Is North Korea Enabling THAAD Missile System Deployment Against China?

The Pukguksong-2 pictured during a test on February 12, 2017 (Photo: KCNA).
The Pukguksong-2 pictured during a test on February 12, 2017 (Photo: KCNA).

Is Pyongyang conducting missile tests to enable the delivery of the THAAD missile system and “grease the skids” in South Korea? – Ann

The Pukguksong-2 pictured during a test on February 12, 2017 (Photo: KCNA).
The Pukguksong-2 pictured during a test on February 12, 2017 (Photo: KCNA).

Today North Korea reportedly launched a Pukguksong-2 missile (KN-15– which was defined by the South as a solid-fuel intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) using technology related to its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), according to NK News. The South Korean military reported that the missile was launched from north of Pyongyang.

“The type of missile is being assessed and the flight was not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile,” USPACOM said in a statement.

According to NK News, “South Korean President Moon Jae-in presided over a National Security Council (NSC) at 0800 KST for 20 minutes, less than three hours after Pyongyang launched the missile.”

“Moon said the South Korean government ‘strongly condemned’ the missile launch.

” ‘We voice deep concern and strictly warn against North Korea’s reckless provocation given that it (launched) only a few days after the new government was launched,’ Yoon Young-chan, Senior Secretary to the President for Public Relations, told media, quoting Moon as saying.”

“[The launch] is a flagrant violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and a serious challenge to the peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the international community.”

“But the new South Korean president said the South still embraced the possibility of inter-Korean dialogue.”

“ ‘We should firmly respond to a provocation so that the North will not make a misjudgment,’ Moon said at the NSC meeting.”

“ ‘Even if dialogue is possible, we should show that it is possible only in case of the North showing a change of attitude. ‘ ”

” Moon also urged the South Korean military to maintain ‘full-readiness.’ ”

“U.S. Pacific Command is fully committed to working closely with our Republic of Korea and Japanese allies to maintain security, ” USPACOM also said in their statement.  “The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) determined the missile launch from North Korea did not pose a threat to North America.

The issues with this test seem to revolve around the recent deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD missile defense system in South Korea and the continued military exercises aimed at China and North Korea.

According to Voice of America in a May 11 article, US, Allies’ Military Drills Send Message to China, N. Korea, “Troops from the U.S., Japan and two European nations are gathering on remote U.S. islands in the Pacific for drills they say will show support for the free passage of vessels in international waters amid fears China could restrict movement in the South China Sea.

“The drills around Guam and Tinian may also send a message to North Korea about the U.S. commitment to the region and the breadth of its allies.”

The THAAD Missile System’s deployment in South Korea has been an issue of tension between China, the US and South Korea as China views the system as a threat to its military operations.


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Ann Diener

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  1. No Americans should be worried about a country on the other side of the world that is the size of Pennsylvania which has no military might to invade. This is an American made problem. But the Japanese Fukushima sabotage is what’s going to impact the US – fully. Look at the video’s of the tsunamis – does the infrastructure in the videos look like it took a 9.0 earthquake hit ? I see no damage and I’m from Alaska and know Earthquakes.

  2. Since 1970s, to supplement meager foreign currency revenues etc., N. Korea has produced & exported opium, methamphetamines etc. to China, U.S. etc. (using regular drug distribution networks of the Western/Rotten-Child Cabal. DPRK is also the mostly-untouchable home for other criminal activities.

    Both Mossad & U.S. helped N. Korea with a rudimentary nuke weapons program (although Mossad/US-infiltrated Iran nuke engineers also helped). See “VT Nuclear Education: Mossad/N. Korea Links, MOX” at Also from personal Korean, Israeli & Iranian sources. Note the role of U.S. Energy ex-Secretary Bill Richardson.

    With election of S. Korean President Moon Jae-in, who favors DPRK negotiations, deployment windows for defensive/offensive-capable U.S. weapons systems to South Korea were closing. NATO/EU déjà vu?

    DPRK’s Kim Jong-un is mostly clueless about this stuff, but Kim is useful for providing provocations to get equally-clueless U.S. Prez Tweet to deploy defensive/offensive-capable THAAD missiles to S. Korea. To add insult to injury for South Koreans, Prez Tweet even says that South Korea must pay.

    What we are watching with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine etc. is a weak, damaged & manipulated U.S. president being pushed to start World War 3 — as his only option to save his clueless ass from removal.

    Welcome to the way the world really works… ;-).

    • To add meat to the bones of the above, see also “Strange Bedfellows: The Nazi–Israel Nuclear Partnership” at (“Former IAEA investigator, nuclear physicist and VT editor, Jeff Smith fills in the blanks”).

      Yes, even before WW2, Israelis/Rotten-Childs and post-WW2 Nazis have collaborated – especially on nuke stuff. With Rotten-Child’s “Israel using tactical nukes as party favors,” nations having tactical nukes likely include “Ukraine, Koreas N and S, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi, ETC.”

      U.S. deployment of THAAD missiles to South Korea is similar to U.S. deployment of antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to EU/NATO nations bordering Russia — nominally deployed as a defense against virtually nonexistent threats from Iran. Offense-Defense against China (certainly not DPRK) is the real reason for THAAD deployment in South Korea. NATO/EU ABM déjà vu all over again…

      Rotten-Child & Co. are still trying to start WW3. Symbiotically-relating Kim & Trump are mostly clueless.

    • An MSM Pittsburgh editorial partially in support of the above: “A New Start in [South] Korea: The Liberal President Could Alter the Calculus” at

      Trump & Hillary did/do not support Korean reunification. With his “sunshine policy” toward N. Korea, the newly-elected S. Korean president is at least willing to discuss this with Kim & N. Korea.

      As intended, new $1B+ THAAD missile systems etc. are flies in the Korean reunification ointment.

  3. The most expedient excuse for these Deep State Criminals for WW3 is this tubby and paranoid dictator

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