Trump Planning To Nuke NYC To Save His Own Ass?

New York Army National Guard Lt. Col. Michael Tagliafierro discusses the scenario for a tabletop exercise exploring New York National Guard response to an improvised nuclear device detonating in New York City held on March 9, 2017 at New York National Guard headquarters in Latham, N.Y. The drill was held to prepare for participation in the Ardent Sentry 2017 exercise. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Maj. Corine Lombardo)
New York Army National Guard Lt. Col. Michael Tagliafierro discusses the scenario for a tabletop exercise exploring New York National Guard response to an improvised nuclear device detonating in New York City held on March 9, 2017 at New York National Guard headquarters in Latham, N.Y. The drill was held to prepare for participation in the Ardent Sentry 2017 exercise. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Maj. Corine Lombardo)

[Editor’s note: Trump stories are becoming like wallpaper, you’ve got the massive Fox organisation on one side, owned by Murdoch but run by the Israeli security organisations, lulling the worst of America’s sheeple into complacency; the phony ‘liberal press’ also controlled by Israel’s security agencies, is lulling the Trump-hating sheeple into complacency as well.

Now listen well, the bill is going to come due…

In January, 2017, Trump invited FBI Director Comey to dinner, at that dinner Trump asked Comey if the FBi was investigating…. wait for it…. Donald Trump.

At that moment, though careless, loud-mouthed Trump was unaware of it, his Presidency went on life support.

We know Comey answered, we also know, or believe we know, that Trump recorded the conversation; let’s look at a few issues:

The meeting itself was improper, based on the direction of the Russian investigation (real or bogus, we don’t care) was going; we would see Attorney-General Sessions recuse himself and we would see both Attorney-General Sally Yates and US Attorney Preet Bharara removed from office. It was their investigations, in conjunction with the FBI, investigations of Trump, Bayrock and money laundering that Comey, during that dinner meeting, may or may not have told Trump about.

Trump’s threats against Yates, backed up by Senator Graham during her testimony, yes he worked to silence her as well, are based on the fact that newly-seated Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the man forced to recuse himself due to his own possible criminal complicity, had classified the evidence against Trump as ‘S C’ (Special Compartmented). In fact, Trump ordered Sessions to send US Marshalls to the floor of the Senate to immediately arrest Yates if she tried to speak. Yates looked up at these marshalls, as she told Graham during questioning, that she was not going to fall into his trap and allow herself to be branded a criminal.

You can see the whole thing on the video, the sneer on Lyndsey Graham’s face, and Yates looking over at the marshalls.

What we have here is the equivalent of a Stalin show trial taking place in front of an American population and the controlled media; democracy down the toilet as warned of so many times, with barely a whimper.

Trump’s recent purge in the form of the sackings of Comey, Yates and Bharara, represents a desperate attempt to keep Trump from being impeached, as the UK Independent put it: “Donald Trump has now fired three of the people investigating him”

Donald Trump has now fired three people who were carrying out investigations linked to either him or his campaign – something the president’s critics have said represents “a troubling pattern”.

Before the president dismissed FBI Director James Comey, claiming that he had been obliged to act because of the way he handed an investigation into Hillary Clinton, he had previously fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Preet Bharara, the New York US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“They fired Sally Yates. They fired Preet Bharara. And they fired James Comey, the very man leading the investigation. This does not seem to be a coincidence,” said Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer.“

Any person who he appoints to lead the Russian investigation will be concerned that he or she will meet the same fate as Director Comey.”

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin took to the Senate floor on Tuesday evening to urge the White House to clarify whether the FBI investigation of Russian interference in the presidential campaign would continue now that Comey has been fired.

“Any attempt to stop or undermine this FBI investigation would raise grave constitutional issues,” Mr Durbin said.
“We await clarification by the White House as soon as possible as to whether this investigation will continue.”

The evidence Yates has – the Russian mob bosses pumping cash into both Bayrock and the Trump organisations is incontrovertible and exists in voluminous quantities. As long as Sater was still an ‘on the books’ CIA informant, part of an operation to embarrass Putin, Trump would be safe from prosecution.

The only thing new to the wrinkle is the tape, the one Trump stupidly made, following incompetently in Nixon’s footsteps – he can’t deny it, he can’t destroy it, and no-one is going to buy it if 18 minutes mysteriously goes missing; he can only make it irrelevant – 10 kilotons worth of irrelevant, and in the post-9/11 environment, the only real question for Trump is this:

Are 100,000 dead enough? Is 2,000,000 too many?

Here’s what we see when we run this cheerful scenario: we see a tearful Trump and a flag-draped coffin containing the body, perhaps only the vapourised remains, of the Slovenian-born First Lady that Trump now finds ‘inconvenient’. We also know this – when Russian mobsters start heading for the airports, there will be an exodus of insiders from NYC that parallels the one conspiracy theorists say happened on 9-11.

The scenario being played out in this drill – of a nuclear device being used to destroy the Jersey end of the Lincoln Tunnel is taken directly from the 9-11 operation; thankfully, on that fateful September day 15 years ago, the NYPD thwarted that part of the operation. Fort Lee, NJ, close to the Lincoln Tunnel, is home to a Mossad cell that played an active part in the 9-11 operation, the nuclear devices used on 9-11 were smuggled in via a NJ airstrip just west of Fort Lee. Therefore Ardent Sentry 17 bears all the hallmarks of being a rehashing of that old Mossad plan to use a nuke to take out one of the major routes into and out of Manhattan.

Hiroshima was 13.2 kilotons, the type of device used today for operations like 9-11, can be dialled as high as 40 kilotons and may be positioned to destroy as many debt-ridden over-insured Trump properties as possible. You want to see where the nuke is likely to be placed – just have a look at a map of where Trump’s properties are, check with his insurers and perhaps most importantly of all, how he could insure former mayor Michael Bloomberg would die that day then imagine Rudy Giuliani looking like the portrait of Dorian Gray from his attic, aged, withered and corrupt, once again standing in the ashes, fresh blood on his hands, but I digress….

Trump is getting desperate, he sees the writing on the wall and it reads indictment, impeachment and imprisonment. Desperate men often turn to desperate measures…. Ian & G]

What Would Happen if an Improvised Nuclear Device Went Off in Manhattan?

It’s just after 10 a.m. on April 24, 2017, when the New York 1 cable TV news feed in the New York National Guard Joint Operations Center here goes dark.

Gabreski Air National Guard Base at the eastern tip of Long Island calls in, reporting a bright flash in the direction of New York City. Camp Smith in the Hudson Valley calls and says they see a flash to the south.

Phone calls to New York City don’t go through.

A nuclear device has detonated on Manhattan and the New York National Guard has to begin reacting. What happens next?

Fifty New York National Guard leaders and planners spent Thursday thinking about the unthinkable during a day-long table top exercise that included representatives from National Guard Bureau and Northern Command.

“An IND [improvised nuclear device] goes off in New York City; a million people killed right up front, and six million people needing shelter and food and medical help for at least four days in the most complicated megalopolis in the world. This is graduate level stuff,” said New York Air National Guard Brig. Gen. Timothy LaBarge, director of staff for the New York Air National Guard and the commander for the drill.

Preparation for Ardent Sentry 17

The table top exercise, LaBarge said, was designed as a rehearsal for New York National Guard’s participation in the Ardent Sentry 17 domestic response exercise that kicks off on April 24.

Ardent Sentry is an annual North American Aerospace Defense and U.S. Northern Command exercise focused on defense support to civil authorities with military capabilities. Exercise scenarios have included hurricanes, tornadoes damaging a nuclear weapons storage site, and massive earthquakes.

This year the scenario will revolve around a nuclear detonation in Manhattan. City, state, federal and military officials will work through the steps in responding to that kind of disaster.

Because he has been designated as the dual-status commander for the New York National Guard during the exercise, he wanted to think through the steps involved in responding beforehand, LaBarge explained.

A dual-status commander is a National Guard officer who is authorized to command both National Guard military forces — under the command of the governor–and federal military forces–under the command of the president.

Dual-status commanders can direct both federal active-duty forces and state National Guard forces in response to domestic incidents. The concept is intended to foster greater cooperation among federal and state assets during a disaster. The New York National Guard stood up a dual status commander in 2012 during the state response to Superstorm Sandy.

“We are going to walk ourselves through this, so it is not all brand new to us”, LaBarge told the exercise participants.

“We want to work out the moving parts. What forces are available to us? What about New Jersey and Massachusetts and New Hampshire?” he added. “It’s complicated.”

The exercise required participants to explain the steps their staff sections or commands would take, as the New York National Guard responded to a nuclear incident, beginning with the initial response.

Not all issues got resolved, but the opportunity to talk through the steps and identify issues ahead of time was incredibly valuable, said Brig. Gen. Patrick Center, the Director of Joint Staff for the New York National Guard.

The drill began with the device detonating, and moved through the first steps in response to the notional emergency.

42nd Infantry Division’s Role in Emergency Command

The headquarters of the Troy, New York, based 42nd Infantry Division, which is designated to command the Federal Emergency Management Agency Region II Homeland Response Force, would begin calling in Guard Soldiers and standing up a command post with full-time officers and noncommissioned officers.

The 24th Civil Support Team (CST), which is trained to evaluate nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological attacks would shelter in place at their headquarters at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn as a fallout plume passed overhead and wait for further orders. Their counterparts in the 2nd CST based at Stratton Air National Guard Base outside Schenectady, New York, would begin moving to an assembly area while the New Hampshire CST also started moving based on prior agreements.

Guard aviators would report to the New York State Emergency Management Office and begin coordinating for military and civilian agency air operations. The personnel section would begin the process of putting Soldiers and Airmen on State Active Duty, while the logistic section would lay the groundwork for moving the supplies needed to sustain thousands of Guard troops in action, coordinate convoy routes, and figure out where replacement hazmat suits and MREs would come from.

Much of the discussion hinged around legal issues of command and control and when Guard troops might move from state active duty status — with the state paying their salaries and buying supplies — to a federally funded response status in which the governor would still command the New York National Guard, but the federal government picked up the tab.

A team from Northern Command explained how an active duty team would move to New York to assist LaBarge and help coordinate the response.

Communications, the use of remotely piloted aircraft, and how Guard troops would interact with New York City first responders and federal troops were also hashed out.

The value of these kinds of discussions is that it lets planners and leaders identify potential issues ahead of time and make a workable plan, said Ron Hessdoerfer, a member of the Northern Command training and exercise and operations branch.

“A plan that is never exercised isn’t really a plan. It is just a book on the shelf,” Hessdoerfer said.

The critical thing in an actual emergency, LaBarge emphasized as the exercise concluded, would be to forget about egos and unit roles and concentrate on savings lives.

“As long as we resolve to do that, we will figure it out,” he said.


  1. George H. W. Bush used the MOSSAD to organize the “October Surprise of 1980”, his alleged No. 1 son collaborated with MOSSAD to conduct 9-11, 9-11 details provided by veteranstoday and wikispooks. An alleged, human male occupied the POTUS slot for two terms, alias, Barack H. Obama, for whom neither verifiable certificate of birth nor verifiable evidence of American citizenship has been published. Six conglomerates own 96% of western world media, are owned by elite, Jewish families, and Harvard law instructor Alan Derschowitz, listed on Epstein´s Lolita Express, lectured Jewish attendees of StandWithUs Israeli lobby group on 12 May 2017 that its their right to be rich, powerful and manipulate the world via mainstream media. With a Jewish son-in-law who has helped fund Israeli terrorist groups, Trump is being set up as the fall guy for continued Jewish terrorism. The list of supporters on veteranstoday, of the set-up, is impressive.

  2. The consequences of such an act would be the charge of treason and murder on a massive scale. One that would encompass the entire Drumpf administration not to mention all those directly or indirectly involved.
    This would be an act even more heinous than Bush2/ 9/11 although the same types of “devices” were to be used.
    Drumpf is capable of anything and as psychiatrists have note being a delusional paranoid and a malignant narcissist doesn’t help either. The man is sick, twisted and too dangerous to remain in the office. The rethugnicans in congress are on his side no matter what he does. Even when the bombs begin to fall on America Drumpf and his pals will be drinking champagne and toasting each other.
    The fantasy that Drumpf believes he can do whatever he wishes without consequence is dangerous. The Constitution has been eviscerated by Obama and his cronies but it will be Drumpf who will take America down.

  3. drill or dress rehearsal, ironing out the glitches …”lets planners and leaders identify potential issues ahead of time and make a workable plan”…. motive and means awaits opportunity an Netanyahu knocks, a lying screen won’t wipe them clean, not this time, not ever again

    • We hope, by publishing this, we make it less likely they will try to pull off such a false flag nuke attack.

  4. Imagine living in one of the skyscrapers in New York which Trump promotes as having great views. It wouldn’t be much fun after a nuclear attack. The power would be off so even if your building is left standing, the stairs, if there are any, are jammed with terrified people seeking to get out of that fire trap. How would the Trump family get out? Even in an ordinary fire this is a dangerous way to live. Were the tenants warned of this risk when they bought in or rented these dangerous living units in the sky which provided such great profits to some selfish developers? And are there any fall out shelters once a person gets down to the ground level? Are directions posted to reach them or help provided by police? These are the negative issues of living in the sky in the cesspool of New York which Trump and his cronies do not like to talk about do they? Obviously from watching the footage of 9/11 New York is not a place where one would want to raise a family or work. Move out of this price inflated cesspool ASAP.

    • All that extra wealth of the billionaires of New York won’t make them any better off than a poor person when it comes to escaping one of those tall fire traps after a nuclear attack or even ordinary fire for that matter. In fact a homeless person sleeping in the subway is more likely to survive.

  5. Where is the Israel embassy or safe houses located ? Watch out when they leave them en masse like rats the sinking ship.

  6. Even if you impeach/incarcerate Trump, you still have the rest of the corrupt government in bed with Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and every other evil force that’s out there. It’s not Funny how it was OK to help destroy the USSR and make their people eat dog food for years while the West and the oligarchs steal as much as they could. And today – which Russian Mafia are we talking about – Russian Russian Mafia or Russian American Mafia or Russian Jew Mafia or Russian Muslim Mafia ? As soon as you get rid of Trump and ” Russia” – you still have those guys that did 9-11 and the rest of the false flag murderers. Trump needs to go — but if it all stops there and the momentum from cleaning the House stops there – and the media will write that Trump was the main government problem – nothing will change much. The NWO will continue on and the Wars could too.

  7. The first video has 208,304 views while the second has 36,711 views. While this is short of millions of views still quite a few people have watched them. How many in Congress do you suppose have viewed them? How about the fired investigators, Preet, Yates and Comey, have they watched these excellent investigative reports? Has Trump watched them? These plus this article and others on VT provide a powerful case right now for impeachment or more. What about the judges and government officials covering up some of these crimes? Does Congress have the votes to begin the impeachment process?

    • WJ: No, Congress now has insufficient votes for impeachment & removal. Maybe soon…

      Constitutional impeachment & removal are not our only routes to oust Trump. 25th Amendment too.

      Trump may soon block the 25th Amendment route — by firing/replacing most/all cabinet members.

      As per Bibi’s mandate, loyalty oaths to Trump will be a Trump nomination prerequisite. ;-).

  8. Ian: Well done. However, as Einstein-contemporary nuke physicist Niels Bohr once said: “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true”… Or maybe it is…

    During WW2 (as per mainstream sourcing), Nazis credibly planned to massively bomb NYC. On 9/11 (as per VT+ etc.), Bibi, Rotten-Child & Israelis nuked NYC. VT said it best. Google VT for articles.

    Only decision makers & clandestine community ‘members’ will know that, even before WW2, Rotten-Childs & Israelis and post-WW2 Nazis collaborated – especially on nuke stuff. With Rotten-Child’s “Israel using tactical nukes as party favors,” nations having tactical nukes now likely include “Ukraine, Koreas N and S, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi, ETC.” See “Strange Bedfellows: The Nazi–Israel Nuclear Partnership” at (“Ex-IAEA investigator, nuke physicist & VT editor Jeff Smith fills the blanks”).

    With a worse-than-clueless U.S. President Tweet, WW3-favoring Bibi & Rotten-Child are setting up numerous WW3-resulting scenarios (e.g., with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, nuking NYC etc.).

    Now, with U.S. & other alternative decision makers, VT’s job is “Whack-A-Mole”… ;-).

  9. Wow VT lost its mind,,all this talk about impeachment because they dream of getting devil worshiping pedophiles and their communist agenda back in the white house..

    sorry charlie the days of devil worshiping pedophiles pushing their ultra libtard communist agenda on the American people is over..

    • Trump Tool: If/Since you worship Trump &/or AJ, ask Trump if you can replace Bannon or Spicey.

      With labor/energy/resource abundancy, Communism & Capitalism are dead. You too. Mirror time?

      If/Since you like little boys or little girls (kinda like Trump-buddy Epstein), Trump will hire you! ;-).

    • Apparently you haven’t been using this websiste otherwise you would not have made such ignorant statements as you have. Do I detect a drumpf supporter? Or do you ignore that he raped a 13 year old girl for his own amusement? ever hear of the Lolita Express? Jeffery Epstein? Drumpf’s association with both are now documented .
      If you put down that NRA newsletter long enough or shut off Fox Noise and read the reports here at VT you come away appearing a wee bit smarter than you do now.

  10. Once upon a time on the sinking Titanic people were busy rearranging chairs in the ballroom, organizing comities, pushing into the lines at the buffet and discussing possibilities of the aftermath on the coming disaster and death. Then all hell and panic broke loose while sinking to the bottom of the ice cold ocean grasping for the last breath.
    As long as Truth seekers and lambs alike are busy with their usual daily lifes, paying taxes to the corrupt and bankrupt regimes suppressing them, investing into shares that eventually will strip them of their fortune, prescribing and consuming toxic medication that slowly replaces life force with lethargy and ignorance while supporting a dream that long ago has turned into a nightmare there will be no hope for humanity whatsoever.

    • VT: Help us, O-Bee Won-Ton Kan-O-Beans, you’re our only hope! ;-).

      All seriousness aside, Eduardo, VT’s job now is ‘Whack-A-Mole’ on Titanic-like WW3 scenarios.

      With help from non-clueless alternative decision makers, U.S. & other clandestine communities, others, you & me, WE can do it. Really… ;-).

  11. Everybody has dealt with insurance losses. Without exception they seek to shaft you don’t they? I have had them argue about a trivial claim of a tree from the neighbor’s yard falling on a building and damaging the gutter. They shafted us out of about 30% for a car totaled by another driver who was at fault. How come the insurance companies didn’t argue endlessly in court over the claims of Lucky Larry for the 9/11 payments? Isn’t this easy payment to him part of why he is called Lucky in addition to missing his breakfast at Windows of the World that fateful day? Wasn’t he the luckiest man in the world on 9/11? Will Trump be lucky this time?

    • I believe the answer is the last place either party wanted to end up was a courtroom where they might be asked rude questions about any possible foreknowledge of the event or other rude questions.

    • because they will sell very many policies due to the payout and the incident, in fact it became necessary for even small towns to carry terrorist insurance, they made skillions.

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