Is Alex Jones attacking Islam and Muslims for the MONEY while fooling you?

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I recently visited Chicago to tape an episode of The Deen Show, America’s premiere Islamic talk show. (Sneak preview posted above.)

The topic of Alex Jones naturally came up. American Muslims used to be some of Alex’s biggest fans. I personally got Alex invited to the breakthrough Chicago 9/11 truth conference in June 2006, where over 1000 people – not 500 as the New York Times claimed – turned out.

Alex Jones played a key role in spreading public skepticism about the 9/11 Big Lie. One would think Alex of all people would understand that “Islamic terrorism” is a complete myth, a pure product of the 9/11 mind-control operation, and that the Islamophobia industry is run by the 9/11 perps.

Eddie of the Deen show also used to be an Alex Jones fan. But since Alex axed first rate journalist Kurt Nimmo in favor of carnival barker and hatemonger Paul Joseph Watson, the insane over-the-top Islamophobia at Infowars has alienated not just Muslims, but pretty much everybody with an above- room-temperature IQ.

I have repeatedly challenged Alex and PJ Watson to discuss and debate Islam. I’ve been a Muslim since 1994, and my Ph.D. is in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Why are they afraid of hearing my perspective?

Eddie of the Deen Show has also tried to start a dialogue with Infowars. He too has gotten no response…except for this disgusting bit of hate propaganda:

Twisting people’s words, taking them out of context, and framing them to mean the exact opposite of what they really mean is the cheap trick of a coward who knows he can’t hold up his side in an honest debate.

Alex Jones is apparently so terrified of me that I have become the new “He Who Must Not Be Named” at Infowars:

Are Alex and PJ cowardly bullies? Are they being forced to vomit up this obscene Islamophobia? If so, by whom?

I tried to be nice to Alex Jones for many years. But as his show degenerated, and his hateful side started taking over, I started calling him out.

But I would still love to have a civil conversation about Islam with Alex. So would Eddie.

There used to be something called the Fairness Doctrine. It was an FCC rule mandating that opposing viewpoints be given airtime.

But I don’t really expect any fairness from Infowars. Their ridiculous lies about Islam would collapse if they offered people like Eddie and me even 10% of the airtime they give to the haters.

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6 Responses to "Is Alex Jones attacking Islam and Muslims for the MONEY while fooling you?"

  1. Khalid Talaat  May 19, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Forgive Alex Dr. Kevin. You see, his wife has him over a barrel and he needs the money.

  2. JohnZ  May 19, 2017 at 6:36 am

    The fact that so many people continue to tune in to this charlatan despite the rantings and ravings about the Jade Helm exercise that never came about indicates the ignorance and gullibility of his listeners.
    What will it take for those who ardently tune into this fraud before they realize they’ve been had?

  3. wjabbe  May 19, 2017 at 5:24 am

    Partial remarks of Trump in Jerusalem next week in Israel: “Good Afternoon: It is great to be in friendly Israel today. Many thanks for inviting me to my second homeland. I have dealt with Jews my entire life in New York so I feel at home here. Notice I have removed the US Flag lapel pin and replaced it with the Star of David. I also wear the Israel Blue tie. In order to demonstrate my devotion to being neutral in the border land dispute I hope these announcements will help: First I am awarding the medal of freedom to the IDF Sergeant who murdered the Palestinian last year in cold blood but only received a slap on the wrist. Thank you for your great courageous act for your homeland Israel. Second, Ivanka has finally talked me into it so while I am here I am going to convert to Judaism. If you can’t fight them join them. Anyway my God is money and they have most of the money in the world. Third, I am donating another million dollars for Jared to build more settlements. Fourth, I am applying today for dual citizenship with Israel so if Netanyahu gets jailed as a result of the current investigation, and I get thrown out as president, I can retire over here and take over his job. Fifth and last but not least, today I am approving the move of the Embassy. Have good day! Your liar in chief. I promise to do my best to help myself and cheat the rest. May the riots and terrorism begin on both sides and may the best side win.” Donald J. Trump.

  4. kaho  May 19, 2017 at 5:13 am

    Evidently there are many different forecasts circulating. This is, AFAICS. the latest from InfoWars :
    “Trump Revolution Is Dead On May 23rd”. (google)
    From the above video it is also clear that Alex does not want to invite KB to his show.
    With regard to relligions, I am reminded of author Karlheinz Deschner (1924-2014) who wrote “Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums” in 10 volumes. To me it seems reasonable to assume that a similar opus could be written by a sufficient erudite author about other religions as well. (e.g. Islam)
    It was not without reason that the Reformation came about. And now we have many concurrent versions of Christianity. Some taking Scripture literally, others not. Especially in America the situation seems very confused. Could it not be that similar things are going on with Islam too?

    « Deschner ist ein moderner Aufklärer, der noch immer der Vernunft vertraut und in der Entzauberung des Mythos vom seligen und seligmachenden Christentum nicht die Notwendigkeit eines neuen Mythos sieht. Dies unterscheidet wohltuend von mancher modernen Kirchenkritik, die dann auf ein wie immer geartetes Christentum setzt. Deschner läßt hier keinen Ausweg. (Frankfurter Rundschau) — Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine andere Ausgabe: Taschenbuch. »

    • JohnZ  May 19, 2017 at 6:09 am

      Kaho, we have more than 40,000 churches in America, each one proclaiming to be the final authority and voice of God and many of them raking in the millions. Religion in America is a business, no different than the snake oil salesman who travels from town to town hawking Patent medicines and cure alls to the gullible. The gullibility of the American people surpasses anybody else on the planet. As a result, there are mega churches with millions in their bank account, property such as rental units, stores even titty bars are not beyond the realm of the mass marketing scheme called religion. These modern day shysters walk away sniggling and giggling to themselves, all the while saying, ” I got away with it again.” private jets, yachts, massive mansions and expensive luxury cars are just a few of the rewards for the faithful.

    • JohnZ  May 19, 2017 at 6:15 am

      And who are these modern day fakirs? Jimmy Sweigart, Jim Baker, Ted Hagard, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy and Franklin Graham, Tim LaHaye, Oral Roberts; just a few of the more infamous of these ugly little toads who are nothing more than frauds, charlatans and pick pockets. None of them believe anything they say.
      Christopher Hitchens said it best about Jerry Falwell,” He should have been given an enema and buried in a match box.” Could also be applied to the rest of this lot.

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