Yemeni tribal fighters kill US troops in Ma’rib: Report

Armed tribesmen loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement attend a gathering in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on January 1, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
Armed tribesmen loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement attend a gathering in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on January 1, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Yemeni tribal fighters have reportedly killed several American troops after they launched a heliborne attack on a village in Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib, a report says.

According to a report by Yemen’s Khabar news agency website, at least 30 troops from the US and some Persian Gulf states, were deployed in the rural area of Khathla in the early hours of Tuesday and engaged in a gun battle with fighters from two prominent tribes in the village.

It added that during the ensuing fierce battle at least seven of the invading troops were fatally injured, who had come there with the purported mission of gunning down militants belonging to the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Takfiri terrorist group.

The report, however, added that no militants of the terror group were in the area when three Apache choppers and two military transport aircraft of the US approached the village.

Earlier in the day, Centcom, the US military command in the Middle East, however, told a totally different story, saying the heliborne attack concluded with killing of seven AQAP militants, without mentioning any casualties from the American troops and the presence of soldiers from some Persian Gulf states.


  1. At least both sides agreed on one thing…there were 7 invaders killed. Since we know AQ IS the US, the US is right, 7 terrorists were killed.

  2. Once again this is proof that no young American, man or woman, especially women should even consider enlisting in the U.S. military. Th prospect of dying somewhere in the middle east or being permanently injured for the sake of a foreign nation such as israel or saudi arabia and their evil, twisted plans for the middle east should be enough to dissuade any young person from going anywhere near a military recruiter. Besides taking part in the murder of innocent people and destroying nations and societies, they are also serving the evil agenda of israel’s plan to take control of the middle east.
    The U.S. military no longer defends America’s freedom or liberty, it has become a dangerous threat instead. Already planning for a coup against the government in 2030, it will bring about the final destruction of what once was a nation of freedom and liberty.
    The idea that enlisting in the military is somehow defending and protecting America and its people is patently absurd. In truth , just the opposite. Washington and the neo-cons that now control the Pentagon are the greatest threat to the American people and indeed to the rest of the world.

  3. It takes a very stupid ignorant person to place their life on the line for the totally corrupt outlaw criminal U.S. government today. Boycott the U.S. Military so they don’t have any dupes to carry out their criminal deeds against the rest of the world. This would be the best way to put them out of the murder business. None of what they are doing around the planet is authorized by Congress or law. They are all criminal outlaws, unindicted war criminals just like Dishonest Abe and his criminal thugs Drunk Grant and psychopath Sherman 150 years ago. Nothing ever changes in the cesspool which is America today.

  4. Saudis are so useless so I guess the US empire and its mercenary military will have to step in and take the losses in Yemen. Maybe they think fighting these guys will be easier than fighting the Taliban.

    • Indeed. The U.S. military is now the world’s largest mercenary army. Contracted out to countries like israel, Saudi Arabia, and other Persian Gulf states, the U.S. military no longer has anything to do with defending America or a democracy that does not exist ,let alone freedom and safety. Just the opposite.

  5. U.S. DoD may never officially acknowledge any U.S. military casualties during that Yemeni battle.

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