Russian Special Forces to Thwart Trump’s Moves in Southern Syria

Russian Special Forces Arrive in Southern Syria after Recent US Air Raid on Army Convoy
A military source confirmed that a group of Russian paratroopers and special forces have arrived in the Southern province of Sweida, after the US-led coalition fighter jets targeted heavily a military convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces near the town of al-Tanf at the border with Iraq.

The source told AMN that the Russian military personnel are in the region to advise the Syrian government troops in Southern Syria, while also helping to deter any potential response from the US and Jordanian forces that have carved a niche in Sweida and Homs provinces.

According to some media activists, the Russian forces are planning to build a base along the Sweida province’s border with Jordan.

Other media reports suggested that they are allegedly meant to engage the enemy forces and help the government troops capture the Iraqi border-crossing.

Lebanese Army General Charles Abi Nader, an expert in military strategy in the Middle East, told TASS on Saturday that the United States carried out a direct military intervention in Syria to prevent the establishment of the Syrian army’s control over the border with Iraq.

“There is no other explanation of the strike delivered by the US Air Force on the Syrian forces and units supporting them,” the general said, TASS reported.

He added that the border area in Eastern Syria, where the army units are carrying out offensive now, has major strategic importance.

“There is the only border crossing there, through which one can get to Baghdad now, taking into consideration that the Rutbah-Ramadi road has been cleared of terrorists of the ISIL,” the expert said.

“The goal of the US is evident – to prevent the restoration of transport links between Syria and Iraq and also Iran, which is the ally of Damascus,” he stressed.

The expert noted that a similar intervention of the US Air Force occurred in September 2016 in the outskirts of Deir Ezzur. Then, the ISIL militants used the airstrike of the US aviation to seize a defensive position on the Jebel-Sarda mountain near a military airfield, which serves as a major basis of the government forces.

As the US-led coalition headquarters reported, on May 18 the aircraft struck pro-Syrian government forces operating within the established de-confliction zone with Russia Northwest of al-Tanf. The statement claimed that these units posed a threat to the United States and its partners. Several servicemen were killed in the strike.

Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

TEHRAN (FNA) – The Syrian Army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation towards the border region near al-Tanf passageway and managed to recapture a key region in Sweida province near the border with Jordan.

The army men engaged in tough battle with Jeish al-Hor terrorists in Eastern Sweida and managed to take back control over the strategic region of al-Zalaf Dam region at Sweida-Jordan border.

The army men also drove terrorists out of Zahra Um al-Salasel and al-Eiseh.

Well-informed sources said, meantime, that the army units also took control over 50 sq/km of Sweida Badiyeh (desert) which was under the control of the terrorists of Jeish al-Ahrar al-Ashayer and Jeish al-Aswad al-Sharqiyeh.

Relevant reports said on Saturday that the army and popular forces took back a large chunk of the terrorist-controlled territories East of Sweida province in the Southern parts of the country.



“The Syrian army and its allies seized more than 60 square kilometers of lands in the al-Zalfa region in Sweida province,” the Arabic-language media quoted a military source as saying on Saturday.

The military source noted that after securing al-Zalfa area, the Syrian army troops would push further East in order to secure the provincial border and lay siege on the Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the al-Tanf border-crossing to Iraq.


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  1. “Russian Special Forces to Thwart Trump’s Moves in Southern Syria” very happy news! But this appears to be a minimal force and one wonders how might the Russians Special Forces thwart US coalition air strikes?

    • The key here is not just what their special ops guys can do, but that they will be able to call in Russian airstrikes for “force protection”. Moscow is not announcing this, but the Pentagon knows. If we were to bomb and kill their special ops, what do you think the Russians would do to dissuade them from continuing to do that? And what kind if incident would that create, and when the US body bags came home, might not people here blame the chain of command for cowboying the situation?

  2. Putin should not be bullied by these thugs in the U.S. He should tell them if they not out of Syria in 24 hours the missiles and bombs begin until they are destroyed or leave. This is the only kind of language they will understand. They have no authority whatsoever to be there. This is the basic problem with bullies. If you don’t stand up to them it gets worse. Are they stupid enough to start WWIII over this trivial issue? Maybe they are. Let the better force win. Remember how many missiles reached the air field last time. Maybe it is time to test these international outlaws and criminals beginning with Trump and Mattis of the United States for a change.

    • Everyone must remember: The U.S. is the aggressor so far over there. Trump has already killed innocent civilians in Yemen and even dropped a bomb on the destroyed Osprey reportedly to prevent its use or inspection by others demolishing many dead U.S. servicemen and possible service women inside. On the second criminal act of Trump he ordered all those missiles fired from the ship but only a reported 23 made but reportedly killed innocent civilians there too. The U.S. is a criminal outlaw murderer nation. Putin should get on the phone with Mattis and tell him to go to hell or he will send him to hell. What kind of an idiot Marine is Mattis anyway?

    • Assad is the legal, legitimate top authority and leader of the sovereign nation of Syria. Vladimir Putin is the top authority and leader of the sovereign nation of Russia. He has been Invited to aid the country of Syria by Assad. Russia is there totally legally according to all international laws. On the other hand the U.S. has no, zero, authority to be there at all. They are like an outlaw trespasser which in our old wild west could and would be shot on sight. They know they are trespassing and know they are in violation of all international laws. They are criminals and murderers foolishly sitting ducks in a war zone. Therefore no further notice or warning to them is necessary. Putin must bomb them out of there. The more he coddles and indulges them the worse it will get.

    • Putin could also ask the UN for an emergency ruling that the U.S. must be immediately evicted from Syrian lands and ask them for military aid in doing so.

    • The U.S. must also be expelled from the UN due to their outlaw criminal activities all over the world. This would also end their propaganda mouthpiece from running all those lies out of her mouth to fool the world about the criminal outlaw nation called America but should be called Nazi, America owned and controlled by Nazi, Israel.

  3. For now, the Russian Special Forces’ presence in Syria may be sufficient to preclude a need for a Chinese military presence in Syria and/or Iraq.

    Of course, in Syria & Iraq, Trump & Co. (e.g., Bibi too) are ‘testing the patience’ of China & Russia. In Iraq, Trump & Co. are thwarting the speed of Iraqi recapture of Mosul. In Syria, Trump & Co. are thwarting anti-terrorist fighters themselves — by bombing the anti-terrorist fighters (namely, the Syria/Russia-led coalition that is now eliminating the U.S.-backed IS/Daesh & al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria).

    Trump & Bibi are now revealing their hands, which are clearly & more openly supporting the terrorists.

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