Pentagon Confirms US Strike Killed 105 Civilians


Pentagon Confirms March US Strike Killed 105 Civilians in Iraq

Pentagon officials announced Thursday the completion of an investigation confirming that a U.S. airstrike in Mosul against the Islamic State group killed at least 105 civilians, AFP reported. They maintain however, that the high civilian toll resulted from a secondary explosion of Islamic State group explosives stored in the building.

There are another 36 civilians still unaccounted for, however U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Matt Isler says that these civilians had most likely left the area just before the deadly airstrike.

Although the strike’s massive civilian toll had been widely reported, U.S. officials have not formally assumed responsibility for the attack until now, instead only saying that a U.S. strike was “probably” responsible for the deaths.

The deaths occured on March 17, when a U.S. precision-guided bomb struck a building believed to be housing two Islamic State group snipers, in a neighborhood called al-Jadida.

According to the Pentagon investigation, the airstrike detonated Islamic State group explosives stored in the building, and killed over 100 civilians who were either in the lower floors of the targeted building, or in a neighboring building that also collapsed.

Following the admission of the U.S.’s role in the deaths, U.S. Major General Joe Martin said “Our condolences go out to all those that were affected. The coalition takes every feasible measure to protect civilians from harm. The best way to protect civilians is to defeat ISIS.”

Civilian deaths due to airstrikes have become a regular occurance in Syria and Iraq. Reports also emerged Thursday of at least 35 civilian deaths from an airstrike in al-Mayadin, a town in East Syria held by Islamic State group, according to Reuters. Although the majority of airstrikes in the Syrian region are conducted by the U.S. led coalition, responsibility for the attack has not yet been confirmed.

Human rights organizations have argued that the number of civilians killed in coalition operations far exceeds the number reported and confirmed by the Pentagon. Reports indicate that last month alone, coalition strikes claimed at least 225 lives, and that the months of March, April, and May have seen the highest civilian casualties at the hands of coalition forces since the beginning of U.S. intervention in Syria in 2014.

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  1. 105 civilians. More likely 210 or 315 or may a thousand. I remember all the reports os all the Viet Cong killed in battle only to later discover the numbers were inflated. The numbers of civilian casualties during that long American nightmare was far greater than ever reported. My Lai was just the tip of the ice berg.
    The people of Viet Nam continue to pay for America’s belligerence.
    So I believe nothing Washington says.

  2. They’ll kill thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more — as many as it takes.

    They want to sterilise a strip of border like they did between Afghanistan and Pakistan. They hope is to separate Iran from Syria/Lebanon/Hezb/the Med/Russia and ultimately Israel.

  3. Would anyone be surprised if it were found that US knew what was in the building?…or that this is a complete lie and the deaths were strictly due to the bomb itself? When it comes to US military statements only one thing is for sure…they LIE!

  4. Am I the only one noticing how long it takes for the US government to “investigate” (i.e., sort out what info is lie-able and what is not) when 100% of the facts are right there on the table from Day One, while they were 100% sure within 10 minutes that Assad was the perp who launched a chemical attack in Idlib?

  5. “condolences” …thats it? …. they stopped counting the human cost long ago…… more like an Operation to degrade and destroy America

    • For what Trump does and Obama & predecessors did to Syria, America is ‘collateral damage.’

    • You’re lucky to get condoled.

      Uncle Satan only counts his own dead, and even then when someone is watching.

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