The Debate – Syria advances on eastern fronts


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … and Press TV, Teheran

The Popular Militia Forces in western Iraq are attacking ISIS 24-hours a day

[ Note: The Syrian coalition strategy of the Astana4 safe zones freeing up enough combat troops to go on the offensive with ISIS appears to be working, and better than expected for the US coalition, as Damascus has announced that the biggest offensive now against ISIS will be in the Western desert to secure the Iraqi border.

It appears that both sides want to go into the political talks holding onto key Syrian assets to put them in a position of strength during the political talks; and control of the Syrian-Iraqi border seems to be the last major “to be determined” prize.

The US-Kurdish coalition will certainly take Raqqa, and I suspect be willing to trade it off, since it is historically an Arab city, in return for a Kurdish autonomous zone. NW Syria, including a good part of Idlib looks like it will be under Turkish control for some time.

IED – Will the Syrian battle blow up on one side’s face before the end?

The wild card is seeing if the Iraqi forces can capture Mosul fast enough, so the Army can be redeployed to crush smaller ISIS pockets in the central region of the country. And the next question would be, can the Popular Militia Forces (PMF) finish clearing their way to the Syria border and head south down to the Al-Bukamal crossing before the US and its militant group-of-the-day plants a flag to block the crossing?

That could escalate into a bigger shooting war, as the tea leaves are reading that Iran, Iraq and Syria want to form their own mini-NATO, anti-terrorism force that can roam across the border as needed to meet new threats, with Russia still providing air cover.

This is the last thing the US, Gulf States and Israel want to see – a well-armed, highly trained and experienced defense force that can handle jihadis like a marshmallow-roast party. It would be a template for others to follow, showing that regional coalitions are needed to defeat the Western proxy terrorism regime-change tool.

We saw, on Trump’s Saudi trip visit, the roll out of making Iran the new bogeyman-hoax once again, after the secret nuclear weapons hoax was destroyed in the P5+1 deal. We will be watching the Battle for the Border very closely to see that, if it does not go well for the US, will it send the armored division it has in Jordan into Damascus with NATO and Israeli air cover, claiming it to be an anti-terrorist operation. Someone out there thinks you really can just make it all up. His name is DonaldJD ]

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– First aired … May 26, 2017

In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, a managing editor and columnist of the Veterans Today, from Atlanta, and Michael Lane, the founder of the American Institute for Foreign Policy in Washington, to discuss the Syrian army’s latest advances in the battle against Daesh militants.

The US game plan in Syria had always been a hands-off, supportive role for militants & their regional backers. With more direct airstrikes, US interference is becoming much more explicit in Syria. It has recently attacked a Syrian convoy working towards liberating the country of foreign-backed militancy close to Jordan & Iraq borders & its airstrikes continue to kill countless innocents.

The UN has raised the alarm about civilian casualties, mainly at the hands of the US-led coalition, while others continue to call for America to respect Syria’s sovereignty.


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  1. listening to Lane’s excuses And they are lame ones at that, explains everything. He represents the zionist, neo-con stink tanks that are responsible for the mess in the middle east. Makes me sick to even listen to him but is quite revealing in what he says but also what he doesn’t say.
    America respects no ones sovereignty. Washington has declared war on the world and its own people. Its interventionist policies have been proven to be disasters for everyone except for those who have no skin in the game. These wars benefit only a very few. No need to go into who they are. By now everyone knows who they are. Lane, like all the rest of the slithering stink tank snakes, get to sit on their fat butts and decide which country America should invade next and topple their governments. It’s time to yank them out of their air conditioned offices and drop them off in the middle of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq with a canteen of water and let them make their way back home.
    The Syrian people do not deserve this. Neither do the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine or Sudan or anywhere else Washington(Israel) decides to stick its nose in.
    Sooner or later, real blow back will occur. when that happens who will the American people blame then?

    • Brother Lane lives in DC land, and it is hard to operate there without substantial backing, and be a “contrarian”. But as you point out, you can learn a lot about how a guy has to act to not be cast out of the loop in a political town. All he has to do is look at VT’s total corporate media blackout and he would say “no thanks”. That is why we get the continual barbs about our being CIA, as it doesn’t seem possible that we could survive after all we have published. But fortunately the media blackout does not reach everywhere, or we could not do it. Catching this Debate Shows is always a pleasure, except for the hour back in early Atlanta rush hour traffic which at 3pm has already started.

    • Jim, By now you probably heard of Brzezinski is dead.
      Going to do a recap on all hie accomplishments?

    • Gordon will be better at that. Ziggy was a mixed bag in my book, executable for crimes against humanity, and then going against the grain against the establishment sometimes, with no one laying a glove on him due to his rep. He really backed VT up when he went on NPR to put out that Wikileaks material had been seeded. It was always a top level Intel psyops to pull something like that off, the cherry on top of the general feeding bogus Intel into an enemy info gathering funnel to mess them up. None of the think tanks or media even hypothesized that Wiki might be a psyops. . We got on it quickly as we knew lots of people who were in military intel during the Iraq war that wrote a lot of those raw intel reports. They told us that things had “been altered” in what wiki released.

    • …And then there was what was missing in the so called “dump”. The biggest scandal that was kept quiet was the Israeli contractors that were going around dressed up like American ones and randomly killing Iraqis all over on the highways to make people hate Americans and want to kill them. It worked, and was monitored extensively, but of course not a word could ever be made public. In a real “dump” that stuff would not have been cleaned out, but in fact nothing damaging to Israel was ever released. So when we dug deep into Assange’s short we found Rupert Murdoch, “his hero”, and then later the Rothchilds, which we had missed early on. When he was put on bail he stayed at the Rothschild estate outside London, and their family law firm handled his case, but not a word of their connection in the British press.

  2. “On a sad note Jim, Greg Allman has passed away to be with his brothers, Duane, Barry and Butch.
    RIP Greg.” Ouch…I did not know the others were dead. The Rolling Stones must be getting stem cells like the Rothschilds.

  3. The more territory Syria gains back form ISIS the more desperate the jihadis become. The saudis and israelis must be pondering what to do next: set off a bomb in Paris or Berlin. Or how about N.Y. City.
    Erdogman is watching his fortunes slipping away. With no more stolen oil to peddle to BP and Exxon/Mobile, one can assume he is scaling back on his payments of Flynn.
    Meanwhile the Syrian army and the Kurds are making mince meat of the west’s mercs.
    On a sad note Jim, Greg Allman has passed away to be with his brothers, Duane, Barry and Butch.
    RIP Greg.
    Cross roads seem to come and go, yeah.
    The gypsy flies from coast to coast
    Knowing many, loving none
    Bearing sorrow, having fun.
    But back home he’ll always run
    To Sweet Melissa
    Trying hard to hold back the tears.
    RIP Brother.

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