The Russian White House, Trump Steps His Foot in It


US President Donald J. Trump (R) speaking with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ]

Editor’s note:  With its usual ham-handedness, RT steps up for Trump who has stabbed Russia in the back time and time again, this time defending the indefensible.  This is their version of a massive constitutional crisis in the US with the executive branch, aided by “Light loafered Lindsay Graham” doing Trump’s dirty work.

For those of you unaware, RT is “infiltrated” and “controlled” and should be telling the public that Mike Flynn worked for Turkey (Israel) and was involved in laundering cash for ISIS.  Instead, they give us this crap.g

In response to US media hysteria over Russian outlets obtaining photos of Donald Trump’s closed-door meeting with Russian FM Sergey Lavrov, the White House says both a Russian and an American photojournalist were present.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s meeting with US President Donald Trump was widely anticipated by the media, and while it happened behind closed doors, it was the Russian Foreign Ministry that first publicized Lavrov’s visit to the Oval Office to the world.


What made the photo shoot even more intriguing was the attendance of Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak – a key figure in the investigation of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

After the pictures taken by a TASS correspondent became public, American journalists were quick to look for conspiracy theories.





NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who Lavrov last month scolded for her manners, appeared on MSNBC to criticize TASS’ presence at the Oval Office.

“The Russians had it all out globally while the White House press corps was kept out,” Mitchell said. “It’s unprecedented.”



Other journalists voiced their concern on Twitter, saying that they suddenly became reliant on Russian news outlets for pictures from the American president’s meeting.



The Washington Post cited US intelligence and White House officials who hinted that TASS’ visit to the office was a potential security breach. The officials feared that the TASS correspondent could have planted a spying device in the presidential office.

The photos of the clandestine Lavrov-Trump-Kislyak meeting were taken by TASS photographer Alexander Shcherbak. The photos were then distributed by the Associated Press, which credits the Russian Foreign Ministry as the source, and then Getty Images, which credits TASS.



As speculation over the TASS images gathered momentum, the White House responded, saying one Russian and one American photographer captured the historic encounter.

“On background, our official photographer and their official photographer were present, that’s it,” the White House said, according to a pool report, USA Today notes.


Meanwhile, a senior administration official dismissed fears that TASS planted a bug in the Oval office.

The Russian news agency “had to go through the same screening as a member of the US press going through the main gate to the [White House] briefing room,” the official told the Washington Post.

Another official also dismissed any speculation that Ambassador Kislyak was there to recruit Trump.

“It is standard practice for ambassadors to accompany their principals, and it is ridiculous to suggest there was anything improper,” the administration official told the Washington Post, adding that the White House rooms “are swept routinely” for listening devices.

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  1. The people running things must be having a good laugh with phrases like,
    “These idiot Americans today are really stupid. We could tell them black is white and day is night and they would believe it hook, line and sinker.” Isn’t it time to have that woman back on who was blowing the whistle on the military and Ken O’Keefe back on for another report from LAX?

  2. Those pictures don’t look like someone who is enemies with Russia to me. Trump got boo at an AIPAC event early in the campaign for not being a rabid Ziocon and for being objective towards the Palestinians. Which as events so far have born out is where his heart and policy are at.

    Everybody knows that he’s got a lot of involvement with the Jews, and not all Jews are bad. But his populist agenda that won almost 85%, 2623 out of 3112, counties in the US, and with the exception of NY and California, which have some of the worst tax and gun laws in the US, he won the popular vote in 48 out of 50 states.

    His populist agenda is anathema to the Jew world order, and the lying Jew media has been all over Trump from day one. And a lot of Americans are figuring out, in part thanks to sites like VT, that the evil Jew cabal are enemies of humanity and need to be dealt with as such.

    The UNSC Chapter 7 enforcement resolutions to deal with Israel and the Jew menace are being worked on. And they’re only one vote or abstention away from from implementation. Nobody thought that the effective cancellation of large parts of the Balfour Declaration and San Remo Resolution would happen. But the passage of 2334 did exactly that. And the plans to disarm and politically restructure Israel on an as needed basis are also being worked on.

    • NY and CA are Jew central in the US, and the fact that they’re outliers shows just how much Americans are opposed to their fascism, oppression, corruption and filth.

    • DickD is fake news. What “populist agenda”? Raising mortgage rates on day 1?
      Infrastructure investment? Drumpf only advocated for that progressive policy in [his typical narcissistic dick-measuring] RESPONSE to Hillary’s plan by simply doubling her numbers. And she advocated it prodded by Bernie. The real impetus. Bernie, 1st POTUS candidate to run vs WallSt vs Drumpf, 1st to run on war-crimes.
      In the GOP Primary Drumpf proposed SELLING infrastructure! To “pay off the entire US debt in 8 years”. That’s a lot of infrastructure!

    • …The “populist” agenda of scapegoating immigrants and banning Muslims?
      In this new age of used-car-salesman – or, since that term is moot because of lemon-laws – TrumpU-salesman politics, I’m surprised Drumpf was never even accidentally confronted with the reality of job loss to automation, because his stupid, regressive response would obviously be… “DEPORT THE ROBOTS!”
      There is the real ideology Drumpf represents: Regressiveness.

    • The “populist agenda” of tariffs aka “border tax”? This was BY FAR Drumpf’s main policy he sold to create his mystique as “tough on trade” and pragmatic.
      Of course it’s a scam, and the bait-and-switch was revealed in the example of the Indiana taxpayer bailout of Carrier.
      How is it that the only policy Drumpf and the Cuckservative “anti-tax Party” he co-opted can think of to create new, better jobs is a YUUGE tax-hike that by FAR disproportionately hits those that the term “Populist” refers to in the first place? (The half of Americans Romney denigrated as “takers”… Great insight into what nihilist Drumpf and his Cuckservative sycophants really think).

    • It sounds like you support the ethnic cleansing of white America. Have you been to Miami lately? English is rarely spoken in much of the city, Yankee go away. The populist agenda of close the border to illegal immigration and stop the unnecessary wars and spend the money on improving life for Americans rather groveling to the Zioscum. Or doesn’t peace of earth work for you?

  3. The US establishment is beyond embarrassing. Their endless hysterical whining and looking to blame someone else for all their problems, are the actions of a spoiled child. The USG dug its own grave, under the oversight and supervision of israhell, not Russia. I bet the USG has already spent more money investigating “Reds under the bed”, than they spent investigating 9/11. American people, I love you, for the most part. To some extent, I suffer with you, as the belligerent actions of your rogue government effect the whole world. To the USG, do the world a favour and cease to exist. Death to tyrants.

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