Rosenstein and Mueller are Dead


I don’t mean literally. Unlike an excited website, which prematurely reported the death of Major James Hewitt this week, and equally excitedly invented claims about his having asserted the paternity of HRH Prince Harry and being bumped off in retaliation, I don’t report deaths prematurely.

Although one website is reporting otherwise at the time of writing, so far as I know, Major Hewitt is still alive. Not well, sadly, but alive. He is not Prince Harry’s father by the way, indeed he didn’t even meet Princess Diana until after Harry was born.

The title of course is a play upon that of Tom Stoppard’s play. Rosenstein and Mueller may not be dead, but their careers are. They both need to follow Comey out the door. Rosenstein is a career bureaucrat and Comey was his former boss. It is perfectly clear that he was leaned on to appoint Mueller, a bitter enemy of the President, as special counsel.

Mueller is a political appointee, that is to say was appointed by a member of the Administration, opposed to the President, for political reasons. He is not a special prosecutor and can easily be sacked, indeed the White House have already indicated that he should stand down, as he is conflicted out re Jared Kushner.

Hilariously, Kushner, who is undermining his father-in-law’s presidency from within, is being targeted by the Justice Department. Since whether they know it or not Kushner and Mueller are close to people in different factions of the DVD, Justice targeting Kushner makes some kind of sense, I suppose.

‘von’ Mueller

Robert Swan Mueller III, aka ‘von’ Mueller, is a lawyer and intelligence officer of ethnic German descent. He is a close friend of anti-Trump fanatic and ex-FBI Director James Comey, sensibly described by the President as a “nut job”. Comey has been accused by the White House of fabricating a note of a conversation with the President a few weeks after the FBI closed their investigation into Lt-General Flynn.

As Greg Jarrett has rightly pointed out, with respect, on Fox News, federal ethics rules prohibit Mueller from participating in any criminal investigation where someone he knows might be a witness. Knowing that the allegation of improper links with Russia was a crock, Comey was clearly trying to set up the President on an auxiliary obstruction of justice.

A similar strategy was followed in the Plame Affair, which saw an innocent man, Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, jailed on a crock perjury charge. Perjury requires lies to be material. As the CIA and FBI well knew, at a time when Mueller was head of the FBI, Valerie Plame’s ID was not protected by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. The prosecution was political and designed to embarrass the Bush-Cheney Administration, who grasped terrorism in a way that the FBI didn’t. Rather than engage in the vigorous debate which followed 9/11, the FBI sought to intimidate the Administration with fake charges.

The idea that Robert Mueller has integrity only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent, with respect. He’s a former director of the FBI, for heaven’s sake! The last Director with integrity was that nice man Judge Bill Webster, who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter.

Later presidents saw this as an error and took care to appoint career bureaucrats who were intellectually lazy, compromised or dishonest, or all three. Mueller was appointed by President George W. Bush, just one of a series of disastrous first-term appointments, with respect, most of which, in fairness, were foisted upon him by his father.

Mueller and 9/11

9/11 happened on Mueller’s watch, of course. Although he had not long been in post, the CIA knew that something was about to go down on the East Coast. Correa/COREA Group assets in the Agency were of course working closely with al Qaeda, which is German-sponsored, and were facilitating the entry of terrorists from the Hamburg Cell and others into the States.

Mueller could and should have prevented 9/11. Instead he sat back, fat, dumb and happy and nearly 3,000 people, mostly Americans, died. What followed was worse. Unable to grasp the arguments in favor of German DVD and Iraqi Mukhabarat involvement, Mueller actively hindered America’s response, obstructing the Bush-Cheney Administration at every turn.

Under his leadership, if that is not too strong a word with respect, the FBI bungled the 9/11 investigation in much the same as they bungled Iraq’s first attack on the World Trade Center and the Iraqi-sponsored attack on the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Each of these badly bungled counter-terrorist investigations saw the FBI suppress evidence and stand idly by whilst prosecutors misled the court.

Part of this was down to the Bureau’s institutionalised failure to grasp that terrorism is a state-sponsored phenomenon. The Bureau’s weakness and inability to analyse terrorism left America wide open to attack. Under Director Mueller America was a soft target. The lack of follow-up attacks was nothing to do with Mueller and the FBI. Al Qaeda and the DVD were both rocked by President Bush’s correct decision to go to war with Iraq, even if he was never able to explain why.

Along with the CIA, the Bureau also obsessed on the notion that Osama bin Laden was a religious nutter. They were so puzzled when facial recognition technology confirmed bin Laden’s presence in a casino in Macau that they actually consulted me!

I explained that bin Laden’s tailor was probably in Macau. He also liked a flutter. He was quite Western in his tastes. The white robes and beard were strictly for the foot-soldiers. It was quite funny really. Whilst the CIA were charging round Tora Bora, one of my sources in the DVD, a treble agent who sadly has since passed, went out to Pakistan and had lunch with him. He confirmed that his fellow agent in the DVD had dispensed with the beard and the robes and was wearing a suit.

The DVD did a deal and took bin Laden out in Waziristan in or about July 2009, having lured him there to meet someone he trusted. The raid on the family compound in 2011 was staged, as the FBI and CIA well knew.

The rozzers acquired the name, address and telephone numbers for my source when they unlawfully raided my apartment in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, in 2012. They went to talk to him but had no idea with whom they were dealing. They could have asked him about his meetings with Adolf Hitler, e.g., but didn’t, because they hadn’t the slightest idea what they were doing.

They had probably watched the movie Where Eagles Dare, but their imaginations were so limited, no offense intended, that they probably could not even have conceived of the idea that one of the major characters in the movie was based on my source, the most important treble agent of the 20th century.

The character by the way was Colonel Turner, superbly played by Patrick Wymark. They even bought my source’s date of birth, which was out by at least 10 years. Fortunately for these naïfs, he was a nice man and decided not to shoot them. Had he done so he would have used a silencer, and rung a number in South London, following which a clean-up team would have been dispatched to take care of the police car and the bodies.

Two further failings of the Fibbies and the Agency, who tend to think alike, were excessive deference to Islam, coupled with a failure to grasp the difference between Sufis (nice Muslims) and Salafists (murderous scumbags). As the President has learnt on his trip to Saudi Arabia, the majority of Muslims are good people. Whilst most terrorists are Moslem, most Moslems are not terrorists.

It is not just a question of the Bureau being incompetent. The Bureau’s Arabian Peninsula Unit actually had some good people in it. I know. I met several of them. At the top of the FBI, we also have to consider a deliberate desire to protect Germany and the Correa/COREA Group in particular.

Is Mueller Correa/COREA Group?

Mueller (original spelling Müller) has never been subjected to serious counter-intelligence scrutiny. How could he have been? Such vetting as was carried out was done by the FBI. The only state which has ever managed to penetrate the highest levels of the federal government, to the point of getting its agents, such as Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower, installed in the White House, is Germany.

The Abwehr, and in turn the DVD, had the Bureau under their thumb for the entire duration of J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure. J. Edgar, not to be confused with the nice, black LAPD detective on Bosch (this J. Edgar was white) claimed to be protecting America. Our community partners the Krauts had him by the balls however. He was more concerned with protecting himself, and the Krauts of course.

The FBI is heavily penetrated, to the point where it dare not acknowledge the existence of either the DVD in Dachau or the Correa/COREA Group in Frankfurt. It can’t even protect itself, let alone America.

It follows that Mueller has never been seriously vetted. I am not saying that he’s Correa Group, merely that no one has ever checked. Some years ago, I added a fifth letter to the well-known MISE acronym, another E, standing for ethnicity. The new acronym is MISE2.

Germans have been known to be loyal to the Fatherland down to the sixth generation. Germans in the intelligence community or positions of power, up to the fifth generation, need careful vetting. Take Prescott Bush Junior, George Herbert Walker Bush’s late elder brother. He was a senior officer in the DVD, yet the Busch family came over from Hunland in the 19th century. His father, the notorious Prescott Sheldon Bush, was Abwehr of course (DVD after 1945) and collaborated with fellow German spy General Pétain at Verdun.

The Mad Müllers Compared

Heinrich Müller

Robert is not the only Mueller/Müller to have headed a law enforcement agency. His near namesake, SS-Grüppenführer Heinrich Müller, headed the Geheime Staatspolitzei (Gestapo) from 1939 until 1945. There is little doubt that Heinrich was the better counter-intelligence officer of the two. He was also more dedicated than Robert Mueller and, so far as one can tell, more charming. He probably had greater respect for the German judiciary, dodgy as it was, than Robert Mueller has for the American judiciary, no offense intended.

Heinrich was more willing to save court time and use Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, such as shooting suspects out of hand, including some friends of friends of mine. Robert Mueller’s record of treatment of suspects in custody is rather better than the SS-Grüppenführer’s, although one consequence of that is that Heinrich’s boys tended to get more out of their interrogations. Throughout Mueller’s tenure as Director the FBI was known for its ineffectual interrogation methods and ideological objection to more effective techniques.

Recent Scandals Involving the FBI

I wrote last week about some of the greatest scandals in the Bureau’s disastrous history. The scandals didn’t stop with FBI complicity in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, however. Mueller is heavily implicated in the Pan Am 103 scandal.

You know the story. That particular Pan Am route was a narcotics pipeline out of the Beka’a Valley in the Lebanon for the DVD. A senior member of the Reagan-Bush Administration was being paid off. The NSA and DIA got a team into Beirut, who were murdered on the flight by an IED brought in from Correa/COREA Group HQ in Frankfurt. The IED was stored in Iran Air’s facility at Heathrow, which was usually used to store the narcotics, and transferred to the New York flight.

The DVD’s Colonel Gaddafi agreed to sacrifice two of his boys and one, Megrahi, was convicted in a farcical trial in Holland, no offense intended, which arguably was less fair than the Salem Witchcraft Trial. At least the prosecution in that trial, nutty as they were, genuinely believed in witchcraft.

Not the least disgraceful aspect of the whole affair was the FBI’s willingness to bullshit the distressed relatives, long after any competent intelligence officer would have dismissed the suggestion that Megrahi and Libya were involved as absurd. The British relatives of the dead, ably led by that nice man Dr Jim Swire, saw through the deception, but then they had access to an expert on the DVD (me).

The FBI’s contempt for the rule of law and willingness to let an innocent man languish in prison was seen again in the Plame Affair. The Department of Justice, with FBI backing, has tended to prosecute using what some refer to as the ‘Duke strategy’: treat the judge and jury with contempt, lie as fluently as you can, suppress any exculpatory evidence you find from the defense and the court, prosecute regardless of guilt and if your fraud upon the court is successful press for the toughest possible sentence. They’re worse than the Crown Prosecution Service.

TWA Flight 800

Pan Am103 wasn’t the only air disaster where the FBI decided to act as accessories after the fact to mass murder. Having got away with covering up the DVD’s role in Pan Am103 and refined the propaganda techniques first used in covering up the Kennedy Assassination, the Fibbies got back into the mass murder business with TWA flight 800.

I’m not suggesting that the FBI shot the plane down. Of course they didn’t. They don’t have surface to air missiles. It was the Iranians who shot it down, within the jurisdiction of the US federal courts. The problem is that once you assist a rogue regime by covering up mass murder you become complicit in the crime. It’s called being an accessory after the fact.


You’re not just helping murderers to get away with it, you’re encouraging them to do it again. That’s exactly what the Iranians did, shooting down a couple of Airbuses in 2009. Whilst the FBI weren’t too troubled, as neither was a US aircraft and few Americans were amongst the dead, American allies who lost people weren’t too impressed.

Thankfully, the next time it happened, in 2014, to a Malaysian 777, the Pentagon were quicker off the mark and sank the sub which fired the missile. The Pentagon were right to order the USS Pinckney to launch a counter-attack. They correctly appreciated that the shoot-down of MH370 would be covered up, and so it has proved.

Ironically the men murdered as a consequence of the AF447 cover-up were American. The person of interest on the Air France plane was a Devon Energy geologist, flying to Paris to warn then President Sarkozy of a plan to sabotage an oil rig in the Gulf, Michael Harris. In the events which happened, a deeply corrupt DoJ prosecution saw BP shareholders defrauded of over $10 billion, the largest single fraud ever perpetrated by the DoJ, with full backing from the FBI.

My Own Case

Gordon and the team at VT have yet to persuade me to get off that fence (I must stop being so ambiguous, I know!), but they have done well to bring me out of my shell and get me talking about myself. At my trial in 2014 at Southwark Crown Court the prosecution bullshitted the jury into believing that an un-named FBI agent had claimed to Leicestershire Constabulary in 2007, during the search for Madeleine McCann, that I was “a fantasist and borderline insane”.

on Amazon

Now I have no wish to shock readers, but the Fibbies and I have never gotten along terribly well. We have irreconcilable differences about terrorism for one thing. The fact that my views are correct and the Bureau’s are risible nonsense, with respect, hasn’t helped. Nobody likes it when their mistakes are pointed out.

However my dealings with the FBI have always been courteous. They have always shown their badges, and I have invariably waved the badge away, indicating that I trust the agent who has consulted me. I’ve shopped a major league traitor, and helped ID another through the subsequent wiretap (no prosecutions, of course – he was DVD and had heavy duty support from the Democrats and left-wing, pro-German Republicans).

I’ve even been invited into an FBI Field Office to discuss some missing nuclear warheads, which had ended up in Iran (the ex-South African ones, which went first to Oman and then Iraq, before heading east). When two of these warheads were later proved viable and detonated by North Korea, their final end user, my credibility with the Bureau didn’t suffer.
The alleged conversation between the police and the FBI never happened.

The FBI and CIA knew it hadn’t. The CIA were monitoring my trial so closely they bought me lunch. (I let them choose the wine – the other party knew it was coming out of a black budget with millions in it and went for a claret that you won’t find on the wine list at Langley.) I wasn’t due to be sentenced until February 6th 2015, yet the FBI stayed silent. Director Comey was apparently happy to let an innocent man (me!) go to jail, rather than speak out.

I rang FBI HQ after the trial (I had several direct dial numbers for them) and they started an investigation. The lawyer I spoke to was courteous, honest and competent. When Obama found out about it, he ordered his AG, a woman named Lynch, to get the investigation stopped. Comey rolled over without a whimper, the bastard, no offense intended.

The FBI are morally bankrupt and have been for years. They’ve been terrified of the Jerries since the Lindbergh Baby was murdered and have always gone along with German demands. What they are now finding out is that whilst the Jerries demand loyalty, it’s a one-way street. In their desperation to impeach Donald Trump and hand American jobs over to Mexico and China, they’ve been willing to sacrifice the FBI. The Bureau’s reputation has now been shot to pieces, to the point where the President of the United States has had to explain to the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation that the Director of the FBI was a nut job.

Ian Brady

This week has thankfully seen the last of the Scottish child torturer and murderer Ian Brady. Just as the reward of a good life is a good death, so the penalty for a bad life is a bad death. Brady did not die well. The tragedy is that German Intelligence, through their agents Phillip Allen and Harold Macmillan, were able to clear the way for Brady and Hindley’s killing spree by watering down the penalty for child murder, in the Homicide Act of 1957.

Brady of course reported to GO2 as one of their tame nutters. So did the Labour peer Lord Longford, originally ennobled on the advice of the German agent Clement Attlee. Disgracefully, Longford tried to have both Brady and his partner in crime released on parole.

With David Rockefeller also having snuffed it, that’s two human monsters the Jerries have lost this year, each of whom should have been executed for capital crimes years ago. Rockefeller should have gone to the electric chair, nicely of course, in 1942, whilst Brady and Hindley would have been hanged for multiple murders, even under the 1957 act, had they not been protected by GO2 and Manchester police.

This Week’s Movie Review: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, 2017, dir. Guy Ritchie

Whilst this movie, released to theaters in the UK on Friday, inflicts terrible indignities on the story of King Arthur, first told by that great historian Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century, and goes overboard with the monsters and the magic, I didn’t realise until near the end why the critics are panning it. After he triumphs against evil, the newly crowned King warns the Bad Guys (the Vikings) to mess with England at their peril. This is a post-Brexit movie! I doubt that line was in the script prior to June 23rd 2016.

The emotional impact of this movie in England could be huge. Allow me to explain.

Most movie critics are unpatriotic liberal scumbags, no offense intended (that’s why I introduced this section – for balance). They are also historically illiterate, being unfamiliar with Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain (Historia Regum Britanniae). As readers of the latest edition (published in 1136) will be aware, King Arthur was a great King of England.

The next in line to the Throne of England after HRH the Prince of Wales is HRH Prince William. He won’t reign as King William V, and whilst it’s a matter for him, he is unlikely to reign as King Louis 1 (the French will think he’s also claiming the throne of France) or King Phillip 1 (everybody would think he was King of Spain). His other name is Arthur. God willing, in due course, we shall once again have a King Arthur, the eldest son of the brutally murdered Princess of Wales.

Charlie Hunman plays the Good King, i.e. Arthur. Jude Law plays the Jared Kushner-style evil usurper, King Vortigern, no offense intended either to Jared or the memory of the late King Vortigern.

Watch this movie. It’s well-directed and well-acted. If you can sit through the monsters and the bits of the script designed to appeal to video-game obsessed adolescents, the end is worth waiting for.


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