The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part I)


by  Preston James

Note: If you have not read prior VT articles on Secret Space War matters, you may find this article a waste of your time and an exercise in incredulity and fantasy and you should probably not read it.


Soon the public is going to learn that Alien ETs are real and that their anti-gravity craft are real too.

And this major disclosure of the US Government’s greatest secret may now come sooner rather than later.

Once the cat is out of the bag, be certain that it will set off a process that will displace the current Super Fascist American governmental system run out of the City of London (COL) and will usher in a kinder, gentler (at least at first) new form of fascism, best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

We now know for certain that crashed Alien anti-gravity craft from distant locations in the Cosmos were piloted by Alien ETs.

These crashed craft have been recovered and back-engineered by certain defense contractors in various “Black” and “unacknowledged programs”.

And some inside sources have now claimed that these back-engineering programs involve secret treaties made with certain Alien ET groups who now work jointly with American defense contractor staff in certain highly compartmented Deep-Black and Beyond-Black unacknowledged Secret Space War and hybridization programs, with at least one being located at Dulce, New Mexico, in a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB).

Ben Rich former head of Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks described UFOs as “Biomorphic”.

Remember this term “Biomorphic” that Ben Rich used to describe these recovered and back-engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft.

Biomorphic: “Resembling or suggesting the form of a living organism. The ability to move, change shape and function as a living entity”. More on this deep mystery at the end of this  3 part series.

And as Ben Rich also once claimed, “we now have the technology to take ET home”. He was implying that the defense contractors in these unacknowledged, un-audited Deep-Black and Beyond-Black programs had now reached the point technologically that they can bridge interstellar space and travel inter-dimensionally beyond the speed of light.

This coming major disclosure of the deepest state secrets ever held is going to create a monumental shift in the composition and beliefs of society including its leadership structure.

For reasons to be disclosed in this article, this coming greatest USG disclosure ever will propel America and the world into a new kind of Globalist NWO that will be independent of the old guard, who are typically referred to by insiders as the BT/RKM/COL or the “Hierarchy”.

This current Ruling Cabal will be shoved aside and made irrelevant and will become completely unsupported at every level by the world’s masses all in unison and will be ejected from all power.

The Cabal will be shoved aside and deemed obsolete and anti-human as a worldwide reaction to some very startling world events related to disclosure of Alien ETs and a publicly announced expectation of a coming cosmic Battle for Planet Earth.

This expected final battle for Planet Earth is going to be reported as a battle with what are now viewed to be a certain evil Alien ET group headed toward Planet Earth as a very large and powerful armada.

This Ruling Cabal is a Hierarchy or pyramid of power and is known to be controlled by BT/RKM/COL private debt-note based pernicious usury fiat banking. Insiders claim this Cabal is run by a satanic cult that uses pedophilia as their personal sport and a means to compromise new initiates. This Ruling Cabal has been alleged to have merged its top controllers with every major, organized-crime group in the world.

Typically this Hierarchy always infiltrates, merges and then hijacks major organized crimes groups all over the world to gain an edge in controlling the various subcultures of power that exist in the world. Then the Hierarchy uses this underworld power as a base to conduct highly illegal, immoral covert operations needed to gain vast funding off the books and without Congressional oversight, to human compromise and exert controls not otherwise possible, that are all thus deniable.

Doofuses and weirdos are selected from “Bloodline” families of those who are judged to be easily morally compromised; and these folks are groomed, initiated, dirtied up and propelled into the highest positions in society and the USG to become Cutouts for the Hierarchy.

Thus the visible USG is staffed with Doofus tools in high authority that are there only to act as ordered or according to the Agendas set by a Top Council of the Twelve Kings of the Earth (now 11). Once they are no longer needed soon after major disclosure occurs they will quickly become irrelevant and be pushed aside into obscurity and perhaps poverty too like many of their victims over the years.


Despite all the power these Doofus tools have been given and cloaked with, they are readily disposable as soon as they are no longer needed by the Top Controller to which the Superior General (Black Pope) answers to. And this entity, according to insiders, is a Lesser god (Fallen One) some view as Lucifer, an entity whom these top Cabal members view as the god of this world, and a force they believe will soon be seated to rule the whole world with supernatural power.

The Ruling Cabal (aka the Hierarchy) is typically controlled by “12 Kings” (now 11, until a replacement is fully initiated and brought in). These Kings rule the world and answer to the Superior General (aka Black Pope) who operates under the authority of Lucifer who he believes is the operational god of this world.

As this new form of Fascism is shifted into place, it will in a sense start out as a friendly, much friendlier than the Super Fascism which was implemented by GHWB and the BCC under the authority of the Council of Twelve, the operational Kings of the BT/RKM/COL World Banking Hierarchy.

In America, Super fascism has been cloaked as friendly, except if you become a target as a whistle-blower, dissident or a nation where natural resources and land is considered essential to the Hierarchy.

GHWB used to brag to his inside circle that what he had implemented was a friendlier form of fascism, the “iron fist in the velvet glove”. What he meant was this new Super Fascist USG that was implemented by the JFK Assassination was secret, powerful and maintained a veneer of social concern on the outside.

Of course any serious whistle-blowers or dissenters who were judged to pose a serious loose-end or threat to the Hierarchy would be seriously dealt with by the iron fist, but it would be sufficiently “cloaked” to keep it secret from the general public through control of their Major Mass Media, which functions as an illegal News and Media Monopoly and Cartel.

Serious terminations with extreme prejudice by assigned wet-boy teams (sometimes using women assets) required a presidential “signed national security finding” (much like a secret PDD) that ordered and justified the action as necessary to protect or maintain “national security”.

These assassinations of whistle-blowers and dissidents inside America involve orders by FBI or CIA Officers or agents to the local police to “stand-down” that are always complied with. Highly obedient or deeply compromised Medical examiners (coroners) are used who falsely list the deaths as suicides, even though all the evidence shows blatant acts of murder.

This methodology became a way of life in Arkansas for the “Dixie Mafia” which had become deputized by the CIA as agents of “National Security” and used to cover up for the Clintons and the GHWB authorized crimes of the CIA’s Mena Arkansas drug pipeline.

Thus the term “Arkencide” was coined to represent these “impossible suicides” later used by the FBI, the CIA, the DOD and various contractors deputized under national security.

What American Super Fascism is, and how it functions as a secret Globalist NWO run by 147 large interlocked International Corporations mostly linked to G7 nations which share many of the same Board of Directors and Intel agents from their nations’ various Intel agencies.

With Nazi Fascism the State merged with the Corporations, but the State maintained control. Our current condition in America is best referred to as Super Fascism wherein the State and the Corporations merge and the Corporations gain control over the State because they have stacked and hijacked it.

In Super Fascism 147 of these largest international corporations and large Wall Street Banks infiltrated, stacked and hijacked use the American State and use it as a their tool to protect their own elite interests over and above the interests of We The People.

The Super fascism of America as directed by the BT/RKM/COL is only a transitory state and will soon be superseded by a whole new form of government, one that will envelop the whole world (or what is left of it by that time).

Like regular Fascism, Super Fascism too will be superseded by a new style of Fascism. This new type of fascism, best called Cosmic Fascism is going to be implemented soon and is the merger and fusion of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the Secret Space War Program with the State to form a new form of state, the Globalist NWO Super State.

With Cosmic Fascism the deep esoteric secrets of the Secret Space War Program are going to be accepted by the Super State and will be publicly proclaimed in order to mobilize the masses against what will be claimed to be a large coming invasion attempt by evil Alien ETs.

At that time the world’s masses will be convinced that the only way for humanity to survive this is for all the major nations of the world to coordinate their Secret Space War programs and fight and destroy this large Alien ET Cosmic Invading force.

As this shift to the esoteric as Cosmic Fascism in society occurs, the Old Guard (top Hierarchy members) which includes the BT/RKM/BCC/COL Super Fascists will be quickly pushed aside and stripped of all power and privilege.

Naturally the Old Guard will resist this new form of fascism (Cosmic Fascism) and will desperately try and maintain the existence of their own system, Super Fascism. To do this they will pick from a choice of proved options. They can continue to deploy false-flag attacks, some even nuclear as was done at the twin towers NYC on 9-11-01.

They can use these to falsely blame hand selected mentally ill or mentally retarded Islamic patsies the FBI works hard to entrap; or they can start major new illegal unconstitutional aggressive foreign wars of acquisition.

Or they can continue supporting their private mercenary army ISIS which is an extension of the Mujaheddin started by the CIA to defeat the Soviet Union Communists in Afghanistan in order to gain control and greatly expand the Opium crop and acquire cheap access to the Lithium for high tech batteries.

Or they can provoke North Korea, Russia and/or China into a major WW3 with a limited or full exchange of nuclear weapons while the top Hierarchy leaders go underground into designated DUMBs until the radiation clears. Then they can come out and start over, all done under the Continuation of Government (COG) Program.

Of course the big secret here is that these DUMBs are actually controlled by Alien ETs and hybrids; and once these folks go down during any WW3 nuclear exchange, they will likely never emerge. And there have been rumors for years that at some point some of these supposedly friendly Alien ETs they have treaties with and joint Secret Space War (SSW) projects with will turn on them and use them as a food source and delicacy.

And as some in the SSW program already know, there have been multiple occasions where UFOs piloted by Alien ETs have hovered around nuclear ICBM launch sites and used sophisticated electronic warfare to render the devices temporarily un-launchable and the detonators that cannot be armed. It is not too much a jump from this to assume that if the Super Fascists attempt to start a full exchange nuclear WW3, the various Alien ETs will prevent the full destruction of the human populace.

However, it is possible that they will allow a partial launch and a loss of up to about 1/3 of the world population; and this will serve as a catalyst to push their new Cosmic Fascist system into place for their style of Globalist NWO. In a worst case scenario, there could be a counter-strike and another loss of up to 1/3 of the world’s populace.

This large scale mass-death of humans of course could be used by the new group to promote itself and make its descent to a position of leadership over what population that remains much easier and faster.

There is a side effect of Super Fascism’s habit of merging with organized crime all over the world; of merging with the Satanic cults and deputizing them as agents or assets of “national security”; and promoting a large subculture of endemic corruption associated with and protected by the USG. This side-effect is that a large portion of the masses have become aware of the massive, endemic corruption in the USG and its associates. This has engendered a general disrespect and even hatred for the USG itself, American Intel, American Law Enforcement, as well as all the American alphabets and all those leaders associated with each entity.

This occurrence can itself make it relatively easy for a new set of rulers to use crises they create to push aside the Ruling Cabal and quickly rise to the top of a new form of government that is destined to be installed.

It is my view that there is going to be tension between the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is based on the Secret Space War (SSW) and the Ruling Cabal (the Hierarchy, aka the BT/RKM/COL).

I believe that the SSW has pulled the SSG into a major esoteric drift away from the reality of the Ruling Cabal and this tension will be resolved as the world masses that remain become fed up with Super Fascism.

Esoteric Drift: Drift of operational beliefs into specific secrets of an isolated and powerful subculture. Historically based on the forbidden ancient Babylonian or Sumerian Black Arts of the Dark Side which have been passed on through Satanic pedophile occult groups associated with certain Bloodlines. SSW esoteric drift does not appear to be directly linked to drift into ancient BT Black Arts but rather a drift into a special SSW subculture of deep space based secrets and technologies that must be protected by extreme secrecy and memory erasure system.

Officials who directly run the Secret Space War (SSW) programs with full knowledge of the deep space fleets of the USN and the USAF have allegedly drifted into a sub-cultural mindset. This mindset reportedly includes a non-conventional view of humans as soul containers, and involves a different view of time and space. Often the end-state that is viewed as a vitally important goal is used to justify the means necessary to attain that goal no matter who gets hurt or killed.

One example is that it has been alleged that Secret Space War pilots serve ten-year terms of deep-space combat with this invading armada that is headed our way, and then their memories are wiped clean as a security and secrecy measure. It has been reported that some such SSW vets who had their memories wiped start recovering them after a period of time.

This esoteric drift of the SSG because of the SSW deep space anti-gravity fleets of the USN and the USAF combined with the DUMBs and the treaties with certain Alien ET groups has actually constituted a very sophisticated type of mind-kontrol.

This has caused SSW controllers to accept the Alien ET directed delusion that the American masses should not be told the truth, that they could not handle it. The radio show, War of the Worlds, was used as a test; and reports of some suicides are used as justification for the cloak of secrecy that is maintained, but is now eroding fast, due to disagreement between the younger members and the older members of Majestic (MJ).

I believe this is a false delusion and that the American masses have already been slowly adapted to the truth because of Hollywood’s depictions, Dr. Steven Greer’s revolutionary Disclosure Project, and the many SSW heroes that have retired and come forth to tell a good portion of the truth.

This mind-kontrol has been a result of Alien ET culture imposed on the humans they work with and various sophisticated spiritual and psychic mind-kontrol. This Alien ET mind-kontrol serves helps these Alien ETs groups control the SSG elements it works with to develop and refine super high-tech, quantum technologies, including anti-gravity, inter-dimensional travel, and scalar and particle beam weapons and communication systems.


Basically the BT/RKM/COL folks who staff the Ruling Cabal and their close associates and cutouts have been seduced by a combination of the seven deadly sins and have allowed their very souls to be stripped away (aka snatched) in order to be anointed with unsurpassed power, wealth and status.

In order to attain these huge assets not available to others, they must pass through various, increasingly evil and savage initiations, culminating in human and child sacrifice rituals. These rituals are recorded and used as insurance to make sure they never vary from their allowed parameters. Many are raised in Bloodline occult families and trauma-conditioned at an early age as children to have multiple personality disorder, MPD, aka dissociative identity disorder, DID.

These individuals who have gained the world and all its riches, power and status have lost their very souls and face a coming, final judgment for their evil unless they repent; but currently they appear to truly not understand the significance of what they have done by giving up their very souls for mammon.


In part II of this series, the transition from the ordinary Fascism established during WW2 and how it was suddenly transformed into Super Fascism by the JFK assassination will be explicated and discussed.


A 10-minute video with Gordon Duff on the Mike Harris Radio Show – go to the wheel and play at 1.25 speed.


Joe Bonamassa is now the the World’s top Blues guitarist. When B.B. King died, Joe took his place as King of the Blues. When Joe was a young kid, B.B. King heard him play and recognized this child guitar prodigy, felt he had intrinsic great talent and was headed for the big time. After 25 years of hard work, Joe has worked his way to the very top and has become the best stage performer out there. Joe is a true populist because he shows that he values each and every one of his fans by posting more free HD music videos of his best work on and provides more free downloads than any other top artist. If you get a chance to see Joe perform in person, you will be impressed. He always give 100% of what he has.

Joe is quite versatile and can play many different styles of music. He also plays acoustical guitar and his vocals are exceptional. Joe’s backup band and singers are always exceptional. Joe is not only a great musician, he is a good team player and has formed a partnership with the best promoter out there and acquired the best music producer possible. Joe has formed his own production company, and also set up a non-profit Blues Foundation to keep the Blues alive at the street level and in schools. It will be a long time before anyone will match or surpass the total quality of Joe Bonamassa on the blues guitar or as an entertainer for those who love the Blues.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
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  1. CONTINUED. Please see previous posts.

    As all true teachers do, Hubbard taught in metaphors, which kept his real message safe. For those not familiar with the process, the he teacher tells the student a story, and later the student realizes that they KNOW something that the teacher never spoke of.

  2. CONTINUED. Hubbard could write a sci-fi novel as fast as he could type, because he was simply writing from memories of previous lives. When he needed money he could sit down, type out a novel and hand it directly to the editor for publication without further editing. I find it hilarious to hear people opine about someone that they don’t even have the vocabulary to describe. When they are describing him, they are only describing themselves.

    I am not a Scientology follower, and I recommend staying away from the official church, which has been taken over by psychopaths, just as Hubbard predicted. Instead, seek out the Freezone folks, those ejected from the church because they did not support the accumulation of $billions.

  3. L. Ron Hubbard wrote about this over 60 years ago as part of his “space opera.” He wrote that earth is a prison planet, and his goal was to free planet earth.

    Most people cannot grasp what Hubbard was, they cannot see him through the fog of their prejudices and programming. If one applies human standards to him they will never get to his message, because they can’t get over the messenger. He was a god in the lower case sense of the word. Think Prometheus who brought fire to humans.

    “According to the Church of Scientology, Hubbard produced some 65 million words on Dianetics and Scientology, contained in about 500,000 pages of written material, 3,000 recorded lectures and 100 films. His works of fiction included some 500 novels and short stories.[338] Hubbard “published nearly 600 books, stories, and articles during his lifetime.” He sold over 23 million copies of fiction and 27 million copies of nonfiction.”

  4. Good day to you Dr James,
    One has to wonder how long this Armada of ships has been coming to Earth and how long it has been known. I say this because I have always believed everything is being directed and planned by some unseen entity, and entity that knows the truth and of things to come. When you stated a vast Armada was making its way here my mind was instantly triggered and I immediately thought of Gordon Duff`s radio interview where he stated that there was a group of people looking for land on planet Earth that could accommodate an incoming Alien race. When I heard that comment my mind immediately thought of the TV series Battle-Star Galactica , (for your readers the plot can be view on Wikipeadia) So I have to ask myself is this coming Armada seeking refuge on Earth, but are they also being pursued by a powerful enemy as told in Battle Star Galactica ? For a long time I have believed the truth has been put into films and this is but one example. Am I right or wrong, time will tell.

  5. I never mentioned reincarnation here. You are perhaps mistaking this for another article.

  6. Clapton and Buddy Guy are very good, I agree with that. Everyone is entitled to their own view. Robert Cray is another great Blues man and a terrific guitarist as is Junior Wells as was Bobby Blue Bland, a truly great musician that never got the attention he deserved. Gary Moore’s talent (before he died) is likely the next in overall ability to Joe Bonamassa and during his time was the best by a log shot. So far it seems clear to me that Joe Bonamassa has been the only one to surpass the overall quality and raw intensity of Gary Moore, a real legend and pioneer in his style of hard blues/rock.

    I am convinced that if one examines the whole blues situation overall, guitar skills, voice, song lineup, quality of back up band and singers and stage performance, it seems to me that Joe Bonamassa is currently the best blues guitarist and overall best performer out there anywhere. BB King thought Joe was the best young blues guitarist and recognized his extreme talent publicly and played with him when Joe was just a kid who could play much better than he could talk.

  7. Blood lines are one thing, soul lines are another. Consciousness is what your blood line is hard wired to respond to in predictable patterns, but soul line, is your eternal soul path reincarnating with specific intent for soul learning. We each have chosen this incarnation and will probably choose it again for reasons only our higher self knows. Or try past life regression to learn your true purpose.

  8. All U.S. space programs are headed by criminals who have had off planet dealings with alien criminals. Their crimes against the whole planet are unprecedented and have reached unspeakable unbelievable levels. The crimes have gone so far as to dangerously effect other inhabited parts of the galaxy. As a response the planet is surrounded now by highly advanced affected peace loving ET nations cloaked starships. The earth surface space program criminals will not be allowed to start WWIII. There have been some of many attempts, lately NK, which have gotten out publicly, reporting various launch failures and strange atmospheric meteor like crashes of secret weaponized technology. The dozens of blocked attempts to start WWIII have all been by peace loving alien nations. When the global population becomes aware of the magnitude of the space program criminals they will understand why aliens had to intervene. Not only to save us but to save themselves.

  9. this article tells only one outcome. cobra, and many, many others tell a different agenda. it is that our solar system now has many, many, many spacecraft from those of the light and/or good off world races positioned and ready to free earth and take out our masters-controllers that have been here for thousands of years … there is one agenda to make humanity believe that a armada of evil aliens is coming. – so which is it. one or the other. with vt attacking trump. never exposing obama, ever, or many other things is vt a part of the pys-op and from one of many factions fighting to control earth or are they not. hhmm your choice.

    • Who is cobra? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions based on their experiences and beliefs and I accept that reality. I write about issues I think are the most important and which constitute the root etiologies of where we are at and where we are headed. As long as the USA has the Federal Reserve System and the very powerful Secret Shadow Government (SSG), most of the politics inside the beltway are secondary chaf to me. Being that my philosophy just happens to be conservative Christian, I expect frequent rejection of a significant portion of what I have learned over many years from the school of hard knocks, and my assumptions about these hidden facts and realities. I appreciate the fact that the VT management allows me to write articles that often contain minority positions, many of which they may not agree with, and often don’t.

    • The problem for Cobra and other’s credibility and acceptance is that their information is by direct communication contact with advanced planetary nations. There are no documents and no evidence and therefore not being able to recognize truth when they hear it, the negativity programmed public rejects all such reports. This is in spite of much indirect corroborating evidence. Such as suspicious launch failures, strange lights around military installations or launch sites or strange crashes from the sky ever since Roswell. It all boils down to overwhelming worldwide evidence meeting overwhelming dumb denial. Just say NO to everything! Especially if it means a big change in attitude or popular beliefs. By destroying all physical proof the agency criminals know that the public will never be able to ‘figure’ out anything of the truth.

    • do not get me wrong i look forward to your articles as there is much truth to them. history has been hidden and twisted but it tells us that all ancient civilizations mention -gods- and/or those that came from the stars. it even suggests that these -gods- or alien races even had a hand in our society like making up our religion which hides true spirituality, the esoteric and our connection to it and who we really are.even the bible is full of war after war, murder, chaos and worse made to look in one part- god told this guy and his men to go into an enemy village and kill every man, women-babe, and all animals but got mad when they kept some of the animals. WWWHHAATT?? a would seem that there are more then one alien race fighting to control earth. look at the elongated headed pharohs in eygpt and the parcus skulls that have a 30% more brain capacity. earths history actually goes back over 50,000 years. but it is now very obvious an agenda of evil is at play with humans getting nano-tech in there bodies by gmo’s, chemtrails, vaccines, and worse.. proof of good aliens helping us defeat this evil is all around. the cabal and many satanic factions are but puppets to an off world-races. that have been here for awhile.

    • Cobra is a phony who takes bits and pieces from others as
      well as fictional material and holds pay per view seminars.

      He has stated that Jesus is an “entity”, and that Lucifer has
      “returned to the sun”.

      Don’t waste your time with “metaphysies” , who claim to have
      all the answers and are just looking for their egos to be stroked!

    • Russians have their own treaty and joint efforts with at least one Alien ET group. Because of this they have reached parity with America’s electronic warfare, some insiders claim that they have even surpassed it by enough to give them a tactical advantage despite their smaller defense budget. Because both are working together on joint Secret Space War Programs (with mainland China involved too), and because all parties supposedly signed an agreement only to deploy these weapons against and invading Alien ET force, this greatly lessens the likelihood of a full scale WW3 with nuclear ICBM’s exchanged. If one doubts that the Russian Federation has some impressive electronic warfare capabilities, do some research on the incident with the USS Donald Cook, where the Russian Su24’s deployed their state of the art Khibiny system in 2014 to shut down all the ships electronics and radar temporarily neutralizing the ship’s Aegis System which was before this incident considered far superior to anything the Russians have. And don’t believe anything that Popular Mechanics has written about this because they are wrote an article denying covering up the pre-placement of bombs in the 9-11-01 attack on America.

  10. The Earth is a plantation. However, Jacques Vallee may have described it best with his tome “Masters Of Deception.”

  11. Great article Dr. James and I’ve been keeping up with the VT for awhile now – its mind boggling on some things but once we look back at all the leaks, hints and off the wall speeches, it all comes together with VT Thank you. I have a problem understanding what Mr. Duff said about the aliens wanting to bring ” human type” aliens to the Earth. The Pacific Ocean just got hit with a dose of radiation, pollution and heavy metals from what I see as a sabotaged nuclear power plant in Japan. How does the death of the Pacific Ocean fit in or was it a retaliation strike and by which sick, evil group? Alaska, Siberia, Canada, western America’s and others can’t survive easily without the Pacific Ocean.

  12. Wow. It looks like we are in danger of heading from bad to worse. I wonder if some of the other blogs I’ve been reading are written by sincere people who have integrity, and yet have been deliberately fed false info – even though they are being sincere and truthful to the best of their ability. I have 2 questions – the first one is – if negative ETs are heading our way, wouldn’t it have been easier for them to have invaded 100 or even 500 years ago before we had the technology to fight back? Or maybe it’s the top of the cabal getting rid of all its cut-outs and throwing them all under the bus while continuing their evil plans under a new guise?

    My 2nd question or comment is when Jesus Christ said in the Beatitudes ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ I feel that the term ‘meek’ does not mean spineless wimps – rather it means ordinary people who have been oppressed for thousands of years. This leads me to believe that there is a silver lining in this very dark cloud after all.

    Perhaps if as many of us as possible concentrate on praying for what we want, rather than praying to get rid of what we don’t want – things can change for the better. Even though we are diverse, I’m sure that there are some basic things that all of us want, such as peace, vibrant health, truth, liberty, justice and common law to name a few.

    • Werner von Braun claimed that a false-narrative of an Alien ET invasion would eventually be made by the USG. The context of his prediction later communicated by his well-respected assistant Carol Rosin implied that this would be a false ploy used to further USG fascism. Some conservative Christians believe that there will some day be a sudden invasion of Planet earth by a large Cosmic Armada and that will actually be a large force commanded by Jesus Christ and this invasion will be viewed by a Globalist NWO Ruler (the Anti-christ and his followers) as an evil invading Alien ET force. these folks have also suggested that the god of this world is Lucifer (Satan aka the “prince of the power of the air”) who is not omniscient or all powerful like God Almighty. Therefore Satan is now creating a worldwide electronic surveillance system and developing sophisticated Secret Space War weapons to attempt to gain parity with God Almighty so he can later deploy them against God Almighty when God invades Planet earth in order to re-establish order on planet earth and execute judgement against the super-elite evil-doers.

    • All these stories here are in an old Wing Commander IV “The price of freedom” Game 25 years ago told by Chris Roberts. Why am I not astonished ?

    • BTW when Simon Parkes talked about “Kilrathis” I had to smile, because the Kilrathi in the Wing Commander Serie are the little Pussicat enemy aliens.

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