Comey had to go!

President Trump was right to fire James Comey. An Obama appointee, Comey is implicated in the GCHQ scandal. Given the close relationship between the FBI and the CIA, it is almost inconceivable that Comey did not know that the CIA had asked GCHQ to tap Donald Trump’s phones after a federal judge threw out the FBI’s wiretap request. If the President has indeed recorded his conversations with ex-Director Comey that would be a neat turning of the tables!

Comey, along with Sally Yates and other, had been trying to destabilize the Trump Administration since the Inauguration. He was heavily involved in the ‘Russian Connection’ witch-hunt and there was no reason at all for the President to maintain confidence in him.

Having abandoned even the pretense of political neutrality, there was no way he could stay, indeed the President should have fired him on day one, with respect. That career FBI agents are supporting him is worrying. It suggests that the Bureau is so politically biased that it is incapable of discharging its functions under the Constitution.

The Russian Thing

Just to recap, the Democrats and the Democrat-supporting media, i.e. most of it, blamed last year’s defeat not on their crummy candidate, no offense intended, but on President Putin. They invented a conspiracy theory whereby Russia’s internal agency, the very professional and proficient FSB (Federal Security Service – nice people), somehow contrived to hack voting machines which were not connected to the Internet.

Michael Flynn

This conspiracy theory was fueled by General Flynn’s not fully briefing in Mike Pence over his contacts with the Russian Ambassador. The conspiracy theory is baseless, of course – such contacts as there were, were entirely proper. Russia is a democracy and potentially a very valuable ally in the Global War on Terror. There is no reason at all why the incoming National Security Adviser should not talk to the Russian Ambassador.

Of course the FSB did not hack voting machines, nor were they or any other Russian agency involved in the leaking of emails from the Democrat campaign. Those leaks were internal.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s flagship ‘Today’ program on Friday, Lord Black of Crossharbour, himself targeted by the Department of Justice in a malicious prosecution, called the allegations of Russian involvement in last year’s election as “insane”. His Lordship is right!

BTW, if the federal judiciary want to retain respect on this side of the pond they need to show more respect when members of the House of Lords are dragged before their courts on politically motivated, trumped up charges. I gather that, outrageously, the impertinent judge in Lord Black’s trial, a commoner of course, failed to address the defendant as “My Lord”, a mistake repeated last year by none other than Judge Alistair McCreath, the judge in my bomb hoax trial. He was presiding over another farcical Cabinet Office arranged trial, with respect, this time of Lord Hanningfield, on trumped up charges of fiddling his Parliamentary expenses.

That was a gross interference by the ordinary courts, with respect, with the privileges of the House of Lords, which had the trial stopped. (Lord Hanningfield’s expenses claims were perfectly proper and complied with the rules of the House – the prosecution was political.)

Having expressed mock outrage at Donald Trump’s remarks during one of the presidential debates about possibly not accepting the result, the Democrats are now doing precisely that.

Smacking the FBI around

The Administration should not stop with sacking Comey. Clearly the Fibbies need a good smack, no offense intended, otherwise they will go after every conservative Republican candidate and president. They need to be brought into line and told that there is no more justification for their conducting witch-hunts against Republicans than there is for the IRS in targeting conservatives.

The targeting of Donald Trump is not the only scandal involving the FBI. Putting aside J. Edgar Hoover’s failure to select matching accessories for his dresses, I suggest that the five most egregious scandals involving the Bureau, which is corrupt and has low professional standards, with respect, are as follows:

The kidnap and murder of the Lindbergh baby

The kidnap was badly bungled by the Bureau’s immediate predecessor, who helped get the poor baby murdered by the Abwehr. Although the baby-killing, German bastards ran rings around the Bureau of Investigation, whose agents in practice couldn’t have found their own assholes with a mirror on a stick (apologies to Lee Child, whose line this is!!), J. Edgar Hoover eventually found out about the involvement of German Intelligence.

The Abwehr knew that J. Edgar was a transvestite and blackmailed him into silence. That made the Director of the FBI an accessory after the fact to child kidnap and murder. As a result of Hoover’s silence only one Abwehr agent was executed for this foul crime, an absolute disgrace and a black mark against the FBI.

Covering-up for Mussolini

J. Edgar also knew that the Mafia reported to Mussolini’s intelligence service. Key Italian agents such as Al Capone were never exposed as such. Once again, Hoover’s integrity was called into question, although not his intelligence. Whilst his agents may have been dumb, the Director was a smart cookie, unlike James Comey, with respect.

Missing the Dulles brothers

The Bureau’s incompetence in the 1940s and 1950s was staggering. How the Fibbies could have failed to arrest Allen Welsh and John Foster Dulles is beyond me. These two traitors left a trail back to Berlin and Dachau that a 10-year old child could have followed. Once again both the Abwehr and its successor, the DVD, ran rings around the FBI.

In fairness, the Abwehr and the DVD also ran rings around MI5 and the French DST, but at least MI5 have started to make amends and none of the high-level German agents in Britain were as obviously in bed with German Intelligence as the ‘von’ Dulles brothers. The failure to spot the Dulles brothers was arguably one of the greatest counter-intelligence blunders in history, requiring cack-handed stupidity from the FBI, from near the top right to the bottom.

Covering up the Kennedy Assassination

This was perhaps the most shameful episode in the Bureau’s history. Charged with upholding the Constitution, the FBI played a key role in undermining it.

When the Bureau came up with those phoney tests on what they claimed was Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle they crossed the line from incompetence to complicity. The Bureau understand firearms. They knew full well that when the rifle was recovered by the Dallas Police Department it lacked a clip, the sights had not been zeroed and it had not been recently fired.

By staging fake tests and shamelessly bullshitting the American public, senior people at the Bureau became accessories after the fact to the murder of President Kennedy. Even today the Bureau’s official position is that Oswald shot Kennedy, which is ridiculous.

Covering up for Barack Obama

Although the US Constitution makes no provision for intelligence agencies and was not amended when the Bureau was set up, the Fibbies claim the right to vet presidential candidates and appointees. They conduct exhaustive due diligence on presidential candidates and senior appointees.

Intelligence legends are designed to deter scrutiny, not survive it. There is no way that Barack Obama’s claims to have been born in one of the several addresses he gave in Honolulu and to be a US citizen could have survived FBI due diligence. Even the Bureau are not that incompetent.

They would have checked hospital and medical records as a matter of course. Even the boys at the Truth or Consequences Police Department would have noticed the absence of any reference to a pregnancy at the material time in the claimed mother’s medical records. They would also have noticed the absence of a bulge in the fetching shots of the mother in a bikini a few weeks before she allegedly gave birth to Barack Obama.

Women in the third trimester don’t always wear bikinis and if they do the fact that they are pregnant tends to be fairly noticeable. The Bureau’s medical advisers are not quacks along the lines of Jack Elam’s character (Dr Nikolas Van Helsing) in The Cannonball Run. Even Dr Van Helsing however might have picked up that Stanley Ann Dunham wasn’t pregnant.

The Bureau’s duty in 2008 was clear. They had to intervene to stop Barack Obama running. Since US citizenship is a requirement for membership of the Senate, they should also have alerted the Senate authorities.

Instead they indulged in a sleazy cover-up, which has so far lasted 9 years. When a good lawman came along, in the shape of Sheriff Joe down in Maricopa County, Arizona, the Fibbies tried to block him at every stage. Desperate to do the good Sheriff down, the Justice Department, with FBI support, even launched a bogus civil rights claim against him.

The FBI have declared war on the Republican Party. They have all but announced that they were backing Hillary Clinton in 2016. It’s time now for conservatives everywhere to wage war on the Bureau.

French Election Wrap

No surprises here, save that I thought that Marine Le Pen might have managed a slightly higher percentage of the vote. The cheese-eating surrender monkeys, no offense intended, have chosen the German-backed candidate over the patriotic French one.

France has been condemned to another five years as a German client-state. Assuming the DVD’s black agency in Paris does not assassinate her, Marine Le Pen should win in 2022. Macron is a joke and his presidency will be a failure.

This Week’s TV Review: King Charles III, BBC2, airdate May 10 2017

This program, based on the play, has caused widespread outrage here and rightly so. A vicious personal attack by the BBC, which has republican sympathies, on HRHs Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Kate, it is based on wildly false constitutional premises.

For a start, whilst it is entirely a matter for him, Prince Charles is likely to reign as King George VII, partly as a tribute to his illustrious grandfather and partly in deference to Windsor dynastic tradition. The Windsor Kings have never reigned in their first names. King Edward VIII had been Prince David, e.g. George VI was Prince Albert (Bertie).

Having got the name of their program wrong, the producers then go to create an improbable scenario, whereby the new King refuses Royal Assent to a rather silly bill and doesn’t offer the Prime Minister a dissolution.

Refusing Royal Assent in a proper case is entirely within the prerogatives of the British Monarch. However a Prime Minister would be entitled to take the issue to the country, if he or she wished, following which the Monarch would usually go with the people’s wishes.

According to the program-makers the House of Commons can make law by resolution. They need to read Mr Justice Darling’s decision in Bowles versus The Bank of England.

Fortunately the scriptwriters used iambic pentameter, so few viewers would have understood it. It’s really an updated version of King Lear, written by people who now their Shakespeare but not their constitution.

Ridley Scott

This Week’s Movie Review: Alien: Covenant, 2017, dir. Sir Ridley Scott

Released to theaters in the UK on Friday, Alien: Covenant is a hugely enjoyable sequel to Prometheus. It’s well acted, with Michael Fassbender in the lead, and well-directed, as you would expect from Sir Ridley Scott. Although you know the alien is always going to end up on the spaceship and just about everybody is going to get a tummy-ache, it holds the viewer in suspense right until the end.

The Covenant is a colonists’ ship, heading to a distant start system in 2104, which intercepts a mysterious message of human origin where no humans have a right to be. I enjoyed it more than Prometheus, but none of the sequels has matched the original.

The aliens of course are as mean as Germans, no offense intended. There’s no doubt that Ridley Scott has cornered the market in seriously nasty aliens, although it’s a little unclear how such a nasty species could become so technologically advanced. Acidic blood would be a serious drawback, e.g. What the movie does not explain is whether the Covenant is traveling faster than light.

It uses space sails to boost its main engines, which is odd, since by the end of this century fusion power will be freely available. It looks like Sir Ridley has fallen for Einstein’s daft theory about us not being able to travel faster than the speed of light. Hence having the passengers in stasis, a sci-fi staple since Lost in Space, if not before.

It’s a tour de force however and I’m sure that Sir Ridley, a friend of a friend, who worked with him on Blade Runner, will do well out of it. He deserves to.



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15 Responses to "Comey had to go!"

  1. Michael Shrimpton  May 18, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Galtieri was close to the Vatican and the DVD. The Dirty War was German-backed. Argentina is still a German client-state and maintains an impertinent claim on our colony in the Falklands.

    Totally agree with JS re Mueller. What on earth was Rosenstein thinking, or, to be more precise, what was he thinking with? It clearly wasn’t his brain. He should be fired asap, along with Mueller, who is not a special prosecutor, just a special counsel.

    • JS  May 19, 2017 at 11:14 am

      jjc1984’s question now answered! Does this mean you are getting reader comments now?

    • jjc1984  May 20, 2017 at 2:46 pm

      Thanks for your reply. The dirty war is still a taboo subject, but after reading your book i think both sides, the leninist-marxist guerrilla and the militar “junta” were backed by DVD.
      Regarding Falklands, i think the Argentinas claim about the Falklands is a brainwashing due to the eduacation in primary school.
      In Fact many people don’t know that the first State who wanted to take over the Falklands was Germany in WW1.

  2. Michael Shrimpton  May 18, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Fair comment JS! The Scooter Libby scandal is more recent and implicates that scumbag ‘von’ Mueller, no offense intended.

  3. JS  May 16, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Interesting list of top 5 FBI screw-ups, but with the exception of Obama, the other cases are really old. What about the years in between? There is plenty of material from the years just before and during Freeh’s tenure, for example.

    • JS  May 17, 2017 at 3:46 am

      I am not anti-FBI, in spite of everything. I have hope! If they ever give us the full monty on 9/11, I would forgive and forget the years of disaster that led to 9/11. I also have faith that the American public is adult enough to hear the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. But what I don’t know, is whether the Congress is adult enough yet. I hope they pleasantly surprise me!

    • JS  May 18, 2017 at 12:35 pm

      Good grief. That comment about having hope in the FBI, that was made before I found out that nitwits in DC decided that appointing ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate the Russian thing was a good idea. It’s a stupid idea, made disastrous by the naming of Mueller. You might as well ask the fox to guard the henhouse. What the hell were they thinking?

  4. jjc1984  May 15, 2017 at 12:24 am

    Nice article.

    I’ve read your book a time ago, you dedicated some pages to General Pinochet and Salvador Allende. Then you said Allende was backed by DVD via the Germany Embassy in Santiago De Chile.

    Do you have any information about Argentina’s Dirty War ? for i far know you mentionded Galtieri was also backed by DVD… But what else ?

  5. JS  May 14, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Regarding the French election, I agree with Fulford. It was stolen, and it was in-your-face satanic, as the gov’t initially said Macron won with 66.06% of the vote. 666. Lovely, isn’t it?

    • JohnZ  May 16, 2017 at 6:00 am

      The DVD did it! Not the Russians. They were working for Disney Corp. The plan was to subvert France with millions of tons of Spam and Twinkies!

  6. JohnZ  May 14, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Comey was working for the German DVD!
    The House of Lords….LOL! A bunch of old men, most of them with the angel of death hovering at their shoulder, living in a past that never existed. Nature is sometimes very cruel especially with humans; it tends to allow certain of that variety to continue to exist although in a somewhat vegetative state, they are often called the House of Lords. Nature also has created one of the most efficient forms of societies such as honey bees with a queen whose sole purpose is to continue the colony for its own purpose and benefit. Unfortunately human queens are just the opposite, they benefit only themselves and their own hive at the expense of others often producing inferior offspring to further pollute the hive itself.

    • Trakkath  May 14, 2017 at 6:30 am

      Don´t really know anymore what Shrimpton is referring to when he says “DVD”. And I know only one whom I call “My Lord” but HE is not here at the moment. Whom GOD loves HE takes him young out of this world, all others let grow old.

  7. Michael Shrimpton  May 14, 2017 at 2:54 am

    Apologies for the typo! ‘Now’ should be ‘know’ of course in the review of ‘King Charles III’.

    Gordon and I don’t always agree, which is fine. 100% agreement in the world of intelligence is almost an impossibility and if there were 100% agreement the analysis would probably be wrong!

    We at VT believe in editorial freedom.

  8. Larry Cross  May 13, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    Concerning your Comey comment. I may be reading the reports all wrong but it appears that you and Duff have different opinions on the nature of Comey and the reason for his firing.

    • Toby  May 14, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      I bet they agree on one thing…that he hasn’t brought the real attackers on 9/11 to justice.

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