Arab NATO reserve force to fight terrorism is myth and propaganda


… from Russia Today,  Moscow

Trump playing his reality TV host role as president and the great coalition builder

[ Editor’s Note: Peter Ford is out in front once again debunking mass media fake geopolitical news, which the airheads in Saudi Arabia have taken the lead on with their paper Arab NATO. To attempt something like this – after its Arab Yemen coalition was dead on arrival after it was announced – shows they are lost in space.

Because Egypt had the large and professional army, it was slotted to take the lead with the Yemen effort, but Sisi played the Saudi game – he agreed to be involved and then did nothing. He knew that sending his troops to fight the poor Yemeni people would create bad morale inside the army, plus he wanted it focused on fighting the al-Qaeda problem in the Sinai.

But Ford makes a good point, which Western media and governments will not touch, that the Saudi Army, despite the huge funding and professionally trained manpower, is really a fake one, as no one really intends to fight.

When government workers typically would only work an hour a day, relying on the army of contract immigrant slave workers to do 95% of the work, why would they expect the military people to chose to be slaves when they could pretend to be soldiers and collect their paychecks like everyone else?

But the fake Saudis and the fake Trump were a match make in heaven, because as strange as it seems, they are cut from similar cloth. Both have schemed and exploited their way to the top, and are experts at survival, where one of their talents is diverting attention from their sordid pasts onto someone else.

Iran seems to have been agreed upon as the new retread bogeyman when the prior attempts failed, even when totally exposed as a hoax with the P5+1 agreement, and although the Israelis could not produce a shred of proof that Iran had a secret nuke program. This new attempt is so idiotic as to be beyond comprehension, until you look at who is behind it.

While we are seeing a big ramping up of this charge of Iran being the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism in the region, neither the Saudis nor Trump feel it necessary to present us with a white paper on the details, so we can compare it to the white papers we already have on the US’ and Saudi’s long history of using proxy terrorism. You just can’t make this stuff up Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  May 23,  2017

Peter Ford

The Saudis and the Emiratis would never dare put their troops onto a battlefield in Syria or Iraq for fear the troops would mutiny and join ISIS, says Peter Ford, the former UK ambassador to Syria and Bahrain.

US President Donald Trump on Sunday addressed leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries who gathered for the Arab-Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

Washington and Middle East countries signed a new pact that promises to provide extra troops to fight terrorists. The so-called Riyadh declaration says leaders of those Islamic countries are ready to provide a reserve force of 34,000 troops when needed.

RT asked analysts where this “reserve force” of 34,000 troops will be used? Peter Ford said he thinks “it’s a myth.” In his opinion, the Saudis and Emiratis “cannot count on the loyalty of their own troops.”

“It is a symbolic gesture so Trump can look good in the eyes of the American and the wider Western media. Let’s be realistic here: this whole visit was not about advancing the fight against terrorism, or advancing Middle East peace – it was about Trump trying to recover some prestige after his battering back home in Washington. So these symbolic gestures and these pictures of him doing Saudi dancing in Riyadh,” Ford said.

This entire Saudi trip “was designed to restore Trump’s image,” the former ambassador added. “If he were serious, then in his big speech yesterday we would have heard some acknowledgment of the two countries, which are doing most to resist ISIS. That is the government of Iraq and the government of Syria.

But Trump did not make any acknowledgment whatsoever of these countries, and he also tried to portray Iran, as the biggest threat in terms of terrorism, while this is a blatant distortion that has not been one single instance that Trump could point to of Iranian-inspired terrorism in the West,” he said.

Independent journalists Rania Khalek said it was specifically said this “reserve force” would be used in Iraq and Syria. She says it is interesting because many of the countries at the gathering on Sunday, “especially Saudi Arabia, have been investing a lot of money in extremist groups operating in Iraq and Syria.”

So, she added, “they are actually responsible for the extremism problem that they are now being tasked with combating.”

Khalek also did not rule out a possibility that this force could be the basis for some kind of an action against Iran, which was not only excluded but also repeatedly bashed at this summit.

“This entire summit was based on not just selling weapons, but on also isolating Iran. When you have a summit based on American-Arab-Islamic understanding, and you exclude Iran, which is a state that’s majority Shia. And you have an audience full of the Sunni leaders from Arab countries, it sends a message. So it is about isolating Iran, as well as it has been sending a message to Iran that ‘we’re all against you’,” she told RT.


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  1. Trumps visit to KSA did nothing to enhance his image, quite the opposite. Americans are fed up more than ever with this clown from Trump Towers. The more he attempts to appear presidential, if that can even be done, the more he fails. The Trump train is headed for a wreck. He is out of his league and out of his mind. He flails around completely clueless and indeed is making everything worse in the middle east and America as well. His propensity to engage his mouth before putting his brain in gear is doing him no favors as he continues to stumble and fumble internationally before the world’s stage.
    The rest of the world is now wondering what he will do next that will create even more chaos, whether to laugh or tremble in fear that this administration will blindly crash headlong into a major disaster that no one wants.
    Even worse are the Rethugnicans in congress who are content to back him up no matter how much worse he gets. There are enough of them to impede or deflect any attempt at impeachment, at least until the next election cycle of 2018, where the very real possibility of a turnover in congress may occur.

    • The Saudi military is a joke, as I have garnered from reading VT, its officer corps is made up of lazy, incompetent playboys, whom I gather are related to the “family”. So one can expect only the worst kind of leadership if any at all. Their military is a reflection of the Saudi society as a whole. Lazy, indolent and misogynistic, filled with hubris and hot air, they have depended on oil for far too long to hold up their economy. Sooner or later that dream is going to come crashing down and Saudi Arabia will once again become a nation of impoverished has beens.
      And as Peter Ford stressed the rest of the Gulf states and Egypt cannot even trust their own army’s loyalty.
      Hell, even the U.S. has been burned.

  2. The Saudi ‘d-Ruler’ and the Orange Buffoon (U.S. Clown in Chief) are trying to CYA. Both are in danger of being deposed. Bibi too; so, they teamed up to create an external enemy. “1984” déjà vu all over again.

  3. So transparent, the Arab anti-Shia-Iran NATO idea is a copy/paste from European NATO fighting and sowing discord within Orthodox Christianity and dominating Russian territories. Stupid and controlled people get elected in NATO countries that’s what Sunni Arabs have to get used to now in a post Arab-spring world. Maybe they could send that 30 thousand reserve troops to aid the Dakota pipeline protests as a sign of a good will and a token of Arab-American friendship.

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