Trump’s Bedouin Cuckold


By Dr. Bassam Barakat, VT Damascus

It wasn’t a coincidence that Trump took both his wife and daughter with him on his visit to the Kingdom of Bani Saud.  He and his administration know withthat the women of the kings and princes of Bani Saud aren’t allowed at receptions.  Though Trump dragged his chattel with him, he is one and the same with the princes of Saud.

Note that in Saudi Arabia it would be normal for Trump to rope his wife and daughter together and pull them behind him like cattle going to the market.  This is the way of Saudi Arabia, a way Trump fails to acknowledge, a casual brutality the media misses as well.

We also note that Trump’s decision was not made in a vacuum but rather is being carefully analyzed for its political, social, economic, psychological and even military aspects.  Where this was missed by a backward America, around the world, Trump’s decision was seen as intentional debasement, a virtual rape of his wife and daughter in symbolic submission to Saudi sexual tyranny.

Americans who study Saudi Arabia note the lack of scientists, doctors or renowned engineers worldwide that originate from the Kingdom of the Sons of Saud and the other kingdoms of the Bedouins.  In spite of their great wealth and the universities, institutes and research centers equipped with the latest technologies that they own, their lives remain backward.  They hold to a pattern of sexual obsession and moral decay, one of pornography, buggery and abuse.

If the West knew the ways of the Bedouin princes, their habits, their bizarre practices and lust for animals, their obsession with the phallus and related physical functions.

In the Middle East, it has long been believed that the Saudi Bedouins obsession with drugs, devices and practices designed to stimulate erections has led to their failure to develop a normal society.  One belief is that blood heading to a penis can’t carry oxygen to brain cells.

Bedouin society has never come to grips with the reproductive process as it applies to more advanced cultures, where the physical act of love tied to relationships, marriage as it were, the creation of children, exists within the teachings of the Prophet, blessed be his name.  To our Saudi brothers, their reproductive drives have led to a society where obsessive masturbation, trading in pornography and talking about it as though it were a cricket match is consider “high culture.”


This is why Saudi Arabia is a natural home to Trump, women as chattel, no self control and a brain obsessed with diddling his life away with the world burns.
Praise be to you, the bastards and devout Zionists of the sons of Saud and those who participated in the summit of humiliation with the brutal Trump of the heads and kings and princes of the Arab and Islamic countries and congratulations to the sons of Saud from the king and princes of the hours that you see them with the wife of Trump and his daughter Iganka and you reached the stage of sexual irritation and mood, but it cost you And your kingdom has exceeded the 500 billion dollars in addition to what you will pay according to the law of Justa, who could not Trump and his wife and her saved legs Almashoktin not Ivanka and her husband Gerard Kouchner Zionist cancellation and will pay 2.3 trillion dollars in compensation for the victims of 11 September and will return soon to Herding camels and drinking urine for the treatment of Gbaikm ….. and ignorance deserves


لم تكن مصادفة اصطحاب الرئيس الأمريكي ترامب لزوجته وابنته معه في زيارته لمملكة بني سعود وهو وإدارته يعلمون علم اليقين بأن نساء ملوك وأمراء بني سعود لا علاقة لهن ببرتكولات الاستقبالات الرئاسية والملكية لأنهن ينتمين إلى نفس حظيرة بعولهن من بهائم الطرش الوهابي من العربان والاعراب…. في الدول الغربية لا تتخذ القرارات جزافا وإنما تدرس بعناية من قبل متخصصين بمختلف فروع العلوم السياسية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية والعسكرية والنفسية ويدرس مدى الفائدة التي ستجنى من اتخاذ هذا القرار أو ذاك …. من هنا لماذ قرر ترامب اصطحاب زوجته وابنته الى السعودية حيث تعتبر المرأة عورة ويجب على زوجها ربطها بحبل عندما يتمشيان بالسوق بدلا من الإمساك بيده (فتوى أحد البهائم من آل الشيخ )؟ ؟ ؟….. لدى المختصين الأمريكان معلومات مؤكدة بأن عدم وجود علماء أو أطباء أو مهندسين مشهورين عالميا من مملكة بني سعود وغيرها من ممالك العربان والأعراب بالرغم من الثروة الطائلة التي يمتلكونها والجامعات والمعاهد والمراكز البحثية المزودة بأحدث التقنيات الحديثة الموجودة لديهم متعلق بنمط حياة والطبيعة الفيزيولوجية لأبناء هذه الممالك بما في ذلك أمرائها وملوكها (سأتكلم كطبيب بمصطلحات علمية ) ووجدوا بأنهم يكونون في حالة تهيج جنسي في معظم اوقاتهم بسبب الطعام واللأدوية المقوية التي يتناولونها وكذلك بسبب قضاء وقت طويل على شاشات المحطات الإباحية وعلى التشات من خلال الكمبيوتر والموبايل مع بائعات الهوى ونتيجة لهذه الحالة من التهيج ينساب معظم الدم لديهم باتجاه الأجسام الكهفية في أعضائهم الذكرية والتي تحتاج لأمتلائها عندهم ضعف ما تحتاجه عند الرجل الطبيعي بسبب طبيعتهم التشريحية مما يؤدي إلى نقص الاكسجين المنقول إلى الدماغ ويصابون بنقص أكسجة دماغية مزمنة مما يؤدي إلى الغباء وعدم الاتزان والارتهان إلى الغريزة وردات الفعل ولو نظرنا إلى الصور المرافقة بتمعن لوجدنا سحنة التهيج الجنسي والغباء على وجوه عند بني سعود وهم ينظرون أو يجلسون مع زوجة أو أبنة ترامب ….. هذا هو السبب الحقيقي لاصطحاب ترامب لهن في رحلته إلى مملكة التخلف لأنه في حالة التهيج هذه (التي وقعها بها جميع أفراد العائلة السعوديو وخاصة سلمانكو ونجله وأخوته في البهمنة ) يُغًيب العقل ويحدث نوع من الانتعاش المزاجي مما يسمح لترامب والوفد المتخصص المرافق له بالحصول على كل ما يريدونه من هؤلاء وستكتب الصحافة الامريكية عن هذا في قادم الأيام……
هنيئا لكم أيها الاوباش والانذال الصهاينة من بني سعود ومن شارككم في قمة الذل مع المتوحش ترامب من رؤوساء وملوك وأمراء الدول العربية والاسلامية وهنيئا لبني سعود من ملك وأمراء للساعات التي متعتم نظركم بها مع زوجة ترامب وابنته ايغانكا ووصلتم الى مرحلة التهيج الجنسي والمزاجي خلالها ولكن كلفتها عليكم وعلى مملكتم فاقت ال 500 مليار دولار إضافة إلى ما ستدفعونه حسب قانون جاستا الذي لن ولم يستطع لا ترامب ولا زوجته المصون وساقيها الممشوقتين ولا ايفانكا وزوجها الصهيوني جيرارد كوشنر من إلغائه وستدفعون 2.3 ترليون دولار كتعويض لضحايا 11 أيلول وستعودن قريبا إلى رعي الإبل وشرب بولها للعلاج من غبائكم وجهلكم…..

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  1. Dr. Barakat could have quite easily made his point without being insulting to Bedouins & their culture. Perhaps he’s forgetting that it was a Bedouin lady, (Dai) Halima (ra) who was a milk-nurse to our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in his infancy? Or do Damascenes still retain the arrogance of the Banu Omayya, thus spit at all Bedouins indiscriminately?

    • JJ: As said in a comment below (and which you may know better [than others do]), “due to Syrian deaths & suffering that the Saudis have caused to friends, Dr. Barakat’s words are actually more harsh than the English translations portray them to be.”

      Since the founding of only-nominally-Saudi Arabia, The Saudi ‘d-Ruler’ (yes, he does ‘drool’ – due to dementia) and the not-so-royal family of princely camel cucks do NOT control their own fate — or the fate of the peoples of KSA.

      Rotten-Child-controlled UK set up the ‘kingdom’ in the last century. Now, Rotten-Child-controlled Bibi & Israel control the Saudi ‘d-Ruler’ just like sheepherders ‘control’ their sheep & goats — from the rear. Both Brits and Bibi+ have controlled the Mideast for 100+ years thru Divide-&-Conquer and Divide-&-Rule.

      You are correct. Bedouins do not deserve the insults. However, saying that Trump and the Saudi d-Ruler are ‘Cucks’ is a term of endearment or in-deer-meat — and quite an understatement. Salaam Aleichem!

  2. At this point there’s little else that can be done except to impeach and remove both Trump and Pence. That and the cleaning out of the entire Trump Whore House. Kushner needs to be jailed and Mad Dawg and McCrystal need to be put in straight jackets, sequestered away in a sanitarium for the mentally unhinged and Nicki Halley needs to be sent where she can do the most good for humanity…out on a street corner.
    This latest episode should remove all doubt the utter incompetence , stupidity and venal capacity of this administration. They should be flying a blue flag with a little star on it over the Whore House. President Twittler has once again shown the American people and his supporters who he works for: himself.
    So to all you trump supporters, assuming there are any left as of now, go fornicate yourselves.

  3. Although the Saudi d-Ruler & princes may think that Trump is their new bitch, Bibi will have ‘the last word.’ Trump’s butt is already spoken for — and Bibi got it first. Trump belongs to Bibi & Rotten-Child.

    Cuck Jared Kushner (married to Trump’s daughter/wife Ivanka) was inextricably intertwined in Saudi-U.S. negotiations for more weapons to kill more women, men & children in Yemen & Syria etc. US$110+ Billion from KSA for more U.S. weapons will soon kill many “beautiful babies” in Yemen & Syria. Maybe Iran too, which also means Israel (with ‘blowback’). For now, Ivanka & Nikki Haley could not care less.

    In embracing Saudi Wahhabist Islam, Trump also embraced the Saudi spawn of Sunni takfiri terrorism. Trump abandoned his Hippocratic Oath and embraced a Hypocritical Oath to a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ — in the Mideast, in the U.S. and in the EU. Failure to thwart Trump means that many will die.

    ‘Tho Trump’s intent is that the cluck-cluck-cucking chickens come home to roost and hatch ‘A Big War’ to save Trump’s butt, now that Bibi’s, the Saudi d-Ruler’s & Trump’s intentions are clear, Russia, China, VT & others will ‘do all needed’ to prevent Bibi, Donny & ‘Drooly’ from hatching their big egg.

    The fate of the soon-to-be-late Bibi, Saudi d-Ruler & Trump: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

    • BTW, with rare exceptions (possibly due to idiomatic & poetic license), the English translation of Dr. Barakat’s Arabic article was very good.

      In some sentences, due to Syrian deaths & suffering that the Saudis have caused to friends, Dr. Barakat’s words are actually more harsh than the English translations portray them to be.

    • Hocus-pocus and superstitious that I may sound to some of the Logos-oriented Kantian thinkers on this platform, they will not be able to do anything to Iran. The Shia have dua (prayers) handed down through Syedna Ali (kw) that protect them. (I am not Shia; Sunni-Shafei-Ashari-Naqshbadi here). Witness the debacle of the invading helicopters during Carter’s time. More so, the destruction of even the Prophet’s (pbuh) descendant, Saddam Hussein, for launching an unprovoked war at the say-so of the Najdis ruling Kuwait. Lastly, the rout of the Taliban government following the killing of Iranian advisors at Mazar-e-Sharif.

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