Breaking – Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria declare US proxies will not control western border

… from  South Front

Update: 11:05pm EST

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated the strategic town of Qairawan and a number of villages in the nearby area from ISIS terrorists in the province of Nineveh.


[Editor’s Note: We have tactical video Intel from a Popular Militia Forces commander that a coordinated military operation is already in progress by what I will call a new Syria-Iraq border security coalition, consisting of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria to make sure that their border area can never be used as a conduit for terrorists or any other threats to utilize.

The term they are using is ‘the prevention of any buffer zone” between the two countries that could impede their lending support to each other in counter-terrorism or any other regional security measures.

“Strategic plans are in place to liberate areas near the Syrian border, and advancement toward the borders requires military coordination between the Syrian Army and Iraqi forces,” says Amad Al-Asadi, spokesman for the Popular Militia Forces (PMF).

And we have some rare operational details via a video interview, straight from the horse’s mouth. The video is at the SF link above.

“The southern  axes will target Qairawan, north of it, and another front is in the south of Qairawan. And the other southern axes is almost finished, we have now about one to two, about six other axes that are being dealt with. Hopefully, we have achieved about 70% of the first phase, and will resume in the next few days.”…Abu Mehdi Al-Mohandes , PMF commander

All four parties have not sweated and bled and spent their countries’ resources so that at the end of the day a foreign coalition will have a checkmate position on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which could be used to block the creation of a counter-terrorism and regional defense force that could maneuver along interior lines. It would also provide defense in depth, especially for the Euphrates river water and the various oil resources critical to both countries’ economies, including those not discovered yet.

With this current news, think back to the recent unconfirmed reports we had about Russian Special Forces being deployed to “assist” in securing the border area under Syrian control. Do you think this report makes the odds of that being true much higher now? We will be updating this, as we get more details from our people on the ground in the regionJim W. Dean ]

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This area will be the central battle zone for control over the key area of the Syrian-Iraq border at Al Bukamal and Qa’im on the Iraqi side, both under ISIS control

– First published  …  May 23,  2017

The Iraqi government has officially confirmed a cooperation with Syria, Iran and Russia to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, there is a cooperation between the four countries on this issue.

The Iraqi media also reported referring Iraqi officials that Iraq and its allies will not allow establishing of any “buffer zone” between two countries.


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8 Responses to "Breaking – Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria declare US proxies will not control western border"

  1. A Clock Of Thirteen  May 24, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    The headline for this article *SHOULD* read:

    “Breaking – Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria declare ISRAELI proxies, such as the U.S., will not control western border.”


    ALL western governments are now nothing but Israeli-owned facades. They are all just proxies of [FALSE] ISRAEL. This is true ESPECIALLY for the U.S…

    The U.S.? Heck, she’s nothing but the Neo-Pharisees DE FACTO ENFORCEMENT ARM. And she has been for quite a long time now. Too bad she never benefits from this insidious, hideous, whorish role of hers. Too bad the entire rest of the World must ALSO incessantly suffer, too, as a result of her deviant trysts with “all-things-under-the-veil-of-darkness”… Well… all except for that ONE nation… that nation of FRAUDS and CRIMELORDS:

    ** FALSE Israel ** (more properly, Occupied Palestine).

    Yeah — “Cui Bono?” The answer’s always the same. Sickening.

    The U.S. MUST cut ties with these World-destroying bastards. If it does not, the ENTIRE WORLD WILL FALL. And, if it falls, these dregs intend to slaughter six BILLION humans. Yes, you read that right. (And that includes their thugs and enablers… like those damned fools in D.C., etc..) You were warned…

    • Khalid Talaat  May 25, 2017 at 4:51 am

      They plan and we plan and in the end God’s plan happens. You see these people where taught by satan and now they are satan’s teachers. God’s promise to them is a complete erradication. The warnings have been made clear.
      They think they can improve on creation by destroying it. They call this “creative destruction.” Well my bet is on God. Don’t be hard on America, it has been infected and it will get healthy God willing.

  2. Andrew_Bukanov(Russia)  May 24, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Today Putin awarded the squad of 16 Russian Specnaz soldiers who resisted and won the battle vs 300 so-called ISIS barbarians.

  3. joetv  May 24, 2017 at 6:11 am

    Well it’s about time. Once the US, and the US shills were removed.from negotions common sense, and logic awoke. The only way the West can operate now is as a clear terrorist entity. The borders with Jordan, Turkey and.the Golan Heigts? Save the best for.last.

  4. kaho  May 23, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Those place names are difficult to find on the standard Syria map that I have. But at least «Abu Kamal» is clearly marked on my Syria.Map.jpg (0.9 megapix), which must be the same town as «Al Bukamal» on your map. However, an interesting name «Dura Europus» is seen near by, on the Euphrat. Looking it up, I see it has been called «The Syrian Pompei». It was originally a Greek town, later a Roman one, marking the border of the Roman Empire, intermittently being taken over by Parthians, and then by Sassanides.

    So it is clear that the area has always seen a pushing back and forth between different forces. But a narrow strip of land as an armed buffer region in mostly flat terrain would not work very well, if not allied to one of the sides.

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  May 24, 2017 at 6:29 pm

      Oh yes, the map names in the Mid East are a nightmare…and eats up a lot of time. I Googled in close to both sides of the border at Al-Bukamal and there are no military facilities on either side. We he a report late today that ISIS if digging trenches now. That said, there is little cover for US proxies coming up from the south, so the town might get heavily bombed. Civies are already getting out.

  5. Amelius  May 23, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    This appears to be good news. A pleasant surprise, indeed.

  6. Cold Wind  May 23, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    I’ m all smiles. Now how will Trump get his “Arab” army across the border into Syria?

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