA, everyone on the Supreme Court and every sitting federal judge that violates the Constitution.
    In fact Washington itself should be fired. It has become inept, unwilling to do the right things for Americans, corrupt, self serving, bloated beyond all reason, a threat to our liberty, out of control and wasteful and too expensive to maintain and worst of all a threat to the freedom and liberty of every human being on the planet.

    • I would also state that it is incapable of telling the truth, aggressive , lacking any moral compass what so ever and without fiscal control.
      It short it is like the bad employee who lies and steals from you, plots to stab you in the back to take over your business and then run in into the ground.

  2. FAKE NEWS. Flynn was the only man to oppose the creation of ISIS, and was fired for that. Please explain to me how he is compromised for being the only man with a conscience in the Obama Administration? He worked for the Turks, well, everyone in the USG is working for either the Saudis, Israelis, or multinational corporations. There is NO evidence he did anything inappropriate, however there is evidence that he was the only man to stand up against the USG’s funding of ISIS.

  3. No question: Trump & Co. ARE compromised — or worse. Trump’s CYA-laden firing of James Comey is flailing. See “White House’s FBI Story Unravels” at The end is nigh.

    Russia-connected Trump boys Mike Flynn & Carter Page are just two tips of several large icebergs — enough to precipitate Trump’s stupid stuff with Comey and enough to sink Trump’s titanic ego and the Trump presidency. What few in Washington yet see is what VT readers see everyday. Namely this:

    Russian, Israeli & U.S. Kosher Nostra oligarchs (i.e., gangsters) skewed & rigged 2016 U.S. elections to facilitate a Trump presidency that is weak & malleable — prime ingredients for Bibi & Rotten-Child to goad Trump into starting WW3 as a defense against attacks on Trump and so Trump can appear to be ‘strong.’ If Trump starts ‘a big war,’ Trump & Co. think that they can avoid impeachment & removal. Maybe…

    Another element in election skewing & rigging was participation by Khazarian/Nazi-influenced U.S./Israeli intel agencies and by Khazarian/Nazi-collaborating Republican officials who suppressed Dem votes.

    The biggest beneficiaries of 2016 election skewing & rigging are those favoring WW3 — to retard erosion of U.S./Western/Rotten-Child economic & geopolitical hegemony. Properly played out, Flynn’s subpoena, documents & testimony (and the follow-on) will sink both Trump and WW3.

    • Deep Underground Trump Bunkers; don’t wait, buy in now! Our protective underground Condominiums are selling fast. “No one knows WWIII better than I do.’ Trump. Yea buddy, get ready cause here it comes. Only from the ashes can the NWO rise like a phoenix.

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