EXCLUSIVE: A Statement from Tulsi Gabbard


Tulsi Gabbard


The news the past few days has been tough. For so many in Manchester, what began as just another day, ended in a horrific tragedy as a terrorist set off a bomb killing innocent civilians at a concert hall. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Today, we are getting reports out of the Philippines that an ISIS-linked attack has taken the lives of 21 souls.

This highlights yet again how critical it is for us to work together to defeat these terrorists, and the ideology fueling their terror.

It’s impossible to talk seriously about this issue without acknowledging that just a few days before this terrible attack, President Trump signed a $460 billion, ten year arms deal with Saudi Arabia—a brutal theocracy that oppresses its own people, and has spent billions of dollars exporting their extreme Wahhabi Salafist ideology around the world—the very same ideology fueling terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia, along with Qatar, Turkey, and other countries, are directly and indirectly supporting these terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence.

So our big weapons deal will make it so US weapons are likely to end up in the hands of terrorists, and to be used in war crimes against Yemeni civilians.

Trump has condemned deals like this in the past. In 2011, Trump wrote about Saudi Arabia in his book, “It’s the world’s biggest funder of terrorism. Saudi Arabia funnels our petrodollars, our very own money, to fund the terrorists that seek to destroy our people while the Saudis rely on us to protect them.”

If the US is to supply Saudi Arabia with weapons we should, at the very least, demand that they:

  • End their spread of radical Wahhabi Salafist exclusivist ideology through madrassas and mosques around the world, which is undermining moderate Muslims, from Pakistan to Indonesia, to Europe.
  • End their brutal attack on the sovereign country of Yemen, which is resulting in the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of civilians.
  • End its arming and support of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria and other parts of the world.
  • Stop oppression and persecution of dissenters, women and the LGBT community.
  • Allow Christians, Hindus, Muslims, atheists and other religious minorities to worship or not worship as they please in Saudi Arabia, without being arrested and punished.

It is news like this that makes clear the need for a new movement for peace powered by the aloha spirit—the spirit of love and respect for all. Will you contribute $5 to my campaign so that we can put together a national tour that will call out the hypocrisy of the Trump administration and help build support for a sane foreign policy?

My bill, HR 608, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, will help to address this issue by prohibiting taxpayer dollars from being used to directly or indirectly support armed militants allied with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and would stop our practice of funneling money through countries like Saudi Arabia who support these terrorist groups. Will you add your name as a citizen co-sponsor to my

Stop Arming Terrorists Act? This bill will require our government to abide by the same laws that apply to its citizens.

As always, mahalo for your support and allowing me the privilege of serving you.




  1. She had started out with making comments that were considered unsupportive of the LGBT agenda. recently she has had to exercise damage control by bringing them up, as well introducing legislation giving them even greater protection.

    LGBT is wrongfully termed as Cultural Marxism by the right-wingers. One has to have some experience with Marxist-Leninist Theory to realize that there is absolutely no room for “sexual whimsies of the elite”. The focus is always on the proletariat. There was little tolerance in the Communist countries, be it USSR or China, for the LGBT agenda. [Yugoslavia, particularly Sarajevo, was considered the sex capital of Eastern Communist Europe]. Indeed there were practitioners, but it was not touted as a unique group to be pandered to politically.

    Marxist-Leninists, particularly Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, view that agenda as a means to divert attention from the struggle of the proletariat. If you must, then it would be more appropriate to term it Trotskyism.

    • Personally, I believe the LGBT movement is about turning yet another minority group into activists. This means ramming gay and transgender rights down the throats of the majority. In turn, the majority responds with quiet resentment. Quiet, in the sense that they hold their tongue in public to avoid being arrested for “hate speech”, but while in the comfort of their own homes, resentment is expressed freely. I can understand this, as I see the gay pride parade in Toronto as indecent exposure on a massive scale and a total embarrassment. Ya, they have the right to marry the same sex, but that doesn’t mean they have to gather in the thousands, strip down to their G strings and wave dildo’s around in public in front of children and TV cameras, etc. Nobody wants to see that.

      I see the LGBT movement as just another way to keep populations divided and to turn their attention away from decisions being made that effect everyone equally, regardless of our sexual preference, colour or religion. Pissed off minority groups and ‘have-nots’ always provide the foot soldiers for violent revolution. 2% of the population is riled up and they end up taking down everything. So in this sense, the LGBT can be associated to Marxist revolutionaries, at least to some extent. So can Black Lives Matter. Of course, that’s just my subjective opinion.

    • Revolutions can be brought about when there is general dissatisfaction. A 2% population can’t do it. That is mere Left-Wing adventurism of the Fourth Internationalists.

      The politicization of Sexual Identity groups was never an approved agenda in any Marxist thought. Not even by the supreme murderer Trotsky. Nor is race. Nor were the women;s movements. They were subject to the primary struggle, that of the Proletariat. . You are right about these “minorities” being a way to divide society and turn their attention away from the real issues. In Marxist terms, LGBT & Women’s movements are issues (“internal contradictions”) of the bourgeoisie. These “minorities” are not fighting for any noble cause. They all want a piece of the pie in oppression and exploitation. Janet Reno is one example of a LGBT woman burning children to death.

  2. No response from Tulsi Gabbard to my quesytions yet:


    -Is there are a reason that you don’t mention Israel’s support of ISIS? [Do read Veterans Today on that topic].
    -Did you also, like the rest of the US Senate, pledge fealty to Israel, over-and-above the USA?
    -Do you have any plans, anytime at all, to expose the names (rank, units) of those people that raped Iraqi boys in Abu Ghuraib, as mentioned by Seymour Hersch?
    -Or at least tell us if that was a psych-warfare maneuver to have Saddam’s relatives give him up? You do know that there are roughly 150,000 members of his tribe, don’t you? People had to be “persuaded” to give him up.
    -Will you ever publicly acknowledge how the massacre of Sunni non-combatants in Fallujah was instrumental in fueling the ranks of ISIS?

    • Then also, why are you white-washing India’s crimes in oppressing the Kashmiri People, denying them their right to self-determination (per UN Charter) & India not delivering on it’s undertaking (in 1948) to hold a plebiscite under UN auspices? Is it because the people donating to your campaign are the same as the ones that also support the rabid Hindutva agenda of massacre-orchestra tor Modi?
      Are you opposing US sales of nuclear technology to India?
      Are you condemning the lynching of Dalits and Muslims in Modi’s India?

      Since you are from Hawaii, you also know that the demand to have other religions worship freely translates to building temples? Nationals have their places of worship. Transients don’t have right to build places of worship. It was just such an activity that led to the illegal acquisition of Hawaii & the disenfranchisement of the native Hawaiian population. The demand is despicably absurd! If anything you should be taking up the cause of restoration of power of the Hawaiian Queen and the Unification of Polynesia. If you do that, you will get funding from King Kamehameha Foundation.

  3. Here we go again! “contribute $5 to my campaign so that…”
    No offence Tulsi but: The last US election burnt how much money for “democracy”?
    Money the God of USA and its rulers. Money is needed for religious crusades, for defence (of more money), for corrupted politicians, for truth for lies…..
    Truth will remain free for all eternity. No money needed at all to prove the reality of truth. Just an open heart and unintoxicated mind will prove truth to anybody.
    It can not be bought but can be experienced – by anybody without a donation.

  4. Tulsi is as brave as she is beautiful but alas her proposed bill will dissolve like the morning mist before the rays of the sun. War, creating terrorism, fighting terrorism, fomenting revolution to install bankster puppets, etc. is a mega trillion dollar enterprise, dwarfing even the global drug and sex slave trade. Those numbers are too big to mess with. It will take a Ragnarok to clean house.

  5. This woman gets it. Her courage and willingness to speak truth to power is admirable. Was she not Bernie Sanders’ pick for VP? I often wonder how different things might have been, had those two won the election…Yes, I know Sanders is a Jew, but I don’t hate Jews, just because they identify themselves as such. Maybe I’m a fool for believing things might have been better with them, but who knows?

  6. Yep, exactly. Maybe that’s why they teach pillow fighting at USMA West Point. Saudis can buy weapons off of Swedish or Japanese or whoever, but their Wahhabism cannot achieve jack shit without NATO network, it cannot even attack Yemen without it.

  7. Tulsi Gabbard is one of those few brave enough to speak out in spite of the crap the zionist owned media spews out. Trump has once again proven he cannot be trusted and this latest business with those malignant narcissists ruling Saudi Arabia is definitely one for the books.
    These weapons will end up in the hands of the Takfiri extremists/ ISIS in no time. Not to mention they will be used against the Yemeni people.
    America is the single largest sponsor and funder of state terrorism. Along with its Wahabi/Takfiri and zionist allies in the middle east, millions of innocent people are dying and suffering because of this pact made in hell.
    And America is the worse for it as Americans are already paying the price: It’s soldiers continue to return in flag draped coffins. Heroin floods the streets and thousands o.d. The economic conditions in America continue to worsen as the people are forced by theft to pay for these needless wars. The American people are being impoverished by the war machine.
    It is the price they will pay for not speaking up and speaking out. For not protesting, for not electing people who oppose this madness. It is the price for being accessories to a great crime.

  8. Looks like we’ve got a troll here , Gordon. Possibly working out of a Mossad funded apartment in Macedonia or maybe somewhere in a college dorm being paid for by isrealhell. You can always tell when a troll is present, they offer nothing but foul language and personal attacks.

  9. There isn’t even a remote chance Gabbard’s Bill will pass the House, but I guess she understands this. Nevertheless, the Bill is the right thing to do for it shines a light on the Fifth Column that is bringing America to its ruin.

  10. Cheers Tulsi!
    Love the action! There are things the that we all might add or subtract from the conditions bit this is Tulsi’s bill and I’m good with this. Providing any type of aid to non signers of the non proliferation or human rights violators should be prohibited as a blanket policy. This covers at least the Sauds plus one. A big plus one but not limited to just the one little nagging stolen territory. Did I say nagging?

  11. Petraeus is certainly no Saudi orthodox cleric nor can he recite surahs nor is he member of the Mutaween religious police, but he has surely helped spread Wahhabism probably more than any Saudi in the 20th or 21st century. HE IS ONE OF YOURS mrs. Gabbard, you know, United States Military Academy and all that..

    • It was Patraeus intern that mossad (with the help of Hilda) baited President Bill for sex-extortion. First to bomb Iraq in 98 and then under cover of outing him and the President Bill infidelity show, put the Oded Yinon plan at the top of the Pentagon. Hilda helped. Paula apparently was put in place to make sure Patraeus didn’t have pillow talk with his wife or get a conscience when it came down.

      9/11 was the “unifying event” that made war crimes, legal. Watch this premonition: HILLARY CLINTON FRONT-LOADED SUGGESTION of COMING ATTACK


  12. I think she should re post the the letter with out the “LGBT” part. There are a lot of people that won’t get
    on board because of this. Saying something like “enforce a policy of equal rights for all” is all inclusive and
    doesn’t high-lite any hot buttons. Same with the religion line, ” freedom of religion ” covers it all..
    None of this is an issue with me , I will pitch in either way.

    • You don’t think any LGBT veterans have ever served our country? You should be ashamed of yourself! They’ve been serving in each war that we’ve ever fought unlike this 5-deferment president and a 5-deferment vice president Cheney and a host of many republicans who have never served, but have pushed us into these never-ending wars.

  13. All of the above proposals begin and end with NATO dismemberment. NATO can buy or sell weapons to anyone, USA can use any NATO member to smuggle its weapons or to re-sell them or re-package them for selling to places where USA has “nominal” sanctions, so it cannot go directly there so they use one of the 20 other “allies”. NATO can use also pre-memberships for some of those actions. Sack the militant ideologies from NATO, such as Turkish and the British, and there will be nothing left from Salafist ideology, nothing to feed from. Gabbard if she wants changes she should campaign in hearts of militant ideologies, like West Point, or Sandhurst. Saudi Arabia do not spread Wahhabi ideology, NATO does it for them, with their money but its own NATO logistics. Like you mr.Duff mentioned, the Saudis go gambling while they hire someone to take their classes.

  14. How about adding to “stop arming the terrorists”, “stop training the terorists.”

  15. Considering zionist whores like, Nuland, Rice,Haley, May(UK) Bishop(Aust), Tulsi is a breath of fresh air, tells it like it is, someone special we have to protect, a diamond in the rough.
    If you think your tours where tough, you an’y seen nothing yet, the barrage will come, keep your head down girl.

    • Indeed yes. Unlike all the other bought and paid for whores for isrealhell in congress she has the courage and the first hand knowledge to speak out, unlike others such as p-cat.

  16. this must be opened up for the whole world as the effects of this affect us all……. “Will you contribute $5 to my campaign so that we can put together a national tour that will call out the hypocrisy of the Trump administration and help build support for a sane foreign policy?….yes
    ‘My bill, HR 608, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, will help to address this issue by prohibiting taxpayer dollars from being used to directly or indirectly support armed militants allied with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and would stop our practice of funneling money through countries like Saudi Arabia who support these terrorist groups. Will you add your name as a citizen co-sponsor..?
    Please post Tulsi’s link that we can all be together on this

  17. Excellent letter from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), whom Trump initially considered for a high-level position in the Trump Administration. Given what Trump is doing now with Bibi & the Saudi ‘d-Ruler,’ Tulsi is undoubtedly glad that Trump never asked Tulsi to serve.

    Tulsi is now asking us to “contribute $5 to my campaign so that we can put together a national tour that will call out the hypocrisy of the Trump administration and help build support for a sane foreign policy.”

    Supporting the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” is also worthwhile. Search for the title, and check it out.

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