How to Smuggle US Nuclear Triggers to Israel

Israeli spies literally got waived through the gate on this deal with the US openly supporting Zionist nuclear proliferation for decades
Arnon Milchan (c) and Netanyahu, flaunting their espionage against the US to this day

by Grant Smith, … with Institute for Research, Middle Eastern Policy, Washington, DC

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Grant Smith has been in the trenches a long time fighting Israeli espionage in the US

[ Editor’s Note: Grant Smith of IRmep has been the bionic bulldog on this long running Israeli nuclear espionage case that official Washington would prefer the public never know anything about.

That is not only due to the gravity of this specific case, and how nothing was really done about it. But even worse, it set the stage for allowing Israeli espionage to go on in the US without being inconvenienced with arrests and prosecutions.

This made Israel’s recruiting of spies in the US mere child’s play, because it was obvious that the fix was in at the top. No law enforcement agency or security trade group has ever publicly stood up to this disgrace, despite its being an incredible breach of their oath of office, and in effect, making them accessories to ongoing  Zionist espionage here.

IRmep is an example of what a small group can do long term with continuing funding, as operating in Washington DC is not cheap. But compared to the typical thinktank budgets, IRmep is run on the cheap – a wonderful example of what a small, dedicated group of activists and researchers can do when teamed up with some secure financial backing.

Despite all the naysayers who claim that going up against the Israelis and their US traitor buddies is a waste of time, as nothing can ever be done to stop them, Grant Smith has kept the light of resistance burning in the window for others to join.

Save this article to a file, as there are many valuable links here, like the 100-page pdf that can be used as an efficient introduction piece to acquaint new people to this long and sordid story. We simply have to keep the spotlight on this “cancer ” growing on the American corpus, as John Dean of the Nixon White House called it, or we will continue to be slaves to this ongoing humiliation Jim W. Dean ]

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Grant Smith let me know this afternoon that his article was an exclusive to

Here is the link at the IRmep website. 

I highly recommend… JD.

Israeli spies literally got waived through the gate on this deal, with the US openly supporting Zionist nuclear proliferation for decades


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  1. First came across this from Henry Gonzalez’s remarks in special orders way back then.
    From a search today:

    MIchael Hand, a former Green Beret who reportedly served with Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage in Laos (and whose partner, Frank Nugan, was found shot to death in 1980 in Australia) later turned up associated with Euromac (European Manufacturing Center) Ltd., a British company that tried to sell nuclear trigger krytrons to Saddam Hussein before the first Gulf War. Nugan Hand’s chief counsel, William Colby, a former CIA Director, was found floating in the Chesapeake in 1996.

  2. Henry Ford would have been very angry if he could have read this great but depressing article by Jim and he would have thanked Jim for posting it and VT for publishing this very important revelation of gross corruption in the U.S. government. He would have also published in the Dearborn Independent. Watch these great videos of the funeral of Henry Ford:–s-henry-ford-funeral.html–s-the-funeral-of-henry-ford-in.html
    Funeral of the greatest industrial genius of the twentieth century Henry Ford who died April 7, 1947, held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Detroit, Michigan. People waited patiently in a mile long line in cold weather to give him their last respects for all he had done to make their lives and millions of others better during his 83 years of life on Earth. They searched in vain for a Lincoln Hearse but could not find one. So he was carried to his final resting place in a 1941 Packard Hearse. Observe it begin to roll when his casket is entered into it as a bystander quickly sets the parking brake. Henry also did not like people who sought to steal his business from him especially bankers.

  3. The U.S. is a complete joke today. It has been totally sold out by whores in Congress and every administration nearly since WWII. Blatant lying and cheating going on at the highest levels, all covered up by secrecy enforced by the full military armed force of this traitorous corrupt obscenity of a government little different than the worst totalitarian governments in history. Americans love to be fooled, fleeced and had. They deserve their plight into oblivion. It is so bad most Americans just can’t face the facts and remain in total denial every day. If you try to argue with them they call you names and you lose long term friends who simply can’t face the reality that this country has been hi jacked by Israel plain and simple. This is not anti Semitism to acknowledge this fact. Israel is a country based on a religion while our government purports to be neutral on religion. Yet the religion of Israel is being used to improperly intimidate anyone who seeks to expose these horrible crimes against America by unindicted criminals in Israel. Shame shame shame to put it mildly.

    • All aid to Israel must be stopped. All dual citizenships with Israel or any other country must be stopped immediately and never should have been approved. No one can serve two masters. This ALWAYS creates a conflict of interest. All aid to all countries must be stopped today. America is the country in need of aid and aid to the disease of mental impairment which is rampant throughout the land.. Americans have lost brain function. They are in denial that they have been totally sold out by so called “elected” leaders. These whores in high positions have improperly been provided immunity to any and all claims of their horrible crimes against this country. All such immunities must be revoked so these international criminals can all be brought to justice before they die.
      Ordinary citizens must be empowered to do this job because government is too sold out and corrupt to do this job.

    • You mean US Inc. sold out with United States of America to Israel. Guess who created this US Inc.

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