Can an anti-terror war be fought with no civilian casualties?

Civilians are always getting the short end of the stick as they can’t all be protected

US-led airstrikes kills at least 35 civilians in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

Muslim culture was flourishing when Europe was a backwater, but on the treatment of woman the situation has reversed

[ Note:  The civilian casualties have become a PR football in both the Syrian and Iraq wars. As we get into more urban conflict with more compacted combatants, where many of the Raqqa ISIS jihadis seem to have their families with them, more civilians are going to die from bombings.

In Iraq, Western and alternative media have not gone after the Iraqi military for their civilian casualties as they have been shelling Mosul as part of their assault where their forces have taken a lot of casualties. And left out of the sympathetic media civilian casualties reporting is the Iraqi command is definitely involved in target selection with calling in airstrikes.

And I have notice that ISIS human shield stories and even killing escaping refugees get press in the alternative media,but it is only a mention, as they ISIS has been doing this so long it is not seen as newsworthy unless a mass grave has turned up.

And notice how corporate media did not savage the Saudi Royal family for its fake anti-terrorism campaign when it gave the Royal Family a free pass on for it unending support for the Wahhabi extremist clerics and their terrorist fatwas, who are all on the no work government payroll.

Trump and the Saudi Royals are a marriage made in heaven in that while they play the anti-terror role, when there is a buck to be made from it, as in Trump and friends case, or if it strengthens the rule and expansion of their feudal society, the Saudis’, they love terrorism. It’s like being able to bet red and black together at the roulette wheel with the one chip.

But neither Trump or the Saudis could get away with it without their long lines of supporters who have been cut in for a piece of the pie. The whole world is a civilian casualty to this duo.

When you look at the track record of both, where would you go to find a pair who really care less about anyone else but themselves? You just can’t make this stuff up.

And that goes for Melania and Ivanka who offered themselves as pitiful smokescreens, debasing themselves to put a good face on the treatment of Saudi women. What I would give to be able to press a button and turn both into the wives of two Saudi brutes, or maybe  Wahhabi Imams so they could experience the joy JD ]

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– First aired  … May 25, 2017

A monitoring group says new U-S-led airstrikes have killed at least 35 civilians in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.

According to the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, many of those killed in the attack on the city of Mayadin were women and children. On Wednesday, US-led airstrikes on the same city left 15 civilians dead. Also, US military confirmed on Thursday that its air raid on the Iraqi city of Mosul in mid-March killed over 100 civilians.

The United States says that its strikes target terrorists, but facts on the ground show civilians are the main victims of such attacks. The foreign-backed insurgency, which started in Syria in March 2011, has taken the lives of about half a million people.

[Editor’s note: Another tragic story of civilian loss of life due to US airstrikes broke this week: Ian]

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  1. What is an anti terror war in the first place when the ones claiming to fight terror are the terrorists themselves? All crime against humanity is TERRORISM. Antisemitism is a tool of terrorism. Once mankind overcomes the need for superority and racial division there will be no terrorism and casualities at all. But unfortunately who wants to exchange boring peace, sanity, love and compassion against money, sexism, deceit and suppression of others.
    Hate your neighbor more then yourself helps to overcome ones own fatal depression.
    After throwing the first punch send out another one or if knocked out keep on kicking it helps to make one tough and proud.
    Do not replace lies with truth as one can create his/her own fake reality.
    Kill all who oppose you or are of lower decent or enslave them for exploitation and one will rule the Earth.
    These are the new revised commandments for humanity and are very fashionable these days. Your current American President Trump promotes them greatly.
    Look at “your” own terror the once great nation USA spreads throughout the globe and it will become very clear that soon civilian casualities will arrive at the origin of terror itself.

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