Duff: Legal Update on Impeachment Progress


…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

I’ve been having meetings and discussions with constitutional experts over the last few days.  We have information that Congress is trying to hijack and obstruct prosecutions using their debate privileges to conspire with the White House to block impeachment.

They are offering witnesses, such as General Flynn, immunity given from Congress which they have been able to foist on the public as a broader immunity from criminal prosecution.  There is no such immunity, moreover, our experts say that misuse of immunity offers to obstruct justice are crimes themselves.

Such offers involve consultation with Congress, which Comey was investigating and there are wiretaps, legal taps, that show a pattern of criminal acts between certain Congressional leaders, not just Graham and Nunes, but others, not just the White House but Trump business partners and known Israeli operatives. All are involved as all have financial incentive in seeing Trump in place, handing out US cash like his personally piggy bank.

The White House, including but not limited to staffers and Trump personally, have met with and phoned congressional leaders, senior intelligence and law enforcement officials, even Supreme Court justices.

Mike Rogers and Dan Coates, NSA head and White House Intel coordinator, both approached the Washington Post, saying they were told to lean on Comey and to lie to Congress about what they had on Russia and Trump’s people.

Sources indicate that both Coates and to a much lesser extent, Rogers, were busy on Trump’s behalf, obstructing justice as though it were a mission from g-d, until the pressure began to get to them.  Then they learned religion and ran to the good old Washington Post to cleanse their souls and add new lies to their old ones, or so I am told.

Behind this all is far worse material on Turkey and Israel, Saudi Arabia as well.  This is the problem with the Russia investigation, it seems to be “low hanging fruit” to many but it is something far worse.

A year ago, the Russians came to me to recruit Flynn for a veterans group to be underwritten by a Washington think tank.  We discussed Flynn at length and what they wanted from him.

What I am saying here is that I have direct knowledge that Flynn was a person of interest to them, admitting that I have high level contacts with Russia myself, but also that Flynn was much less involved or complicit than is being alleged.

Russia may well have wanted to take a run at him, believing they could use me to get to him.  Toward that end, we considered having former CIA Director Mike Hayden, a friend of friends, contact Flynn and make the offer.

We would have brought Hayden in also, which I believe would have moderated any attempt to turn Flynn but may also have created the needed group that would have brought about the positive turn in relations with Russia that the US genuinely needs.

The US, meaning “Trump” is currently enthralled with Israel’s plots against Putin and Erdogan.  Also remember that it was Turkey that Flynn was really working for and that Flynn is being set up from multiple directions, not just to put stain on Russia.

Back to the issue at hand, members of Congress are in contact with Trump’s advisors who are guiding them through plans for the Russiagate investigation.  Plans are being made, and wiretap transcripts have all this, to burn and intimidate witnesses, and to create as much cover as possible to keep Trump out of prison for his transgressions with Comey, which are real jail time issues.  You can’t tell people to stop investigating things and Trump has done this over and over.

Behind this is the issue of treason.  Oddly, Pravda, the official Russian news site, published the outlines for treason based impeachment.  What is important here is that this comes from Russia and represents a bit of freedom of press that we just don’t get in the US.

This was unexpected:

As Americans experience the incompetence, cluelessness, and malfeasance of Donald J. Trump and his band of idiots on a daily basis, many hope that the venal, sycophantic, and/or cowardly members of the Republican majority in Congress will soon recognize the tyranny that is beginning to engulf the nation.  In that hope, I submit the following Articles of Impeachment and Indictment for High Crimes and Misdemeanors:


We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known or unknown for:

1.      Colluding with a foreign government to illegally steal the election of 2016; And/or

2.      Defending such collusion in order to further the agenda of this foreign government and/or to financially profit Donald J. Trump; And/or+

3.      Giving the appearance of such collusion by providing false information to Congress and/or members of the press; And/or

4.      Impeding investigations into such collusion.

This treason has been furthered by:

5.      The demands of Donald J. Trump that personal loyalty to him take precedent over loyalty to the Constitution of the United States; And/or

6.      The efforts and/or overtures made by Donald J. Trump to subvert and/or obliterate the rights to Freedom of Speech and Press.


Any and all relevant averments in Count One are hereby incorporated into Count Two, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Donald J. Trump intentionally, maliciously, and with malice aforethought lying under Oath when he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States;

2.      Jeff Sessions lying before the United States Congress about his meeting with officials from the foreign government discussed in Count One.


Any and all relevant averments in Counts One and Two are hereby incorporated into Count Three, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Attempting to influence testimony from a potential witness against Trump, former FBI director James Comey, by issuing veiled, malicious threats to use alleged “tapes,” to discredit Comey, and/or dissuade him from testifying.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Four, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Firing James Comey in an effort to impede an ongoing investigation into the collusion discussed in Count One; And/or

2.      Intentionally, knowingly, and willfully lying about the circumstances of Comey’s firing in order to accomplish such obstruction, by creating, causing to be created, and/or defending a document used as a pretext for Comey’s firing.

3.      Jeff Sessions, an officer of the court, breaching both his legal and ethical duties by assisting in the creation of said document, after having recused himself from said investigation discussed in Count One.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Five, whereby We the People indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and other members of the Trump administration, known or unknown for:

1.      Knowingly, intentionally, maliciously, and with malice aforethought creating, or causing to be created, a document that contained pretexts used to fire the director of a federal agency, in this case the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); And/or

2.      Fabricating falsehoods about the FBI’s positive reception of this document that have been discredited both by the sworn testimony of the FBI’s acting director, and by Donald J. Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to FBI headquarters.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Six, whereby We the People indict Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Jeff Sessions, an officer of the court, assuming the office of Attorney General after committing perjury in front of the Congress of the United States; And/or

2.      Jeff Sessions assuming this office despite having been declared unfit to impartially adjudicate the law as a Federal Judge-a declaration that makes him equally unfit to enforce the law as Attorney General.

3.      Donald J. Trump ordering and/or causing to be created, and Sessions aiding and abetting the creation of, a document, on taxpayer time and at taxpayer expense, with the purpose of personally benefitting Trump by manufacturing pretexts used for the firing of James Comey; And/or

4.      Jeff Sessions aiding and abetting the creation of this document, despite statements made as an officer of the court that he would recuse himself from involvement in the investigation Comey was conducting.

5.      Kellyanne Conway, an officer of the court, knowingly and unethically disseminating “alterative facts” to mislead the American people, and intentionally, willfully, and knowingly defending the pretexts in the document used to fire James Comey.

6.      Trump, Sessions, and Conway intentionally, knowingly, and willfully undermining the integrity and credibility of the American legal system, and the judges and attorneys who serve it, by engaging in the conduct described in Count Six and other counts in this indictment.

WHEREBY, We the People demand immediate Impeachment proceedings be commenced against Donald J. Trump, and that any and all relevant criminal charges be filed against Trump, and all other persons, named or unnamed, responsible for any of the activities described in this Indictment.

We the People further demand that when Trump is impeached, Michael Pence be disqualified from assuming Trump’s office, due to Pence’s unctuous exploitation of religion for political gain, his proclivity to place loyalty to Trump above the Constitution of the United States and the needs of its people, and by his willful, knowing, and intentional participation in many of the activities described in this Indictment.

The fate of the nation and the freedoms and principles it represents demand nothing less.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Report


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  1. All that’s missing is a prosecutor with balls, the indictments, and arrests. Also a special prosecutor to investigate each, and every member of congress for the crime of accepting for purpose of self enrichment, bribes, and or payments to influence legislation contrary to the benefit of the USA., and treason. Start with McCain he will flip easily and spill all of the beans.

  2. ‘Russiagate’ is a limited hang-out. Much worse than that. Turkey, Israel KSA & Kosher Nostra also involved.

    The above Articles of Impeachment and Articles of Indictment are from a US-law-knowledgeable attorney who is the longtime Legal Editor for Russia’s “Pravda” (a Russian Govt. mouthpiece).

    If Russian Govt. had played a significant role in skewing & rigging U.S. elections for Trump, then Pravda would NEVER have published Articles of Impeachment & Articles of Indictment against Trump & Co.


    • After Trump’s election, VT editors & authors tried to HELP Trump (as per the above article) — despite having opposed Trump during the election. As per first-hand knowledge, this is true.

      VT and Washington & New York insiders (some favoring Trump, some opposing Trump) were to be part of a ‘council on U.S.-Russia relations’ (with no formal name having been chosen).

      Both U.S. Govt. and Russia Govt. had and still have many misconceptions about each other. A purpose of the ‘Council’ was to remedy these misconceptions. Another was to get both governments cooperating to eliminate global terrorist groups (what Trump promised during his campaign).

      Then ‘the fan hit the sheep’ (e.g., Flynn etc.). Obama’s ‘Prime Directive’ was “Don’t do stupid shit.” From Day 1 of Trump as Prez, Trump would not or could not stop doing ‘stupid stuff.’ Sad.

  3. Trump has been rigging the system to the max since his Roy Cohen training days, so with all the juice that he sees himself having, the idea of his being prosecuted for anything is something he views as a crime inflicted on him, which he then sees himself as free to do “anything” to “defend” himself.

  4. Better impeachment now than another 9/11 in the summer, followed by eight-year rolling strike of wars. Republican-behind monkeys will do all possible and imaginable to prevent the Pandora box open on Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Taking down buildings on Manhattan is easy for them.

  5. It should be sufficient for impeachment that President Trump be held accountable for aiding and abetting states actively supporting declared terrorists enemies of the US, namely: ISIS and al Qaeda. The most recent and egregious examples of states supporting known terrorists are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. But any indictment against Trump should begin with the fact that he has put US military forces in the service of terrorism.

    • CW: Agreed. Nevertheless, Obama & Co. allowed CIA & U.S. military Bush/NeoCons to do similar ‘stupid stuff’ (e.g., in Syria, in Ukraine, etc.). What’s different about Trump is planning for ‘a big war.’

      Trump, Bibi & the Saudi ‘d-Ruler’ are in danger of being deposed. Those who control three govts. are advising Trump, Bibi & the Saudi ‘d-Ruler’ that ‘a big war’ would probably save their collective butt — which may or may not be true. So, we don’t really have much time before we all need to bend over and kiss our own butts good-bye.

      Impeachment & Removal by Congress is NOW imperative. If Trump soon self-aborts or self-deports himself, that also counts. ;-).

  6. Very true Gordon, but they all lie, they all violate the Constitution, they are all criminals. It is just a question of degrees.

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