On Target Here: Trump reportedly threatens to ban ‘very bad’ Germans from selling cars in US

Nobody told Trump about this secret Mercedes factory in Alabama

Editor’s note:  I am a car guy and drive an overpowered BMW made in Hungary of all places.  Hanke has one like it. Everyone needs a 500 horsepower station wagon, what the hell.  But Trump is totally right here.  Toyota, Honda and even Mercedes and Volkswagen build here.  Oh wait, isn’t there an $8 billion BMW plant in South Carolina as well?

BMW assembly in South Carolina
What are we saying?  I agree that cars should all be made here.  The real issue is blocking US exports to Germany and elsewhere and allowing higher quality American cars to be trashed in the press or secretly taxed to death.
Trump was too stupid to pick that up.  I need a new F150 pickup in Germany and can’t easily order one except through the dealership at Spangdahlem AFB.  But Germany passed laws disallowing me to transfer it to German citizens even if they are my own family.
Germany has huge restrictions on US products and where they don’t restrict them openly, they do it covertly.
Similarly, Iraq and the UAE, even Saudi Arabia, don’t use Jeeps.  They are OK, certainly not up to BMW quality, but are close and better than much of what is sold there.  This is a huge market and Americans are blocked there as well. Of course, Iran is the real gem and Trump is throwing all that away. Save us from amateurs.
RT/Moscow: US President Donald Trump has threatened to stop German car sales in America during a meeting with European officials in Brussels on Thursday, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported.
Trump missed this Volkswagen plant in Tennessee as well

“The Germans are bad, very bad,” said Trump, as quoted by Spiegel.

“Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that,” he added, according to the newspaper, citing participants in the meeting.

According to a report from German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the EU officials were horrified at the extent of the Americans’ lack of awareness of European trade policy.

Apparently, it was unclear to the guests EU countries concluded trade agreements only jointly, the newspaper said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker denied Trump was hostile to Germany in the Brussels talks.

“He did not say the Germans were behaving badly,” Juncker said, adding that the reports in the German media were exaggerated.

Later, Donald Trump’s top economic adviser acknowledged that the president said Germany is “very bad” when it comes to flooding the U.S. with cars, but insisted it wasn’t an attack on one of America’s most-important allies.

“He said, ‘They’re very bad on trade,’ but he doesn’t have a problem with Germany,” Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council. “He said his dad is from Germany. He said, ‘I don’t have a problem with Germany, I have a problem with German trade’.”

In January, the US president threatened to impose a 35 percent import tax on German cars.

“If you want to build cars in the world, then I wish you all the best. You can build cars for the United States, but for every car that comes to the USA, you will pay 35 percent tax,” Trump said in an interview with German newspaper Bild.

“I would tell BMW that if you are building a factory in Mexico and plan to sell cars to the USA, without a 35 percent tax, then you can forget that,” Trump said.

Trump is also angered by Germany’s €253 billion trade surplus, which he says comes at a loss for the US.

In March, he signed executive orders to review the causes of the US trade deficits with some of its largest trading partners – including China and Germany – and push for stricter enforcement of US anti-dumping laws. The US trade deficit in goods and services topped $500 billion in 2016.


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  1. And next will be the advice to americans “Don´t buy german goods” and then “Holy war” on germany again ? Where have I heard and seen this before ? Free trade only as long as US benefits from it.

  2. The longer Trump stays in office – the better Putin will look – especially to the Europeans and Middle Easterners.

  3. Contradiction abound in Donald speech. One day wants more German contribution to NATO, the next day wants Germany to reduce its exports, he, a bussiness man should know better about how to meet ends.
    Curiously, he didn´t ask the Chinese to reduce exports or send manufacturing back to the US.

  4. Who is working in these factories and pay taxes ? Germans or Mexicans or Americans, Mr. Drumpf ?

  5. It is so much more Gordon, than you would ever tell. The real story has two sides, as any real story has. What you will never mention for reasons I don’t know, is the fact that every foreign surplus on the German side costs the average German citizen a lot of dollars, And he/she will never get any real value as return, all we get is a piece of crap that has no real value at all. This perfide game has been going on for quite a long time now. The deconstrution of the dollar was NOT instigated by us, it just was the consequence of permanent betrail on a game basis, we never thought to be possible.

    Two large conglomerats are fighting, and no one knows who will win. In any case, this is economical war at the highest stake and no one in the media will ever touch it, for good reasons, VW, BMW or other are not your real enemies. They produce, no fake, but real products. Please tell me, why we Europeans should agree to eat american food. If you can do this profoundly, I will re-negotiate and think again.

  6. Not for nuthin’, but, I sell cars — have for several years. It’s widely believed in the industry, with numbers to support, that a major subprime auto loan bubble-burst is coming if not already here, similar to 08’s real estate crash. 2016 alone saw a 20-year-high for unpaid subprime loans, and still trending up (or is it down?).

    Even with the awesome new generation of Ford F-150 (full size passenger truck) armored with military-grade aluminum body — 710 pounds lighter and stronger than the previous steel body — and more powerful & fuel efficient turbo engine, sales have woefully slumped. Notice Ford, the #1 selling brand in Amuhrika, fired their CEO last week? Wondering why? Hint: It wasn’t due to having a thickly, Mossad planted Joo-ish intern sporting a red beret with a strong affection for cigars in his office 😉

    • Folks, please, IF your credit beacon is subpar, as over half the pop, please don’t sell your soul on a DEPRECIATIVE “asset” that loses value with each & every day AND mile. Even purchased new, that sweet shiny ride is worth anywhere from 18-22% less the sec you drive off the lot, and that doesn’t include the compounding interest (disgusting usury up to 26.9% in the state of Flori-duh) you’re paying on that 36-72 month loan you were pressured into by your own ego and that slimey, underpaid car salesman trying to feed his family and/or addictions. Oh, and don’t forget the tags, tax, and full coverage insurance with ridiculously expensive premiums! Ever drove thru da “hood” and noticed all the nice cars? Ever heard of a fool that was car poor?

      There’s plenty of $1500-2500 vehicles worthy enough to get your golden ass from point A-B. If your ego suffers, so what…your wallet gains and you’ll finally afford to take your girl out somewhere schmancy — like Olive Garden or Applebee’s 😉

    • The F-150 may be ‘awesome’ to some in the US but is a pointless vehicle if you want to take overseas markets and earn foreign exchange. The Germans build ‘competitive’ products that can be exported to multiple overseas markets where price is only one consideration for a buyer. In the 50’s and 60’s the US had a large internal market relative to the rest of the world so products were US centric (you got what GM, Ford, etc cobbled together). In a world with many national competitors having US centric products is not competitive as they won’t sell overseas and American consumers will buy superior (competitive) imports. US policy makers are failing to understand that the US has to ‘compete’.

  7. Whatever happened to free markets? Or how about the right to buy whatever one wants without fear of some sort of retaliation?
    And while we’re on the subject of those evil Germans, and this always gets Shrimpy’s blood pressure roiling, the entire dust up over Volkswagen and the emissions cheating scandal was blown way out of proportion. We’re talking a couple thousandths of one percent but…that was enough to send the ayatollahs in Washington into a frenzy. No one died because of it. No one was injured except for the ayatollahs inside the EPA who became both dumbfounded and incensed at Volkswagen’s effrontery. How dare they defy we who decides the fate of millions! So now VW is laying off thoudsands and destroying tens of thousands of perfectly good vehicles. Nice going Washington!

    • Z,
      You’re probably right, though I woulda guessed Trump suffered something along the lines of a severe urinary tract infection 🙂

  8. My 2005 Subaru got the same mileage as Ford’s model T. I am compelled to wear my seatbelt by the law or face huge fines, but my brake lines are dissolving (easily fixed by using stainless) as soon as they leave the factory leading to brake loss during operation. The planned obsolescence in American parts is ridiculous. If I make a good pizza, the other pizza shops must fight or die. I do not go and lobby the local government to put restrictions on the other pizza shops if my pizza sucks. The successful (and completely wrong) blaming of unions by a relentless lobby on behalf of the wealthiest has seeped into the porous minds of the right. VW pays billions for an emissions flaw while substandard brake lines are accepted as ok.

    • Only a fool would not wear a seatbelt. It’s in your personal interest not to go through the windscreen or be thrown from the vehicle.

    • Nexus, only a murderer would install dissolving brake lines in millions of vehicles. Why should people be fined for ignoring their own safety while the manufacturer ignores all. The issue is selective enforcement.

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